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It's been a while...
Posted:Mar 19, 2018 9:31 am
Last Updated:Aug 12, 2018 10:35 am
I know, I know... it's been a while. There's not much new to report either.

I've been busy working and living. Being mommy and wife is a fulltime job. And when you add in my fulltime job it makes for very little me time. Keeping up with the and their activities doesn't help.

The hubby and I have been working all the OT we can to try to keep ahead of the bills, and that's not an easy feat. I'm no longer putting together orders. Now I help people straighten out their online issues. It's more mentally challenging, and I like it.

Being so busy has robbed me of any time to post here or write anything. I'm hoping to get the opportunity to write soon. I have a few ideas in my head that need to be written down. I haven't even had the time to create any picture captions.

So since I don't have the sexy stories or enlightening trysts I'll leave you with a few captions that I've had. Enjoy. I hope I get to write again soon. Be well, later.

The Visitor at the Cabin
Posted:Dec 19, 2017 7:06 am
Last Updated:Jan 1, 2018 9:45 am

Well here I am again. Sitting at the cabin all alone. I'm looking forward to a week of peace, quiet, and solitude. It's a bit chilly, but I can handle that. The heater works. I have a turkey hunting tag this year, but I'm not feeling the push to go out and sit in the woods. I also have a few movies to watch. I'll probably just do that. Watch movies, and stay warm.

It's nice to not have to worry about anything for a week. The were driving me crazy, and the bills were stressing me out. I have all I need and my husband's truck to haul it. It's late when I got here last night so I'm unpacking today, and getting all settled in. As I watch out the window I see that the woods are quiet. No wind, no animals, nothing. Just dead silence.

I resume settling in, and once it's all done I sit in the recliner under a warm blanket. Flipping on the TV I go through the channels. Nothing is coming in as usual. I hate digital TV. The reception sucks. I turn it off, and open my computer. There's no internet, but I can play the games. Solitaire it is.

When I'm good and into my game I'm startled by a knock on the door. I wonder who it is since we're hardly ever here, and I never did hear a car pull in? I look out to see an older man standing on my porch. He is about average height. I'd say five foot seven or eight. Balding on top with just a horseshoe of a hairline for his gray hair. He is a bigger guy with a definite belly in front of him. His clothes look like old things that he just tossed on from the dirty pile.

I crack the door slightly saying, "Hello. How can I help you?"

"Where's the boat landing?"

"They closed that off years ago. You have to go all the way around to get to it now." I answer since it's actually all too common for this question here.

"Then why didn't they change the name of the road? It don't make sense."

"I agree, but you know the government. Is there anything else I can help you with?"

"No. I'm good for now. Thanks."

I watch as he walks up the road, and then I close the door when he's out of sight. I figure that he's parked up the road since it's really hard to turn around with a trailer on this small cul de sac. It's not even that actually. The road just ends into the trees. My driveway is the last one on the street, and I see a lot of people pulling in as they try to turn around. It usually takes them a while.

I go back to my games. The day wears away. I relax nicely, and enjoy my peace. I make pizza and a mix drink for supper. I choke the food down since I'm not really that hungry. The drink goes down really smooth. I'm mixing another before I know it, and my lips are getting numb from the alcohol. I watch the sun set through the front window, and then draw the curtains. It's nice and warm inside now. All the chills are gone. It's almost eighty degrees according to the wall thermometer. Comfy zone.

I peel off my jogging pants, and unzip my fleece top. I resolve myself to lounge around in my undies for the rest of the week. I try the TV again, and it seems to be coming in somewhat. Not very well though. I check my phone. No reception. I usually can call or text, but for some reason I can't do anything with it this week so far.

I give up, and put in the first movie I grab. It's the story about an old witch that is exacting her revenge on a small town. I know. Sounds dumb, but the story looked interesting when I picked it up. It starts out like any other B movie. In a flashback. Back to the 1700's where the woman is being accused of being a witch because she is having an affair with some judge or something and his wife finds out. She ends up cursing them as they burn her at the stake.

The story really played on the romance between her and the judge guy so it captured my attention. Then it advanced to "present day." I laugh when they do that in shows. It's so cheesy. Now we follow a younger man in his twenties as he passes the bar, and quickly becomes a judge. All the while he is having erotic dreams that turn to nightmares. Then one day a young woman appears in his court on solicitation charges, and she captivates him. He goes to visit her after the jury finds in her favor.

She winds up being a rather prim woman who is a devil in the bedroom. The sex scenes left very little to the imagination. The only thing it didn't show was penetration. I'm not complaining though. I love a good sex scene just as much as the next person. Maybe a bit more if it catches my eye just right. The sensual and erotic nature of the scenes turned me on. I feel that familiar tinge from between my legs, but I don't want to stop watching the movie to take care of things. So I keep watching.

In the end she turns out to be a reincarnation of the witch who was out to take her revenge. She does, and the movie ends with her walking away from his burned corpse. Not a bad show, I think. It's almost ten at night, and I'm pretty drunk so I decide to sleep it off. I turn in wrapping myself tightly in my sleeping bag.

The next morning I'm reluctant to get out of bed fearing the cold air of the morning. My bladder tells me that I don't have a choice so I go down the hall to the bathroom, and I pee a long after a night of drinking pee. I wash my hands when I finish, and go back to bed. I lay there for a while before giving up on trying to sleep again. I get up, and turn on the morning news. Surprisingly it comes in clearly.

I begin to nod off after an hour or so, and I'm startled awake by a knock on my door. I am surprised since I never had this many interruptions in one week let alone on my second day. I look out to see that same man from yesterday standing there. I crack the door slightly; curious as to what his problem is now.

"What can I help you with this time?" I ask.

"I see that truck you have there, and was wondering if you'd like to sell it?"

"No. That's my husband's truck, and we use it quite often. Especially with running the around and stuff."

"Too bad. Is he here? I'd like to make him an offer."

"Not at the moment, but I'll let him know."

"Sure. Can you give him a call or something? Just to see what he would say."

"I'll do that in just a little bit."

"Okay then."

"Anything else?"

"Not right now. Thank you pretty lady."

I again watch as he leaves before closing the door. When I sit down I realize that I just answered the door wearing nothing but my fleece shirt and my underwear. I'm not even wearing a bra yet today. I begin to wonder where he came from, and why he didn't just drive in this time? I peek out the window on occasion to see if anything is amiss since I have the feeling that I'm being watched. There's nothing, and I blame my overactive imagination. Jut to be safe I load the pistol that I have.

By nine I'm bored, and decide to bundle up and go for a walk in the woods. We have trails cut so I know I won't be long unless something catches my attention. I grab some clean underwear, and search for my bra. I can't find it anywhere. I only have the one, and I must have put it somewhere when I was drunk last night. I give up looking. I'm not going anywhere off the property, and there's nobody around.

I put on my jogging pants, a sweater, and a heavy jacket. My old hiking boots are usually warm enough so one pair of socks will work just fine. I head out the back door, and into the woods. I take note of the blue jays, and squirrels. I watch the chickadees frolic all around. I even stop to watch a young whitetail doe browse past. My short walk takes a little more than an hour before I walk back in chilled. I get out of the cold clothes, and sit in the chair covering with a fleece blanket.

I make myself a mix drink hoping to warm up quicker. It again goes down so smooth, and I am mixing another in less than fifteen minutes. The third in forty five, and the buzz is coming on strong. All the alcohol hits at once when I get up. I stagger to the bathroom to pee, and then stagger back after I finish. I'm drunk, and it's not even noon yet. But I don't care. The alcohol is warming my blood, and the heaters are warming the rest of me. I am soon too warm. I unzip my shirt, and uncover my legs to cool down.

I try to play games on the computer, but fail miserably. I then put in another movie. It's another romance movie about a couple that fall in love, and then divorce before remarrying only to have an open relationship. It barely begins before the first sex scene. Again there's little left to the imagination. My fingers work their way down over my belly to the gusset of my underwear, and before I know it I am touching the wet spot in my underwear. It feels nice as I move my fingers in circles touching myself.

Right as I'm getting into things there's another knock at the door. I stumble over, and swing it open. The same guy is standing there staring at me.

"What do you want now?"

"Did you talk with your husband?"

"No. I couldn't get ahold of him."

"You're here alone aren't you?"

"Go away."

I turn to shut the door, but he stops it with his foot before pushing it open again. He barges inside pushing me back until I fall into the recliner. In seconds he is on me holding my arms to the chair. His head turns when he hears moans coming from the TV. He watches as he holds me as the woman in the show is fucked good.

"No wonder why it smells hot horny pussy in here. You're watching smut."

"No I'm not. Now go away."

I struggle free, and run for the back door. He chases me pushing me past the door. I run into the bedroom, and he pushes me onto the bed. Using my legs I kick him pushing him back before I reach for my pistol. I can't find it. Then he stands up, and I see him pointing it at me.

"Looking for this? You weren't going to try to shoot me now, were you?"

"Please just leave. You can have the truck. Just go."

"I'll keep that in mind, but I'm wanting something better now. Stand up."

I do as he says even though I can barely stand from the drinks and the adrenaline. I am panting and light headed, but I know that nobody would think twice about hearing a gunshot around here. I also know that my husband knows how the reception is here, so he wouldn't worry if he didn't hear from me. I'm not due home for four or five more days.

"Off with that top."

"Please no. Just don't do this." I say fully conscious of my gaping open shirt, and lack of bra.

"3, 2..."

I unzip it the rest of the way, and slip it off my shoulders letting it fall to the floor. Then I cover my breasts with my arms.

"Turn around."

I do as he says turning my back to him. He steps up to me, and I flinch when his cold hands touch my back just under my shoulder blades. I cringe as he slowly runs his fingers down over my ass cheeks, and then back up to the small of my back. I am really regretting wearing a thong today.

His fingers slip under the waistband of my underwear in the back before he moves to my hips holding the band. I feel him pull them up higher and higher. They begin to dig into my butt and crotch. Soon I hear the fabric cracking as they stretch too far. He is pulling me to my tip toes with them. The cracking happens more and more until I feel them give, and then get tossed to my feet.

"Turn again."

I cover my crotch with one hand and my chest with the other as I face him. He points the gun to my head.

"Arms at your sides."

I drop my hands, and begin to cry as he studies every inch of me. He pinches and pulls on my nipples commenting on how hard they are. He says that I must be loving the attention. I guess he doesn’t know what happens when a person gets cold? Then he pulls on my pubic hair mumbling something.

"On the bed."

"Please don't." I say as I lay down.

"Spread those legs nice and wide."

"No, please."

"3, 2."

I open my legs before he gets to one, and then he kneels between my legs. I feel his cold finger push into me vagina. I sob as he violates me.

"Please stop. Don't do this."

"Shut up. I don't want to hear another fucking word out of you."

He stands up, and walks out of the room sniffing his finger along the way. I make a break for the door, but it won't open. He casually walks out of the bathroom laughing.

"There's no way out pretty lady. Just do as you're told, and we'll get along fine. Try to run again, and bang."

He turns me around, and pushes me back onto the bed telling me to stay. He sets down an old ice cream pail beside me. I look inside to see shaving cream, and a razor.

"Clean yourself up. You look a mess."

I take the razor, and he sits across from me. He takes out his phone pointing it at me. I hesitate so he tells me to begin. Then I raise my arm, and shave my left armpit. He moves closer and further as I shave my right pit. I set the razor down looking at him.

"Finish up. You answered the door half naked so I doubt that you're bashful."

I have a feeling of what he wants, and I have to do it. I shake the shaving cream can before putting some on my hand. Then I rub it all over my crotch. I shave myself as he watches. His phone never leaving his hands. I wipe off the excess when I finish, and then lay back.

"That's much better. You look so clean and fresh. You pussy looks so nice. Make me something to eat now."

I walk to the kitchen grateful that he didn't try anything, but still hoping that he'll leave. I stare at the front door as I pass it. He has it blocked, and locked. He fishes through the fridge pulling out bacon and eggs. Then he sits at the table. I take out the pans, and begin to cook for him. It's not long before I'm acutely aware of my lack of clothing as the grease begins to pop. It stings when it lands on my bare skin, but I manage through it. I am so tempted to toss the grease on him, and jump out the window. But I know that it'll never work.

I set the plate in front of him, and he pulls me onto his lap. I sit on his knees while he eats and rubs my ass with his left hand. He engulfs it quickly, and then tells me to clean up. I wash the dishes before sitting in the recliner in the living room. He is sitting in the recliner beside me watching TV.

"Your TV sucks. Do you have any good movies?"

I shrug my shoulders handing him the big book filled with DVD's. He flips through them for a while before pulling one out. Handing it to me I look at the title. I remember the movie, and I remember that it was a movie that I had made for me. It's a sex video about a big girl like myself who takes great pleasure in pleasuring others. It's an amateur video from an ad on Craigslist. It cost twenty bucks so I figured why not.

I sit back down after putting it in, and he plays it. Minutes into it I feel that tingle return to my crotch as I watch the movie. The girl is beautiful, and the guys are pretty nice too. I can't believe that the movie still has that effect on me. I chalk it off as being horny, and the alcohol. All I have to do is make sure he doesn't know how wet I'm getting.

"You like these kinds of shows?"

I nod, and shrug my shoulders.

"Did you ever make one of yourself?"

I shake my head vigorously.

"We'll have to change that."

He stands up, and then kneels by my feet pointing his phone at me.

"Open your legs, and touch yourself."

I am shocked, and I shake my head refusing. He holds the gun up shaking it. I sigh as I lean back opening my legs.

"Damn you are wet girl. You must really like the movie."

I reach down tracing my labia with my fingertips. I circle my clit a few times making the shockwaves of pleasure run through me. Then I slip a finger inside of myself. A moan slips from my lips. Using the palm of my hand to massage my clit I finger myself slowly. I close my eyes as I let myself go. I slip a second finger into me. My hand is wet from my lust. I rub faster, harder, and my moans get louder. The knot forms in my stomach telling me that an orgasm is forming. I open my eyes to see him still pointing his phone at me.

I watch him knowing that he's recording me, and then seconds later my hips raise up as my back arches. My entire body tenses as the knot rushes down through me, and escapes through my crotch making me shake violently as the waves course through me. It lasts for about a minute before I fall back down into the chair panting.

It was a much needed orgasm. Months in the making, and very satisfying. I just wished for better circumstances. He puts down the phone, and sits in the chair beside me again. Then he plays the recording for me making me watch. I must admit that I'm no porn star and he's no cameraman, but watching myself is definitely a turn on.

"We can take this further if you want?" He offers. "Not like you really have much of a choice right now. It's getting late. Let's turn in."

It's only eight thirty. Late? Like he said; I don't have much choice. I walk to the bedroom with him right behind me. Grabbing my sleeping bag I crawl in. He watches. When I finish he unzips it all the way. Then I watch as he undresses down to his white briefs. His hairy pot belly and hairy legs are as white as his underwear. He slips under the bag next to me, and I turn my back to him.

He cuddles up behind me putting his arm over my side. I feel his body touching mine making me cringe. I wait for him to do something knowing that he's going to. I soon hear him snore. I try to sneak out, but having to crawl over him wakes him up.

"Where are you going?" He asks grabbing my wrist.

"I have to pee."

He gets up leading me to the bathroom not letting go until I sit down. I try to push out anything just to not make him mad from lying to him.

"I can't go when you're watching."

"Then you'll sit there until you do."

It takes a few minutes before a small trickle comes out. He watched me the entire time. Then he waited for me to wipe and wash my hands before leading me back to bed. I lay there awake for hours listening to him snore trying to figure out a way out of here. I eventually fall asleep without a single idea.

I dream of the porn movie, and me being the star. The actors were all deeply in love with me, and they all want me a lot. It turned me on as they vie for my affections. I had a crush on one man, and we snuck off to my bed where he tosses me down on my stomach. I feel him kissing his way up the back of my legs, over my bare ass, and up my spine to my neck. I feel his hard cock snuggle between my legs searching for my wetness. It feels so hot. When the tip touches my eager labia I wake up.

I am still laying in my bed with the hairy guy holding me tight behind me. Only now I'm really horny from my dream, and I can feel that I'm really wet. I also feel something stiff poking me in the butt cheek. It's him. He has a morning boner. I lay there trying to think of something else, but all I can think of is how hard it is and how horny I am. I move slightly, and feel his dick slip between my butt cheeks. I can feel it throbbing.

I push my ass back against him as it throbs. I hear his breathing sputter when I move so I do it again. Again his breath sputters. It's such a turn on listening to him that I begin to slowly hump him with my ass crack. I get a bit carried away and move a bit far up. When I move back I feel his dick slip down between my legs. I freeze. I feel it throbbing against my crotch. The only thing between us is his underwear.

I don't move. It throbs over and over pushing up against me. It feels so good. I am so horny. I feel my hips move slightly. It takes my breath away as his cock throbs just at the right time. I need an orgasm. I slowly move my hips back and forth rubbing him against me. It feels so good. I choke back a moan so I don't wake him. I feel his dick slip out of his underwear, but I'm so horny that I just don't care.

I slowly hump him rubbing his dick across my crotch feeling the wetness covering us. I am quickly feeling my orgasm growing within me. My need becoming more intense by the second. My motions become needier, and it's hard to hold back my moans. Then I feel his cock slide into my vagina. A moan escapes me before I know it. I push my ass back burying him deep in me before moving my hips forward. It feels so good. I push back again and again feeling his cock against my vaginal walls.

It's too much. I push back hard against him as I begin to shake. Then knot inside of me releases through my crotch with such force that my toes go numb. His grip on my hips tightens, and I feel him push forward going deeper into me twitching vagina. Minutes later I stop convulsing. I lay there panting for a bit. His cock still rock hard and twitching inside of me as I relax.

He slowly begins to fuck me. My lust quickly returns as his dick pushes into me. His hand gripping my hip using it as leverage. He fucks me for about a minute before he pulls out. He rolls me onto my back, and slides between my legs. I don't want him there, but my legs just spread on their own. His cock pushes back into me going deeper than before. His eyes meet mine as his dick thrusts into me. He has such a loving look in his eyes. I don't fight him as he bends down taking my right nipple into his mouth.

He nibbles and sucks it while his cock works me over nicely. I moan loudly as he switches from one breast and nipple to the other. I tense up once more, and feel my orgasm rush through me. I can feel myself pulsating around his hard cock. He slams hard into me, and then I feel my orgasm intensify. It like every nerve in my body have become super sensitive. He fucks me through a nice long orgasm. It's hard to catch my breath as he continues to ram me.

As soon as I think I'm good he makes me moan losing my breath again. His cock make me shudder as the occasional wave ebbs from me. His breath becomes more and more labored. I know by his motions that he close to finishing.

"Not in me please. I'm not on anything." I whisper between moans.

He looks me in the eyes as he lays on top of me propped up by his arms. I hold my legs wide letting him push into me. He rams me hard, and I see a strange look come over him. Then He slams down with all of his weight as he moans loud. I feel his cock pulsating inside of me, and feel a hot sensation inside of me. His body shakes against me shaking the entire bed.

I close my eyes knowing that he is filling me with his cum. After about a minute he pulls back and slams into me again still moaning. A few seconds later he does it again. I open my eyes to see him watching me smiling. I feel his dick going limp inside of me, but he holds tight. The way he looks at me makes me worry. It's a crazed look. Scary look.

"I guess you might have a long lasting reminder of this morning."

He gets up, and runs into the other room leaving me laying there. He soon returns holding the roll of duct tape. He peels some off, and presses it over my crotch.

"We wouldn't want to lose any." He says giggling. "Now go make me some breakfast."

I get up and warm him some waffles. I serve him the waffles with milk, and then sit on the chair beside him waiting for him to finish.

"When are you going home?" He asks.


"Good. That gives us three more days together."

I sigh as the thought of all week serving him makes me want to puke.

"Let's get cleaned up." He says after finishing.

He leads me into the shower, and records me as I soap off. I am happy when the tape falls off in the water. Then he brings me into the bedroom where he ties me to the bed while he goes to shower. When he comes back in he hands me one of my thongs, and an old worn out button down light blue shirt. It must be one of his because I don't remember it.

I try it on, and the fabric is so worn that it's almost see through. It's way too small, and I can't button it except for over my stomach. At least it's long enough to cover my ass even though my boobs are half hanging out. He hands me a pair of red heels that I had forgotten that I had here. I put them on, and he looks me over. I am the allowed to do my hair and makeup while he watches.

"You look pretty good." He says. "We're going to go out to a place that I know, and even if you try to run away it wouldn't end well for you. So just be on your best behavior."

He then buckles a pink collar around my neck, and attaches a matching pink lead. He leads me out the door to the truck. I am place in the passenger seat while he drives. I am freezing cold since I'm not wearing much of anything. I shouldn't even be out in public like this. Thankfully the truck warms up fast, and I watch out the window as he drives. We drive for almost an hour before we pull down an old forest road, and up to an old pole building.

He parks the truck, and leads me out into the building. When we walk through the door I see logging equipment everywhere. In the corner is a bed with lights and cameras all around it. I begin to know what he's expecting.

"I told you that you're going to be a star. You just don't know it yet."

He leads me to the bed sitting my on it. He sits beside me after turning on all the lights and cameras.

"Tell me your name, where you're from, and how old you are."

"I'm Michele. I'm from Appleton, Wisconsin. I'm 42."

"Very good. Have you ever made any videos?"


"Sexually speaking have you ever been tied up, spanked, or roughed up in any way in order to orgasm?"


"Do tell."

"My ex used to like to tie me up, and my husband has on occasion spanked me as foreplay."

"What's the biggest dick you've had?"

"A little bigger than seven inches."

"Nice. Did you take it vaginally, anally, or both?"


"What's the biggest you've had in your ass?"

"None. I don't do that."

"I bet you don't suck dick either."

"Not yours."

He walks up in front of me smiling.

"I think you're forgetting your incentives. I think you should apologize properly for that."

I lose my backbone, and unzip his pants pulling his dick out. I begin to suck him, and feel it getting hard in my mouth. I also feel myself moistening down below. I am soon getting into it. I do like sucking dick, but things have to be just right. I guess this is just right enough for my mind. I stroke and suck his cock kissing and licking it. He's loving it, and a few moans tell him that I am too.

"Pull those tits out. I want to see them." He says backing away.

I reach in the shirt pulling them both out for him.

"Nice. Now show the rest of you to the camera."

I pull my underwear off setting them on the bed beside me, and then I lean back opening my legs wide. He tells me to show my ass so I stand up, turn my back to the camera, spread my feet apart, and bend at the waist grabbing my ankles. I hear his clothes hit the floor, and I look between my legs to see him undressing. I stand up as he lays on the bed. His cock rock hard reaching up to his belly button.

He tells me to finish my apology so I lay beside him, and continue sucking his dick. All too soon he tells me to stop, and then stands up. He lays me on my back, and opens my legs wide. I watch him as he pushes his dick into my vagina. A moan seeps from my soul as he begins to fuck me. It feels so animalistic and primal. I hate him, but he's fucking me so good.

I soon want an orgasm, and my rocking hips agree. His cock diving deep into me is making that a reality rather quickly. He spins me around so I'm on all fours, and then takes me from behind. I feel my body shaking from his thrusting. I orgasm in minutes. He fucks me right through it before pulling me on top facing away from him. He leans me back, and I look at the camera pointed right at my crotch as I ride him.

After a while he turns me on his cock so that I'm facing him. He grabs my breasts, and sucks on them as he mashes then together. Another orgasm rips through me. This one more intense than the first. He waits until I finish before he pushes me off from him, and tells me to get on my hands and knees.

I do as he says, and he pulls me back over the edge of the bed. I lay there as he ties me tight to the bed. He kneels behind me shoving his dick into my wanting vagina once more. He rams me hard crushing me against the metal frame. It hurts, but feels so good. He grabs my hair, and pulls my head back roughly as he fucks me.

"I like feeling you big ass slapping against my hips, but I think it's time to feel your tight ass around my cock."

I am filled with shock and fear as he pulls out of me. I feel something cold run down my crack, and over my butthole. He rubs it against my ass using a finger to push some in. I grab the sheets, and prepare as he moves into position. His dick touches my exit, and I tense up. He slaps my butt cheeks before spreading them wide open. His cock poised at the hole. Just sitting there.

He leans down kissing my back, and then pushes it into me. I feel my ass open and stretch around him as it slides all the way in. It hurts, but he doesn't stop. In seconds his body is pressing against mine, and he is deep in my rectum. He grabs my hips, and begins to ram into me hard. It begins to burn as he ravages my once virgin hole. His cock plunging my guts with a vengeance.

I can just lay there and take it. I hold the sheets tight trying to endure. He fucks me so hard that I can't breathe. I feel him let go of my right hip only to feel him spank me before regaining his hold. He takes me like he hates me for a long time. My legs go numb, and my asshole feels like it's ruined.

He slams into me with all of his might, and then I hear him groan. His body shakes as I feel my guts fill with heat. He rams it in after the first few squirts, and then pulls out. I feel his cum tickle as it runs down my leg. I hear him moving around behind me for a few minutes. Then he unties me. I wipe the tears from my eyes feeling my asshole stinging from the punishment.

"Now you'll be a superstar." He says tossing me a towel. "Let's get going."

I wipe up, and redress before he leads me back out the door. We walk to the truck, and he drives further up the road deeper into the woods. In time we come to a small tavern. There are a few trucks parked all around, but it doesn't seem too busy. He parks, takes my lead, and brings me inside.

It smells of stale beer and urine. It looks like it needs a good dusting, but everything seems in good shape. The bar is long and wraps around the room with about ten guys of all ages and shapes sitting by it staring at me. I am led to the bar where he orders himself a beer. Then he leads me to the back hall handing me fifty cents for a game of pool. I have to rack so he can break.

I notice all of the guys watching me closely, and he tells me to give them something to look at. So when I shoot I make sure to bend over more so they can see down my shirt, and my bared butt. I win the first game, but he wants to play another. He says that if I win I can go, but if he wins he will fuck me right on the table. He didn't seem to play that well so I agree.

I sink most of my solids before he even takes a shot. Then he sinks a few before I clean the table except for the eight ball. I have to sink that in the same pocket as the last ball that I dropped. All of the stripes are in the way. He takes his turn, and clears the table. I watch as the eight ball narrowly misses the pocket giving me a chance. I line up, and shoot. It tracks straight for the side pocket that I need it to go in. Then it touches the edge just before, and bounces across the table before dropping in the opposite corner pocket.

"I won." He says claiming victory.

"Two out of three?" I suggest.

He walks behind me, and pushes me down onto the table bending me over. I feel my thong yank to the side, and feel his dick push into my vagina. I moan as he fucks me hard and fast. The sound of our skin slapping together echoes throughout the hall. It feels so sexual to be taken like this. It turns me on so much. Of course I was already turned on giving the guys a show. He rams me good pinning me to the table.

In less than five minutes I feel his cock explode inside of me. It throbs hard as his cum warms my womb. He pulls out when he's done, and slaps my ass cheek firmly.

"Now I'm thirsty. Stay here while I get a drink. Don't move either."

I stay still feeling his cum leaking out of me. I know all the guys can see all of me since my thong is still pulled to the side of my ass cheek. I fumble around with the cue ball as I wait. Then I feel a cock enter me. It just pushes in roughly, and begins to fuck me. I moan as my lustful passion returns. My ass jiggles and shakes as his hips slam into me. An orgasm begins to build in me, and my lust is taking me.

Then I feel him slow his thrusts. I hear a moan just as I feel the warmth puddle inside of me. I look back not recognizing the voice. I see one of the guy from the bar filling me with his semen, and two more waiting behind him. My abductor is sitting at the bar watching as the next guy takes me. He too just uses me hard, and I take it. All of it. By the time he adds to the cum inside of me I am wanting more.

The next guy shoves it into me, and then pulls out before slamming back in. He slaps my ass hard as he uses me. It makes me orgasm in minutes. I don't even finish before he rams his cock into my asshole. He pumps me a few times before I feel him fill my ass with his load. One after the other they take me. They use both of my holes as they please, and I orgasm over and over.

When they finally have had enough of me I go to wash up in the bathroom. The women's room doesn't have any paper so I have to use the men's room. When I finish cleaning I return to the bar where my abductor spots me. He takes me by the lead, and walks me to the truck. It's late, and it's freezing out so I chill right away. We drive back to the cabin where he leads me right to bed.

In the morning his morning boner again pokes me in the back. I'm not as horny as I was yesterday so I just ignore it. He begins to rub my back while he humps my butt crack. It feels good. Nice and relaxing. He pulls off his underwear, and pulls my thong out of my crack. He humps and rubs. I just lay there enjoying the massage. Then I feel him wipe spit on his dick and my ass. He bends me more as I lay on my side, and moves himself lower.

He's rubbing my lower back now, and it feels even better. His dick is poking at my asshole, but I ignore it. After a short bit he wipes more spit on himself and me, and he lifts my ass cheek as he pushes against my ass. I feel him poking into me. His rubbing on my back is taking all of my cares away. His dick slowly fills my ass, and he is soon all the way in. He slowly fucks me while he rubs my back.

It combines to feel so great. My pussy flushes with lustful abandon, and the dam inside of me begins to strain. I arch my back letting him take me. He pulls back, and rams it back into me hard. His fingers kneading the small of my back like he's using my skin to hang on. His pace quickens. His fingers rub my ass spreading my cheeks as he thrusts into me. His cock feels like it's getting deeper. His grip moves up grabbing my hips firmly, and squeezing pulling me tight to him.

I feel my dam burst, and my orgasm comes rushing out. I moan feeling my asshole tightening around his cock. I hear him grunt, and feel him shaking behind me. My inside warm adding to my pleasure. Then we finish together. Panting, and amazed I lay there with his dick inside of my ass.

"See you can cum from a dick in your ass. You're not just a useless cum receptacle. But you will be whatever I say you are. I still own you, and you need to remember that."

His tone is that of a man that is evil, and full of hate. It scares me. I am afraid to even look at him. He grabs my hips really hard, and pulls me tight to him. Then I feel a warm sensation in my ass. It grows more uncomfortable by the second, and my inside begin to bloat as it fills me. I realize that he's pissing into my ass. It hurts, and feels really warm. I feel like I'm going to burst by the time he pulls his dick out.

I run to the bathroom, and sit down just in time as it all comes rushing out of me. My insides feel so empty by the time I'm finish letting it out. Then I pee myself, and wipe myself. He walks into the room with his dick right in my face. He tells me to suck him, and I do. The taste is sour as I suck his limp dick. He walks away after a while, and then I brush my teeth and wash my hands before returning to him in the living room.

"Go get me a permanent marker bitch." He orders me.

I do as he says, and give him a black Sharpie.

"Good girl."

He yanks the shirt hard ripping it off me, and then tears my thong down my legs ripping it in the process.

"On your knees."

I kneel in front of him, and he stares at me with the look of distain in his eyes. He uncaps the marker, and reaches toward my right breast. I feel him writing something on me, and then something on my left breast. He makes me stand, and then writes something on my pubic area before spinning me around. I feel him writing all over my ass cheeks. When he finishes I hear the camera in his phone click as he takes a picture of my backside.


Then I watch as he snaps a few pictures of my front. Then he shows me the pictures. I see that he has written "" on my right breast, "slut" on my left, and then "cum here" with an arrow pointing to my crotch on my pubic area. The last picture is big letters saying "destroy my asshole," and "cum " all over my ass.

"Go put on that sexy nightie in your closet. The pink one. Then find some of you underwear that'll match."

I forgot about that thing. How did he know about it? It's been in the back of the closet for years. I doubt it'll even fit anymore. It's all lace, and sheer at that. I remember how I could see right through it when I wore it for my husband. Then I remember the following argument. I go in to dig it out, and squeeze into it. It's tight, and the lace is stretched to its limits. The plunging neckline is doing all it can to keep my boobs from flopping out, and the waistline clings tightly to my stomach.

I find me a pink thong that is really close to the same color, and slip into it. I look at myself in the mirror. I think it looks okay, but the writing and my areolas are clearly visible through the lace. I return to him, and he looks me over.

"Good enough. Let's go."

I'm surprised. He attaches the lead to my collar, and yanks me behind him out to the truck. He pushes me in the passenger seat before getting in the driver's side, and beginning to drive. I hold my arms over my chest as we drive up the road. We pass a lot of people, but it seems to take him a long time passing semi-trucks. A few honk when they see me, and a few take pictures. I try to hide.

We eventually pull into a large parking lot with a bunch of vehicles in it. I heard loud music as soon as I step out of the truck. My abductor takes the lead hanging from my neck, and leads me into the building through a back door. We enter a darkened room that's only about ten foot from end to end. There's boxes piled up on the sides except for a thin walkway leading to another door. I see light shining under it, and hear the dance music blaring loud.

He turns to me, and removes the collar from my neck. I look at him confused.

"I'm not worried. Soon you'll be asking me to put it back on you. Now when I say so I want you to walk through this door, and let you true slut come out. Don't piss me off. Got it?"

I nod my head agreeing, and then hear the music stop. An announcer speaks through the overly loud PA.

"Welcome all to Jewel's Funhouse where we pride ourselves in showcasing all the jewels we can. Even the big ones. Tonight we don't have our usual entertainment, but we do have a special treat for you. Please put your hands together for our special guest. She says, "I don't want nice, I don't want gentle, and I don't care if you're a little bit mental." She's a fellow Wisconsinite all the way from Appleton. Please welcome Michele!"

He opens the door for me, and I walk through into the lights. I find myself on a stage with stripper poles on either end. I see about thirty men sitting around, and staring at me as they applaud. I walk out in front of them smiling, and really nervous.

"Michele is here to fulfill her secret fantasy, and she needs your help to do it. And what's this that I see? Does Michele have something written on her? Why don't a couple of you lucky gentlemen come up, and find out what's hidden under her nightie?"

About five guys jump on stage, and surround me yanking my nightie off me, and then I feel my thong yank backwards until it tears free leaving me naked in front of them.

"If you can read; you have discovered her secret fantasy."

I feel myself being leaned back, and my arms are pulled behind two men's heads as they each suck on my breasts. They sit me down, and another guy lifts my legs while he begins to lick my pussy. It feels so good. I haven't be licked in a long time. My head is yanked back, and a dick is shoved into my mouth. I feel him hit the back of my throat just as his balls hit my nose.

I moan and writhe with all of the attention. Sucking the dick makes me feel like I'm doing the right thing. It isn't much more than five minutes before I am moaning through a wonderful orgasm. The guy in my mouth shoots his cum right down my throat. I gulp it down. I then feel myself being lifted higher, and then feel a dick slip into my vagina as I'm set down onto it.

The guys sucking my boobs stand up so I can suck and stroke them both switching from one to the other. I lean forward, and feel a dick push into my ass. They fuck me good from under, and soon I feel a load inject into my pussy. The guy in my ass keeps fucking while the one under me slides out. I am pushed onto my hands and knees from behind, and the guy in my ass begins to ram it into me hard. It hurts, but I don't dare say anything. He fucks me savagely for minutes before he fills my sore rear with his seed.

I turn my attention to the men that I was sucking, and I take one in my hand sucking him once more. The other one spins me around laying me onto my back on the cold stage. He crawls between my legs, and fucks me hard. I keep sucking the other one, and he soon cums all over my left breast and the side of my neck. Another dick is soon near my face, and I suck it like the last one. My body shakes as I am being fucked, and it feels so good.

All too soon I feel him push deep as he cums inside of my pussy. Not more than a few seconds later I am blessed with a load of hot jizz all over my right breast and shoulder. By the time he finishes another guy is lifting my legs, and fucking my asshole. Three more men come up, and I take one in each hand and one in my mouth. They all let me pleasure them, and reward me with their semen all over my belly, chest, and face.

Everybody clears as a large farm boy looking guy in his thirties walks up. I look down to see his thick cock swaying in the air. It's not long, but it's thick. He pulls me onto my hands and knees, and I feel him at my vaginal entrance. The he grabs my hair, and pulls me back as he rams it in. I scream as he rips into me. It feels like he's tearing me in two. I clench my teeth as he begins to fuck me hard. He uses his entire weight as leverage to fuck me deep. My pussy is aching from the abuse, and my lust is providing more lubrication for him.

His thick cock reaches places that I never knew existed, and in no time I am writhing in orgasmic delight. He fucks my through countless waves keeping my orgasm going for a long time. Then He finally has enough, and pulls out shooting his huge load all over the small of my back covering it almost completely.

My pussy feels empty when he pulls out. The next guy takes my ass, and another takes my mouth. They finish all over me adding to the cum dripping down my skin. I am fucked over and over for hours. I have semen all over me, and leaking out of every orifice in my body. My belly is full of it inside and out. Then the announcer speaks up again.

"I hope it was all you hoped and more Michele. It looked like fun from here."

The music starts again, and an older guy tells me to follow him. He leads me through a side door, and down a short hall to a dressing room. I look around, and see a full bathroom. I sit on the toilet, and push out as much semen as I can before I hop into the shower. The Sharpie doesn't come all the way off, but it gets really faint and smudged. I then look around for something to wear. I find nothing.

I walk out naked as the day I was born, and run into my abductor in the hall. He looks me in the eyes smiling. I see the loving look in his eyes as I stand there in front of him.

"Are you ready to go home now?"

I nod.

"Did you have a good time?"

I again nod.

"Would you like me to take you home so we can do this again?"

I nod once more.

"Then speak."

"Please collar me like a so I can go home."

"Not a dog. A deserves more respect."

"I'm sorry. Please collar me like a slut so that I can go back home."

"That's better."

I lift my hair so he can put the collar back on me, and then he leads me back to the truck. It's still light out, and I thought it was later. On the ride back I don't bother hiding from the truckers. Instead I sit sideways, and show them my body. I blow kisses to the ones that take pictures and videos. My abductor smiles when he looks at me.

When we get back he tells me to light a fire. I'm freezing, but do as he says. I huddle beside it when I finally get it lit. Being naked outside when the temps are in the forties is crazy. We watch the sunset outside, and then sit there in the fire light. I watch as one of my neighbors walks up. He stares at me, and asks if everything is alright. I just smile as he answers for me.

"We're good. Just having some drinks by the fire."

"She should put some clothes on before she catches a cold."

"Why? Does she disgust you?"

"I didn't say that, but it is cold out here."

"It's warm by the fire, and she has a fire burning inside of her too."

"Then why don't you let her answer for herself?"

"I'm not stopping her, but she doesn't like to talk to strangers. Isn't that right dear?"

"Yes. I'm good. I like to be naked whenever I can. I'm not ashamed of my body. I'm sorry that you are." I say hoping to appease him.

"I'm not ashamed of you. I just want you to be safe."

"I think you seen me from over there, and watched me through binoculars or something. Then you decided that you wanted to see me up close because you're a pervert."

I walk up in front of him, and put his cold hands on my breasts.

"There. Now you even got a feel."

My hard nipples press against his palm, and I feel his grasp my breasts slightly.

"Are they good enough? They're all real."

He just stammers, and stares at my chest as he holds me.

"Come here." I say sitting in front of him.

I put my legs on the arms of the chair giving him full view of my crotch. He stands in front of me staring.

"Do I look okay now?"

He stammers trying to answer. I pull him down so his face is inches from my crotch.

"You have to look close at a slut's pussy to be sure."

Then I pull his face right against my labia, and I feel his tongue slide into me. He licks up to my clitoris, and sucks on it before returning to lap up my juices flowing from my vagina. I rub the top of his head moaning.

"That's it. Make sure that my slut pussy is taken good care of. Good boy. Make me cum."

He slips a finger into me, then a second, and a third. He sucks my clit hard flicking his tongue over it as he fingers me. It feels so nice, and I orgasm in only a few minutes. He laps it all up before he stands up. I see the boner bulging in his pants.

"It looks like my hero is having issues of his own. He should let a good slut take real good care of him."

I stand up, and sit him in the chair. Then I kneel in front of him unzipping his pants. I open them up, pull down his underwear, and release his raging hard on. I bend down and run my tongue up the shaft from his balls to the tip. Then I hold it up, and kiss the hole rubbing his precum onto my lips. I run my tongue down the side, and back up the other side making sure to kiss his scrotum in between.

He's moaning like a virgin in heat by the time I get back to the tip, and then when I kiss the tip I open my lips taking him into my mouth. I take him all the way in before sucking as I come back up. I kiss the tip again, and lick down the bottom of his cock to his balls. I gently bite as I work my way back to the tip. Again I kiss the tip before taking him all the way into my mouth. I make sure to pause when his pubic hairs mash against my mouth. Then I hear him grunt. His cock begins to throb, and my mouth fills with the taste of cum.

I wait until he finishes before swallowing it down, and then I stand up. My abductor just watches.

"Too bad. I was hoping for more." I say to the neighbor. "I hope I'm doing well enough for you though?"

"Real good. Damn fine. The greatest." He raves as he zips up, and walks away.

"Don't forget me." I joke as he goes home.

"Let's go in." He says.

I follow him into the cabin, and the warmth feels really nice. We sit in the recliners, and he watches TV.

"I have to go home soon." I remind him.

"I'm keeping you until Sunday. Not Saturday. And I may even pay you a visit at your house from time to time."

"My husband will find out, and it wouldn't end well for you."

"Is that a threat?"

"I'm just saying."

"You need to stop saying, and shut the fuck up. You're my to do with as I see fit. I own your ass totally and completely. Besides, nobody wants a filthy like you."

I sit back not wanting to argue. He has me make supper, and then clean up. Then he makes me shower, and shave before bed. He sleeps naked, and I feel his dick wedged in my ass crack all night. I eventually fall asleep, but I don't sleep well at all.

The next day begins as usual. I make breakfast, clean up, and then sit there as he watches the morning news. Only today the sun hasn’t yet risen, and he has already woken me up. Everything is done just as the sun peeks through the trees. I am tired. My body is sore, and I want this all to be over.

"Go get dressed. Wear something nice, but not bitchy."

I have no idea what he means, but I figure that he wants me to dress sexy, but not slutty. So I search my clothes. I find my black shirt with the lace bodice and keyhole sleeves, my black knee length skirt with the lace hem and slit up the side, I find my old pink lace garter belt, and pink stockings, and to top it off I find my black dress flats. I return to him, and he smiles.

"Now you look like a classy . Very good. I like the way the stockings match the collar."

I never even thought about that, but it worked out. He attaches the lead, and we go for a drive. By six thirty we are pulling into the parking lot of a warehouse. We sit there for a minute before he looks at me.

"I've never done this before, but you're different. I'm going to give you a choice. You can go inside there. If you do it will prove that I own you, and you belong to me. Or you can walk away. Inside you will find a new side of you that you never knew existed. If you walk away you will never know."

He unhooks the lead, and reaches over opening my door.


I sit there thinking. I want this to be over so bad, but what's in there? A side that I never knew existed? What do I want? I can just give in to my urges, or I can walk away. But if I walk what will he do to me? What should I do?


Not this again.


Oh shit! I'm done.

"1. What's your choice? Make it now."

I open the door the rest of the way, and step out of the truck. I look at him as I close the door. My feet get a mind of their own, and I find myself walking into the warehouse. Once inside I see a wide open area with heater burning away keeping it really warm inside. The warehouse is empty except for a chain hanging from the ceiling right in the middle, and lights and cameras positioned all around. I look around, and then hear a voice over a loudspeaker.

"You look beautiful. Remove your shirt."

I look around, and see that the cameras are running, but nobody is around so I pull my shirt off.

"Very nice breasts. Please remove your skirt."

I pull it off still trying to find the voice.

"Turn for me."

I do as instructed.

"Remove the panties."

I pull them down not knowing what to expect, but feeling my pussy moisten with anticipation.

"You are a very sexy woman Michele. My compliments to your owner. Now please do put on the ball gag in front of you."

I look around, and see a pink gag hanging from the chain right beside a pair of handcuffs. I put it in my mouth, and buckle it to my head.

"Now the cuffs my dear."

I try to pull them down, but they're attached to the chain. I raise my wrists, and clamp them on.

"Very nice. Your handler has taught you well."

Some movement catches my eye, and I turn to see five figures coming toward me dressed in red robes. When they get to me they clamp shackles to my ankles, and then to a metal rod making me spread my feet wide apart. Then I feel the chain rising up hoisting my wrists with it. I am soon standing on my toes in a very uncomfortable position.

A tall figure come toward me dressed in a purple robe pushing a black box. He wheels in to the side of me, and opens it. He pulls out some wires, and walks in front of me. Showing them to me I see thin wires attached to alligator clips.

"This is going to be an experience for you Michele. I hope you enjoy it. If not, oh well."

He pinches the clips to my nipples. The jaws dig in painfully. Then he puts more on my labia. It hurts so much pinching me in a sensitive region. Then I feel tugging on the wires followed by slack. A second later I feel electricity course through my most sensitive areas. It burns as my body shakes and tenses. Then it stops as I cry out against the gag. Tears flow down my cheeks as I wonder if I'm going to live through this.

Another shock hits me. After a few seconds it dies. I watch the figures as they gather around the box. A shock courses through me for a few seconds, and the stops. I look back to see the wires attached to a small box. A timer. Then my attention is drawn to them as another shock hits me.

I see them pulling leather paddles, riding crops, cat o nine tails, and whips out of the box. Now I know their plan, and I don't like it. The man in the purple robe walks up to me, and he shows me a silver metal dildo. It's about the size and shape of an average penis. A shock hits me, and when it stops I feel him slide the dildo into my vagina. The next shock runs though the dildo also shocking me deep inside.

He then steps back, and I watch as he hauls back a black leather paddle. I tense as he brings it forward. It strikes me across my left hip, and it stings. Then I feel a swat across my ass followed by a sting as a whip curls around from my back to cut into my right areola. Then one from my left cutting me from my breast to my hip.

I scream as they whip me repeatedly. The pain is intense, and the shocks never cease. I hope to pass out, but it never happens. They stop just before, and let me rest before continuing. At one point they shove another metal dildo into my ass, and that one adds to the shocks. After a long while they stop, and remove the clips and dildos. The man in the purple removes my gag.

"You weathered that like a true champion. Now it time for the finale."

I see him through my tear blurred eyes as he opens his robe revealing his rock hard cock. I feel the chain lower, and one of the others brings a table. He places it in front of me as I'm lowered, and lays me across it. I am too weak to do anything, and as soon as I stop lowering I feel my ass cheek spread. Then I feel his cock plunge into my pussy. A moan escapes from deep within me.

"You have the nicest, and wettest pussy I've ever seen. It feels so warm and good inside."

His flattery makes my loins tingle even though I hurt so badly. His cock plunging into me is driving me lust forward. He doesn't touch me, and all I can feel is his cock as it uses me. He even stops before his hips touch my ass cheeks. The rhythm is slow, and steady. I feel a huge knot building up in the pit of my stomach.

"It seems you are quite receptive to me at the moment. I'll gather that you are enjoying yourself then."

I don't say a word. I just lay there feeling him fucking me. It's like all of my senses are attuned to my crotch at the moment. I notice that my body is pushing back to meet his thrusts slightly. The knot in me keeps growing as his cock keeps fucking me. I hear moans coming from myself. He keeps the same rhythm. I hear him moan as he uses me. The sounds of my crotch echo in the openness.

His dick throbs as he slide in and out of me. My body receptive to him. Wanting him. The knot fills my torso, and I begin to tense. All I feel is his cock moving in and out of me. I hear his breathing mixing with my moans and the sloppy sounds of sex. It adds to my lust.

"I would love to be inside of you all day every day. Your pussy is the best I've ever had."

Hearing this makes me want to orgasm so bad, but it's not time yet.

"Fuck me." I moan softly.

He continues, and the knot fills my soul. My entire body tenses hard, and I close my eyes. He must know because he slides his cock as deep as he can pushing against my ass. I feel a tinge of pain, but it is just what I need. I moan loud, and begin to shake. The room goes dark as the knot unravels inside of me. I feel my vagina quivering as my orgasm flows out. I hear the wetness as he fucks me. My entire body is so tense that it shakes hard shaking the table I'm on. I hear the chains rattling as I moan in sheer pleasure.

I hear him groan, and hold his dick inside of me as my body shakes making me fuck him more. My orgasm last for a few glorious minutes before I collapse to the table exhausted. I lay there with my senses amplified, and I feel him slowly withdraw his dick. His cum leaks out dripping to the ground. I lay there watching as he walks away.

One of them unlocks the cuffs before walking away. I lay still until I have enough energy to move before I unshackle my ankles. I fall to the ground. Relieved, but sore. I have never had such an intense orgasm in my life. I'm left wanting more. I grab my clothes, and dress. Then I stagger out to see the truck still sitting there.

"Very nice." He says as I crawl in. "This will sell."

I look at him confused.

"You belong to me. You just proved that. You like what I provide. You want it. Can you admit that?"

I nod in agreement.

"Good. Then I will treat you as you are. A . Just like any other woman in your shoes. You want so much, but are afraid to act on it. Now you don't have the choice, and I will sell your ass, or do whatever I please. And I bet you like it. Don't you? It looked like you had one hell of an orgasm in there so don't try to lie."

"I do."

"Yup. I know. Now since it's suppertime we'll get something to eat."

He drives us to a restaurant, and we sit on the hard wooden chairs. It hurts to sit, but I manage. He orders for the both of us, and we eat in silence. When we return to the cabin my neighbor comes walking over as I clean the fire pit.

"I'm sorry about last night."

"It's okay. A lot of guys can't last that long."

"That's not what I mean. And why are you dressed if you like to be naked so much?"

"You must have seen that we just got home, and you should remember that I said I like to be naked when I can. Going into town isn't one of those times."

"I just came over to apologize. There's no need to be bitchy about it."

"I'm not a bitch. I'm a slut. Get it right." I say getting in his face.

"Fuck you then!"

"Think you're man enough?" I ask turning my ass to him, and lifting my dress.

"That's it."

I hear him fumbling around, and then feel him slide into my vagina. I moan as he begins to fuck me hard.

"You have no respect, and need to learn some." He says fucking me.

"Then teach me you bastard. Fuck that respect into me."

He pulls my hair, and slaps my ass as he rams me. I have all I can do just to stay on my feet. He grunts and groans. His fast pace begins to slow.

"Cum in me you fucker. Make me your slut." I goad.

It's enough for him. He pulls hard, and groans. I feel his twitching cock unloading into me. I push back fucking his cum out of him. He quickly finishes, and pushes me away.

"It was a pleasure." I say as he walks away. "Apology accepted."

He keeps walking without saying a word. I finish cleaning, and head inside. He's there watching TV, and I sit on the couch on my side. He soon joins me, and lays me across his lap. He pets my head for a while, and the removes the collar once more. I look up at him, and he smiles at me.

"It's not over my sweet. I still own your fat ass, and I intend to enjoy it."

"Thank you." I say putting my head back down.

I fall asleep, and have a nice restful slumber. When I wake he's gone. I see my phone sitting on the kitchen table with a note. I go to read it, and it takes a lot just to move.

"I know your name. I know where you live. I know you phone number, and everything else about you. I will send you copies of all the videos I made of you my superstar, and then you'll know where you sit. Now be a good , and return to your hubby."

I toss the note, and pack my things. I drive home thinking about what has all happened. I hate myself for letting go, but I had no choice. The battle rages in my mind the entire drive home. My husband greets me at the door, and then helps me unpack. I explain how I couldn't get reception all week, and I loved every second of it.

Well, I didn't lie. Now I just have to wait to hear from Him.
The Neighbor II
Posted:Nov 13, 2017 10:25 am
Last Updated:Dec 19, 2017 7:04 am

I feel his hips slam against me as he buries every inch inside of me. His cock feels like it's hitting the inside of my chest as he fucks me. He makes me continue fucking him as he watches the porn on the TV. Then I see him look up at me with a look of lust in his eyes. I ride his cock as we make eye contact, and then I feel his shoot his cum into my uterus. He smiles as I fuck his semen out of him. When he finishes he pushes me back down onto my knees. He waves his shrinking dick at me, and I see my wetness all over him and his cum dripping from the tip.

I lean forward, and take him into my mouth cleaning his cock. I lick what I can't suck. Making sure to do a good enough job. I suck him until he goes flaccid, and then I kneel at his feet again.

"Why don't you go lay down for a couple of hours?" Tom suggests.

I go to the bedroom, and lay on the bed. I hear Tom and the man discussing costs for something. I fall asleep listening. Tom wakes me in a couple of hours. I'm still tired, worn, and sore, but I slept soundly. I am still laying on my back just like when I fell asleep. Normally I roll over at some point.

I walk out, and the man is still sitting there. He smiles at me as Tom leads me over to a table beside the TV. He has me kneel in front of it, and then lay across it. He tells me not to move.

I watch the reflection in the mirror in front of me, and I see the man stepping up behind me. He's holding something, but I can't see what. He steps to my left slightly. I watch intently. I see his arm draw back, and then come forward. I feel the sting of a strap as it cuts across my bare ass cheeks. He smacks me over and over spanking my ass good. The tears roll down my face as the sting becomes my only feelings. I'm not sure how many times he swatted me, or even how long he took, all I know is that my ass is burning.

I am relieved when I see him toss the belt aside. My relief is turned to fear when I feel him lay his dick across my back. It reaches half way up my spine. He moves it down until the tip touches my vaginal opening, and then sinks it all the way into me. My pussy accepts it without a problem. Then he pulls it out slamming it back in a few times making me moan in pleasure.

My pleasure ends when I feel him pull it out, and begin to push it into my asshole. I beg him to stop, but all he does is grab my hair pulling it as he pushes it deeper. I feel my asshole ripping apart as it tries to open for his massive cock. Then my sphincter is torn wider as he pushes past. In less than a minute I feel his cock bottom out inside of me. His hips push against my bruised ass cheeks while he tries to get the last few inches into me.

He pulls back, and slams into me hard. I moan in pain as his cock ruins me. My insides feel like they're being mixed around as he plunges my intestines. He fucks me harder and harder. My entire body goes numb from the abuse. The minutes seem like hours before I feel his finishing inside of me. He keeps fucking me until his dick goes limp inside of me. Then he pulls out, and goes to clean himself. My asshole feels like it is hanging open. I feel his cum leak down my legs.

"Well. We should get you back sometime today." Tom says. "Can you walk?"

"I don't know." I mumble.

I try to get up, but my legs are limp. Tom helps me to my feet, and then the blood begins to flow again making my legs tingle. He helps me to the bathroom where the guy that just fucked me was just leaving. I sit on the toilet, and try to push out the semen. I only accomplish a fart. I use a lot of paper wiping the blood and cum off me before Tom hands me some clothes.

"For the ride home." He says.

I look at them, and see a black mini skirt, red sleeveless blouse with a deep plunging neckline, and red lace g string.

"I'd never wear anything like this. How am I going to explain it?"

"Not my problem. Just put it on."

I slip into the clothes, and notice that the skirt is way too short. My ass pokes out the bottom. The shirt is way too loose, and leaves nothing to the imagination. If I turn wrong my boobs will fall out. He looks me over, and smiles.

"That looks great on you."

"I don't think so. I look like a ."

"Well, if the shoe fits."

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Just because of what happened I'm a ? I don't think so. I don't charge."

"Well, you might now have, but the last guy that fucked you paid handsomely."

"You asshole." I say getting pissed.

"No. Your asshole. And it made me five hundred bucks. Your cunt made me three. You did the blow job for free though. Here. Put these on instead then."

He tosses me a pair of blue jeans and a black tee shirt. I change quick, and we drive home in silence. Sarah was already home when we arrived, and said that she explained to my husband that she had to leave early, but I would be home today. She noticed that I was upset, and pulled my inside the house to talk.

She convinced me to just let it go. Then she kissed me before Tom told me to wear the outfit he got me when I come over. I don't say anything to him. I just walk home, and take a shower. I notice that my ass was purple with bruises when I look in the mirror. Then I dress, and go back to my life as usual.

My husband asks a few questions about the party. I make up some lies to appease him. That night I sleep better than I ever have. I wake in the morning refreshed. My body, on the other hand, is sore all over. I see the hubby and off in the morning, and then change before heading over to Tom's house.

When I walk in I go directly down the stairs to see him chatting with an older man who looks to be in his fifties. They stop talking when I walk in.

"Good morning." Tom says with a smile.

I just stand there.

"She is nice looking." The guy says as though I'm not there.

"I'll leave you two alone then." Tom says.

I watch as Tom adjusts a camera set up right in front of a mattress laid out on the carpet.

"You know what to do ." Tom says as he passes me. "This is your life now."

I walk over to the man as Tom walks up the stairs. I take his hand, and lead him to the mattress where I place his hand on my left breast through the open front of my blouse. He wastes no time puling my breasts out, and groping and sucking them both. He bites ever so gently but firmly on my nipples sending shocks through me. I reach down, and unzip his pants letting them drop to his ankles. Grabbing his dick I stroke him until he's hard.

Then I kneel down, and stare at his uncut cock. I take it into my mouth, and suck him for a bit stopping before he he cums. I then turn my ass to him, and pull the string of my panties aside offering myself to him. He again wastes no time sliding into my eager vagina. He moans and groans as he slowly fucks me. Hearing him taking so much pleasure in me turns me on so much that I feel a tiny orgasm sneak out of me.

My moan as it frees itself is too much, and I feel him throbbing inside of me. The warmth of his cum heats up my vagina as he shoots me full. When he pulls out I let go of my underwear, and turn around giving him a kiss on the cheek. He dresses quick, hands me an envelope, and then leaves. Tom returns right as the man walks out.

"Did it go okay?" He asks.

I don't answer. He takes the envelope from me, and pulls out the money that was inside. He counts out five hundred dollars, and then hands me one hundred.

"Your portion."

He then checks the camera, and smiles with what is recorded.

"This is some good stuff. You got me hard."

He pulls out his cock, and waves it at me. I kneel down, and take it into my mouth. I suck him, and he doesn't last long before he pulls out of my mouth. I stroke him as he pulls my breasts out. Then he lets loose with a huge load of cum all over my chest. It hits my skin so hard that I think it's going to go through. His cock pulses as the ropes shoot out all over me. It feels so warm. Cooling as it runs down my skin. I suck the last drippings from him before standing up. That's when I notice that he was recording me again.

"Good shit for the website."

"What website?"

"The one starring the older thicker MILF with the long brown hair and nice tits."

"I never agreed to anything like that."

"I never asked either so I guess that means that I don't care if you agree to it. Right now I'm having a contest to see what the subscribers want to see you do the most. The leading suggestion is for me to leave you tied up somewhere. Would you agree to that?"

"That depends. I have a family to think of. And that's the only reason I'm doing any of this crap."

"No. You're doing it because you want to. I'm helping you fulfill your fantasies and darkest desires."

"What does the winner of you contest get?"


He shows me the website, and has me live chat with a few of the people on there. They are the normal perverts, and just want to see me naked. One guy seems nice out of the whole bunch, and I chat mainly with him until I have to leave for work.

The next day I run my errands, and check my messages before going over to the neighbor's house. I am surprised to hear Sarah call me to the kitchen. When I walk in I see another girl sitting beside her. She introduces me to Brenda. I recognize her as the girl that I thought lived there too. She has waist length black hair resting over her plump frame. She is quite attractive I think.

"Brenda wanted to meet the girl I was telling her about. Turn around. See, isn't she cute?"

I just smile, and so does Brenda. Sarah grabs me, and kisses me surprising me.

"She has the softest lips too. You have to try her Brenda."

Brenda steps up in front of me, and smirks.

"She won't shut up unless I do it." She says.

"That's fine."

Then Brenda leans in kissing me ever so softly on the lips. I feel my crotch flush with excitement. It sends a chill up my spine making me shiver.

"That good?" Brenda asks.

"Yes." I coo.

Then she wraps her arms around me, and kisses me deeper and much more passionately. I melt in her embrace, and feeling her tight against me makes me drip with lust. Her pert breasts pressed against mine, and her sweet smell all combine to make the river flow as I orgasm from her kiss.

"Then that should be better." She whispers.

"More than you know."

"I felt it." She says smiling.

"Let's take this to the bedroom." Sarah says pulling Brenda and I into the bedroom.

Sarah undresses in seconds, and then kisses Brenda as she undresses her. I watch as they begin touching each other all over their naked bodies. Brenda soon lays on her back, and I look on in awe at her chubby form laying before me. Her breasts laying slightly to the side with large pink areolas topped of with long hard nipples. Her belly rising and falling with her breath, and her legs parted just enough for me to see the outline of her labia right under her shaved crotch.

Sarah stands up, and undresses me as I stare at Brenda. I am quickly standing there naked as Sarah lays back beside Brenda. She takes Brenda's left breast in her hand, and sucks the nipple hard. I watch as her skin pulls and ripples from Sarah's attention.

"Come here." Sarah says. "I know she's beautiful, but you can't have her way over there. Taste her. Give her pleasure."

I lay between Brenda's open legs, and lower my face to her crotch. Her scent is intoxicating. The heat is tremendous. I lick her labia, and am awed by her taste. So sweet, so delicious. I dive in, and lap up her wetness. Her hips rock, and her moans fill the room as I lick her while Sarah attends to her breasts. I slide a finger into her vagina while I lick her clitoris. It drives her wild. In seconds she shakes violently as she orgasms. I lick and suck until she calms down, and then I sit up to see the look on her face.

They both look at me with huge grins. Then Brenda pushes Sarah onto her back, and goes down on her right breast roughly. I watch for a second before Brenda pulls my face down to Sarah's pussy. I give her the same that I gave Brenda, and it had the same results. With Sarah's cum filling my mouth.

Then Sarah pulls out a silver dildo. She and Brenda pull me between them, and I feel it slide right into my vagina. It begins to vibrate, and Sarah begins to fuck me with it while she and Brenda each suck and bite on my breasts. Brenda reaches down, and plays with my clit while Sarah fucks me. I close my eyes, and let myself go.

In less than five minutes I feel the dam burst within me, and all of my tensions gush out through my pussy. My body shakes and rocks as the orgasm takes me to new heights. I moan loud uncontrollably. My orgasm lasts for a few amazing minutes before It begins to ebb. Then when I fall to the mattress panting I feel the dildo pull out of me, and they both slide up against me kissing me.

We cuddle and make out for a long time before I have to leave. As I walk out Tom smiles knowing what just happened.

"See you tomorrow?" He asks.

"Maybe." I say walking out.
The Neighbor
Posted:Nov 13, 2017 9:20 am
Last Updated:Nov 15, 2017 8:45 am

A new story. I hope you enjoy.

I'm sitting there alone. The husband and are off for the day, and it's my time to relax before my day begins. I log in to my secret website to see if anyone wants to chat. I know if my husband found out about me going on there it would be a huge argument, and would probably end up in divorce. But I have to have an outlet to vent my frustrations. He doesn't understand, and doesn't seem to want to understand my side of things.

To him sex is something that is done for procreation. Making babies. He says that it's nice but too messy, and should be something that is done at just the right time when everything comes together just so. He even was a virgin when we were married. He had other girlfriends before me, but they were all really short lived. He's the type that doesn't even like talking about anything sexual, or anything with a sexual innuendo to it.

For me I'm the opposite. I let my ex take my virginity for his birthday when I was 14. It wasn't anything great, and it hurt. We were young and ignorant. From then on he wanted it more and more. Being the good girlfriend I let him have me, and it started to feel better and better. In time I was the one that wanted it, and I wanted it a lot. I loved the orgasm, but it was the feelings of pleasing him that got me there the best. We fucked everywhere, and all the time it seemed. We didn't even care much if we were alone.

A few of his guy friends joked about joining in once. Then his jealous side came out, and he literally punched one of them in the face. I actually got a bit scared, but it was short lived. On my sixteenth birthday we were alone at his house when he took me over his knee, and gave me a birthday spanking. He pulled me over as I walked by, pulled my leggings and underwear down baring my ass, and swatted me sixteen times. I was so wet when he finished. He carried me to the kitchen table, and fucked me good right then. I orgasm so hard that I almost passed out.

I found out later on why he was always so jealous. He was a cheat, and had another girlfriend while we were engaged. It tore me apart inside, and I still have trust issues because of it. I still wonder why he didn't talk to me about it first. I can't say for sure, but I believe I may have let him have her if he was open about it.

These days I know the difference between fucking and making love. Both are nice, but one is to feed the primal urges, satisfy hungers, and relieve frustrations. The other is slow, soft, and sensual. It's for loving, and making babies. Both have their place. Yet, I often believe that I'm one of the few that understand this.

Today I am the mother and wife. I love my family, and I love my life. My sex life isn't all that great though. So I go online to chat in order to relieve my frustrations. I don't have much time so I usually just read the messages and stories. I'll reply quick before I sign out, and then begin my day. Today is one of those days. It's a Monday, and I haven't been able to check on things all weekend so there's a few messages.

As I read I feel my lust growing inside of me. The story is about me being held down by four men while four more are caressing me all over. They use me for thier fun, and I am left laying there pleasured fully. I find my hand has moved between my legs, and my fingers are gently rubbing my labia through my underwear. I am so horny. I read another story. This one is me being told to orally pleasure him until he finishes all over my chest. My favorite. My fingers found their way under my panties, and I am so wet as I caress my labia.

I jump when I hear a knock on the door. I close the computer, and wipe my fingers on my jogging pants as I walk to answer it. I open the door to see the neighbor from across the road standing there. I'm surprised to see him since we have never talked. He's a skinny in his mid twenties with short brown hair. He is dressed in a tee and jeans with tennis shoes.

"Yes?" I ask.

"Can I use your phone? My cell died, and I don't have a home phone."

"Sure. Come on in, and I'll get it for you."

He steps into the living room, and stands near the couch as I retrieve the phone.

"I'll be in the kitchen so you can have your privacy." I say.

He nods, and I walk away. I hear him talk, but can't make out what he's saying. I load the dishwasher, and by the time I'm done I hear him say that he's done.

"Thanks for letting me use the phone. My name is Tom."

"I'm Michele."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Michele. I see you as you leave all the time, but we've never had the time for an introduction."

"No we haven't. We're always going somewhere. With two and work it keeps me busy."

"I can imagine." He spots my 's guitar sitting in the dining room, and asks, "Do you play?"

"No. That's my 's. I can't play a single thing."

"I just bought a drum set, and am learning how to play."

"I've heard." I say giggling.

"That bad?"

"I didn't say that."

"You should come over some time, and try them out. It's fun."

"I'll keep that in mind."

"Really. You should. I bet you'd like it." He says as he walks out of the house.

I go to get dressed since I never go out in just a tee and jogging pants. I slip on some jeans and a sweater after changing my underwear. Then I realize that I wan't wearing a bra, and my nipples are rock hard. I smile thinking that he must have had a good show. I slip on my shoes, and head for the door when I remember the computer is still on. I open it up to shut it down when I see that the page was set to the site home page. I shut it down quick before leaving to pay bills.

The next day when I sign in I see a friend request from a profile of a guy that has no picture. I read the message with the request. He says that he's from the same town, and wants to know me better. I accept his request, and reply that I look forward to chatting with him someday. He replies right away saying how he likes the pictures I have of me, but would like to see my face too. I deny that request right off citing privacy.

We wind up chatting for a while with me revealing all of my inner secrets and fantasies while he sends me pictures and videos of his dick as he strokes himself off. Just before I have to leave for work He sends me a video of his dick as he shoots his load. I am impressed. He has a larger cock for sure, but his cum shots out and never seems to end. He makes a huge mess all over the table in front of him. It was magnificent.

I am so horny by the time I get to work that all I can think about is his cock as it shoots, and wanting it to be shooting all over my chest. I struggle through the night in wet panties, and then try to get my husband to satisfy me when we go to bed. My advances are met with snores. I sigh as I roll over to sleep.

Wednesday begins on a sour note with my frustrations coming to a boil after he complains about me trying things when he's trying to sleep. I'm happy when he leaves, and feel the need to take out my aggression somehow. I hear the drums banging from Tom's house. I grab my shoes, and walk over. I knock on the door. Then I begin to wonder why I'm doing this. What would people think? I hope that one of the girl's that I see there all the time answers, and tells me that he isn't home. Or that he doesn't hear me knock. After a minute or two I turn to walk away when the door opens behind me.

"You're here. Come in." He says surprised.

I follow him to the basement where I see the drums all set up inside. The windows are covered, and the walls have a thick red padding covering them. It almost looks like they're covered in pillows. Ugly red pillows. The floor is a green shag carpet with a lot of padding under it making it really soft and plush.

"I know. It's ugly down here, but it somewhat soundproof. Next week I will be adding more so that it'll be completely soundproof. Sit. Play." He says handing me the drum sticks.

"I don't know how." I say sitting there.

"That doesn't matter."

I tap the drum right in front of me, and he tells me to hit it harder. I hit it a bit harder, and it feels good to hit something. I hit the rest of the drums and snares making one hell of a racket. I sound horrible, but it feels nice.

"I think someone had some aggression to work out." He says smiling when I stop.

"Something like that." I laugh.

"You have a nice laugh."

"Thanks. So where are your housemates?"

"Housemates? There's just me and my fiance that live here. Once in a while her sister or friend may stay the night, but they don't live here. How about you? Where's your family?"

"The are in school, and the jackass is at work."

"Okay then. I seem to have touched a sore spot. You must work some odd hours? I see you leaving at all different times of the day."

"No. I work nights. A second shift type of schedule. I'm running around paying bills, and doing errands during the day. Once in a great while I can sit home, but then I'm usually cleaning or picking up after everyone."

"Sounds like you could use a vacation."

"That would be nice, but I don't have time for that."

"Somebody will have to kidnap you to make you relax then." He laughs.

"I don't think I remember how to relax anymore." I joke.

We sit there chatting for hours, and before I know it I have to hurry off to work. I feel happy inside having made a friend, and look forward to chatting with him again. I did check as soon as I got home to see if I was poking through again, and I wasn't. I think it's because I was wearing a sweatshirt instead of a tee.

That night I told my husband that I met our neighbor, and we chatted for a while. I explained that he seems friendly enough, and sounds like a decent person. We mutually wonder what his fiance is like since neither one of us has met her. I did discover that she works during the day while he is between jobs, also known as unemployed, since he was laid off from a local manufacturing plant that closed down.

The week goes by with me finding a few minutes here and there to chat online, but nothing substantial. Then Sunday morning I see Tom as we are leaving. He waves, and I wave back. His fiance halfheartedly wave too just like my husband does. Before I know it Monday morning has again arrived, and it's back to the grind.

I log in to see a challenge from my new friend. He challenges me to stand in my front window naked for ten minutes. I refuse, but the idea turns me on. He then cuts it in half. Five minutes. Again I refuse explaining that I live on a busier street.

"I thought you were an exhibitionist, and it got you horny being watched?"

"I am, and it does, but a lot of cops drive past too. Besides, nobody wants to see a fat forty year old naked."

"I do, and I'm sure there are a lot of others too."

"I doubt that."

"How about two minutes?"

"How about none?"

"With that attitude Missy you should play with yourself in the window until you orgasm."

"That isn't happening. I'd get arrested."

"I'm sure someone would put some handcuffs on you, but I doubt it would be the cops."

"Now you're just teasing." I reply with a blushing emoji.

"Are you horny?"


"Then strip, and stand in the window for a minute so you can be seen. Then tell me what happens."

"Fine. BRB."

I strip off my sweats and tee, and look at the clock with my heart racing. I open the lace curtains, and stand there stark naked in the picture window as the cars roll by oblivious. After one minute I return to the computer to report.

"Nothing, huh? Then why are you worried about standing there for ten minutes?" He asks.

"Nothing this time, but I'm sure if I stand there long enough something bad will happen."

"Bad? What would be bad? You've told me your fantasies, and your desires. Would it be really that bad?"

"I don't fantasize about being arrested for real though."

We continue chatting until I have to leave to run errands. That takes me until I have to get ready for work, and then the day is over. I'm left once more horny as hell, and unsatisfied. My crotch stays wet again as I think about being naughty all night. I wonder if any of those people that drove past saw me? My mind wanders as I think about someone coming up behind me when I'm standing there like that. They handcuff me, and fuck me hard as I orgasm over and over.

The rest of the week I don't have the time to chat, and I realize that I haven't heard the drums at all. Nor have I seen our neighbor Tom. I ask my husband if he's seen or heard them, and he says that he hasn't either. I keep an eye out all weekend to see if I can spot them, but I don't.

Monday morning as I wave to the last leaving for school I finally see Tom. I wave, and he waves me over to him. I slip on my husband's slippers, and walk over to him. It's a chilly morning, but I don't figure that I'll be long so I don't grab a jacket. He asks how I'm doing as soon as I step in front of him.

"I'm good. You?"

"I'm okay. I haven't seen you lately, and I was wondering if everything was okay?"

"Yeah. Just my normal busy life."

"What do you have to do today?"

"Stay warm." I say as a chill runs up my spine making me shiver.

"Let's go inside where it's warmer. I finished my basement. It's totally soundproof now."

"Cool." I say following him in. "That explains why I haven't been hearing you practicing."

"Yup. And I've been playing every day too."

We are soon in the basement where he shows me how he soundproofed the whole area. I notice that the drum set is now near a wall rather than being centrally located like it was.

"Why did you move it?" I ask.

"So it's out of the way."


"So have you been able to relax lately?" He asks.

"Define relax." I joke.

He stands right beside me on my right, and says, "To relax is to let loose, and be yourself."

I step back a step as he leans down to me.

"You should let loose. You'll thank yourself later."

He steps closer again, and I begin to get nervous.

"I'll keep that in mind when I have the time." I answer.

"You have the time right now Michele. I think you should let loose."

"Um, I think I should be going." I say sidestepping to get around him.

"Are you going to stand in the window again? Does your husband know you do that? Should I tell him?"

I freeze in my tracks before turning to look him in the eyes. He's staring right at me with a grin on his face.

"He wouldn't believe you."

"I think he'll believe the video I shot."

He pulls out his phone showing me in my window buck naked for all to see.

"Erase that."

"Why would I do that? I like it. As a matter of fact I want to see more."

"You're not going to see more. Just erase that, and forget about it."

"I don't think you understand the situation here." He says laughing. "I have the video, and you need me to get rid of it so your family doesn't find out about you showing off the good to passers by. So you aren't in any position to make any demands. You are in the position to just do as you're told, and hope that I'm not an asshole that will show everybody anyway."

He's right, but I can't let him win.

"You won't show anyone. You can get arrested for doing stuff like that."

"Do you think a judge would honestly believe that you want privacy when you're standing naked in a window like that. Please. Just do what you're told, and maybe I'll get rid of it."


"That's my offer."

I am trapped. Damned if I do, and damned if I don't. He'll never erase it, and I know it. But I can't have him showing my husband either. He's been a decent person so far. Maybe if I tell his fiance? Maybe she'll make him get rid of it?

"How about I tell your fiance that you have it?"

"She'll laugh, and call you a slut. See Sarah is an open person sexually. She doesn't care who I am with, or what I do, so long as she knows about it. And she's seen it already."

I'm out of options. I can't think of one single way out of this mess I'm in.

"Promise me that you'll erase it, and I'll do whatever you want to a point."

"To a point? No. I'll THINK about deleting it, and you WILL do whatever I tell you to. Otherwise I show your husband, your neighbors, and anyone else that will watch. I'm sure the boys at the high school would LOVE to see something like this. Isn't your in high school? I wonder how that would go over?"

"You wouldn't." I say as a tear runs down my cheek.

"I won't if you do as you're told. Now stop crying."

"Fine." I whimper.

"I didn't hear that."

"FINE." I say exhaling in defeat.

He pulls up the drum stool, and sits in front of me looking right at me.

"One thing I've always wondered since the first time I've seen you is what you look like naked? Sure I seen it in your window, but I want to see you up close. Strip for me."

I stand there bewildered.

"You have a video of me naked. Isn't that enough?"

"Strip, now, and quit arguing. No more talking."

I reluctantly kick off the slippers. I am conscious of the fact that I'm only wearing jogging pants, an old tee, and my thong since it's laundry day. I slowly pull down the pants hoping that the thong provides me with some coverage before I have to be naked in front of him. My hear is beating out of my chest as the jogging pants hit the floor around my ankles.

"Nice thong. Pretty pink lace. Turn for me."

I turn around hating myself more and more by the second.

"Nice ass. Finish."

I step out of my pants, and begin to lift the tee. I know that my white skin is accentuated by the black shirt as it lifts up. I pull it over my head from the back holding it over my breasts.

"Drop it. Let me see those tits."

He grabs the shirt from my grasp, and rips it away from me baring my chest.

"Very nice. Now get rid of the thong."

I slowly run my fingers under the waistband, and work them down over my hips. I feel the fabric pulling out of my butt crack as they move lower and lower. I bend down using my belly to cover my crotch while I pull my underwear down to my ankles. Then I fold my hands holding them to cover my crotch.

"Put your hands on top of your head."

I reluctantly obey, and his eyes widen when he see my trimmed pubic hairs.

"Nice. You have a beautiful pussy. I love the way the lips create the crease." He says as he leans down grabbing my thong from around my ankles.

I stand there as he looks me up and down, and then he makes me turn my back toward him.

"Move your feet apart, and bend at the waist. I want to see your cunt."

"Please don't use that word."

"I'll use whatever word I damn well please, and if it bothers you that's too bad. Now do what you're told, and shut the fuck up, cunt."

I've always disliked that word. It's just the most vulgar thing to me. Derogatory and mean. It makes my skin crawl. But I can't do anything about it so I do as I'm told. I bend down, and hold my ankles while he scoots right behind me.

"My God! that's the most perfect cunt I've ever seen, and it's so fucking wett that it's running down your legs. You're loving this, and you can't deny it."

I never realized it. I am turned on for some reason. Maybe it's because I'm naked in front of him? Or because he's actually wanting to see me naked? Maybe it's the exhibitionist in me that likes to show off? Or the submissive in me that likes to please? Maybe it's all of it combined? I don't know. I do know that I am really horny, and I am making the wrong decisions because of it. I should have just not stood in the window, but it's too late now.

"I'm going to keep these." He says waving my underwear at me. "Your cunt smells so good. I'm going to taste you right now."

I watch through my legs to see him kneel behind me. I feel his hands on my ass cheeks spreading them apart, and then I feel his tongue lick from my clit to my vagina so slow that it makes me shiver and moan. Then I hear the stool creak as he sits back down.

"I'll see you tomorrow. Come over right after the leave. Come down here, and I'll be waiting."

"No. You said..."

"I said you'll do as you're told." He interrupts. "Now get the fuck out cunt."

I grab my clothes, and dress as I walk out. I get home, and sit down with my mind racing, and my horniness driving me wild. I reach down under my pants, and touch myself. I barely start when I hear a knock on the window. I look over to see Tom standing there motioning for me to stop.

"Don't be doing that either."

I watch him as he walks back home, and then I grab the computer to log in for the few minutes I have until I have to work. I read a few messages, and reply to those that require a reply. I save the stories until I have the time to read them, and then I get ready for work. It's hard to concentrate all night with the day's events running through my head, and it turns out to be another moist night. My husband again denies me satisfaction at bedtime, and I roll over frustrated.

The next morning I walk right over to Tom's house when my last is off. I walk down the stairs to see him sitting there in a chair with the stool right in front of him about three feet away. He smiles when he sees me.

"It's nice to see you. Strip. Sit."

I undress, and sit down facing him. Nervous about what he is planning.

"How are you today my pretty cunt?"

"Good. I think."

"You think? You don't know?"

"I don't know what you are planning so, no."

"Relax. I just want to know a few things."

He take my underwear, and folds them. He hands them to me.

"Lean back, spread your cunt open, and sit on this."

I do as he says, and feel the lump of fabric as it pushes against my sensitive area.

"How often do you fuck your husband?" He asks.

"We make love about once every few months."

"No wonder why you're so horny. Are you always so wet?"

"Unfortunately yes."

"Would you fuck another man besides your husband?"

"Not without his permission. I'm not a cheat."

"Here. Watch this." He says holding his phone in front of me.

I look to see him recording a room full of what looks like his friends. Then he announces that they all need to see something. I watch as the video of me in the window begins to play on a large screen for them all to see. They shout and cheer, and watching this turns me on. I feel a vibrating coming from my folded underwear. Then I see a recording of me undressing.

"You recorded me?"

"Shut up and watch."

It watches like an amateur porn movie. That turns me on even more. I see the guys hoot and holler even more as they watch me bare myself up close and personal. Then I watch as they ask who the fat slut is, and Tom tells them that they'll find out soon enough.

The vibrations ebb and flow making me hornier than I've ever been. I can actuall feel myself leaking with excitement and need. I see as they all get rowdy watching me, and then he pulls the phone away at the end.

"See. You're more wanted than you think."

I watch Tom as he looks at his phone. I feel the vibrations increase eliciting more moans from deep within me. I can't control myself. The need for orgasm becomes more and more profound.

"Here. Read." He says putting a computer in front of me.

I look, and read out loud the story of a woman who is out jogging, and she is accosted by a gang of horny thugs. I find myself getting closer and closer to orgasm as I read. Just before I climax the vibrations cease.

"There'll be none of that just yet."

The next story is a girls that goes into an adult shop, and is taken by a bunch of older men. The vibrations almost bring me to orgasm once more. Then I read about a girl who is taken in the woods as she camps. I picture myself there as the girl. I almost orgasm before he turns off the vibrations.

"Please. I need some relief." I ask.

"Shut up, and keep reading."

I read on, and read about a girl who is taken in by a Sasquatch, and her husband is tossed aside as she succumbs to it's advances. She gives herself to it entirely as the story advances. The vibrations increase bringing me so close, and making it really hard to read. Then they stop once more.

"That's enough." He says standing up.

I see the bulge in his pants, and I can't take my eyes off it. He stands inches from me with it right in my face. I find myself reaching up to touch it. It feels so hard in his pants. The vibrations begin again, but they are low and just enough to drive me crazy.

"Do you want to see it?"

"Yes." I moan.

He unzips, and it pops out almost hitting me in the face. He's slightly bigger than my husband, and it's throbbing hard. I watch it bounce as it throbs in front of me. The head a dark pink color looking me in the eye. The vibrations again cease. He leans forward brushing the tip across my lips wiping his pre cum on me. I lick my lips tasting it. I've missed that flavor. It's been so long since I've tasted it. I savor it.

He then lays on the floor on his back, and slowly strokes his dick. I watch in lustful disbelief. Here's a nice hard cock waiting for me. My needs can be filled. I stand up as if on instinct, and before I know it I am lowering myself onto his cock while I hold it up.

It fills me so nicely. My vagina tightens around him as I fuck. It feels so good. My body tingles all over. His hands wrap around my breasts, and caress them gently pinching my nipples sending pleasure shocks through me. I hear myself moaning combined with the wet sounds of sex. He pulls me down taking my nipple into his mouth sucking on it. It drives me wild.

My body tenses as he switches from one nipple to the other, and his cock pushes in and out of me. His hands grab my hips, and he begins to ram hard into me from below. Then I lose myself completely. My body begins to shake and quiver as my vagina throbs on his cock. My eyes roll back into my head, and I lose all control.

I feel all of my tensions and frustrations flowing from my body through my crotch. It feels so intense. So relieving. He keeps fucking me hard as my orgasm courses through me. His hips slamming against me making me shake even more.

He rolls me onto my back without even pulling out of me. Then he plunges deep into me holding me tight, and I hear him groan in my ear. I feel the streams of hot cum as they shoot against my vaginal walls. He holds it in me as the pulsations add to the feelings of his semen filling me.

There's so much that I can feel it leaking out, and over my butthole. I watch his hairless chest ripple as he finishes inside of me, and my own orgasm ebbs. He grinds his cock as deep as he can into me mashing my labia, and I feel him deep within me still rock hard. The throbbing is slowing as he finishes.

He looks down at me with a smirk on his face. I look up at him hating myself. His cock still buried deep inside of me. I just want him to let me leave so I can go cry. Instead he takes my wrists, and holds my arms up over my head. Then he lifts my legs high as he spreads them open.

"Don't move." He says.

I feel him slowly withdraw his cock, and I feel the tip press against my anus. I jump.

"No! I don't do that." I say holding his hips back.

"Shut up." He says slapping my breasts. "I told you not to move."

He pokes it against my virgin anus once more.

"Please don't." I begin to beg.

Just then I hear the basement door open, and footsteps coming down the stairs. We both look to see Tom's fiance Sarah walking up to us. She stares at me, and I mouth the word "help."

"Tom what are you doing?" She asks.

"Getting ready to fuck her ass."

"Does she want to?"

"I don't know. I didn't ask. But she did just get done creaming all over my dick."

"I don't want it. Please make him stop." I plead to her.

"Well honey, I've seen your profile on that website, and I'm sure that you really do want it, but if you're really nice to me and convince me in the right way, I'll ask him to stop."

I'm confused. What way is she talking about? It isn't but a few seconds before I find out as she pulls off her jeans and underwear. Then her shirt and bra. She lays on her back beside me, and pulls me over onto my side beside her. Her long brown hair laying on the carpeted floor as she pulls my face close kissing me.

Her tongue darts into my mouth, and it feels so strange. Her lips are so soft and warm. Inviting and pleasurable. I allow myself to succumb to her, and we kiss for a few minutes. Her warm body pressing against mine, and her hands caressing my breasts. I am getting horny once more as the need rises inside of me.

She pulls my face down using my hair making me kiss her chin and neck, and then her breasts. Her nipple is so hard that it feels weird on my tongue as I lick it. I wrap my lips around her areola, and caress the other breast. She's not large chested, but ample. I switch breasts, and then switch back giving both equal attention. Her moans and the way she's writhing tells me that I'm doing it right.

After a few minutes of pleasuring her breasts I feel her hand on the top of my head pushing my face down her flat stomach. I kiss and lick all the way down until I kiss her hairless crotch. She smells so sweet, and the heat is warming my face. I curiously stick my tongue out licking her vaginal cleft. I taste her sweet juices, and I'm surprised by how god she tastes. A bit sour and bitter, but mostly sweet and salty.

I crawl between her legs as she opens them, and I kneel staring at her crotch. My heart is beating hard as I realize that I'm having my first experience with another girl. Her labia is so pretty. The way her pussy opens when she spreads her legs is a nice sight. Her heat and scent fill my senses as I notice her juices coating her labia. She sits up just enough to take my head, and pull my face down to her crotch.

I open my mouth taking as much of her into it as I can, and then I lick her hard clit while delving my tongue into her vagina at the same time. She grabs my head, and pulls my face tight to her rocking her hips fast. I lick and suck the best I can while she holds me tight. I't hard to breathe, but I don't care. I love knowing that she's loving it. In minutes she arches her back letting out a long loud moan. I feel a rush of liquid fill my mouth. I gulp it down instead of choking on it. Her body shakes under me as she convulses in orgasm. I lick and gulp as she moans over and over. After about a minute she pushes me away, and lays back panting and smiling.

"Tom. Please don't fuck her big ass." She says when she catches her breath.

"It's hers or yours babe."

"Sorry sweetie." She says to me. "There's no way that big dick is going into my ass."

He kneels behind me, and pushes my face down onto her bald mons. I feel his dick as he rubs it across my asshole using his leaking semen for lubrication. Then he shove his hard cock into my vagina making my eyes roll back into my head in pleasure. He holds it in me motionless.

"So how was Jack?" He asks her as though I'm not here.

"He's a lot better now."

"I would guess. I'm sure you treated him right."

"Just like I treat you right. And you new girlfriend here just made sure that I wouldn't get knocked up too."

"How about that? How does that make you feel?." He asks me. "You just licked her boyfriend's cum out of her."

I feel him pull out of me, and then push against my asshole once more. I feel myself opening around his dick as the head pokes into my stretching hole. I get wider and wider until I feel that I can't open any more. Then I feel the pinch as my hole is stretched wider. It hurts.

"You really want to try to relax or this is going to hurt a lot more." He says.

Impossible. It hurts. He keeps pushing more in until I feel him push against my sphincter muscle. He pushes a bit harder, but it doesn't give. It just hurts. He pulls back, and begins to fuck my ass pushing hard against my muscle on every thrust into me. I feel him spit down my crack, and then feel his cock slide more easily into me as his spit lubes us. His thrusting slowly gets harder and harder.

After a short while he grabs my hair pulling my face off her crotch, and makes my back arch as he pulls me backward. Then I feel him ram his cock hard into me. My sphincter gives way, and he fills my rectum with his cock. I feel the burning inside of me as the pain sets in. My body goes numb from my waist down. I feel his hips slamming against my ass cheeks sending ripples through my body. I can somewhat feel his cock as it moves in and out past my sphincter. The pain is profound, and my legs are shaking because of it.

I look up to see Sarah recording me as her fiance ruins my ass. I feel him spreading my ass cheeks letting his cock ram deeper into me. The feeling is slowly returning and the pain is subsiding, but it hurts when he hits deep into my guts. His big hands hold my ass open while pulling me toward him at the same time. His body slams hard against mine. His grunts fill the air as he uses me.

It seems like an eternity before he finally plunges deep into me, and groans. It hurts, but it feels so strange feeling his hot cum blasting into my rectum. I can feel his dick pulsating and twitching against my sphincter as his load fills me. My insides feel like they're being bloated from the sheer amount of semen so deep inside of me. It lasts for a few minutes before he begins to go limp inside of me. I feel my sphincter clamp down pushing his dick out, and trapping his semen inside of me somewhat.

I try to move, but fall over. My ass burning from the destruction. Sarah gets dressed, and notices my underwear on the stool. She laughs knowing that he had wrapped a vibrator in them and made me sit on it. I look at Tom, and see his limp dick and the front of his legs coated with a pink tinge. I realize that it's my blood, and I need to clean up.

"When you can stand I'll take you to the bathroom." He says.

Sarah and Tom walk up the stairs, and I lay there for a bit before again attempting to stand. I make it to my knees before they return cleaned up. Tom is still naked, but Sarah is dressed.

"Looks like an offer I can't refuse." Tom jokes as he steps in front of me.

He takes my head pulling my face to his dick. I take him into my mouth, and suck on it. I feel it growing in my mouth, and in less than a minute it's poking against the back of my throat. I wrap my hand around the base of his dick, and stroke it while I suck so that he doesn't make me gag. He's loving it, and it's making me so horny.

"Let's get you cleaned up." He says helping me up.

He follows me up the stairs with his cock waving in the air. Sarah is right behind him. We go into the bathroom where I sit on the toilet, and let his cum flow out of my ass. Sarah pulls me into the shower, and uses the hand held sprayer to wash my bottom end before wiping me dry with a towel. All the while Tom is recording me with his phone. He stops when Sarah kisses me on the lips.

It's so erotic, and it just increases my lust feeling her attend to me. She then leads me into the bedroom, and Tom presses tight to my back wrapping his arms around me. She takes out her phone, and begins to record. Tom kisses my neck sending shivers up my spine. His hard dick pressing between my ass cheeks and up to the small of my back. He nibbles and kisses my shoulder and all over my neck drawing out a few moans from me.

He turns me around, and kisses me passionately holding me tight to him. I feel his strong muscles warming me all over. His hard dick slides between my legs, and across my wet crotch. I am so horny again. I want him inside of me. He pushes my shoulders down breaking the kiss, and I drop to my knees taking him into my mouth once more.

I lick, suck, and stroke him letting myself go. Living in the moment I want nothing more than his cock. He takes my head, and pulls me to him making me gag as his dick goes down my throat. When he lets off I catch my breath, and then take the entire length on my own. I don't gag if I do it, and I can do it. My ex was bigger, and I could take him.

I suck his entire length while he fucks my mouth. I just want him inside of me. I let my hand drop down, but he tells me to stop before I even get there. I want to orgasm so bad. His cock feels so good in my mouth. I need to touch myself.

"I don't want you to ever play with yourself again. I will be the one in charge of your orgasms from now on, and I will decide when and where you will have them."

I grab his hips, and concentrate on his dick. I worship it for almost ten minutes before he pushes my head back making me lean backward. He stands over me stroking himself. I reach up grabbing his cock, and take over stroking it. I lean forward licking the tip as I stroke, and then I lean back just in time to feel it get super hard in my hand seconds before the ropes of cum fly out covering my chest. I stroke it as it throbs in my hand. The streams of semen coat my breasts almost completely before they subside.

I watch the last string of cum drip out onto me, and feel all of his load running down my breasts and stomach. I take him back into my mouth sucking out the last drops before he pulls away. I watch them both as they compare phones, and feel his semen tightening my skin as it dries.

"I know that you have a busy week ahead. We're having a party Saturday. We want you here." Tom says to me.

"The party is at a friends house, but we want you to come along." Sarah adds.

"What about my husband?"

"That's your problem. He's not invited." Tom replies.

"Just be here at four. We'll go out for some supper first." Sarah says. "And you don't need to dress up. A shirt and shorts is fine."

"You better get going to work before you're late. You don't even have time to shower. Looks like you'll be wearing my cum all night." Tom laughs.

He's right too. I grab my clothes from the basement throwing them on as I walk to the door. I get home, change into my work clothes, and make it out the door only a couple of minutes behind schedule.

All night I swear that my coworkers can smell his cum on me. One says that I'm "glowing" today, and another says that I seem different somehow. My mood does seem a bit up, but other than that I'm still me. Just with my neighbor's dried semen all over me, and leaking from my nether regions. I get turned on thinking about how he did me three times in a row. I haven't had that since my ex.

That was only a few times. One night my ex tried to satisfy me, and we ended up fucking for almost a day and a half before he gave up. Well, his dick did. Little guy got tired I guess. I did like his dick in all of it's circumcised glory. I'm not a size queen, but he knew how to use what he had. There were times where it hurt at first because of the size, but those times were few and the pain was short lived.

My husband isn't much more than six inches. He does get really hard, and he definitely knows how to use it. He too is circumcised, and it makes the dick look nicer, I think. I've never been with a man that still had his foreskin. I've seen pictures and videos, but they look funny, and not what I consider good looking.

When I get home I see my husband sitting on the couch watching TV as usual. I kiss him, and sit in the recliner to relax. I wonder if he suspects anything? Should I tell him that the neighbors forced me to have sex? I'm sure he'll blame me for it, and he wouldn't be all that wrong. I can't tell him. In the very least it would break his heart like mine was when I was cheated on. I just have to find a way to end this all. I'll go with them Saturday, and tell them that enough is enough over supper. They won't argue if we're in public, and they won't do anything to me with witnesses.

Soon we retire for the night, and I slip off into slumber. I dream of Tom fucking me so gently. Making love to me like my husband would. Then he pulls out and covers me in so much cum that I'm literally drowning in it. Then Sarah is on a boat floating past laughing at me. She's buck naked, and sitting there with her legs wide open. Then I wake up. I turn to see my husband snoring away beside me, and I go down to the bathroom. I pee, and then notice that the gusset of my underwear and the back of them is soaking wet. I sniff it, and decipher that it's my vaginal secretions.

I change underwear, and return to bed. I lay in a huge wet spot, but don't make a fuss because I don't want to wake him up. I fall back asleep wondering how such a crazy dream could make me so wet? I don't feel rested much when my alarms rings off a few hours later. I get up, and go through the motions of the morning. I skip cleaning, and take a nap before work. I lay there still horny, but more tired.

Then the night follows it normal routine. Work, sleep, and then get up to do it all over again.I slept good without any weird dreams, and then checked the site for messages. After answering them I get a message from my new friend.

"Was it fun?" Is all he asks.


"You still haven't figured it out?"

"What are you talking about?"

"I know where you live, and I watch you. I have been for a long time now."

I fill with fear as it hits me that I have a stalker.

"What do you want?" I ask.

"Many different things. Right now I want you to undress completely in the window so I can watch you."

"I'm not going to do that."

"You would if you knew what was good for you. I'm not really asking."

I'm in a bit of a bind once more. What would he do if I didn't? He was always so nice, and I opened up to him about everything. How could I have been so stupid.

"And if I don't?"

"You don't want to go there. You WON'T have any fun that way."

"If I do this it will be all that I'll do. No more. Got it?"

"That's all that I'm asking."

I open the lace curtains, and look out. I don't see anything out of place, or anything strange. I pull off my sweater, then jogging pants, followed by my bra and underwear. I stand there for a few seconds before closing the curtains, and sitting down.

"Very nice. You have such nice tits."

"Where are you?" I ask hoping for an answer.

"Here. Look out, and if you look close enough you'll see me."

I open the curtain enough to peek out, but I see nothing. I return to the computer.

"I can't see you."

"But I can see you. Put your ass against the window. I want to see that."

I look out again before pressing my ass against the cold window.

"Nice. I want to cum all over you."

"Not happening."

"It will. Time to go. Later." He ends.

I get dressed, and look out all of the windows hoping to catch a glimpse of my stalker. No luck. I sit back in the chair, and try to get my mind off him. I pay bills, and then begin to surf the internet reading headlines. It isn't long before my horniness leads me into looking at pictures and videos of porn. I get so turned on seeing a cock as it thrusts into a woman, and then shoots all over. I find myself reaching down, and then stop myself remembering that I was told not to.

"To hell with that." I think. "I'm not playing thier games anymore. I'll do as I please."

Then my mind thinks about my stalker.

"What if he's watching me? I don't want to give him anything to use against me."

I stop, and withdrawn my hand quickly as I look around. Then I go back to the news headlines to try to get my mind off my wet crotch. Before long it's time to go to work. After that the week drags by in the same old rut. The only constant is my need for an orgasm, and my hesitation to give myself one. By Saturday I am so horny that it's just not right.

I tell my husband that the neighbors have invited me to a party, and that it's a girls only event. He tells me to have a good time, and that he won't wait up for me. I tell him that it shouldn't be an all night thing, and that I plan to return early. I dress in some old jeans, and a sweater. Make myself up, and do my hair so I don't look like a complete bum. I walk over to their house a little before four, and Sarah answers the door smiling.

Tom walks up behind her, and they both walk to their car. I sit in the back with Sarah leaving Tom to drive alone in the front. Sarah kisses me as soon as we drive up the road. Her tongue swirls around in my mouth while her hands caress my breasts. It lasts for minutes making me so wet. Then she stops, and smiles at me.

"Sorry. I needed that." She says.

I don't say anything. She kisses me again, and I melt in her arms. My lust taking over leading me down the wrong path again. We kiss until the car stops, and then I follow them into the restaurant. We sit a a table across from each other. Sarah wearing the biggest smile accenting her mini skirt and vee neck blouse. Both in matching burgundy color. Tom is wearing blue jeans, and a gray button down shirt.

"Order anything you want." Tom says to me. "It's my treat."

"I'm not really that hungry." I admit.

I think about how and when to let them know that I'm done with the situation. It gives me a knot in the pit of my stomach. Sarah keeps staring at me. She reminds me of a school girl with a crush.

"Sarah really missed you." Tom says when he notices me looking at her. "She kept asking about you over and over."

"Well, here I am."

We order some food, and Tom leads the conversation talking about the party. He says that it's a birthday and engagement party for one of their friends being held out on a farm in the country. There's supposed to be a band, and all the beer you can drink. He talks about the friends that are supposed to be there, and Sarah chats about a few others. I'm not really part of the conversation, and I just listen as we eat. They discuss their lives, and it eventually turns to them discussing their sexual arrangements.

"We have an open marriage." Sarah says. "We have others that we just have sex with while we still hold sex between us a something special."

"Yeah. I love Sarah. She fucks her boyfriend, and I fuck her sister. It works out great."

She looks at Tom with a smirk.

"I was trying to be more discreet about it."

"She also has her girlfriend that visits once in a while, but she's moved in with her boyfriend now so we don't see much of her."

"Now I have you." She says smiling.

"About that." I start.

"Desert." Tom interrupts. "Sweets for the sweets."

Sarah cuts a peice off her cake, and feeds it to me. Then she takes a bite herself. I try to talk, but everytime I open my mouth Sarah shoves more cake in. Soon it's all gone, and Tom leads us to the car. I begin to hate myself for not following through with my plans. Now we're driving to the farm. I try to talk in the car, but my mouth is quickly filled with Sarah's tongue.

"I want you so bad." She admits breaking the kiss for a second.

Seconds later she is pushing my face down as she lays back opening her legs. I see that she is left her underwear at home, and my face is quickly mashed against her wet pussy.

"Fuck me." She moans.

I lick and suck letting my tongue slip as deep into her vagina as it can. She tastes so sweet this time. No sour or salty taste. She tastes good. I find myself wanting to eat her up as my lust takes me. Her hips buck as I lick her clit, and her moans echo through the car. She pulls my head tight to her, and moans loud. Her back arches forcing her pussy against my mouth, and I feel her juices gushing into it. I gulp and swallow trying not to choke. Her body shakes as her orgasm rages through her. Then it begins to ebb, and soon she collapses down to the seat panting.

"I think I love you." She coos.

I wipe her off my face with my hands, and she pulls her skirt back down. Then she sit beside me, and cuddles until we pull into the field where everyone is parking at the farm. I see a lot of cars and trucks as we get out, and I see a lot of guys as we walk up in front of the stage where the band is playing.

The friend walks up, and Tom introduces me to Matt the friend. He tells us to relax, and drink up. Tom walks away with Matt leaving Sarah and I alone. I soon spot a few other girls, but the men outnumber the women at least ten to one. It's only six thirty, and I already see a few guys totally drunk. The day has gotten warmer than I had hoped, and I'm a bit warm, but I'm sure the night will be cool and chilly.

Tom soon returns to us, and Sarah finds her boyfriend. She wanders off with him, and I just stand there watching the band play. One of the drunks comes up behind me, and grabs my butt. I push him away, and he comes right back grabbing my breasts. I kick him in the balls, and he goes down writhing in pain. Calling me all kinds of names he winds up pissing himself before Tom and Matt drag him to his car to pass out.

"Sorry about that." Tom says when he returns. "Old Belly Boy never could handle his alcohol. You okay?"

"Yeah. He ripped my shirt some, but I'm fine."

"It looks better." Tom says looking at how the neckline has been torn open. "It show more of your cleavage. You have nice tits. You should show then off more."

"I don't think so. Then guys like your friend see that as an opportunity."

The sun sets, but it stays really warm. The band decides to take a break, and I follow Tom as he talks to his friends. We happen on Sarah as she was fucking her boyfriend on the front porch of the house. She grabs me as we walk past, and kisses me as she orgasms. She doesn't let go until she's done, and then I am left to find Tom.

He didn't get far, and I make my way to the bathroom to pee. Matt tells me that there's a better bathroom upstairs that I can use since the drunks have messed up the one on the main level. I go up, and do my duty washing my hands and straightening myself before returning to the crowd. Tom has gone back to the stage, and I go to look for him there. Sarah isn't on the porch anymore, and everyone is gathering in front of the stage.

I walk up to see what's happening. Tom pulls me to the middle of the crowd, and I see a large screen set up behind the band. On it is a picture of Matt when he was a baby. Tom gets up on stage, and calls Matt up.

"Well buddy. You're another year older, and have set yourself up to fuck the same pussy for the rest of your life. How does that make you feel?" Tom asks.

Matt shrugs his shoulders.

"You will soon be looking at women in a whole different light my man. Usually by the light of the monitor as you watch porn."

Every guy there laughs. I think it's a dumb joke.

"Even your tastes for porn will change. It'll go from professional hardcore stuff to amateur sensual stuff. With a little hardcore mixed in. You'll go from the action to wanting to know the lead in. And if your future wife has the right mindset she'll be the star of your porn. She may even let you be the costar on occasion."

I laugh with the crowd with this quip. I watch as the screen begins to show Matt as he was growing up, and then it showed his fiance as their relationship progressed.

"In a few days you're going to have the prim and proper engagement party, but right now it's just us. I figure that I'll get you off on the right foot. Watch the screen buddy." Tom says turning Matt around.

I watch on the screen as a video begins of a bigger girl asking the person answering the door if he's selling a couch. From there they go to look at it. The owner notices that she has a button popped, and is wearing a corset under her clothes. He then strips he down, spanks her, and fucks her right on the couch.

I got so wet watching it. I sense all the testosterone around me, and it's giving me chills. Next the screen fills with a shaky video from a phone. I watch as it pans from the floor to out the window. Then I look in horror when I see my house. I stare in shock as I watch myself open the curtains, and undress in the window before closing them. Then it switches to me on my knees and naked sucking Tom's cock until he finishes all over me. Then it goes black.

"Well buddy. Now it's time for your present from me." Tom says as he takes my hand leading me onto the stage. "Here's the star of those last couple of snippets."

He spins me around so Matt can look me over, and the crowd does too.

"Sweetie. Show him what your mouth can do." Tom tells me.

I hesitate for a moment before dropping to my knees. The crowd cheers as I pull Matt's dick out, and suck on it. He's about the same size as my husband with a big mushroom head. He doesn't get really hard, but I suck him anyway. I have no problems taking all of him into my mouth, and he fucks my face with the same rhythm that I'm bobbing my head with. In a few minutes I taste his cum as he finishes in my mouth. I swallow it down as he puts his shrinking dick away.

The crowd again cheers loudly. I look out to see the phones out recording me. I feel so gross and ashamed. Tom kneels beside me smiling. He pats me on the head, and helps me to stand up holding my hair on the back of my head gently. He turns me to watch the screen. On it I see our conversation online when I told him my fantasies, and thoughts.

"You're my stalker?"

"I'm your owner."

He turns me to face the crowd, and then leads me to the middle where a lift truck is parked. He ties my wrists together, and then to the fork as it's raised above my head. My ankles are tied to the opposite ends of a long board laying on the ground making my legs spread wide. Tom steps back looking at me for a minute. Then he steps in front of me, and rips my sweater open. Then right off me. He unhooks my jeans as I beg him to stop. I feel them tear as he rips them from me. The crowd is cheering away as he grabs my bra. He pulls it right off me.

"Look at those titties bounce." Some guy says.

Then Tom grabs the waistband of my underwear. I beg him not to again, and he smiles as he pulls them up. I feel them digging into my crotch, and then hear them beginning to rip. They cut into me before the fabric finally lets go with the loudest rip I've ever heard. Then Tom holds my torn underwear up to my face before shoving them into my mouth.

He steps back, and I watch as he unhooks his belt. He walks around me, and it makes me nervous. Then I feel the belt slice across my bare chest. I moan against the underwear in my mouth. Then another lash cuts across my mons. It stings so much. Then I feel it wrap around my hip and cut into my bared ass. He whips me all over for a long time. By the time he stop my skin is on fire. He steps in front of me, and I feel his fingers slip into my vagina.

"You are so wet." He says pulling the underwear from my mouth.

Then I feel his fingers withdraw, and he shows them to me. I see my wetness all over them jus before he shoves them into my mouth. I suck my juices from his fingers before he steps back. I watch as the groper from before walks up next to Tom. Then Tom steps back behind him.

"I owe you one bitch." He says.

Then he hauls back, and kicks me square in the crotch. It hurt so bad. I moan in pain feeling the bruise forming on my crotch. He mush have steel toed shoes on or something. Then as the pain begins to numb my crotch I feel my urine flow, and hear it puddling under me. When I finish peeing Tom unties my ankles, and then ties my breasts. I watch as he ties the ropes around my breasts to the other fork on the lift, and then feel myself being lifted by my chest.

It pulls painfully. It feels like my boobs are being ripped off. Then I feel myself being moved closer to the stage. I am then lowered down, and untied. Tom looks down at me as I sit on the dirt. He just smiles, and tells me to enjoy myself before he walks away.

The crowd closes in on me, and I am pushed onto my back as a dick is shoved into my mouth. My legs are spread, and a dick slides into my vagina. They use me for minutes before I am made to swallow one load while the other is pumped into me. Then I am lifted onto my knees where another dick slides into my pussy while another takes my mouth. My hands are quickly filled with dick also, and they use my hands to stroke themselves. The guy in my mouth pulls out, and shoots all over my face while the guy fucking me really pounds me hard.

I feel an orgasm slowly grow inside of me, and my lust begins to take over my mind once more. The guy hammers my pussy hard until he pulls out and cums all over my ass crack. Then the next guy pulls him away, and rams his dick into my asshole. I scream as he tears it open shoving it all the way in with one motion. Then he fucks my ass as hard as he can. I look back to see the groper hate fucking my ass. He slaps my cheeks while he rams into me, but he doesn't last long. In minutes he groans as he finishes in my rectum. Then he slaps my ass one last time as he gets up.

I am pulled on top of a guy that is laying beside me, and I lower myself onto his hard dick. He's quite well endowed, and it fills me full. I feel my orgasm begin to surface again as I fuck him. A dick is shoved in my face, and my lust makes me take it into my mouth. My hands are again quickly occupied with two more dicks. Then I feel a cock push against my asshole. It slips right in. I have never been so full of dicks in my life. I moan against the cock in my mouth as my orgasm courses through me.

I orgasm long and hard as they fuck me. I swallow the cum from the dick in my mouth, and then feel another load shoot into my asshole. When he pulls out I sit up on the big dick in my pussy, and I watch as the cock in my left hand begins to throb and shoot all over my left breast. Then the cock in my right hand covers my right breast. I stroke them both until they finish, and then feel the guy in me fuck me from underneath. I lean forward, and let him. He pushes me off, and lays me on my back. He slides back into me, and fuck s me hard and deep. In a few minutes I see him tense up.

"I'm going to cum right in your uterus bitch." He moans as he lifts my legs high.

He wasn't kidding. I feel him hitting my cervix as he rams hard into me, and then push even deeper as his load shoots into me. My legs are damn near above my head, and I'm almost folded in half as he crushes me with all of his weight making sure his dick is as deep as it can be. It was a relief when he finished so I could put my legs down.

That relief didn't last long. I am quickly rolled back onto my knees, and another dick slides into my vagina while more use my mouth and hands. I am fucked over and over for hours. They use ever hole in my body, and leave me covered from head to toe in semen. Before I know it the sun is rising, and they are still using me. I am so tired, sore, and worn out. I had so many orgasms that I lost count. I see the crowd is almost gone now, and I wait for the last few to have me so I can rest.

When the last guy shoots his cum into my pussy and walks away I lay there on my back with my legs wide open unable to move. I am so worn out that I can't even feel the semen as it leaks out of me. It's all I can smell and taste though. I see Tom walking up with a guy. He looks to be in his fifties, and has a beer belly. I see that his black and gray hair is combed over to cover the bald spot. They walk up to me, and look down at me.

"Still alive?" Tom asks.

I nod.

"You look a mess. Was it as enjoyable as you had hoped?"

I again nod.

"Good. Now let's get you washed up. My friend here doesn't want some dirty old to fuck."

Tom helps me up, and over to the hose where he sprays me down with the cold water. It hurts my bruised and battered flesh. Then he tosses me some soap telling me to soap down. Once I finish he rinses me with the cold water concentrating on my lower end.

"That's good enough. Let's go inside."

I follow Tom and his friend inside where Tom tells me to kneel by his friend's feet. He puts a porn video in the DVD player, and then sits to watch it. His friend begins to pet my head. It feels good so I lay my head on his knee. Then I hear a zipper so I turn to look. I see the guy pulling out the longest and thickest cock I've ever seen. He has to be ten inches long, and four around. He looks down at me, and waves it toward me.

I kneel between his legs, and take the monster into my mouth. I open as wide as I can trying to take it in. I try to see if I can take every inch. I can't, and I view that as a challenge. If a sword swallower can do it so can I. So I do my best to take it all, and it gets nice and hard in my mouth. I kiss and suck his balls, lick up and down the shaft, and try over and over to take it all into my mouth.

He let's me suck him for a while before he taps my head, and motions for me to fuck him. I begin to worry. He's just too big. But I do as I'm told. I slowly straddle his lap, and lift his big dick to my vaginal opening. I slowly lower myself down feeling it opening my sore vagina wider and wider as it enters me. I soon feel myself stretching around the girth as my pussy slowly opens to accept him. Inch by inch I impale myself on his cock until I feel it hit my cervix. Then I stop. I look down at him feeling his cock stretching me wider than ever.

He smiles as I begin to fuck him. My pussy getting used to the sheer massiveness of his shaft. I gain speed as the pleasure begins. He soon holds my hips controlling my speed and motions. He starts pulling me down harder and harder. I feel his cock banging against my cervix. He doesn't seem to be caring if it hurts me or not. I sure of that when he pushes up as he pulls me down, and I feel his cock push through my cervix making me moan in pain.

I feel his hips slam against me as he buries every inch inside of me. His cock feels like it'
It's Almost Turkey Day
Posted:Nov 13, 2017 8:37 am
Last Updated:Nov 15, 2017 8:45 am
Hello everybody. I hope you're all having a great life so far, and are doing splendidly. I know it's been a while since my last blog. I really should update more, but I lead a really boring life. I would hate to be the one to bore you all to tears. Now that winter is here I'm sure it'll get even more boring.

I finally made it to the cabin for some rest and relaxation. Not much alone time though. Too many visitors, and a lot to get done before the snow starts piling up. There's not much on the ground now but it's coming, and it's coming soon. Ideally I like to lounge around here naked or in my underwear, and that hasn't been the case at all. I couldn't chance someone knocking or walking in. I have a lot of family around here, and we aren't door knockers.

It's usually that if the door's locked don't come in, and if it's open enter if you'd like. It would be rude if I had the door locked when they could see me through the window in it. It wouldn't be good if I was in a state of undress when they looked in either. So I'm left with a few chores, and visiting. If I get up here more often they don't visit much this late in the year, but this year I was working.

So that's my blog. I was working. Monday through Saturday. Answering phones, putting together orders, and dealing with angry customers. I don't sell things which is good. I couldn't even sell myself. Lol. I just place orders. The online ones are bad, but the rep's orders are the worst. I swear our customer representatives don't even know what we carry, how much stuff costs, or even how shipping works.

That's enough of that though. I'm sure you're fighting back you drowsiness already. So I'll continue. At home things haven't changed much. My husband and I still dote over the and each other, but he's still a dead fish in the sack. I have asked him about letting me experience more sexually, and he actually thought about it. He asked me what I would do, and how I think it would affect our marriage?

I told him that both of those questions are based on the situation, and that one would effect the other I can't answer either. He didn't like my answer so that was the end of it. He wouldn't even listen when I tried to explain that every situation has a different outcome, and every outcome is a different situation. Maybe he just didn't understand, or maybe he didn't want to? I see it as progress after all the years of asking.

That's all the excitement in my life explained in one paragraph. I can't wait for the days when it takes up the entire page without spaces between paragraphs. I haven't had any good dreams to think of, but I have been writing some stories. I hope to finish one this week. Maybe two? So my brain has been doing what I haven't. Well, I can't honestly say that we haven't done anything. It more like it's as exciting a watching a snail race, and lasts as long as a thunder bolt. I would really like more, but it's just not him.

My sex life goes like this: We lay in bed at night. It's dark, and he cuddles up to me. He kisses my right shoulder since he sleeps to the right of me. He runs his hand down my chest between my breasts to my waistband, and then back up until me cups my right breast from underneath. I'm always horny so I'm of course receptive. He massages my breast kissing up to my mouth. We make out for a minute before he pulls my sleep shirt up and underwear down. I pull them off. We resume kissing as he climbs between my legs. Being naturally a wet person he slips into me easily. He sticks it all the way in, and then pushes against me grinding into me gently while we kiss. Then after about two minutes he pulls out, squirts all over my stomach and pubic area before rolling off me.

I am left to clean up as he cuddles up next to me falling asleep. Sometimes I wipe off, and sometimes I just leave it. It depends on my mood. A couple of times he rolled over with his back to me, and I snuggled up against him smearing it between us. He was too busy snoring to notice. I remember when we were dating, and I was on top. I couldn't tell when he was going to finish so I rode him a bit too long. He finished in me, and then I pushed it out onto him when he finished. He tossed me off from him mad that I did that. I thought it was sexy, but I had to apologize to him.

I mean really, it's his. Why should it gross him out? But that's enough of my dilemma. I'm hoping to get him to break soon. I love him, and I hope things work out for both of us. Someday soon. Until then I guess I'll read and write stories, and chat on the message board. I'd like to IM, but that hardly ever works. And don't get me started on the cams. What a cluster fuck.

Well, my cousin said he'd be over in a bit. I think he has a slight crush on me. Lol. I have to find a nice loose shirt to wear, and some snug pants. Yeah, I'll tease anybody I can. At my age; why not? So until the next time thanks for letting me bore you once more. Take care, and be well. Later friends.

**** I wrote this before I was called home Friday for a family matter ending my solitude a couple days early. Well, it was good while it lasted. I just wanted to add that I drove home so horny that I left my bra in my bag, wore my fleece zip up sweatshirt unzipped most of the way, and drove home in the morning traffic. I had a couple of cars pass me just to slow back down, but I don’t know if they liked the view or not. I made sure my shirt was open far enough to tease properly without baring it all. Also, my cousin did stop by, but that’s a whole different story there. Let’s just say that I could tell he liked what he saw. Later friends. Be well, and be naughty.

Posted:Oct 15, 2017 10:35 pm
Last Updated:Dec 5, 2019 10:12 am

Here's another attempt at a story. Let me know what you think.

There I was. Stuck working another Saturday to try to make extra cash for the bills. I hate working six days every week, but I have to take the overtime when I can. It would be nice to send some time with my family one of these weekends though. I hardly ever see them since school and work always get in the way. My husband isn't the greatest lover in the world, but he is a great guy. He too is working all that he can, but for him the overtime is less likely.

I scrimp and save as much as I can, but with four mouths to feed and bills to pay the money doesn't last long. I've only been eating one meal a day to try to help somewhat, and to lose some weight. Being over 200 pounds at the age of 42 isn't a good thing. Especially when you consider that I'm only 5 foot 1 inch tall. People tell me that I look like I'm in my mid twenties, but I think that they are just being generous.

I suppose my long brown hair has something to do with it, but I'm probably wrong about that. Maybe it's my brown eyes, or my pale white skin? Who knows? All I do know is that I'm way too fat, and need to lose a lot of weight. Back in high school I was a 32A in a size 3. Now I'm a 42D that's a size 24. Time hasn't been nice to me. Nor has childbirth. I have the stretch marks, and Cesarean scar to prove it.

I've lived, and I have loved. My life is a good one. It's not great, but good. I love my family, and I like my work. There's just places that could improve. Like money for instance. I could use a lot more. Physical love is another. My husband is a great romantic, but a crappy lover. He always has been, but even though I get seriously frustrated at times I overlook his shortcomings.

It's all too soon Saturday morning, and I'm off to work half asleep as usual. The day crawls along as slow as expected. then at the end of the day my boss shows up with her . She's a nice person that I've always got along with, and she has spoken about her on a few occasions. The image I had of him in my head was of a early twenty something athletic man that has some major issues with his temper.

Now that I see him in person he looks actually quite clean cut with short brown hair, chiseled face, and thin muscular build. He's much taller than I expected dwarfing my small stature with his six foot plus height. He is dressed in a button down tee shirt, and jeans that make his butt look so nice. I can't help but to feel a little tingly inside.

She introduces him as Bruce, and then introduces the three of us that have come in for the day. I just stay quiet like always as she mentions that they are going for a few drinks after work, and that we're all invited. We all accept, and I inform my husband as soon as they walk away.

We discuss among ourselves how long we'll stay, and what we thought of her . We all agreed that he doesn't look like he has anger issues at all. Then we decide to carpool to the bar after so we aren't all searching for parking. I ride along so I don't have to drive since I don't like to anyhow.

We are sitting at a table in a crowded bar in less than an hour. My boss and her are sitting beside me. He actually gave me his seat since there wasn't enough chairs to go around. He was really cordial, and pleasant to talk to. He just stood behind me to my left side near his mom as we all chatted the day away. Before long I was feeling tipsy, and being talkative. The effects of the alcohol obvious. I don't even notice when my coworkers leave. I just realize at one moment that it's just the three of us sitting at the table.

"Where did they all go?" I asked my boss.

"They left over an hour ago." She says. "And I'm going to get going too. Bruce can give you a ride if you need one."

I smile thanking them and accepting the ride. We finish our drinks, and my boss leaves as we follow. He leads me to a sedan in the front row opening the door for me. I thank him as I sit in the front seat. He sits in the driver's seat, and begins to drive.

"So how long have you been married?" He asks.

"Over twenty years." I reply without thinking.

"Is he any good in the sack?"

I'm surprised by his question, but am even more surprised when I answer, "Not really. It's good, but could be better."

"Too bad. You look like you'd be fun in the sack."

I am surprised, but flattered.

"Um, thanks."

"Don't be so bashful. You are a very desirable woman."

"Yeah, right. Not many guys lining up to see a fat middle aged married woman."

"There are a ton of guys that would love to be with you. You don't need to settle for second best girl. Not when you are so fine yourself."

"Those guys are just out to fuck, and wouldn't care about me. That's not me, and what do you mean settle for second best? I love my husband."

"I didn't mean it like that. I'm sure you would have guys pounding your door down for a chance at you, but what I'm saying is that you can have anything you want. You don't need to settle in any respect about anything. Hell, I'd give you anything you wanted just to be with you."

"I'm twice your age."

"I don't care. You're like the perfect person aside from being so shy at first."

We pull into the parking lot by my car. I don't feel in any condition to drive, and he notices.

"Would you prefer me to take you home?"

"Yes. I would. I can't afford a ticket."

I give him directions to my house, and he drives away.

"I like talking to you. You should give me your number so we can text."

"I don't think so. My husband wouldn't like that."

"Don't tell him. Better yet I'll only text when you want me to."

"I don't think that's a good idea either."

"I promise that I won't do anything to get you in trouble. Just give me your number, and we'll take it from there."

He hands me his phone saying, "Just call yourself, and then I'll have it."

I find myself calling rather than arguing. I hear my phone ring, and then hang up handing his phone back to him.

"See. That wasn't that hard now was it?"

"Just don't make me have to change my number."

"I won't. You have my word." He says as we pull into my driveway.

I wave as he drives away, and then I walk into the house. My husband knows that I've had a bit much, and he laughs at me.

"Well, at least you've had a good time with the girls. I think you better go sleep it off though."

I'm tired, but not sleepy. So I change into my pajamas, and then sit in the chair watching TV for a bit. At least I was until he woke me up. Then we went to bed together. I wake up in the morning thinking about his words telling me how desirable I am. I am so horny, and my husband has a morning boner. I gently grab it, and stroke it feeling it throb in my hand. My crotch flushes with anticipation. I slowly peel off my underwear, and touch myself feeling my wetness.

It feels so good. My fingers delve into me making me hold back a moan. I need to release. I lower my head down to his cock, and kiss the tip. It throbs in response. then I take it into my mouth while I slide two fingers into myself. I moan as it hits the back of my throat.

I look up to see him still asleep, and I don't want to wake him until he's reached the boiling point. I slowly suck and lick his dick while I finger myself. Faster and faster I go as the need builds inside of me. then just as I'm ready to scream in desire I mount him holding his dick up to slide into me. It feel it touch my labia, and I rub it across making it wet with my lubrication.

The warm head feels so good across my clitoris. I rub it across a few extra times just because I want to. My need and desire is all I can feel, and I line his cock up to my vaginal opening. The I look down at him as he grabs my hips. I see the strain on his face just as I feel his hot cum shooting out all over my crotch. It oozes down as his dick throbs in my hand, and I feel it puddling up between us.

I just stare at him in disbelief. I am again left wanting as his cock goes flaccid in my fingers. I then roll off him, and lay on my back as he gets up to go to the bathroom. My mood has changed from want to feeling like I'm going to cry. I can feel his cum drying onto the inside of my legs along with my own moisture. I grab a tissue, and wipe myself before laying on my side to cry.

Bruce's words echo through my head about how desirable I am, and how I shouldn't have to settle. Soon I hear the getting up, and have to get up myself. I adjust myself, don my panties, and prepare to start another day. Only today I can't stop thinking about Bruce. I write it off as being frustrated, and stressed.

All day long my mind echoes his words. I do things to try to distract myself, but they are only temporary. The day wears on as another uneventful day shopping, cleaning, and watching TV. At bedtime I try to initiate some love time with my husband, but I get the usual snores in return of my advances. Depressed and frustrated I cry myself to sleep.

My alarm rings off at six AM just like every other weekday morning jolting me awake way too early. I crawl from bed rousing my , and begin the daily ritual of pushing them to get ready. Between my daily ramblings of "Let's go," and "Hurry up" my husband gets himself ready and off to work. The few hours slip by before they are out the door, and off to school.

I sit back in the recliner, and sigh. Alone at last, but still unable to relax. I open my computer, and check the checking account balance. Then I bring up my bills to see what I can pay from what's due. I am thankful when I see the few that I can pay can be done online. I pay them quickly, and then begin to surf the web as the headlines pique my interest.

An article that catches my eye is titled, "Bringing romance back into the swamp." It read about marriages that are stagnant, and how a woman feels neglected. The author goes on to admit that she has had numerous affairs before her husband found out, and then they decided to open the relationship. The entire idea wasn't alien to me, but my husband would never even consider such a thing. She ends the article surmising that since she has a lover for her sexual desires, and a husband for her emotional needs; more women should demand the same for the same peace of mind that she has found.

I find myself wishing that I could trade places with her, but know that proper women don't do such things. I push the thought from my head, and click on the next headline. I read about a woman that found her true love after she lost her engagement ring, and he found her to return it when he found it. Meanwhile her fiance was oblivious to what was happening until it was too late. Then he became the best man at their wedding.

My cell phone buzzes with a text. I look at it in fear and regret when I see a text from Bruce.

"How's your day going? I've missed you since we last spoke." He wrote.

Nervously I ignore him. I can't answer. It will create way too many problems. I go on to my reading. I read the advice columns about a woman who's had found her sex toys, and she wanted to know how to handle talking to them about it. I am surprised to see that she isn't berated in the comments about having the toys as much as not hiding them well enough. I think about how I don't have toys because of this very issue. can get into Fort Knox without any issues.

My phone buzzes again with another message from him.

"I know that you're alone. You don't have to worry about your husband finding out. You can talk with me. I miss you."

Again I ignore it, but it quickly buzzes once more.

"I can call if you'd like. Or even stop over if that's what you'd prefer. Just let me know please."

I have to answer him so he stops texting me.

"I'm fine. Everything is fine. Please stop messaging me." I reply.

"So you want me to stop over?"

"NO! I need you to leave me alone."

"I just want to talk. Nothing more."

"I can't. It's not right."

"It's just a conversation. Just like on Saturday. There's nothing wrong with talking, is there?"

He got me, "I guess not."

"There we go. I'm not the big bad wolf you know. I'm just a guy that wants to be your friend."

"Yeah, I know. But I shouldn't be talking to another guy behind my husband's back."

"Behind his back? You mean you didn't tell him that I was there?"

"No. He'd get mad."

"So that makes me the other man then. Lol. I'm honored."

"I guess."

"Did you have a hangover on Sunday?"

"I've never had a hangover in my life."

"I have to test that someday."

We continue texting back and forth until I need to go to work. I don't give it much thought since it was all just small talk. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are all the same. I no more than get the off to school before he texts me. then we chat the day away until I have to leave for work. He seems really nice even though he's so young so I become to look forward to his texts.

Friday I have to run errands so we don't chat. Saturday and Sunday I ask him to not text since my entire family is home. Thankfully he listens. I think about our chats over the weekend, and can't wait to hear from him on Monday. I work Saturday, and sit around on Sunday. My husband does his thing, my do theirs, and I do mine. Not really a great weekend, but at least I had a chance to relax some.

"Hello pretty lady." I read just as soon as the leave on Monday.

I smile as I reply, "Hey there."

"What are your plans today?"

"Sit here, and chat with you."

"Why sit there? Let's go for a coffee."

"Texting is one thing, but anything else is too much." I say filling with fear.

"Come on. It's not like anything bad will happen. It's cheaper for you to let me buy you a coffee over texting all day."

"I suppose that you're right, but I just shouldn't."

"Nobody will say anything, or even know. I'll swing by to pick you up in fifteen minutes. I'm not asking."

"Don't. I can't."

I sit there getting no response. Then in ten minutes I hear a horn honk in the driveway. I look out to see him sitting there waiting. I can't risk him honking again and alerting the neighbors so I wave out the window, and toss on a blue blouse and some black shorts with my tennis shoes. I hurry out the door. and hop into the passenger seat. He drives me to a nearby coffee shop, and we enter. I order a lemonade while he gets a cappuccino. I sit at a table, and he sits across from me.

"Good to see you dressed up for me." He laughs.

I look down to see how ill fitting the shirt really is. It seems my chest is holding the material apart between the buttons. I pull it trying to cover myself as I blush.

"You're fine." He insists.

"I bet."

"It's good to actually see you and hear your voice as we chat. I missed that. I never forgot how beautiful your eyes are."

"Thanks. I think."

"Is it true what you told me about your husband?"

"I don't remember what I said so I can't say for sure."

"Well, you told me that he's your soul mate, and the greatest guy on earth."

"Yeah, that's true."

"But you also said that he's a dead fish in bed, and that a wet noodle gets more action than he gives."

I look away without answering.

"Judging by your reaction that must be true. That's too bad. A woman of your caliber should have everything she needs."

"Let's talk about something else."

"Okay. How would you feel about coming out for coffee more often with me?"

I hesitate.

"Nothing more than friends out for a chat." He continues.

"How much more often?"

"A couple of times a week? More if we can?"

"Will I have a choice?"

"Sure. You can have me honking in your driveway for hours otherwise." He laughs.

We chat for a couple of hours before I have to go to work. He drops me off, and as I change I notice that one of my buttons is missing letting my blouse hang open showing my cleavage. After my initial embarrassment wears off I change, and leave for work. The night wears on in its usual way, and soon my alarm is waking me once more.

He picks me up again, and I ask him if he liked the view. He just smiled saying that it was nice. We again chat until I have to get ready for work, and we repeat meeting everyday until Saturday. The weekend was for family, and he understood that. The following Monday I begin to have second thoughts about seeing him. I try to tell him not to come, but he doesn't listen. He asks at the shop why I'm having second thoughts.

"Because I'm married, and we shouldn't be doing this."

"We're just friend having a conversation. There's nothing wrong with that."

"We're sneaking around behind my husband's back."

"I never told you not to tell him about me. I could care less if he knew that we talked."

"You know that I can't tell him. He'd get mad, and I don't need that argument."

"Well, I'm not here to argue. I am here for you. I like spending time with you, and I like seeing you."

"We need to stop. Please take me home."

"Okay. We'll go, and I'll stop contacting you."

We finish our drinks, and he takes me home where I sit back wondering if I made the right move. I begin to regret my decision since I liked our chats, but yet I'm happy that I have nothing more to hide. The week wears on. I think about texting him for a conversation, but I resist. The hours and days seem to crawl by. My mind constantly thinking about Bruce.

Another week wears on with nothing different except another snub by my husband. This time he woke up when I grabbed his morning boner, and that was the end of it. Monday begins like normal. Then after the leave I sit back thinking about my husband, my life, Bruce, and the things that were said. I pick up my phone, and write a text to Bruce asking him how he's doing. I lose the nerve before pressing send.

Tuesday morning I wake up before my alarm, and wanting intimacy. I cuddled up with my husband rubbing his dick making him hard. I kiss my way down his stomach to the tip, and I take him into my mouth. I forgot the taste of his dick, and I remember how much I like it. I reach down into my underwear touching my wet labia. My middle finger finds it's way int my eager vagina. I moan against his cock, and suck with more vigor.

I soon am so ready that I can't stand it. I move on top of him, and look down at him staring at me. His cock slides right into me filling me with pleasure as we mesh together. I grind my crotch against him looking him in the eyes. His hands grab my hips tightly. I feel my orgasm rapidly building inside of me. Then I see his eyes close. His body tenses, and I hear him groan. I feel a warm feeling growing inside of my vagina telling me that he is cumming inside of me.

"No." I moan in disgust. "Not yet."

It's too late. My orgasm slips away as his dick softens inside of me. I roll off from him turning away. He goes to the bathroom, and I silently cry as I lay there with his semen leaking from me. My alarm is all too quickly blaring in my ear, and I compose myself to start my day. I get the off, and my husband off before I take a hot shower.

Depressing thoughts fill my head, and I do everything I can to try to stop them. I need an uplift. I need something to drag me out of this mood. My mind wanders to Bruce. Looking at my phone I see my unsent text, and I hit send knowing that I shouldn't. I'm hoping for something, but I don't know what exactly. I regret my decision right off, but yet I wonder why?

The minutes tick by without an answer. I wonder if he's done with me, and I'm off the hook with my bad decision? Turning on the computer I begin to look at the headlines trying to relieve my mood. I find myself looking at the polls and stiff like that before making my way to the online classifieds. I look to see what others are selling, and look for good deals on stuff we can use when we go camping. I see a tent for sale really cheap so I click on the ad.

There I see a picture of a large tent for the first picture, and the second picture is a photo of the inside with two cots set up. In one of the cots is a man and woman stark naked, and having sex. I read the description. It says that it's a great tent with plenty of room to fuck in, but they are selling it since they have another that's slightly larger. It ends with a quip about the girl always wanting something bigger.

I have to laugh, but the picture keeps me looking back. From there I decide to look at the personal ads, and I see hundreds of penis pictures from the men, and aside from the occasional crotch and boob pictures from the women most are decent pictures where they're dressed fully or in their underwear. I page on to the couples section, and I am surprised to see the carnal photos of sex. Most are hardcore penetration pictures leaving nothing to the imagination. A few are ejaculation pictures which make my crotch tingle with excitement.

I've always loved watching a dick shooting it's cum, and I envy the women in the pictures. They seem to have found a guy that's not like my husband. Someone that cares about their sexual gratification. My depression begins to turn to anger towards my husband. I begin to despised the fact that he gets off, but doesn't seem to care if I do. My phone buzzes shocking me back to reality. I pick it up to read the message.

"Hello beautiful. It's been way too long, but it's great to hear from you at last. I'm much better now since you texted me."

I debate replying, and decide that I have to since I started the conversation.

"That's nice. I was just wondering."

Then there was nothing for almost a half hour until, "Hey, come on out. Or do you want me to come in?"

"I'm not going anywhere with you." I replied. "You shouldn't have come over."

I just hit send when the door opens, and he walks in. I grab the blanket to cover myself since I'm only wearing my sleep shirt and underwear with some old shorts. He walks right up to me, and leans down over me just as his phone rings with my message. Smiling at me he takes my hand from the arm of the chair, and stands me in front of him.

"I can look to see what you sent, or I can do what I've wanted for a while. You decide."

I'm dumbfounded. I feel the heat from his body against me as he leans down close to me. His hot breath on my forehead as he exhales. My skin becomes sensitive, and goose bumps rise all over me. I feel like I'm peeing myself as the temperature rises in my crotch. My mind is screaming at me not to do something stupid, but my body is melting in anticipation.

He reaches for his phone, but my hand stops his. I can't believe I just did that. Then our eyes connect. The look in his eyes is one that I can't place. It's almost a crazy look as he stares right into my soul. I let go of his hand, and he reaches up touching my left cheek. His palm is so warm against my skin. It sends a shiver down my spine. It like slow motion as he leans down to my face never breaking eye contact. Then I feel his lips pressing against mine.

My knees grow weak, and he grabs me around the waist to hold me up while I find myself returning his kiss. Our tongues dance and sway in their own embrace within our mouths. I melt in his arms, and feel myself pressing tight against him. His body feels so strong, and warm. So solid. I feel his hands move downward gripping my butt cheeks. He kneads them making me moan into his mouth. My crotch gushes with need as my body wills with excitement. My nipples become so sensitive that I can feel his movements through my shirt with them, and it feels so good.

His fingers find their way under the waistband of my shorts, and in a heartbeat I feel them bunch up around my ankles. My mind screams at me not to let him continue, but my body isn't listening. His hands return to kneading my backside. I feel my cheeks spreading and moving as he rubs them. I can feel his finger tips in my crack touching through my underwear for a short while before they slip under the leg holes touching my rear unobstructed. His finger tips touch my asshole making me jump.

He holds me tight never breaking our kiss, and kneads my ass more and more passionately. I feel my crotch fill with the need for relief from my tensions, and then I feel his finger tip brush across my labia. I moan loud, and almost fall over as my hips try to push down onto his finger. My need is becoming unbearable, and driving me crazy.

I feel my underwear join my shorts around my ankles, and then feel his hands under my shirt caressing my breasts. He rubs and pinches my nipples just right. I moan repeatedly, and uncontrollably. He breaks our kiss to look me in the eye. Then he lifts my shirt up over my head leaving me stand naked in front of him. I watch as he lays the blanket on the floor, and then he takes my hand. He kisses me again as he gently pulls me down onto my back.

He lays between my legs, and I can feel his hard dick pressing against my crotch through his pants. Slowly he kisses his way down my left shoulder to my breast. Then I stare at the ceiling as I feel his mouth wrap around my entire areola. His teeth nibble on my hard nipple making me moan and arch my back in delight. I feel his hand massaging my right breast until he switches between the two.

After a short while his hands moves down over my stomach with his mouth following kissing my sensitive skin along the way. He moves down slowly until I feel his breath on my super heated crotch. Then I feel his mouth wrap around my crotch, and his tongue dive into my vagina. I moan loud as I grab his head pulling him tight to me. My hips rock as he licks my clitoris driving me crazy with lust.

It's been so long since I've felt a man licking me. I forgot how great it feels. I'm loving every second of this heaven, and I ride his tongue with a need that I never knew I had. His hands grab my breasts as he laps me up adding to the pleasure. I feel my orgasm build in the pit of my stomach, and I want it so bad. My hips grind against his face, and he begins to pinch on my nipples. The tension inside of me grows exponentially. My mind clouds over with lust as my conscious loses out.

He brings me to the cusp of delight before I feel him kiss his way up my stomach leaving me in a lustful state of need. My hips rock wanting more as his lips tickle my sensitive skin. It seems like forever before I feel his mouth engulf my areola once more. I feel his dick press against my labia telling me that he pulled it out. My hips rock wanting relief, and his cock slips right into me. I feel it slipping deep into my vagina, and then feel his body push against me.

He pushes it hard into me grinding against me. I moan loud, and he covers my mouth. I feel him begin to slide in and out of me slowly. It drives me insane with need. He kisses back to my lips, and we kiss passionately. I wrap my arms around him holding him close as we kiss. His cock feels so good inside of me. My hips rock fucking his cock as he fucks me matching my motions. The tension inside of me grows to beyond imaginable.

His cock feels so deep and so hard inside of me. His body feels so good against mine. It quickly becomes too much, and the tension freezes me with my back at full arch. I feel it all release at once washing through my crotch all at once. His hand covers my mouth again as I moan in sheer delight. My body shakes and wiggles under his weight as my orgasm takes me to heaven. I almost pass out from the intensity of it all, and I feel him slowly fucking me deeply through it.

It lasts for a few glorious minutes before it begins to wane. I am panting, and worn out. He is pushing hard into me while he sicks on my neck. I hear his groans filling the room as his cock thrusts into me repeatedly. My legs are getting sore form being open so wide, but my conscious is telling me to let him finish. He kisses his way back to my lips. When your lips touch it like he brought the lust back to me. I again moan as the pleasure builds inside of me.

We kiss for a while before he kneels between my legs. I sit up, and see his cock glistening with my orgasm all over it. He tells me to roll over so I get on my hands and knees with him behind me. I feel his hands spread my ass cheeks while his cock slide back into my vagina. It feels like he is deeper inside of me than before, and his hips grind hard against my ass. He grabs my hips, and begins fucking me slowly. It feels so good. I quickly find myself pushing back to meet his thrusts making my ass slam against him.

He responds by fucking me harder. I feel my breasts rub across the blanket, and my body jiggle with every impact of our bodies. His dick feels like it's poking me in the throat from the inside. I get tunnel vision as another orgasm reaches the breaking point inside of me. I hear myself moaning in pleasure, and I hear his breathing becoming more labored. His grip on my hips tightens, and he pushes hard into me slamming against me. It drives me over the edge once more, and I moan loud as my orgasm shakes me to the core.

I hear him grunting as my pleasure rattles me, and I feel a warmth inside of me adding to the situation. He slams as deep as he can into me. It feels so good. My body fucks his dick as I shake uncontrollably through my orgasm. It's so intense once more. I feel the wetness running down my legs as the feeling begins to ebb.

I feel him pull out of me after my orgasm is over, and I fall face down onto the blanket. I feel his cum leaking from me. It feels so good to finally be relieved and satisfied. He kisses my shoulder and caresses my back as I catch my breath. My conscious begins to return, and somehow his touch keeps me from thinking clearly.

"It's almost time for you to get ready." He says lovingly.

I look up at the clock, and see that he's right. I sigh, and look at him.

"We shouldn't have done this." I say. "It can't happen again."

"It won't. Not until you realize that this is what you want, and this is what you need."

"Things went too far."

"Did they? Or did they go just far enough? Maybe even not far enough? Do you regret you orgasms?"

"Well, no, but I'm married."


"We have vows."

"That may be, but he isn't satisfying you sexually so it's your right to find satisfaction however you need. He is denying you pleasure, and from what I just felt, you are a very sexual person. A beautiful, sexual, goddess."

"What if he finds out? Then he'll take the , and kick me out."

"Or he'll let you have your fun because he will realize that he loves you too much to hold you back?"

He bends down kissing the top of my head.

"Now go get your pretty rear end dressed, and I'll be waiting for your text tomorrow."

I look again at the clock to see that I am running late already. I slowly get up. Tired and worn out I make my way to the bathroom with his cum running down my leg. I sit down as he walks in, and I push out as much as I can before I pee. He watches, and doesn't say a word. I wipe, and grab my skirt that i have set out. He walks up behind me, and takes the underwear I had sitting there replacing them with a pink lace g string.

"Where did this come from?" I ask.

"I bought it for you. Do you like it?"

I do actually, and I tell him so. I put them on discovering that they are a little snug, but not bad. Then he takes my bra, and hands me the white blouse that I had picked out.

"No bra tonight."

"Why not?"

"Because you look better without it."

I'm running too late to argue so I just finish dressing, and head for the door. He stops me before we walk out, and kisses me passionately as he holds me close. I feel my knees weaken once more as my crotch awakens.

"See you soon beautiful." He says as we walk out.

I get to work feeling myself glowing. My coworkers comment on how happy I seem, and even quip that I must have gotten lucky. If they only knew that his cum was slowly leaking out of me all night. By the time I return home the guilt begins to set in, and once I see my husband sitting there it hits full steam. I can't even bring myself to kiss him as I walk in. He notices, and I just tell him that my lips are sore. We are soon in bed, and I couldn't sleep. The feelings and emotions are torturing me.

Before I know it my alarm is ringing away, and I get up to see the almost ready for school already. I double check the clock as my husband walks past. He kisses my cheek telling me that he took the initiative to get the up and ready to give me a little break. I sit down in the chair, and watch the moring news as they leave one by one.

Once alone my mind goes back to the pleasure, and the thrill we had. I text him even though I know that I shouldn't.

"How are you today?" I ask.

"Not as good as yesterday, but it's getting better now."

"Yesterday was a lapse."

"Maybe. But then again, maybe it was meant to be? Come out. We'll go for coffee."

I look out to see him parked in my driveway already. I grab my jeans and head out to join him. We are soon at the shop sipping our drinks, and he looks up at me smirking.

"I think that you're the greatest."

"Thanks. I think."

"Really. Just listen. I have been mesmerized by you since I first saw you, and then after yesterday I knew that you are all I've even dreamed of. I'm not looking to break up you marriage, or steal you away from your family. I just had to tell you how I feel. I believe that it's integral in an open and honest relationship."


"Yes. Even a friendship is a relationship, and if we have to be just friends I'll gladly take it rather than losing you forever."

"Things went too far."

"But it felt so right." He interrupts. "You have to admit that."

"I admit it was great, but wrong."

"I don't think that it was wrong. Just that you have some emotions that you have to deal with in order to be able to fully express yourself openly instead of being so guarded all of the time."

"What do you want from me then?"

"I want you to be open, honest, and tell me everything that goes on in your mind."

"Right now I'm confused."


"Us. Me. My husband. It felt so good, but it shouldn't have ever happened."

"Where's the confusion?"

"I want it to."

He looks me in the eyes smiling.

"That's what I thought, and what I hoped you'd realize. Tell me more."

"I haven't felt like that in a long time. It felt really good, but the guilt after was too much."

"You shouldn't feel guilty. It's only natural for you to want to fulfill your needs. He should feel guilty for not helping you."

"Yeah, right."

"Believe me. There's a million guys out there that would kill to be able to give you everything. I'm one of them."

"There's no guys out there that want a middle aged fat lady like me."

"I'm sure the harness of my dick yesterday told you otherwise."

"It was pretty hard." I laugh.

"That's it. Relax, and let's be free."

"Fine. You want me to be free? What do you want to know?"

"Tell me your deepest and darkest fantasies."

"There's not enough time in the day, and I wouldn't talk like that here."

"Let's go then."

He gets up, and leads me back to the car. As he drives us away he tells me to explain.

"Alright. I would love for a guy to buy me a new wardrobe, and get me a hotel room with a whirlpool tub and full bar. Then let me relax for a few days sipping wine and soaking."

"Now tell me the truth." He says smiling.

"I have thought about being taken by a room full of guys at times."

"There it is. Doesn't it feel good to actually talk about it instead of holding it in all of the time?"

"Yeah. In a way."

"Tell me more."

"I've always wanted to be tied up, and then fucked hard."

"That can definitely be arranged." He says as we pull into the adult store.

"Why are we here?"

"I want to buy you something, and they only have it here."

"I'm not going in there with you."

"I think that you should. You never know what I might come out with."

"I'll take my chances."

I sit nervously as he walks in, and it seems like forever before he returns holding a large bag.

"What did you get?"

"You'll see."

He drives me home, and follows me into the house. I sit on the couch. He sits beside me, and pulls a red lace teddy out of the bag handing it to me. I look at it holding it up. It's sheer, and soft. He hands me a matching red lace thong, and tells me to try it on. I take it into the bathroom, and put it on. It fits snug, and makes my breasts bulge out of the top. I slip on the thong, and head back to him.

He looks me over closely, and has me turn to see it from all angles voicing his approval. I feel his hands touching my ass, and feeling my breasts. I am finding myself getting turned on as he gawks at me.

"You're missing one thing." He says reaching into the bag.

I watch as he pulls out an egg looking thing. Pulling me closer I feel his hand on my crotch. I moan as he pulls my thong to the side. I feel him push the egg into my vagina, and then replace the thong. He then pulls out a small box, and flips a switch. I feel vibrating inside of me making my legs shake. It's a low vibration that makes me feel so good. It begins to pulse filling me with want. I stand there the best I can as he pulls out a black mini skirt, and a white sheer lacy blouse that's damn near see through.

"I hope you like your presents?"

I feel the thing in me vibrated faster, and I fall to my knees moaning in pleasure. I hear him laugh as waves of pleasure course through me as the egg elicits a small orgasm from me.

"You seem to like that one."

I feel the vibrations stop. I look up at him sitting there in front of me smiling as he holds the controller.

"You better get ready for work, but I want you to do one thing for me."

"What?" I ask.

"I want you to leave that in until tomorrow. Can you do that for me?"

"I suppose, but why?"

"Because I want you to. You better get dressed before you're late."

I hurriedly go to the bathroom, and change into my work clothes. I slip on a one piece dress before he walks in by me. Again he takes my bra, and hands me a white crotchless thong to wear. I take it from him, and put it on. We walk to the door, and he grabs me. He pulls me tight, and kisses me deeply.

"I'll be thinking of you." He says as he walks out in front of me.

I go to work beaming once more, and my coworkers take notice again. The night flies right by even though I can feel the egg inside of me putting pressure on my vaginal walls. About an hour before quitting time my boss comes out and announces that she is going to buy at the bar for whoever wants to go out tonight since she won a good sum at the casino. I call home, and clear it with my husband before confirming.

About fifteen minutes before it's time to go I feel the vibrations begin in my crotch making my legs shake. I hold back the best I can until it stops, but then a few minutes later it starts again. Only more intensely. I feel my crotch fill with anticipation and excitement. I shut down my computer just in time to see Bruce walking out of my boss' office smiling at me.

The vibrations stop as everyone walks out to their cars. I ride with Bruce, my boss, and another coworker. Bruce drives, and in a few minutes we are all sitting around a table chatting. The drinks flow freely until late, and as I go for another round the buzz inside me begins again right when I surrounded by a bunch of guys. A moan escapes me before I can hold it back, and I feel myself get wet instantly. It starts out as a low vibration, and grows as it pulses. It gets hard for me to even stand, and I feel my wetness begin to run down my leg.

I make it back to the table with the drinks hoping that the guys didn't notice. I swear that they knew, and heard it just by the way that they were looking at me. I lose the conversation as the egg vibrates and pulses bringing me so close to orgasm before slowing back down. It feels so good, but leaves me wanting more. I don't even notice when everyone leaves. I am soon left with just Bruce as my ride.

"How do you like it?"

"It's torture."

"I'll let you finish if you can beat me at a game of pool."


He racks the table, and I break getting stripes right off. The game wears on as the egg vibrates at the right times to make me miss a few shots. Then as the eight ball remains with four solids he ups the bet.

"I want something that I've wanted from you for a while if I win."

"And if you don't?" I say fighting back a moan.

"If you win I'll let you finish. If I win I want your sweet backside."

"Deal." I say knowing that the odds are against him.

He shoots, and sinks two of the four balls. Then I go. I try to time the shot with the egg. I line things up, and just as I'm shooting it vibrates. I moan loud as it catches me off guard. I fall to the table as it vibrates fast inside of me. Then it stops, and I watch as he sinks the last two solids. I begin to regret my drunken bet, and pray that he misses. Then he does. I sigh as I line up the shot. I call the pocket, and shoot just before the egg vibrates once more. I clench my teeth as my crotch tingles with pleasure, and I watch the eight ball bounce off the rail. It rolls so slowly until it falls right into the corner pocket. The egg stops just as the ball drops.

I sigh as he laughs. "Too bad you called the other corner. I win."

He walks up behind me, and wraps his arms around me kissing my head.

"Don't worry babe. I'll be gentle. Just remember to relax."

He pushes me face down onto the table, and I feel my dress lift up over my hips. His cock presses against my ass cheeks just as the egg goes off again. He spreads my feet apart before holding my ass cheeks apart through the crotchless underwear. I look up to see all of the guys at the bar gathering around watching us. Then the egg speeds up making me moan.

He presses against my asshole with his cock, and I feel myself opening up around him. It stretches wide, and feels like it's pulling apart, but the pain is offset by the vibrations in my vagina. I feel him pull out, and wipe spit onto my hole and his dick before he pushes it back in. I moan as the pressure builds in my ass as my sphincter fends him off. He begins to slide in and out just as the pulses begin to intensify in my vagina.

I feel my ass slowly giving way until his dick pops into me making me moan loudly. The guys gathered around begin to cheer, and Bruce begins to fuck my ass rhythmically. I feel the egg vibrating hard in me nonstop, and the feelings are intense. The pain in my ass is being offset entirely by the pleasure in my pussy. Feeling his cock plunging my guts feels so strange, but oddly pleasurable.

I feel a pressure build inside of my chest, and a pressure in my lower half. It slowly grows making my moans grow with it. I can hear all of the guys cheering Bruce on, and see a few recording it. Then out of nowhere I feel myself explode with pleasure as an orgasm ravages me. I almost scream from the sheer bliss, and the feeling in my ass amplifies. I can feel my ass gripping on his dick as the waves shoot through me. Pulsing, and quivering I lay there as he uses my ass.

My orgasm lasts for a while before I feel him push deep into me. He groans as his cum fills my rectum. It feels so hot as it fills my guts, and feeling his cock throbbing against my sphincter feels so good. Turning off the egg he holds his cock deep as we come down from our highs together. I feel his cock soften inside of me, and then fall out with a string of cum chasing it.

I lay there as he spreads my cheeks watching his cum leaking out of my well fucked ass and leak down over my crotch before dripping to the floor. I look back to see a bunch of guys recording me, and then Bruce pulls my dress back down before standing me up. He holds me close kissing me.

"One of your fantasies could come true right now, or not? It's up to you. Hand me the egg, or we can just go home? You decide."

I look him in the eye, and feel myself slipping away in a drunken state of stupidity. The next thing I know I am handing him the egg. He kisses me, and tells me to have fun. I watch him step back, and let him pull my dress up over my head stripping me except for the thong. He sets the dress beside me kissing me once more as he sits me on the pool table. I lay back, and feel my underwear pulling down my legs. Then I feel hands all over me. A dick enters me, and fucks me fast and deep.

My hand is wrapped around another, and I stroke it. Soon both of my hands are full, and the guy fucking me is grunting as he seeds my pussy. I am rolled onto a guy that lays beside me, and I straddle his cock. As I fuck him another guy slips into my ass double fucking me. I've never felt so full in my life. I orgasm quickly, and hard. They aren't far behind me adding to what was already inside of me.

They pass me around for hours fucking me, and filling me. Some even finish on me. I orgasm over and over feeling myself being free. By the time they finish with me I am exhausted, sore, and thoroughly satisfied. Bruce helps me to the car, and I sit on my dress in the passenger seat. Then the guilt resumes as I realize what I had just done. I begin to cry.

"Don't cry babe. You were magnificent. I am so glad to see you free and happy. You are such a great person. I wish you could be mine forever."

His words helped some, but the feelings were heavy.

"I'm such a slut. I have to tell my husband"

He stops the car, and turns to me.

"You don't have to, and you won't. This is our secret, and you need it just as much as I want it. You are mine for all I care, and I will care for you. I will protect you, and I will be here for you. I don't care if you want to hear it or not. You are mine from her on out."

"I'm not yours. I don't belong to anybody."

"Exactly. Remember that. You don't belong to anybody. But you can be free with me, and that accounts for something."

He resumes driving, and brings me to his place in silence. He leads me to the shower, and turns the water on before leading me in. He quickly joins me, and soaps me off. I feel so dirty, but his touch feels so good. He kisses me, and then rinses me. Then he dries me off, and hands me a dress. I put it on, and look at it in the mirror.

It's a black evening dress with a deep neckline, and a slit right up the sides baring my hips and sides. The slit is held together by thin strips of lace that matches the bodice. It's very sexy, and revealing.

"It looks great on you." He says. "Now, let's get you home, and then you can wear it Saturday night when we go out."

"I might have to work."

"Not this weekend. This weekend you are going out with me."

He drops me off at home where I change quick, and crawl into bed with my husband who's snoring. I fall fast asleep, and wake refreshed a few hours later to my alarm. I get everyone off, and then text Bruce asking what he's planning for Saturday?

"Don't worry your pretty little head over it. Just plan to be gone all night."

I sit back relaxing letting my mind wander, and hope that I don't regret getting myself into this.
Posted:Sep 18, 2017 6:15 am
Last Updated:Mar 19, 2018 9:34 am
Here's a few that I've found, and liked.

I did it again
Posted:Sep 18, 2017 5:56 am
Last Updated:Aug 13, 2018 5:26 am
Hey there, how's it been? Time for another quality update to my life. Also known as another boring entry to my blog. Well, not so boring this time. As all you that have been reading my blog know there was a guy at my work that I've been crushing on and flirting with. His last day was on Saturday, and I was sad to see him go. But I'll get to that in a bit.

I've been trying to get to the gym to hopefully lose some weight, and that hasn't been working out too well for me. I'm just too damn busy. The good thing is the overtime at work looks like it'll be for a while yet. That helps the bank account. It's also cooling off. A sure sign of my favorite time of year, autumn. Hunting season has begun, the fields are beginning to be harvested, the fruits are in full bloom. I love this time of the year.

My family is happy and healthy. School has started which takes from family time, but that's okay in a way. By the end of summer break I'm ready to break. My husband's schedule hasn't changed any, and he's not getting much overtime. That leaves me with little alone time, and not much extra money for the bills. I'd try to be a cam girl for money if he wasn't such a prude. Lol.

As for my work goes I'll be starting a new position. A different job that doesn't deal so much with the ordering and making sure the orders are completed correctly, and more answering phones, emails, and online stuff. I'll be starting the job on Monday. I already have filled in a few times so there won't be much training for me. I'll also start out as a more senior member of the team. No extra pay, but a lot less stress and running around.

It was also my crush's last day on Saturday. We of course flirted all night, and he bought pizza for everyone as a good bye gift. At the end of the night he came up to my office, and handed me a paper bag. I looked in it and seen a vanilla long john doughnut. We had a good laugh. I took it out, took a bite, and the whipped vanilla filling cam gushing out all over my chin.

I wiped it off with my finger, and put it in my mouth. He just stared with a huge smile before telling me that he was hoping to see that. I just smiled back knowing that I would love to fulfill my craving that I've been having for a while now. I looked him in the eye, and licked the frosting out of the doughnut as seductively as I could. I'm sure it didn't look so sexy, but the point was made. I could tell that he didn't care how sexy it looked. It did what I intended, and teased him.

One of my coworkers came back to her desk so he left back to the warehouse. I went back to my work. My coworker commented on how he has a crush on me, and I just said that he's just being friendly and that it was his last day. At the end of the day I went down to give him a hug good bye, but he had already left. I took the last few hours to convince myself to even hug him so it was one of those relieved but disappointed at the same times moment.

I went to my car kind of sad that I didn't get to give him a final good bye, but then was surprised when he pulled up beside me. I parked a little ways from the building under the lamp, but even though the car looked familiar I couldn't place it until he stepped out. I told him that I missed giving him a final bye, and that I was glad to have the opportunity.

When I hugged him he grabbed my butt with both hands telling me that since we're not coworkers anymore he can do what he's been wanting for a long time. I honestly felt myself getting wet with his words, but I had to stop him. I reminded him that I'm married. He kissed me to shut me up. I froze. I didn't know what to do. I've wanted to kiss him, but I can't. I pushed him off.

He apologized, and I told him that it's okay. We talked about all the things that we've done, other's have done, and how he's liked the way that I've flirted with him. We talked for over an hour before I said that I need to get home before the hubby gets worried. He asked for one last kiss, and I told him that as long as it was just a kiss I'd be fine with that.

He stepped in front of me, and before I knew it our lips were pressed together. He wrapped his arms around me, and pulled me close. It felt so good. I got so horny. I let him slip his tongue into my mouth, and kiss me passionately. I heard myself moan when his hands began to massage my butt again. His lips kissed over my cheek to my neck, and I got lost in the moment.

Before I knew what was happening his hands were under my shirt and bra. He was pinching my nipples between his fingers, and kneading my breasts at the same time. I stopped him when his lips went down and my shirt came up baring my chest. I know that if I let him go further I'll lose my self control.

I told him to stop, and that I can't do it. The guilt began to set in when I thought about my husband. He stood up puling me close again, and kisses me passionately. I feel his hard dick press against my belly through his pants. I couldn't help but to grab it. Again I caught myself before I lost all control.

I told him that I have to leave, and that I really wish that we could do more as I pushed him back a bit. He grabbed my crotch, and I moaned so loud that he laughed. He told me that my body and my brain are at war. He is so right that it isn't funny. It has been for a long time. Then he sat beside me on my car hood.

I pulled down my shirt, and was surprised to see him lay back. His dick was straining against his pants, and my lust was becoming to much. I had to touch it one more time. I asked nicely, and he surprised me by pulling it out. He is about the same size as my husband, but I think it was a lot harder. I grabbed it firmly, and stroked it a few times before I kissed the tip.

Anyone that I've been talking to lately knows that I've been absolutely craving giving a blow job, and my husband doesn't like them. My lust took me at that moment, and I licked my way up his shaft from the balls to the tip. Then I took it into my mouth, and sucked him a few times before licking and kissing some more.

His hips rocked pushing it deeper into my mouth a few times making me choke, but he stopped when I gagged. I could tell he was liking it, and I could taste his pre cum. It was all so sexual, and I was so full of lust. I just began to suck and stroke him letting my mouth drive him insane. in a matter of minutes I felt his cum hit the back of my mouth, and I could feel his dick throbbing between my lips. I gulped it down reveling in my success, and grateful to fill my craving finally.

I kept sucking until he puled me away, and then kissed me. He told me that he will never forget me, and gave me his number if I ever want to take the next step. I told him that that may never happen, but thanked him for the many happy memories. We hugged one last time, and I watched as he drove away.

On my way home the guilt set in, and I had to stop to cry. I just fucked up again, and I hate myself for it. I guess I am just a useless slut. I'm not a good wife in any way you can figure. When I got home my husband was sitting there watching TV, and asked about work. I told him that it was fine as I walked past him feeling ashamed of myself. I brushed my teeth, and gargled with Listerine.

I've been wearing the happy wife face ever since. I hate when I lose myself like that. I'm so weak. But I do feel more satisfied, and I could taste his cum for the rest of the night which gave me a naughty horny feeling. I tried to get my husband to give me some attention that night to hopefully take the guilt away, or make it less, but that didn't happen.

So there you go. One more indiscretion on my part, and a ton more guilt to weigh on my soul. I don't think it's normal to cave in to one's lust like that, but it's been done. Now I have this to deal with, and hopefully my husband never finds out.

Time for me to go. Still unsatisfied, but not as much. Just feeling more guilt. So until my next post; I hope you are all well, and living life to the fullest. Later.

Posted:Sep 15, 2017 10:06 am
Last Updated:Jan 3, 2018 6:33 am

Here's another story I hope you enjoy. Please comment telling me your thoughts no matter what they are. Thanks!

There I was. Finally alone. The sun peeking over the horizon promising a warm Autumn day. The weatherman said it was supposed to be near eighty degrees today. Hot for this time of the year. Especially here in Wisconsin. I grab my latest novel, and decide to relax in the back yard to enjoy the weather since pretty soon it'll be blistering cold out. The sun rises higher and higher. I have nowhere to be so I relax more feeling myself basking in the warmth.

"Fuck it. I'll put on my swim suit, and try to get a tan. My husband always wants me to get some color." I decide.

I go inside changing into my black and white one piece, and slather myself with copious amounts of sun tan lotion since my pale skin burns easily. Then I move my lounger to the middle of the back into the direct sunlight before laying on my stomach to continue reading.

I relax so much for a while before my solitude is broken by a diesel engine pulling into my neighbor's driveway. I can't see through the fence so I try to ignore it as it idles. The engine stops creating a deafening silence before the banging of metal and clanging of chains begins.

Slowly the noise ebbs, and I hear ladders set up against a house. I look over the see roofers climbing onto her roof, and setting down their tools.

"There goes my quiet." I think turning over onto my back.

My feet point toward her house so I can see them if I move my book to the side, and I glance over now and then out of curiosity. I see ten or so Mexican guys walking on the roof. They are talking Spanish so I don't understand a word of what they're saying. It's not long before I hear a radio begin to blare music that is sung in Spanish too. It's not my kind of music. It sounds like a young woman moaning with instruments backing her. The noise of them ripping up the old roof and tossing it into the dumpster eventually becomes a drone, and it soon drones me to sleep.

I wake quickly noticing the noise has stopped. I look up to see them all sitting on the edge of the roof staring at me while they eat their lunches. I sit up, and stretch glimpsing one pointing me out to another that was looking away.

"They're checking me out." I thing to myself.

I'm surprised. I don't get checked out too often being a forty something mother and wife who is very over weight. I begin to wonder if they really are checking me out, or if they seen something else, so I stretch again. This time a nice full body stretch reaching high as I lay on my back pushing my legs down before I roll my arms down, and then entwine my fingers at my waist as I reach down. This makes my 40 D breasts squish between my arms, and lift from my body instead of flopping to the sides like they always do.

They all stare intently telling me that they are indeed looking at me. I feel my crotch tingle with excitement realizing this. I haven't felt this sexy in a long time. Years. I roll onto my stomach, and read some more as they begin to work again. I lose myself in the book, and before I know it I have to get my from school. I watch them out of the corner of my eye as I pack my stuff up. They stare at me while they work giving me that sexy feeling once more.

I think about how sexy them looking made me feel all night. Even at bedtime I doze off thinking about it. The next morning the weatherman say it'll be just as warm, but a chance of a stray rain shower. I look out to see the sun peeking up once more without a cloud in sight. The family isn't even out the door before I decide to sun myself again today. Deep down I hope they give me that sexy feeling once more.

When my family leaves I decide to make sure I get looked at more. I grab my old two piece string bikini that I haven't worn in over a decade. It's a bright white, and isn't really mommy appropriate to wear. I squeeze into the bottoms somehow since it's a few sizes too small. They crawl up my butt right away. I forgot that they did that, but decide that since I'm just going to be laying there I can deal with it.

Then I put the bra on. My breasts are fighting the fabric to stay in. I feel them bulging out under it putting a strain on the knots holding it together. I'm sure they'll look now. Even if it is to laugh at me. I begin to second guess myself.

"No! You made this decision, now live with it." I say to myself.

I put on some sunscreen, and walk out with my book. I lay back on the lounger as the sun rises warming the cooler morning air. Soon the diesel engine rumbles into the driveway, and shuts of. I hear the rattling of the ladders assuring me that they are climbing up one by one. I look past my book trying to be sneaky.

I see them pointing at me, and talking Spanish. I wonder what they're saying, but I'm not sure if I really want to know. In a couple of minutes I can see them all lined up on the roof staring at me as they talk. Shame fills my soul as I begin to regret my decision. But I'm curious about what they're saying. I roll onto my stomach reading, and listening. The sun hats my back after a while making me rotate. I read more after glancing at them working and occasionally stopping to watch me. I soon nod off.

I wake with a chill. I feel a cool rain misting over me, and I'm soaked. The men are still roofing under a tarp that they set up. I think about going in, but the sun begins to peek out again. It warms me while the mist cools creating a different sensation. My eyes are drawn to the roof by something, and I am shocked to see one of the guys taking a picture of me as he laughs with another guy.

I makes my crotch tingle in a more intense way thinking that he thinks that I'm worthy of his attention. I realize that I am actually getting flush with excitement. I decide to tease a little, and before I can talk myself out of it I begin my stretches. I feel my bikini strain against my body, but amazingly it holds. Then I roll onto my belly, and lay there with my feet on the edges of the lounger.

I can't see what they're doing behind me, but I'm hoping they like my show. After a bit I roll back over, and lay on my back with my feet apart and my knees up. It's soon time to get the again so I gather my things once more, and go to change. When I look in the mirror I see what they were looking at. My white too tight bikini is now completely see through thanks to the rain. I change quick feeling embarrassed. I begin to wonder eventually if they were liking what they saw, or if they were treating it as a joke?

I think about what they may have been thinking about me, and decide that I'm not going to do anything like that again. I'm a wife and mother. I'm not supposed to do things like that. I go to bed with the day swirling in my mind. The next morning comes, and it's another beautiful day. I'm so tempted to lay out. The argument in my head begins as soon as I see the sun begin to shine. I peek out the window, but don't see the truck. I decide to lay out.

I grab my one piece suit, and see that the have spilled something all over it. That leaves me with the white one. I take a deep breath, and squeeze into it. I grab my book, rub on some lotion, and head out the back door. It's early, and there's a slight cool breeze that chills me every now and again as I lay there reading. I hear voices making me look up to the roof. I'm surprised to see five of the Mexican men sitting there watching me intently as the talk among themselves.

I get a creepy vibe coming from them, and decide to head into the house. I round the corner into the kitchen when someone grabs me from behind covering my mouth with their hand. A black hood is pulled over my head while I am pushed forcefully into the living room. I'm tossed onto the floor landing on my stomach. Trying to escape I begin to crawl to what I hope is the front door. Someone grabs the back of my suit bra, and I feel it pop free as t tears off my body.

My breasts flop freely, and jiggle as I fall to the ground. In a split second I feel a muscular body on top of me flipping me onto my back. I try to push the person off, but my hands are grabbed. My wrists are tied behind my back as I try to break free. Again I am laid onto my back. I feel hands touching my breasts all over. My nipples are pinched and pulled making me whimper in pain.

"No please don't. please leave me alone. Please." I beg.

Hands touch my belly as I wiggle side to side to stop the invasion of my body. They run don grabbing the waistband of my bottoms pulling them outward from my body. I feel the back of them crawl up my butt crack, and pull tight lifting my ass off the floor. Then I hear the bottoms let go with a loud rip. I feel my ass hit the floor as it's released from the confines.

"Please stop! Please!"

I feel hands grab my ankles, and then my legs are yanked apart against my best efforts to keep them together. finger begin to probe my vagina and anus, and I hear men's voices as they speak in Spanish.

"Su cono es tan humedo." I hear.

My breasts are being groped all the while they probe my body. I feel a tingle from own below, and I wonder how my body can be enjoying any of this. I know it's the roofers, I know it's more than one, and I know that I hear a couple of zippers opening. I begin to panic. I can't let them fuck me. I'm married. What would my husband think.

"Please stop. I won't tell anybody you were here. You will be able to do other roofs and make a living. Just please stop right now. I won't tell my husband you were even here."

I hope mentioning my husband would make them think twice about going any further. I begin to feel the knot beginning to form in the depths of my stomach just like when I feel an orgasm coming to be. Their fingers stretch my holes painfully as they try to see how many they can fit in me. I soon feel tongues licking my nipples. I feel like I need to do something in order to end this.

"My husband will be home any minute now. You better just leave."

My excuse is answered by mouths wrapping around my areolas sucking my nipples in. Then I feel them biting on my hard nipples. My back arches with the pain, and moan slips through my lips. My legs are spread wider, and I feel a warm body against my inner thighs.

"Voy a joder a esta hasta que se le cae el cono." He announces.

Then I feel him plunge into my vagina. I moan at the intrusion, and he begins to ram it into me hard. I try to speak, but he's pounding the breath right out of me. The knot in my belly is growing bigger by the second. I feel his pelvis smashing against my crotch without mercy. A loud moan slips out of me, and i begin to tense up.

The knot reaches it's breaking point, and all of my tension rushes out of me through my crotch. My back arches, and my hips lift off the floor as they shake in delight. He begins to moan, and I feel a warm feeling along with my orgasmic sensations. It last for a minute or two before it begins to subside. He stops ramming into me, and I feel him pull out. My body shakes as the last throes of pleasure course through me. Then I feel his semen as it begins to leak from me.

"Please stop!" I beg as reality sets in. "'I'm not on anything. Please don't do this anymore. I don't want to get pregnant."

I begin to cry. Unfazed I quickly have another dick inside of me humping away. I lay there in a state of shock as he rides me. My body shakes from his thrusting, and the teeth begin to bite my nipples harder. He soon adds to the load inside of me. Then I am rolled onto my stomach. The hood is pulled up over my mouth and my wrists are untied. Quickly a dick slaps my lips.

"Chuparlo perra." He says pushing the tip against my mouth.

I feel someone grab my nipple and pinch it so hard while they twist it that my mouth falls open when I scream from the pain. He shoves his cock right into my open mouth, and begins to move my head up and down. My hips are grabbed, and lifted until I am up on my knees. Then a dick slides right into my vagina fucking me once more. The dicks feel like they're going to touch inside of me as they use me. It feels so different. It's a captivating feeling along with the jiggling of my swinging breasts and belly.

The knot quickly returns, an the moans do also. I can't control myself. I soon feel myself pushing back to meet his thrusts into my pussy, and I am stroking the cock in my mouth as I suck it. My moans become much more intense as they fuck me. I hate myself for getting off with this, but I know that deep down I'm loving it. Which makes me feel so ashamed.

My body pushes back as I suck an fuck them in return. I feel them grab my wrists lifting my arms and wrapping my hands around two cocks that are so hot and hard in my grip. I uncontrollably begin to stroke them feeling myself succumbing to my lust.

"Te dije que era una puta." The one fucking me says.

A hand grabs my hair, and makes me suck the cock in my mouth faster. In seconds I hear him groan as the taste of semen fills my senses. I've craved this sour flavor for months. My emotions give way to primal cravings. I can't swallow it fast enough, and I want more when he pushes my head away.

I only have to wait for a minute before another is swaying inches from my lips. I suck it in, and love it for a short while before I'm pulled off from behind. I let go of the dicks in my hands as I'm pulled on top of the guy in my vagina. He doesn't even take it out. He just maneuvers me into the position he wants, and I allow it. I now am riding him on top with my back toward his face.

I grab the dicks in my hands again as they come close, and I suck a dick into my mouth eager for another feeding. Large hands grope my breasts roughly. Pinching my nipples, and shaking them vigorously making me moan. It hurts, but I'm receiving way too much pleasure to care.

"Culo, ahora." I hear from behind me.

I have no idea what he's saying, and I'm sure he knows it. I keep sucking and stroking loving every minute of it.

"Culo! Ahora!" He says more firmly.

I continue doing what I'm doing ignoring him until I feel his hands under my ass stopping me from riding him. He raises me up slightly. I wonder what he's planning, but don't really care so long as I can have these cocks all around me. His dick presses against my virgin asshole, and I freeze. Reality hitting me hard.

"What is he doing?" I think to myself. "That will never fit. This is going to hurt just like when my husband and I tried it years ago."

He grabs my fat rear getting a handful, and pulls me downward. I feel his cock opening my back door as I lower. I open more and more feeling his dick stretching me wider with every inch until it hits my sphincter. My clenched muscle stops his progress.

"Relajar perra o va a lastimar. Está entrando en cualquier cosa. y voy a usar la sangre como lubricante" He says under me.

The dick from my mouth is swinging inches from my face, but my teeth are clenched tight from the pain of my muscle being poked against. I feel hands begin to push down on my shoulders, and pull downward on my nipples. The downward force is getting more and more by the second. He begins to fuck my asshole pushing into me hard as they all push me down against him. I moan in pain feeling my sphincter resisting him. I let go of the dicks, and clench my fists trying to endure. It hurts so much.

"Please stop. It's hurts too much. You're too big. Please. No more. Stop Please."

They all laugh as my tears run down my cheeks. He doesn't stop. I feel my legs shake as his dick pounds against my muscle. Someone slaps my breasts making them sting and jiggle. I hear more laughter, but can't make out much through my blurred vision.

"Mirarlos gordos chi chi's rebotar."

"Golpear el cono inutil mas dificil."

I am slapped again. Only harder. My breasts wobble, and the sting makes my skin burn. My nipples are grabbed, pinched, twisted and pulled hard lifting my breasts high into the air pulling against the downward pressure of all the hands. It feels like they're going to be pulled off me as hard as they're being pulled.

"How could I have been liking this?" I wonder as they show me a whole new world of pain.

The cock trying to get into me is hitting hard against my sphincter over and over. I feel it sliding in and out. He pulls out, and I feel him sink into my vagina. Feeling his cock sink into me sends a shock wave through my entire body. I shake hard feeling the pinching on my nipples, and the release of all of my tension.

"Oh my God!" I think. "I'm cumming! How?"

He holds deep inside of me as my body shakes and quivers on his hard cock.They keep pushing down on me from everywhere making my body mash against his strengthening my release as they lean me back. It lasts for a few minutes taking my breath away. I feel exhausted by the time I finish, and I just want to lay down. My legs are sore, and my butt hole is hurting. My crotch feels worn out and sore, but also satisfied. A feeling that I haven't had in years.

"Follame con tu perra culo." He says from under me.

I stay motionless. He lifts me, and shoves his cock back into my asshole roughly.

"Esta es tu puta culo."

His dick slide into me easily. The mess from my orgasm lubing me for him. My muscle stops him once more, but he's determined. The pain quickly returns as he pulls me down while he thrusts into me. I feel my sphincter fighting a good fight. At least it does for a while. Slowly I feel it beginning to cave in to the abuse. Little by little he makes it open more. The pain is intense.

"Please no more. Please." I beg.

They laugh, and push harder. I moan as my sphincter eventually gives in, and I feel his hard cock plunge deep into my rectum. It hurts so much. His cock is so deep in my guts. My sphincter clenches around his hard shaft, and he holds it as deep into me as he can for a few seconds before me uses my ass to make me lift slightly before dropping me back down.

"Esta puta tiene un culo apretado bonito."

They lift me and drop me over and over. I feel my asshole give in to his abuse, and just open up. My body is numbed from my waist down. My breasts are repeatedly slapped pinched, and pulled. I endure it all not wanting to give them the pleasure of screaming. I am hold up, and he begins to fuck my ass hard and deep slapping my ass with his hips making my entire body jiggle. I moan as the burning in my rectum slowly turns to something a bit more pleasurable.

"This can't be happening." I think. "My body hates me. How can this become enjoyable to me?"

I reach back bracing myself with my hands on the floor as they lean me backwards. I watch through my blurred vision as one of them kneels between my legs. The guy under me stops, and I feel a dick slide into my vagina. I moan loud as it enters me. I feel so full down there. I've never felt this pleasure before.

"Fuck nosotros puta. Follanos como la puta que eres."

I don't know what they want, but I do know that my body is reacting on it's own. I realize that I am fucking them together, and it feels wonderful. I hear myself moan as the tension inside me builds again. My asshole is burning while my pussy is getting wetter by the minute. A dick is shoved into my face, and I gobble it in. Lust is all that I am now. I smash down hard onto the cocks wanting my orgasm. Needing it. I suck hard on the dick in my mouth listening to them moaning with me.

In minutes the dick is pulled out of my mouth. I try to get it back in, but it's too late. I feel his hot cum splatter across my face. Some gets into my mouth, but most is spread across my cheeks and nose. I lean back fucking the two dicks in me feeling my orgasm quickly growing deep in me. Then I feel a wetness splatter across my chest. I look to see two guys on either side of me shooting their hot cum all over my breasts. I moan loving every second of it. It begins to run down my belly tickling my skin as it goes.

It's too much for me. I crash down hard on their dicks, and moan loud as the waves of orgasm take me away. The dam breaks letting my tensions flood out of my crotch, and I feel my ass quivering around his cock while my pussy grips the dick in it. My legs shake, and my body rocks as wave after wave courses through me. The guy in my pussy pulls out, and I feel his hot cum hitting all over my pubic hairs and navel. Then I hear a groan from under me. I feel his cock pulsate against my quivering butt hole, and a warm sensation filling my insides.

I stay on him until the last waves rip through me, and then I realize that his dick is almost totally soft but still inside of my ass. He pushes me off, an I fall to the floor. I lay on my side too weak to move. When I rest a minute I roll onto my back and look around. I see all ten guys standing around me. I look at the one that took my ass, and I see blood on his dick and legs telling me that he took my anal cherry.

I lay there for a minute just watching them. A few are taking pictures of me, and a few are just watching me. I feel so worn out and satisfied. I think I even feel a smile on my face.

"How can I be smiling? I was just forced by ten guys." I think to myself. "But it was always a fantasy of mine, and it was really good. My ass is going to hurt for a while though."

I feel the cum seeping out of me as the cum on my skin dries in the air. One of the guys kneel next to me he slaps my hip wanting me to roll over. I'm drenched with cum, and don't want to get it all over the carpet so I get onto my hands and knees. In a second I feel his cock bury into my ass. I moan as he takes me hard. His hands spread my ass cheeks as he rams me making it feel like it's going even deeper. His thrusting slaps our bodies together making me move forward to keep from falling on my face.

My hair is grabbed puling my head up, and I am staring right at a hard cock. I open my mouth accepting it. Soon I have a dick in each hand again. All I can do is moan and take it. Their dicks slam into me mercilessly over and over. It feels good in a strange sort of way. Knowing that they want me, and knowing that they are getting pleasure from me turns me on. I suck and fuck in return.

"Creo que la puta finalmente ha salido de su cascara." One of them say.

I feel the dick in my right hand begin to harden, and then I feel it throb. Hot cum splatters all over my back as he unloads onto me. He barely finishes when the guy pulls out of my mouth. I hold my mouth wide open for him as he strokes his cum out. It hits all over my face and in my hair before he has me suck the last drops out. My body rocks in rhythm of the guy fucking my ass, and I moan as his cock plunges deep into me.

"Fuck it. Fuck my ass good and hard." I moan.

He rams hard into me for a few minutes making my body jiggle against my bones. He pulls his cock out, and I feel his cum coating the top of my ass and run down as it cools. Seconds after he starts cumming I feel a hot load higher on my back as the cock in my left hand lets loose. I kneel motionless letting them finish. Then I sit up on my knees feeling all the cum covering me front and back tightening my skin as it dries. I look around to see more pictures being taken as they begin to grab their clothes.

I feel so sore, relieved, and satisfied as I watch them leave out my front door. The last guy smiles as he hands me my book.

"I hope it was as good as the book." He says as he begins to walk out stopping at the door.

I look down, and feel myself laugh as I read the title. "Violations of a Housewife."

"It was all I hoped and more." I thought to myself as I look up at him. "Much better than the book."

"We start the siding Monday. Seven AM sharp. That's a two week job." He says as he walks out.

My crotch begins to tingle with anticipation. Even it my sore worn out state. I am still horny. I turn on the weather to see that it's supposed to be warmer and sunny tomorrow.

"I think I'll wear a thong and tank." I think to myself as I decide that I'm going to be reading, "Forced pleasures- a book of forbidden love."
A Quick Update
Posted:Sep 13, 2017 9:31 am
Last Updated:Nov 3, 2017 6:56 am

Hi there. I was informed of a site where you can answer a bunch of questions, and get the results to find out how BDSM one really is. Here's my results:

== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
100% Exhibitionist
100% Submissive
100% Brat
100% Degradee
100% Voyeur
100% Rope bunny
100% Experimentalist
100% Non-monogamist
94% Slave
91% Masochist
84% Primal (Prey)
75% Pet
44% Boy/Girl
42% Vanilla
42% Ageplayer
2% Primal (Hunter)
1% Switch
0% Rigger
0% Daddy/Mommy
0% Dominant
0% Degrader
0% Owner
0% Master/Mistress
0% Sadist

Take these results as you wish. I just thought I'd share. Bdsmtest.org
Going to School part 3
Posted:Sep 5, 2017 9:18 am
Last Updated:Oct 31, 2017 6:09 am

I crawl into bed, and lay there awake wondering, and thinking. The tattoo itches, but I can't scratch it. I do like it, but I wished it was smaller. Too late now. The next thing I know my alarm is going off, and the sun is shining in my window. I am still tired so I'm not moving very quick. I drag myself to the shower, and it helps to wake me. I don't even wrap the towel around me as I walk back to my room, and a few other dorm mates get a morning view of a full moon.

I pick out a slinky red dress. The neckline plunges down below my navel, the back is entirely cut out, and the sides are all lace about a foot wide. There are slits on both sides at the hips that go up to the middle of my sides, and are held together with thin strips of lace every foot or so apart. I slip on my red mesh thong, and my res pumps.

I do my hair and make up primping and preening just because I want to. I grab my books, and head to class a bit early. All of my instructors comment on how nice I look. Even the female ones. I swing my the cafeteria for a quick lunch, and feel the eyes watching me. Most don't even try to look away when I look at them. I smile feeling sexy. Oddly there are no comments, wolf whistles, or gratuitous grabs so far today. I feel good about that.

I get to Prof's class a bit early to find him sitting at his desk already. He looks up at me, and smiles the biggest smile I've seen from him yet. I sit in my chair, and get my things ready for class. He finishes what he is doing before walking up to me.

"I have to say that you look very nice today. Sexy yet elegant. Slutty, but in a classy way."

"Thank you sir." I say blushing.

"You look almost as good like this as you do naked. Though I still prefer you naked."

"I like naked too, but I don't want to get arrested."

"After class I want some pictures of you again."

"Okay, but not too many. I have to go get my car from the mechanic."

Then the bell rings interrupting our chat. He begins class, and goes on giving his normal instruction through the dismissal bell. Then ten minutes after the bell her dismisses the class. I walk over locking the door. He has the camera out, and is snapping pictures before I even turn around.

"I love the way that dress hugs your ass and chest. Then there's the lace showing off the string of your underwear, and revealing your lack of brassier. So sexy."

I let him pose me, and am surprised by the fact that he's not asking for more explicit pictures. Sure he got a few upskirt shots, and open leg shots, but he never asked for me to move my underwear to show off my crotch. I look at the clock informing him that I need to go.

"Before you go. I have to ask. What's the mark on your pussy? I can't really see under your dress."

I lift my dress, and pull down the front of my thong showing him my tattoo.

"It's nice. Different. But why?"

"I had to. That's all there is to it."

"I hope your husband likes it."

I didn't need to hear that. I was getting so horny posing too. I grab my things, and exit the room silently. I drop my stuff off at my room, and meet Sam at the door. She's my ride since it's hard to walk that far in heels.

"Holy shit girl! You look amazing!" She says kissing me.

I smile, and she drives to the service station. Her car chugs and rattles as she turns it off, and we hear something clunk as the car shuts off.

"That didn't sound good." I say.

She agrees, and we go inside. We are the only people in the waiting area, and the place looks dirty and greasy. an old man in his fifties comes walking in dress in blue overalls. The name badge says Jim. He asks my name, and then he pulls out the paperwork from a slot behind the only register.

"Looks like you're ready to go, and everything is all paid up sweetie."

He sets the keys on the counter handing me the paperwork that I need to sign.

"My friends car just made a weird noise when she shut it off just a second ago. Would you have a second to check it out?" I ask as I sign.

"Sure. We'll get you all squared away, and then I'll go take a look."

He hands me my copies, and I take my keys with them before leading him to Sam's car. She hands him the keys. He starts it, and it sounds fine until he shuts it off. Then it rattles for a bit before it stops. He opens the hood, and looks it over good.

"Looks like you need some exhaust wok, and your carburetor needs some loving." He says to her. "Two hundred dollars, and I can have it done in a few days.

"I don't have a few days. I need my car tomorrow." She sighs.

"Well I can't rightly push all the people ahead of you to the side can I? I can get to it just as soon as I finish the brakes and tires on that SUV over there."

"Can I drive it like it is?"

"You can, but it may make the problem worse, and then it'll add to the cost. Right now it's just a quick repair and a pipe replacement. If the carb goes you're looking at about three hundred just for the carburetor."

"So how quick are we talking?" I ask.

"If everything goes right I can have it done in about an hour."

"Is there any way that we can get you to get it done before the SUV? Since the owner isn't here, and we are. You did say that it's only about an hour I doubt the owner would even notice. Can you help out a damsel in distress?" Sam says.

"I don't see any damsels in distress here, but I suppose for the right incentive I can stay after closing to get it done."

"Incentive?" She asks.

"Yes, incentive. Use your imagination, and make doing this worth my while."

"Anything you want. Just name it." She quickly concedes.

"Well as much as I like redheads you look a bit worse for wear, if you know what I mean. But you do have a pretty face, and nice tits."

She opens her shirt letting her ample breasts flop free of the fabric.

"I'm yours then. Just fix my car."

"Those are some nice titties, but I don't think I could do anything with a girl as young as my grand . Now your friend there. She's definitely one fine looking momma with her big mommy ass, and sweet mommy chest."

She looks at me with a pleading look.

"Fix the car, and we'll see what happens." I sigh.

He drives it into the service area, and opens the hood. I follow him in while Sam waits in the waiting area. I sit on the floor in front of her car with my back to the bumper, and I pull his dick out as he leans over me to work on the engine. His cock tastes like sweat, but I suck it anyway. His hips push it into my mouth as it grows until he's fully erect. He fiddles and fucks for a while before he lays down crawling under the car on his back.

I lift my dress, and pull my thong off before straddling him. I lift his cock sliding it into my wet vagina, ad I ride him as he works under her car. I use the side of the car for leverage as I bounce my way to an orgasm. Just as it takes me I feel him inside of me throbbing. My insides warm as he meets my orgasm with his. I feel my vagina squeezing his shaft as I quiver on him.

For a few wonderful minutes I am in heaven. Then It begins to subside, and is eventually gone leaving me panting. I stand up pulling his dick out of me, and feel his cum begin to leak out. I grab my underwear, and slide them on after using a towel that was laying there to wipe my crotch with. He crawls out from under her car, and says that he's done smiling a huge grin.

"That was one quick hour." I said.

"Well, I was motivated to concentrate on my work for some reason."

We walk to the counter where he rings her up charging her one hundred dollars for the repairs.

"I think it should be free since I already paid you in trade." I admit.

"I still have to make ends meet too." He says. "Besides, I'm charging her half price."

She pays him, and we walk to the door. I tell Sam that we should give him something to think about. She agreed, and we both turned back to him smiling.

"Hey Jim." Sam says. "What do you think of these?"

We both open our tops, and show him our breasts at the same time.

"Very nice." He says.

"Then you'll really like this." I say as I grab Sam around the waist pulling her close, and kissing her passionately.

We kiss for a minutes or so before smiling at him as he stands there awed. Then we put our tops back in place, and walk out. I follow Sam to a local restaurant where we dine in a dim romantic atmosphere. After we go to her place where we cuddle for a while in the living area while watching TV. Chris shows up, and sits by us watching the TV too.

"Hey Chris." Sam says. "Since you like making movies so much, and you've already made a movie of us once, What would you say to making another one?"

I look at her in surprise. Being filmed was always my fantasy.

"I'd love to. When?"

"Whenever my sweetie can do it."

I smile saying, "Whenever you'd like."

"Let's go back to your place then." She says.

We are in my room in less than a half hour, and she tells me to get the dildo I got from the tattooist. I hand it to her, and she tosses it onto the bed. Chris is set up in minutes. My room bright with the lights once more, and Sam is standing in front of me with a wild lustful look in her eyes.

"I love you." She whispers.

The she grabs the sides of my head pulling me in for a kiss. Her tongue arts into my mouth, and I feel myself give in to her advances in a heartbeat. I feel my clothes falling as fast as my vagina is moistening. Her hands are all over me just as her mouth is kissing, sucking, and biting on my neck and shoulders. She moves so slow and deliberate. It drives me wild. I moan and rock wanting her more and more with every touch. Every breath.

"I want you." I moan. "I want you now."

"Patience my sweet. Patience." She whispers in my ear as she nibbles on my earlobe.

It sends shivers up my spine, and amplifies feeling her against me. Her kisses move down teasing my breasts and her tongue circles my nipples frustrating me.

"Please. I need you. Please fuck me." I begin to beg.

"Patience. Then you can show me just how much you want me."

Her soft lips rub down my stomach, and over the front of my right leg to my knees as I try to remain standing while my legs turn to jello. Then she kisses back up the left leg. I feel my legs open as she kisses near my pubic are in the hopes of pleasure. She kisses all the way back up to my lips, and then we kiss for a while longer.

Her hands touch and tease me. Never touching my nipples or crotch, but coming close enough to make me gasp with anticipation. I feel my anticipation as it runs down my legs, and see Chris making sure to capture it on video.

"Please." I beg. "I need you right now. I want you so bad. Fuck me my love. Please."

"Do you really love me?" She asks kissing my neck.

"God yes!"

"Am I that important to you?"

"You're my everything." I moan.

Her kisses and nibbles move across my shoulder and back to my earlobes.

"Then prove it. Tell me what you are while you're here."

"I'm your lover. Your friend. Your slut to use as you want."

"That's what I was thinking. What would you do for me?" She asks running her finger tips so close to my clitoris that I gasp losing my breath.

"I'll do anything you want, anything."

"Good. Now you are going to have to prove it."

She walks to her purse, and digs out a small bottle. Showing it to me and the camera I see that it's pepper sauce made with Habeneros. She sets it on the table, and picks up the dildo setting it beside the bottle.

"You know what I want you to do. So do it." She commands.

I reluctantly pick up the bottle, and push it into my vagina. It feels so good, but the pleasure is short lived when she yanks it out. She shoves it into my mouth making me lick my juices from it.

"Try again. Last attempt to get it right or I'll walk out and never return."

I take the spit covered bottle, and open it dumping half of the contents into the balls of the dildo. She then tops it off with water to dilute the sauce. I sit on my chair leaning way back, an I slide the rubber dick into my pussy. I moan with absolute delight as it fills me good. I fuck myself with it as I watch Sam who is sitting between my open legs watching. She eventually grabs the dildo, and fucks me with it hard.

It on;y takes me a few moments before I am on the edge of climax. I feel my hips raise my ass up off the chair as my body tenses. Then I feel the dildo squirting into me deep. In a few seconds my insides begin to burn. In less than a minute it feels like my vagina is on fire. She empties the balls into my, and the pain makes my orgasm go a long ways away.

the mood is only that of pain now. The burning is immense. I want to cut my crotch out just to stop the pain. All I can do is hold my pussy hoping that it'll wane. I curl up, and fall to the floor. I feel my bladder give, and I feel my pee as it squirts out against my calves.

"Do you love me?" She asks.


"Even after I do something like this?"

"I deserve this. I love you even more for it."

"I love you too." She says kissing my tear covered cheek.

She watches me wiggle and writhe for a while before using a bottle to flush out my vaginal canal. Eventually the burning slows, and I'm able to relax more. I wipe my tears, and see Sam wearing her strap on dick, but it has a regular size purple dick attached. She rolls me onto my back. I open my legs.

"You poor pussy looks so red. Just try to enjoy this. I know I will."

She fiddles with the dick, and I hear it begin to buzz. Then she sinks it into my sore vagina. I moan as my irritated vaginal walls are opened by the fake dick. Then buzzing vibrations feel deep inside of me as her hips push against me. It feels so strange. And so good.

She lays on top of me, and I feel her warm soft breasts press against mine. Her nipples poking into my chest ever so gently. Her arm wrap around me, and she holds me close kissing me as she fucks me. In seconds I am ready to be taken again. My legs spread wide, and raised high in the air she takes me. I moan and writhe under her with more and more need.

In about five minutes I am a ball of orgasmic goo at her mercy. She pumps in and out of me as I shake a wiggle with every wave of pleasure. Just as I begin to come down I feel her stop and begin to shake. Her breath is taken away as a look of pleasure comes over her. I feel the dick pulling in and out of me rapidly as her body shakes in orgasm.

I watch her as my own orgasm recedes. She finishes quick, and then stands up telling Chris to stop filming. I watch her as she takes the strap on off with her cute round ass facing me as I lay there. Chris shuts everything down, and hands Sam the disk.

"Send us both a copy." She tells him.

He smiles as he walks out the door taking the film equipment with him. I sit on the edge of the bed while Sam gets dressed. After she finishes she stands in front of me.

"Thanks for helping me out today. It means a lot."

"I told you that I'd do anything for you."

"I love you babe." She says kissing me. "But I have to go."

"See you later then." I say seeing her to the door.

I watch as she walks down the hall, and then disappears into the elevator. I turn to see about five first years looking at me standing there stark naked. I blow then a kiss as I shut the door behind myself. Then I lay in my bed for a few minutes feeling the slight burning yet inside of me. I doze off for a few minutes before startling awake when I remember to get my homework done. I hurry through it, and then return to bed falling asleep in record time.

I awake to my alarm, and look out only to see the snow falling in large flakes. I crack the window to feel the cold breeze blow into my room. I cancel wearing heels for today. I dig through my closet, and find a thicker black blouse with sleeves. The sleeves are lace with cut outs along with an open front, but it's better than nothing. I find some light gray stretch pants that hug my big ass, and force my way into them. I decide to forgo any underwear since the pantie lines would be plainly visible. I slip on my black flats, and look in the mirror.

I put my hair in a pony tail looking myself over. I look good, I think. My boobs are just about to fall out, but I'm sure they won't. I shake a bit making sure before I walk to class. The cold snow falling one me chills me, and I regret not wearing a bra. By the time I make it to my last class I am ready to cuddle up inside a fire.

Prof walks in looking right at me as usual. I sit with my arms and legs crossed trying to stay warm as he lectures. About halfway through I have to pee real bad, and being cold is making it almost impossible to hold it. I raise my hand asking to be excused for a minute to go to the bathroom. He laughs refusing me permission. I wait for a bit before the pangs again become too much. I ask again, and he refuses again.

"Come here Michele." He says calling me to the front of the class. "You keep interrupting me because you didn't think ahead, and I find it very rude and disrespectful. Now you can stand here in front of everyone so they can see what being rude and disrespectful gets a person in my class. I expected more out of you too."

"Sorry sir." I whimper trying my damnedest to hold in my pee.

I watch the clock, and hope I can make the half hour left. I fidget, and squeeze my legs together holding the best I can. After about ten minutes I feel a little squirt leak out before I cut it off. I feel my crotch warm slightly. I clench my muscles as hard as I can. five minutes later another small squirt leaks out giving me the same warm feeling in my crotch.

"The bitch is pissing herself." One of the boys calls out from right in front of me.

I look down to see the crotch of my pants has a dark gray wet spot contrasting the light gray color.

"She was doing so good until now." Prof says.

He walks up to me, and asks if I'm sorry for being disrespectful and rude. I say that I am, and ask to be excused again.

"That sounds to me like a hollow apology in order for you to get what you want. The answer remains the same."

"Please. I can't hold it much longer, and I don't want to have an accident all over the floor in front of everyone."

"Thinking ahead. It means that you wouldn't be standing here right now. The janitor's will clean any mess you may leave. The embarrassment will remind you to be respectful."

He stands behind me, and I hear him moving things around on his desk as I watch the class. a few have their phones out recording me. Looking at the clock I see that there's only ten minutes left until the bell. Then I remember that he usually keeps us later. I clench hard and move my legs trying to subdue the urge to let loose. Then I hear water trickling behind me. It's pure torture. I turn to see that he has set up a waterfall fountain right behind me.

"The human body is an amazing thing. When you feel the urge to go you really can hold it for much longer, but your bodies are built to expunge the waste quickly to keep from being injured by it. Drinking water helps to evacuate many impurities through out urine, and that's why we urinate. So that means you need to drink. There's a water bottle right behind you Michele. Drink it. We don't want you getting sick."

"No thanks." I say clenching my legs together.

"Show some respect, and take what is offered you."

I reach back, and open the bottle. I drink it down fast hoping to hear him let me go to the bathroom. All that happens is I feel the need to go even more as my belly fills with water. He steps beside me, and turns to the class.

"I think that we are going to just sit here until Michele learns respect. So if any of you have plans you may want to think about changing them."

I hear the release bell sound followed by my classmates groans. I fight the urge to urinate so hard, but another small squirt leaks out. If feel it tickle and warm the inside of my leg. Prof looks when another boy yells out that I dribbled again.

I feel a chill come over me as the pee cools my crotch. He hands me another water. I take it giving him a mad look, and then slam it too. He pats my head, and tells me to stand up straight. I do as I'm told, and then he tells me to part my feet. I glare at him, but follow his command. It makes it really difficult to hold my pee back.

"You may as well just give in to nature." He whispers in my ear. "You're going to be an internet star after this."

He steps away, and sits watching. I hold my own for a bit, but drinking all the water is making it really difficult. I watch as the clock ticks away. Then five minutes later I feel more pee leak from me, and run down the inside of my leg tickling as it flows. Then my muscles let loose relaxing, and I feel my legs warm as my pee flows freely down to the floor soaking my shoes and pants. I just swallow my pride, and let it happen. I am defeated.

I hear him dismiss the class just as the final drops hit the floor, and a tear forms in my eye. I hear the door lock loudly. then I feel his hand grab my arm. He pushes forward bending me over the chair in front of me, and I feel his pulling at the wet crotch of my pants. The sound of my pants ripping open echoes through the room, and the cold air chills me as it hits my bare bottom.

"Did you learn your lesson?"

"Yes sir."

"Good." He says as I feel his cock slip into my vagina.

He grabs my shirt using it to pull me hard to him as his hips thrust forward slamming into me hard. I moan from feeling his so deep in me, and using me so hard.

"Fuck me." I moan.

He slaps my ass a few times bringing me closer to orgasm, and I push back trying to get there. Just before I feel myself letting go I feel him pull out. His cum feels so warm as he rubs it out all over my ass. Then he wipes the last dribbles onto my leg before sitting at his desk. I stand up feeling the wetness of my pants combined with the cold air hitting my bared crotch.

"You don't by chance have another pair of pants laying around do you?"

He just looks at me.

"I know the answer, and gather my things to begin my long walk back with my crotch hanging out in the open. And my heart sinks when I walk out to see the sun shining, and students everywhere. Sam meets me at the door talking about videos of me pissing myself all over the web. She tells me that I was live streamed the entire while.

"Looks like you got a little something after too." She laughs. "He left his own wet spots all over your ass. It also looks like he torn your leggings a bit. Let's get you back home to change."

She takes my arm, and leads me out into the public. Eyes follow me, and cameras are pulled out recording me. I am pull against her hold as she slowly walks me to her house all the way on the other side of campus. The cold breeze chilling me, and making my nipples rock hard.

"Let's go. I'm freezing." I complain.

"Shut up bitch. I'm in no hurry." She says laughing. "Besides look at all the boners you're creating."

I have looked, and I feel embarrassed. She is going to show me off just like she likes to so I give in slowing down my pace. She takes my hand, and we walk side by side back to her place before she stops at the door letting me in first. She follows me to her room where she tosses me her old white g string underwear, and a skirt that is too small for me. It's white satin, and it stretches to the breaking point before I get it zipped up the side. I can barely walk in it, but it's better than nothing.

I look at my pants before tossing them into the trash. He tore the entire crotch out, and there is semen stains all over the ass of them. I must have been a real sight. Sam calls me over showing me all the copies of me peeing myself on the internet.

"Looks like he wasn't lying." I tell her. "He said I'd be an internet star."

"That you are for sure. It looks like you've become very popular. The video of us last night has had over five thousand hits already."

I look at her shocked.

"Chris posted it almost right away. Seems like your fans like to see you in pain. A few even love your new tattoo."

"My husband won't."

"Don't worry babe." She says kissing me. "I had him use temporary ink. It should be gone before Thanksgiving break. It's getting more and more faint by the day."

"That's good. I don't want to be divorced."

"You could marry me then."

"Not in this state. Besides, who would be the groom?"

"I think you would make a great bride since you are my bitch." She laughs.

I kiss her, and we decide on supper.

I watch her as she gets dressed into her pajamas which is just a black lace teddy. I see her pubic hair growing in nicely, and I motion for her to come to me. I look close at her to see the red hairs against the pale skin. It turns me on seeing her, and I tell her how much it looks great on her. She even blushes. I kiss her pubes before letting her finish dressing.

The pizza we ordered arrives, and it's the same pizza guy with a small Asian guy along side of him. He takes one look at me, and smiles. Then he sees Sam. I watch their bulges grow in their pants as she invites them in. The Asian guy stands there awed by the sight of us, but the regular driver gets daring. He reaches out massaging her left breast over her teddy. She pushes his hand away.

"I don't do that." She says.

"Don't do what? I'm not doing anything."

"I don't do guys, and unless you're one really ugly woman you can look only."

"She does though."

"She does, but she's here for me right now."

"She's a carpet muncher too?"

"I like both men and women. that's called bisexual."

He walks up to me grabbing my left breast over my shirt. I let him feel.

"What about your friend?" I ask.

The little Asian guy is quickly standing one the opposite side of me fumbling with my right breast.

"I think you have to ask my partner if she's okay with you doing this."

The Asian guy asks in broken English if it's okay for him to touch me, and Sam tells him that he may touch me all he wants. then the regular delivery guy asks, "Me too?"

"I suppose. You can have your fun too."

They pull my shirt over my head, and rub, pinch, and suck my breasts while their hands roam the rest of me. I get so wet feeling two guys all over me. I just watch Sam sitting there watching as I am stripped bare. their fingers find my holes entering my vagina and ass. I moan feeling my lust growing strong. My need for my orgasm returning powerfully.

They pull their cocks out, and I stroke them. The Asian guy is rock hard while the other guy is almost hard. I stroke them until I feel them throbbing in my hands. The Asian guy seems enthralled with my asshole. He keeps fingering it, and rubbing my cheeks. The regular driver is trying to shove his whole fist into my vagina. I let them fiddle me for a fashion until it gets to be too much. I push the regular driver down to the floor, and straddle his cock sinking him in my vagina all the way with a moan.

"Are you just going to stand there?" I ask the Asian guy. "Or are you going to take what you want?"

I lean forward spreading my ass open for him. he jump right on me sinking his dick into my ass. He begins to ram me fast and hard making me bounce on the dick in my pussy.

"Slow down buddy. Enjoy it." I moan.

"Shut up white bitch." He says daringly.

"Look who grew some balls." I comment letting him do as he wants.

I ride the cock while he rides my ass hard. I watch Sam playing with herself a few feet away. I watch her fingers disappearing in her pussy over and over. Her moans combine with mine, and I feel myself orgasm hard. I shiver and shake on the cocks fucking me, and I watch Sam bring herself to orgasm. Her legs swing open and closed as the waves take her making her ass rise and fall on the chair. Her breasts and belly bouncing as her ass slams back onto the seat over and over.

I hear the regular driver begin to groan under me. I look down at him before pushing my breasts in his face. His mouth engulfs my bouncing nipple biting down on the hard nub. I moan in delight when I feel him push up to meet my bouncing. My vagina warms as he cums inside of me, and I try to hold still to let him finish but it proves impossible since the Asian guy is hammering my ass.

I wait for my orgasm to stop before I push the Asian guy back off me so I can get up. I push the regular driver's cum out so it drips back on him before I get off him. When I stand I look down at his cock covered in his own cum. It looks so wet. So worn out. I stare for a second before the Asian pushes me down onto the bed, and jumps back on top of me.

I fall onto my face, and he jumps onto me slamming his dick back into my ass. I moan as it rips my hole back open. He shoves my face into the pillow as he commences fucking my ass raw. He uses his weight to slam into me making my body jiggle as his hips slap my ass cheeks. He uses me roughly wearing me asshole out quickly. I begin to regret letting him take me.

"Fuck that bitch." the regular guy goads him. "Rip that fat ass up."

He holds me tight making me gasp for air through the pillow. I struggle for breath, and try to push him off. He's way stronger than his small frame looks. I feel his cock plunging deep as I struggle. He seems to love it though. I feel myself going faint, and my body just stops fighting. I lay there feeling him slamming against and into me. About a minute after I go limp I feel his cum shooting into my rectum as he keeps fucking me.

I gasp when he stands up beside me as air fills my lungs. I feel his cum drip onto my ass cheek while he stands over me. The bed bounces when he jumps down, and I turn to watch them standing and looking at me.

"I told you she was a slut with a tight ass." The regular guy tells his partner.

"It's nice and fat too. I like fat American women. I can fuck that all the time."

They walk out, and Sam sits beside me rubbing their cum into my skin as it leaks from my bottom end. Her fingers feel so soothing and relaxing.

"Such a nice ass. It took that little guy's pounding really well. I'm impressed. They were too. Your sweet ass just bought us dinner."

I look back at her in disbelief.

"Yup. My big slut is now a ."

"And my redheaded slut is still all mine, but she will have to do her part in this relationship too."

"I will make sure that my part is done. You just make sure that you're a good bitch, and do as you're told."

I sit up giving her a peck on the cheek before sitting down to eat. she sits across from me staring at my naked body.

"Have you ever thought about getting you nipples pierced?" She asks.

"Nope. Never. Is this something you want to do?"

"Not for me. You. I seen a picture online of a woman with pierced nipples and labia. She had chains attached to the hoop piercings, and was being pulled around by her master. It made me think."

"Let's not go to extremes right off. Think smaller."

"Then you'll wear this?" She asks handing me a small gift box wrapped with a ribbon.

I open it to find a pink collar with the word slut on it in rhinestones.

"It's like a promise ring. Only different. Look at the tag."

I look to see a shiny silver tag that reads Owned. I look it it not knowing what to think. I like it, but I'm not sure about wearing it in public. She steps behind me buckling it around my neck. It fits snugly almost choking me. I feel mixed feelings, but decide to allow it since she wants me to.

"Now everyone will know that you're mine." She says kissing my lips lovingly.

"Thank you." I answer.

We eat, and then I ready to return to my room. I grab the g string and skirt to dress after putting my shirt back on.

"What are you going to do with those?" She asks.

"Wear them home like you said I could."

"I said that you could borrow them for a little while. Not that you could take them home."

"What do expect me to do then? We tossed my torn pants in the trash already."

"I really don't much care what you do. You're not wearing them out of here."

"Fine I'll just give you my shirt too, and walk home naked."

"Good idea. Hand it over bitch. You deserve to suffer for having an attitude."

She grabs it off me before I can fend her off, and I watch as she tosses it across the room. She grabs her taser, and tells me to leave. I step toward my shirt only to have her jab the taser toward me.

"Keep it up, and I'll shove this up your cunt."

She walks at me jabbing it toward my crotch making me back out the door. I am soon standing on the porch naked feeling the cold air freezing me as I hear the door lock. I wrap my arms around me, and begin to hurry to my room. As I jog across campus I don't pay attention to where I going, and I jog right into a couple of the football linebackers. I fall to the ground stunned. They turn to help me up checking me out as they do. they stay perfect gentlemen the entire time. Even escorting me back to my room.

"Who's the owner?" One asks referring to my collar.

"My girlfriend Sam."

"I'll have to congratulate her on her fine taste. She's one lucky girl."

They say their good byes, and I close the door behind them. I grab a towel, and hit the shower before bed. The week goes on by without anything happening. Every day the prof makes me pose for pictures, and by Friday he is recording me masturbating in my chair. Sam and I meet every day for supper, and to talk. She seems distant, but I blow it off.

On Saturday I meet her at a party with her friends. She gets drunk, but I stay sober. By nine o'clock she is laying all over me telling me how much she loves me. One of her closer friends tells me that she's never seen Sam this worked up over anyone before. By ten everyone is leaving and Sam is still laying on me drinking. Chris is the last one to leave so I ask him to help me get the half conscious Sam into her bed.

I strip her down to put her pajamas on, and Chris helps. I the tuck her in, and sit there looking at her sleeping so peacefully. Chris leaves, and I watch her for a while. She looks like an angel laying there. I begin to get tired myself, and decide to lay beside her. We lay there for a while as I nod off.

I'm startle awake when her eyes pop open looking right at me. She just stares at me expressionless. I begin to worry about her. then I see tears welling up in her eyes.

"I'm going to lose you." She moans as the tears flow. "I don't want to ever lose you, but you're going to leave me."

I just hold her unable to argue the facts.

"Please don't ever leave me. I'm nothing without you. Promise me that you'll stay with me forever."

I hold her close feeling her tears running down onto my chest as she sniffles. I stay silent knowing that I can't make that promise, but wishing that I could.

"Please Michele. Promise me."

"I'll always be here for you. I'm all yours." I say.

It eases her mind enough for her to fall back asleep in my arms. I then too doze off shortly after. When I wake she is looking at me as she lays on my chest.

"You're so soft, and I feel so safe with you."

We lay there holding each other for a bit until I have to go pee. When I return she tells me that she wants to go to the football practice today. I agree, and she hands me a team jersey to wear. It's cut out under the chest making the bottom my boobs show, and the sleeves are cut off giving the side a huge opening for my arms. She then hands me a really short light pink skirt that leaves the bottom of my ass hanging out.

"Do I get any underwear, or do I have to freeze?"

"You'll be fine. We'll be in the box most of the while anyhow."

I sigh as we head out the door to the field. It's warmer out than it has been, but it's still a cool fifty degrees. The temperature doesn't bother me as we walk, but when we sit on the bleachers to watch the practice I begin to chill.

"I thought you said we'd be in the box seat? I'm freezing."

"Quit complaining. It's almost done. Besides I said that we'd be in the box, but not in the box seat. This is one of the boxes."

I look around to see that the bleachers are in a box shape as they rise up to the back wall. A few minutes later the players run toward us as they go to the lockers. The two line men wave at me as they pass, and then the coach comes up to us after all the players are off the field. Sam walks to him, and they talk for a while before he walks away.

"What was that all about?" I ask her.

"He's just an old friend of a friend. That's why I wanted to come. So I can talk to him."


She tells me to follow her, and we walk into the school. I feel the humidity of the showers as the voices grow louder as we near the locker room door. Sam stops me outside the door, and tells me to wait. She walks away, and a few seconds later the two linemen round the corner she disappeared around. They are quickly hovering over me dwarfing my five foot frame with their six foot plus heights.

"Looks like it's out lucky day." One says to the other.

"Are we going to share, or what Bobby?" the other asks.

"One for the team." He answers.

They look at me taking my arms, and pulling me into the locker room. I am pulled right into the shower, and am soon surrounded by the entire team all naked around me. My shirt is yanked off, and my skirt is pulled up to my stomach as I am pushed to my knees. I am quickly sucking one after the other as I get soaked by the warm water. After a while I feel my ass being raised into the air. I am so into the situation that I rise with little thought. all the dicks all around me. All different sizes and colors turning me on more and more.

I moan as one slides into my vagina and begins to fuck me good. I quickly orgasm from the excitement of it all. He answers by cumming all over my back. I am then laid onto my back on the floor as one of the line men stretches my vagina with his big black cock. He fucks me hard using me good until he finishes all over my stomach. Another guy finishes on my breasts from my mouth.

One by one they use me finishing all over me covering me from my mouth to my pubic area. I am then put on my hands and knees, and feel a cock stretch my asshole wide open as he fucks it. I suck and stroke more dicks as he uses me. He fills my rectum with his load in a few minutes, and then another takes his place. They use me more until I am dripping with semen from everywhere. I am literally covered in cum from my head to my crotch front and back. All I can taste is semen, and all I feel is it seeping out of me.

I kneel there watching as the last player leaves, and then decide to shower myself off. I hit the tap, but nothing happens. I try another shower with the same results.

"The water's off now." A voice surprises me from behind.

I turn to see the coach standing there watching me.

"The last one out turns it off, and puts the towels into the laundry. You're on your own. Grab you shit, and go home."

I take my shirt and skirt, and walk past him silently. I walk out to see Sam standing there waiting for me. She tells me to get dressed before pulling me out the door into the cold. I don't even get time to dress, and the air freezes the semen right to me. She pulls me back to my room, and opens the door for me. She kisses me passionately once we're in the door.

"Anything left for me?"

"I always have some left for you."

"Even after fucking twenty guys?"

"I'd still want you after a hundred guys."

"That's something to work toward." She smiles kissing me. "Let's go shower."

She pulls me to the shower, and soaps me down so lovingly. I drop to my knees kissing here precious body the entire way. Then I bury my nose in her crotch licking her nectar until she rides my tongue. I love tasting her cum, and I gobble it all up before we finish out shower. When I step out I see a strange guy recording us. I step past him pulling Sam with me, and we return to my room where we lay in bed cuddling until we fall asleep.

When I wake she is gone. There is a note on my dresser from her, and I cautiously unfold it to read. She tells me in writing that she is confused, and needs some time to figure things out in her head. My heart sinks. She writes that she loves me so much that I'm all she can think of, and it's affecting her classes and grades. I realize just how deeply she has taken a shining for me. I thought it was more of a sexual puppy love kind of thing. She asks me to not chase her, or to try to change her mind. She finishes by saying how she will miss me, and hopes that we will be together someday. She signs it Love Sam.

I set it down, and feel my heart breaking. I begin to cry, and even though I tell myself that I shouldn't feel this way because it's for the better I still feel empty inside. I look over to the note, and through my tears I see some writing on the back printed really small. I pick it wipe wiping my eyes to see. I read a post script from her she printed on the back. In it she apologizes to me telling me that she has taken all of my bras and underwear because I look better without them, and she knows that someone else will come along quicker to take her place.

I look through me dresser to see that she has indeed cleared my underwear drawer. I sigh and smile thinking, "She got the final laugh on me."

Looking at the clock I see that I am beginning to run late for class. I grab a loose pair of jogging pants, and a lace camisole tossing them on quick. I figure out on my rush out the door that the pants are way too big for me, and I can barely keep them up. And that the cami is ripping out under the arms and the lace bodice is unraveling letting my left nipple peek out on occasion. It's too late to change so I continue on. The boys do their normal thing teasing and taunting me, but it's different today somehow. It feels more distant, and more annoying. I brush it off, and go about my day.

When I get to the Prof's class he notices that I have things on my mind. He dismisses class a bit early, and I lock the door like normal after everyone leaves. I stand in front of his desk looking at the floor waiting his instruction.

"You seem bothered today. What's going on? Husband trouble?"

"No sir. My girlfriend dumped me, and I guess I felt more for her than I thought."

He wraps his arms around me holding me close. It makes me feel so safe somehow.

"It's really her loss, but I'm sure you don't feel that way right now. I hope that you and Sam work things out. She was really head over heels for you."

I'm surprised that he knew about us, and even knew her name. I step back looking at him concerned.

"Don't worry. I'm not stalking you. More like keeping tabs on a crush." He says pulling me back to his chest.

"That's stalking." I laugh halfheartedly.

"See. There is some life in you yet."

"What are you surprised that a slut like me has feelings?"

"Not at all. I'm counting on them to give you the strength to be yourself."

I look up into his eyes feeling daring, and I say, "Then make love to me. Right now."

He bends down kissing me, and slowly peels my cami off as he kisses his way down to my breasts. I feel his manhood pushing against me through his pants turning me on even more. I feel him laying me back on his desk as my pants drop to my ankles. My legs spread around him I feel his hand touch my anxious crotch as he fishes his dick out. I moan loud as he slides it into me as far as he can, and begins to push hard against me. My body absorbs his thrusting, and his lips kiss my breasts while he occasionally sucks my nipples. I feel all of my stress mesh together inside of me as his thrusts become more pronounced. He kisses me passionately as his breaths become erratic. I begin to lose my own breaths as my stress builds inside of me.

His arms wrap around me pulling my naked body tight to his, and feeling the closeness proves to be too much. I feel my stress explode out of me as my orgasm begins. I moan into his mouth as the waves crash through me feeling his cock sliding in and out easier with my flush of wetness. He buries his face into my shoulder, and I hear him grunt as few times before I begin to feel his cum filling me. His pace slows, and his dick throbs inside of me draining his semen into my vagina.

"I love the feel of your cum inside of me." I moan.

"Me too." He laughs as his dick goes limp inside of me.

"Do you fuck your wife like you fuck me?"

"She's different. We don't do anything very often, and when we do it's over quick."

"Sounds like my husband." I laugh. "You better get off me before something grows inside of me."

"Then I'll just have to fuck you again."

"If you like me so much why did you make me think that I was failing, and then take advantage of me?"

"I never told you that you were failing. Just that your grades could improve. I never took advantage of you either. I never made you do anything you didn't want to do already. You look like you've embraced the lifestyle that you're living, and it doesn't seem to bother you that every boy on campus looks at you like a while every girl is jealous wishing that they could do what you're doing for one reason or another."

"Names never bothered me. Call me anything you want. I don't care."

"I bet you wouldn't walk around dressed like you do here at home, would you?"

"No. It's kind of like living out a fantasy here."

"And mine was to find an older beautiful woman to help her inner slut come out to play. It was a bonus that you like the flavor of another woman."

"I like my flavor too." I say taking his dripping flaccid dick into my mouth cleaning him of my drying wetness.

"Damn you're such a good slut."

"I'm the best slut here, and don't forget it." I say licking up the side of his shaft.

His cock grows semi erect as I suck on it and stroke it. He stands there letting me do as I wish to him with my mouth. I lick, suck, kiss, and worship his entire dick for a while. He gets my attention real quick when he grabs the back of my head, and pulls my face tight to his body. I gag slightly, and then begin to taste his salty cum. He groans as he holds my head still. I feel his cum hit the back of my mouth, and I swallow it down feeling myself craving more. He eventually lets go of me, and I suck him more wanting all of his seed in my belly. He lets me suck until he's again limp in my mouth. I kneel there as he pulls his dick out of my mouth and zips his pants closed.

"Pretty soon it'll be the fall break. I don't believe that you're going to be back after that, are you?"

"I don't know for sure. I don't think so."

He runs his finger through my hair saying, "I'm going to miss my slut."

"I'm going to miss all of this too. I just hope my husband never finds out about it."

"I definitely would never tell."

"That's good to know, but the internet doesn't keep secrets."

"Then you come back, and we'll take good care of you every day."

"You'd like that wouldn't you?"

"I would certainly like to take good care of you everyday."

"I'll hold you to that too since we don't have many days left."

I get dressed, and gather my things walking to the door.

"Michele, one more thing."

"Yes?" I ask.

"I notice that your tattoo is really faded. Did you do something to do that?"

"No. It's a temporary ink that fades quickly over time. Sam didn't want me to get into trouble with my husband so she made sure that the tattooist used that ink so it would be gone when I went home."

I walk out, and prance across the campus feeling his sperm leaking down my legs with every step. When I get back I do my homework, and go to bed without eating. I begin to feel alone again so hunger isn't in the cards for me. I begin to think about Sam, and holding her close. Feeling her soft pale body pressed tight to mine. Cuddling with a man doesn't even come close to matching the feeling. I begin to cry until I cry myself to sleep.

The next day goes like every other one before it right up until the end. I am soon standing in front of the Prof wearing my red skirt, and pink blouse opened all the way down to my belly button staring at the floor. He doesn't say a word. He just walks around his desk, takes me by my arms, spins me around bending me over, and then rams his cock into my vagina from behind. He fucks me hard and fast using me good. I am brought to orgasm quickly, and he fucks me right through it before finishing in my ass crack. I feel it shoot up over my back an run down over my crotch before running down my legs. I stay bent over as he sits back at his desk. I straighten up, and walk out.

For two weeks my days go exactly the same. I get up, go to class, let Prof make me cum, do my homework, eat a little something, and then go to bed. The only things that change are hoe Prof fucks me. Some days he takes me vaginally, while others he takes my ass. A few times he bends me over, makes me fuck him, or lays me back onto something. Soon it's the last day. I thank my teachers as I exit their classes for the last time, and it's bitter sweet when I lock the door for the final time with Prof. He stands watching me as I walk back to his desk and stare at the floor.

"Raise your eyes, and look at me. You are a strong woman, and can do whatever you set your mind to. You are the only student that has ever passed my class with an A average, and it's not because of anything beside your hard work."

"Or was it your hard work?" I joke.

"Nope. That was extra credit on a separate scale, an you aced that one with an A++."

"One last test then?" I ask.

"No. How about a congratulations?"

"I'll take it."

I watch him drop to his knees, and bury his face up my skirt. I feel his tongue slide right across my clitoris making my legs weak. I lean back against the chair behind me opening my legs for him, and he dive right in licking me good. My hips rock on their own as my orgasm peaks inside of me before filling his mouth. I moan in delight as the waves of pleasure take me away. He laps me up until I finish, and the kisses me letting me taste myself.

"I'm sure going to miss you, slut."

"And I'm going to miss you too, sir."

He hugs me as I walk out feeling like I've turned another page in my life. I stop to write Sam a note to thank her for being there for me, and taking care of me. I tell her that I'm going to miss her a lot, and I wished things would have worked out different. Then I go to her place, and slip it under her bedroom door. I didn't see her car so I doubt she's home. I go back to my room, and pack my things. I dress in my old clothes, and feel like I'm wearing a ton of clothing. I pack my new clothes under everything to hide them, and stuff the toys she bought me in with them. Then I bring my luggage to the car, and begin the long drive home.

My husband is glad to see me, and my hug me tight. I sit back in the recliner answering all of their questions, and we all talk for hours catching up. We go to bed, and my husband begins to caress my back. I know what he wants since it's always the same. I roll onto my back opening my legs for him. I feel myself preparing for him as if my body knows the routine. He rolls over sliding into me. I barely even feel him in me, and it's not for lack of size since he's about the same size as most of the dicks that I have fucked over the past few weeks.

He rides me slowly, and in a few minutes he pulls out finishing all over my belly and crotch. Then he kisses me after rolling off me. I grab a tissue to clean off, and hear him begin to snore. Then I lay back, and my mind wanders to Sam. I miss her, and I begin to cry myself to sleep once more. The next day it's as though I never left. Back to the same old routine. Before I know it Monday has come, and I report to HR for my new job. She assigns me a new password, and security card wishing me luck.

The first few days were busy trying to get the new system up and running, and then working out the bugs. Then it became monotonous like everything else around me. The days turn to weeks, and the weeks to months. Before I know it we are getting a new system again, but I'm not the star of this project. I hear that they hired some new girl that really knew her stuff, but was a bitch to work for. Lucky me I'm chosen to be the go to person to show her around.

Luckily she starts when I'm on vacation. I hear all the horror stories when I get back from my coworkers. She even made one person that was with the company for twenty years just drop everything and quit on the spot. When I report for work I find that my hours were changed from my normal eight hour night shift to a twelve hour shift starting at eleven in the morning. It pisses me off, but I try it hoping that it's temporary.

When I get in everyone tells me that she's at lunch, and she's been asking about me since I'm supposed to be her contact and helper. They tell me that she was pissed that I was on vacation when she started, and told everyone that a good employee would have cancelled their vacation. I don't cancel my vacations for anyone. I sit at my desk, and begin looking at the new system in place. It's a mess. After fifteen minutes I get a memo to report to her office. My coworkers wish me luck, and tell me that they liked working with me as I walk past them.

I walk into the room closing the door behind me, and I stand near the desk while she finishes a phone call as she faces the opposite direction fishing through paper that are strewn all over.

"Some helper you turned out to be. Where were you when I started?" She snarls meanly.

"On vacation."

"I wish I could have a vacation. Instead I am here trying to get things working so the company can pay lazy people to take vacations."

I brush her remark off.

"How do I get into the secondary data base of the system three versions ago?"

"Go to the system PSS folder, and click on Gen Five."

I watch the screen as she opens it, and then hear her sigh. I realize that she must have been fighting with this ever since she started, and is pissed at herself since it was so easy to find.

"I changed your schedule since we had a lot of work to do, and no time to get it done. I expect you to answer all of my questions as they come up. I don't care what you're doing at the time. You drop it, and then come to me. Got it?"

"Sure." I say in a snarky tone.

"Remember, we're all expendable here. What is your name again?"


I watch the chair spin around, and lock eye with Sam.

"I thought that tone and voice sounded familiar."

Stunned I stumble back sitting in a nearby chair with tears welling up in my eyes. She closes the curtains, and kneels beside me taking my hand.

"I missed you so much. I thought letting you go would help me, but it made me want you more. I poured myself into my books, and all I could think about was you. Then I came here in the hopes of finding you. When I didn't I hated myself for ever letting you slip away from me. I ran out of money, and had to get a job. So here I am. And here you are."

"I thought your dad gave you everything you wanted?" I ask as though money was all she mentioned.

"He didn't take too kindly when I told him that I was in love with you. He doesn't agree with two women, or even men for that matter, being in love. He refused to talk to me anymore, and I haven't heard from him since."

"I think he needs time to process it all maybe?"

"I'm so glad I found you!" She says hugging me.

I return her embrace whispering in her ear how I missed being in her arms.

"Me too."

"Where are you staying?" I asked.

"Right now I'm crashing at some dive hotel until I find someplace better."

"Stay with us. We can't be obvious lovers, and I'll tell my husband that you're a friend from school that needs a place to stay for a while. He'll let you since we're working together."

"I'd love that."

"I'll call him now, and ask."

I take her phone calling my husband. I explain that she's a friend, and he remembered me talking about her a few times. He had no problem, and said that he is looking forward to meeting the infamous Sam. I tell he what he says, and she hugs me tight kissing me on the lips. I feel my crotch moisten from her embrace, and return her kiss until we remember where we are. Then we sit back at her desk where I explain the ins and outs of the old systems, company protocol, and we begin to form a new improved system.

The time flies by. Before I know it she is pulling into my driveway behind me, and I'm introducing her to my husband as he helps her bring in her luggage. We all sit there for hours chatting, and she and I steal kisses whenever possible. She sleeps in the spare room opposite ours. In the morning I introduce her to my , and they seem to like her. I see my husband off to work, and then get the out to school. I sit back in the chair, and Sam sits on the couch staring at me with an evil grin on her face.

"Do you still shave that sweet pussy of yours?"

"Yes, I do."

"Show me."

"Do you shave yours?"

"You show me first, and then I'll let you know."

I walk up in front of her, and drop my jeans.

"No hair, and no underwear either. I guess you didn't leave the slut at school."

"Your turn."

She pulls me down to my knees by my hands, and then pulls my chest onto her lap before she pulls don her jogging pants. I look down, and right there inches from my face is the reddest bushy pubic hair I have ever seen. I run my fingers through it feeling it's softness. My thumb runs across her vaginal cleft touching her hard clit making her hips rise and making her moan.

"I've been wanting this for a long time." She coos as she pulls my face closer.

"Me too." I say burying my face in her crotch.

Her legs open as she gives herself to me, and I take her into my mouth lapping up her sweet juices greedily. Her hips rock hard grinding against my mouth, and I know that she is almost there. I rub her anus with the tip of my thumb, and it sets her off. I gulp down her sex as fast as it comes out. Her orgasm is intense. She rocks and shakes for minutes before she collapses limp onto the cushion. I stand up wiping the dripping wetness from my chin as I look at her. She looks up at me motioning for me to kiss her. I bend down, and we kiss as she pulls me on top of her. She pushes me up as she kisses her way down my body until my naked crotch is in her mouth. I ride her tongue for only a few minutes before I cum all over her face.

We then lay there cuddling until we have to go to work. We talk about our future, and how we'll be together somehow for a while. I assure her that my husband isn't too observant so he'll never know about us unless we tell him. She laughs, and decide what we'll do for fun tomorrow.
Going to School part 2
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I watch all of the girls, and a couple of the preppy guys walk out laughing. I sit there. The only female in a class of about fifteen geeky guys.

"Wow. That cleared out quick." He comments. "Today I thought you'd all enjoy a break from the normal routine, and decided that we can just relax today. I came up with a game we can play. I'm really surprised by how many have stayed today. Normally it's only one or two students who are trying to suck up that stay. Are you a suck up, Michele?"

I just smile from being put on the spot, and I squirm uneasily in my seat.

"The game goes like this; you take what you've learned about programming, and apply it to real life. You won't be judged or graded by whatever you do. It's just for the fun of it. To see how things really work. Remember to know your prospective user, and cater to their needs even though they don't know what they are until you show them."

"So you want up to write a program?" One of the boys asks.

"In a way." He responds. "You see programming is more than just binary code, and things to do on computers. It's in every aspect of life. Anyone can write a program, but can you program someone else to do what they want? Let's take Michele for instance."

I squirm even more being out on the spot again.

"If you look at her sitting there half naked you wouldn't ever guess that a short while ago she would never had dressed like that in public. But she thought about it. Then something happened in her life that changed her from being the conservative wife and mother to the liberal college girl without any concerns. Whatever it was it brought out the real Michele. The one that wished all the long that she could let go of her inhibitions, and be free. Isn't that right, Michele?"

I just stare at him in shock at how right he is.

"Now I'm sure the reason that most of you boys have stayed is to keep looking at Michele with the hopes of seeing more of her. I'm sure a few of you had some personal time with the pictures of her on the web. I'm also sure that some of you are wondering why I keep using er as an example? Well, it's because she has been programmed to be the woman that she has always wanted to be, and she can't contain the urges anymore in this environment. She has no choice. Her body reacts without her, and her mind can only follow along."

My shock grows more pronounced as he stands by his desk, and leans back on it.

"All of you come closer to the front. Gather around my desk."

We all move closer as he stands there watching.

"Very good. Now Michele.Come here."

I slowly walk to him, and he turns me toward the class.

"Michele needs to pass this class. I told her that I grade her on her performance just as I do anyone. So she did what I asked trying to improve her grade."

Some of the boys laugh.

"Don't laugh guys. She was way outscoring all of you already. I told her that she wasn't doing well because I knew that she would try harder, and I know that she can learn a lot. She has too. Her A became an A+ in only a few assignments."

The boy become silent listening.

"And you can see she is still enjoying the free lifestyle that she craves while getting a decent grade. I programmed her in a way. I seen her potential, and I carved it into something she can succeed with. This is the game I'm talking. Nothing harmful. Only to release a person's inner self somehow. You decide how. Be it a video game, or by suggestion."

"Program her to get naked." One of the boys joke.

"I don't have to." He retorts quickly. "I just have to ask."

"Bullshit." A few say.

"I'll do you one better. A woman can control her motions to a point, but she can't control her body."

He turns and looks at me before patting his hand on his desk.

I turn around, and bend at my waist laying my hands flat on his desk. I feel my skirt ride up my hips, and I know that they can see my crotch just by listening to their whistles and cat calls.

"Look close boys. It's probably the first time you've seen a real woman bent over in front of you. You will see her pussy out in the open. It looks normal. Nothing unusual. Just keep your eyes focused on her, and tell me what happens."

I watch him walk around, an then reach into his desk. I know what he's retrieving, and I feel myself getting excited. I feel myself flush with anticipation when the leather paddle comes into view. He runs it over my face, and then down my back until I feel it touch my bared ass.

"What do you all see?"

"Holy shit!" One pipes up. "Her cunt is fucking dripping."

Hearing them all begin to get excited watching me turns me on even more, and I soon feel my juices running down the inside of my leg.

"This is her real self. It has been brought out of her by changes in her environment." He says as he lays the paddle on the small of my back. "I have things to get done, and since you all know the game I'll leave you to your fun."

He lifts my head by my hair, and looks me in the eyes.

"Stay still until I tell you otherwise." He orders me.

I watch as he walks out the door making sure that it's locked behind him. I hear the guys talking behind me as they stare at me. I even hear some phones click as they take pictures. It takes a minute before I feel the paddle lift off my back. Then it comes crashing down on my ass a few times making me flinch. I see the boys gathering around me, and hear their phones clicking away. I stay still just like I was told.

My shirt is pulled from the sides, and I hear it tearing as it is pulled. In a second my shirt is tossed into the corner while my skirt is yanked up to my stomach. I feel their hands all over me. Touching me. Pinching my nipples which are super hard from me being so turned on, and fingers slide into me vagina and ass probing me as deep as they can.

I can only moan as they make me even hornier. Their inexperienced groping makes me want more. The thought of being their first is so sexy to me. Their hands and fingers use me for almost ten minutes bringing me so close to orgasm that I'm almost in a stupor.

Then it finally happens. I feel a cock slide into my vagina, and begin to fuck me. I moan loud, and orgasm almost immediately. It a good one too which shakes me to the core. I barely finish when one of them shove their dick in my face telling me to suck it. I gladly suck it into my mouth, and make it mine as the other guy fucks me hard. He rams me deep a few minutes before I feel him pull out. Then I feel his hot cum landing all over my back, and slowly oozing down over my ass.

I feel him wipe the last drops on my ass cheek before another dick slips into me. I moan against the dick in my mouth as he rams my pussy hard. In seconds I taste the semen as ti seeps down my throat. I swallow it down as it shoots out. It tickles the back of my mouth, and it feels so good.

I am pulled away from the desk, and made to kneel on all fours on the floor while being fucked the entire time. Another dick is shoved into my mouth as I moan. I stroke it while I suck, and then feel him tense. It's not long before he lets out his nut in my mouth. I gulp it down too feeling it warm my belly. Then the guy in me pulls out, and shoots his cum all the way up my back to my shoulders. It feels so hot, and feels like it's covering my entire back.

As soon as they finish with me I am pulled onto my knees, and made to straddle a guy who is laying on the floor holding his dick up. I slide it into my eager vagina, and slowly feel him filling me. As soon as our bodies meet I moan as an orgasm takes me by surprise. I grind my crotch into him as my vagina clenches his hard cock, and shake as the waves course through me.

It last for a few blissful minutes before finally subsiding, and then I lean forward taking the cock in front of me into my mouth. I ride one cock while sucking another working myself to another orgasm. Then I stop moving when I feel a dick poke at my asshole. I am so worked up that I push back when he begins to push forward. I feel it pop into my rectum, and then feel my sphincter hesitate for a split second before allowing his dick through.

I feel so full with cocks in every hole in my body. All fucking me as I move back and forth. The sting in my ass mixed with the pleasure of my vagina makes it so hot. My lust wants more. I suck the cock hard as my orgasm slowly nears. Then I feel the cock in my vagina let loose inside of me. I feel the hot semen as it fills my womb, and hear him moaning as he injects it into me.

I don't stop. I want my orgasm. The guy pulls his cock out of my mouth, and shoots his cum all over my face before making me suck the last dribbles out of it. Seconds later I feel the dick in my ass shove deep, and begin to throb. It's followed by the hot feeling of cum filling my guts. He holds me still until he finishes, an then pulls out leaving me dripping. I move off the guy under me, and feel his cum leak out in seconds.

I am pulled onto another guy, and I straddle his cock while I am leaned backward. A dick is in my mouth right away, and one is put into each of my hands. I suck, fuck, and stroke trying to get to my orgasm again. Feeling his cock moving in and out of my pussy while her rubs my clit with his finger is definitely helping. I moan as the cock in my left hand begins to throb. I feel the hot cum splatter all over my left breast covering it in sticky hot goo. A minute later the guy in my mouth pulls out, and I am told to keep my mouth open as he cums all over my face and into my mouth before he tells me to swallow it.

Watching this makes the guys in my right hand finish, and his cum shoots out hard right on my right nipple. I stroke him feeling his cock throb as his cum covers my boob. The cum begins to run down my chest and stomach tickling my skin as it does. It's enough to give me what I need, and I shake in pleasure as I cum all over the cock in me. I feel my body quivering uncontrollably as my mind goes blank from pleasure.

For a few wonderful minutes I am taken to a special place where nothing matters but my pleasure. It's too short of a time, and as I begin to regain myself I feel him pulsating inside of me. Adding to all the semen already inside of me. It's so hot and feels so good as it tickles my vaginal walls shooting into me. I ride him through his climax before he tells me to move.

I am then bent back over the desk, and feel a cock slam into my butt hole. He fucks me hard and deep as the semen leaks from my vagina, and runs down my legs. My hands are again filled with dicks, and I stroke them as I moan from the abuse my ass is taking. I feel his cock so deep inside of me. My butt muscle has given up any fight it may have had long ago. My body goes numb from the fucking, and all I feel is the dicks in my hands.

For a few minutes he ravages my ass making me groan as the tingle inside me gains momentum ever so slowly. I feel the cocks in my hands go off almost simultaneously. The hot semen lands all over my back coating my skin completely between my shoulder blades. Then the cock in my ass slams really hard. He lifts me to my tiptoes as he pushes as deep as he can.

I hear him moan a strained moan, and feel him lift me higher with his cock. It stretches my worn butt hole even more as his cum fills my rectum. My belly begins to bloat with a hot sensation inside, and I feel some beginning to leak out down my legs. He holds it deep until the last shot is deposited inside of me, and then I feel him yank it out before he walks away.

My hole is sore and abused to the point that it feels like it's hanging wide open. I feel his cum leak out immediately. It tickles my legs as it oozes down to my feet. it's not long before another dick takes his place. He fucks me fast and hard before adding to the mess already inside of me. Then I am pulled onto one of the guy's who ids laying on the floor. I straddle his cock before being pushed back so that I'm leaning with my back over his face. I watch as another guy kneels between my wide open legs.

I stare as he maneuvers his cock to my vagina. I feel him trying to put it in my already full hole, and to my surprise it's going in. Slowly I feel my vagina stretching as it tries to accommodate both dicks. I feel myself stretching to the breaking point. I feel like I'm going to tear, and it hurts. I ready myself for the pain just as his cock slides into me. I moan as he fills me beyond full. They begin to fuck me together, and I almost pass out from the feeling. It's only a few minutes before I orgasm so hard that the room goes black for a second.

It begins in my belly, and then fills my entire body before it makes me tense so hard that I can't breathe. Then it releases out through my vagina in a rush of pleasure making me cry out in delight. My body shakes and shivers as the waves rip through my soul. My eyes roll back into my head, and my teeth clench tight. The room goes black, and then I see stars.

For a few glorious minutes I orgasm hard. By the time it begins to wane I realize that the guys have already finished. One inside of me, and the other all over my stomach. I try to stand, but my legs are too weak so I just kneel there for a minute. I look up to see cocks all around me. All hard, and all being stroked. I lose myself, and begin to suck and stroke them all. One by one they shoot all over me. In my mouth, my hair, on my chest, on my back, and all over me.

I feel the cum running down all over me giving me shivers as it cools drying to my skin. I take all they can give loving every last drop until they walk out of the room. After a while I am the only one there kneeling in a puddle of semen. I stand up, place my hands flat on his desk, and wait. Just like I was told to do.

The time drags on. The semen is mostly dried to my skin before the door swings open. I look over to see the Prof walk in. He walks up to me, and looks me over.

"Looks like you had some fun. Did you enjoy it? Was it all you thought it would be?"

"More." I answer.

"I thought as much. Do you wish for a spanking, or do you wish to leave?"

"Whatever you decide is fine with me."

"Very well. I'll let you heal for today. Tomorrow you will wear something nice and slutty. Then we will see what will happen. You may leave now."

I grab my torn top, and tie it around my body to cover my chest. It barely does. Then I pull my skirt down over my ass only to discover that it's covered in cum too. I quickly walk back to my room feeling all of the semen leaking from me with every step, and the eyes boring into me as I pass. When I finally get to my room I grab a towel, and take a shower. I use the spray head to try to wash some of the semen out of me, but it doesn't get deep enough.

I clean the best I can before I towel off, and return to my room. Chris and Sam are sitting there when I get back, and they both smile when I walk in covered in only a towel.

"Hey babe." Sam says greeting me. "I'd ask how they're hanging, but I'd rather see."

She walks up to me, and pulls the towel away as she kisses me passionately.

"You get me so horny." She whispers in my ear.

I look over at Chris who is staring at me as I stand here naked. Then I look at Sam. She has that horny look in her eyes.

"How horny?" I ask.

"I'd do anything for you." She coos.

"Then I want you do do two things for me."


"Tell me how you feel about me. Honestly."

"Honestly?" She asks taking a step back.


"Honestly. You're all I think about. When I close my eyes you're all I see. When I dream, I dream of us together. I love the thought of you in my arms forever. I love the feeling of being with you. I love being close to you. Honestly. I think I'm in love with you."

"You do know that when the semester is over I have to go back to my family?"

A tear forms in her eye as she responds, "Please don't remind me. I don't want to think about that."

She hugs me, and holds me tight as her tears begin to flow.

"I want you to stop shaving yourself down there." I say as she cries on my chest.

She looks up at me at a loss for words.

"You said that you love me. It's not a lot to ask. Is it?"

"No! I'll do anything you want. Anything."

"Good. Then give me your toy. The big one."

She looks at me curious for a second before she walks out of the room. I look at Chris smiling.

"Set up a camera, and I want you to record everything that happens. Then you will give me the only copy since I can't rust you with it."

He runs to get the campus video equipment, and returns just before Sam. He is finishing setting up when she walks in. Looking at him she gets a concerned look on her face. I smile, and tell her to sit as I dress.

I put on a loose fitting pair of pink shorts, an old white button down blouse, matching lace see through bra and thing set in hot pink, and a pair of old white flats.

"I want you to fulfill a fantasy of mine." I say to her as I kiss her on the lips. "It requires you to use all the love you have for me."

"I'll do anything for you." She whispers.

"Then let your mind go, and do to me whatever you wish. I'm sure I'll love it. Not matter how much it hurts."

I lay my thick leather braided belt on the table beside the bed before I walk out of the room. I go to the bathroom to prepare myself. I know I want it, but I don't know if I'm going to like it as much as I hope. It's too late to back out now so I return to my room pausing outside of the door. I look under to see the light shining bright inside, and I know that Chris is ready.

I open the door, and walk in. Chris is in the corner, and begins to record. Sam is nowhere to be seen. I pretend Chris isn't there, and hope that Sam didn't get cold feet as I set my things down on the table beside the bed. I sit down, and slowly pull my shoes off before going to put them in the small closet. I think that Sam has left, and get ready to call it all off. I reach for the closet door knob, and then it bursts open.

Sam comes rushing out tackling me to the bed. She wrestles me down until she has me tied with my wrists to my ankles. then she stands over me staring. I watch as she pulls a large knife out, and cut my clothes off with it until I'm just in my underwear and bra. Her hands touch my bared skin like she's contemplating something.

"Such a nice big ass. It needs to be taught who's in charge." She says as she pulls me into a kneeling position.

She then reaches over grabbing my belt, and I prepare for what's to come. She hauls back, an let's it fly smacking me right across my ass hard. She begins to beat my backside over and over not holding anything back. It hurts a lot, and my tears are flowing down my cheeks as she spanks me. I rock and wiggle trying to stop the belt, but all I manage to do is fall over.

She takes advantage of it, and reties my wrists to the headboard. She rips my bra off me before spanking my chest just as hard. She spanks all the way down my body to my knees only stopping to tie my legs wide open. Then she lands a few blows directly across my crotch. It makes me cry out in agony, but she isn't phased.

She only stops when her arms get tired. My body feels like it's on fire, and I can't see through my tears. I feel my wrists loosen, and quickly wipe my eyes. I see her lighting a tapered candle above me. I watch the flame grow as she turns it sideways. The dribble of wax forms on the tip just under the flame, and it grows bigger and bigger. I see it drop, and then feel it burn on my left nipple. My back arches, and another drop hits my areola. She drips wax all over my breasts, and down my stomach.

I feel her yank my thong down as the wax rips to my crotch. It burns as it hits my sensitive flesh, and makes me rock violently as the hot wax runs down over my labia and asshole. She goes until the candle is gone, and then scrapes the wax off with the knife before tying me over the edge of the bed with my legs spread open, and my arms stretched out over the mattress.

"It time for you to learn your place slut." She sneers.

I look back to see her buckling the strap on around her waist. She is soon kneeling behind me, and I feel her spit down my butt crack. Then I feel her ram it into my ass hard. It goes so deep that I begin to shake. My hole is forced open painfully. She grabs my hair, and begins to fuck me hard.

"I'm going to fuck your fat ass until you cum like the slut you are."

She savagely fucks my rear so hard and deep. It hurts a lot, and I doubt I'd ever orgasm like this. She uses her other hand to spank my ass while she pulls my hair. I feel the rubber dick as it works me over, and feel myself opened wide around it's girth.

After a while it begins to make my toes curl, and I feel the tingle begin to rise inside of me. I am surprise, but filling with desire. I feel my body pushing back to meet her thrusts, and feel the need to orgasm grow.

"Fuck me." I moan. "Fuck my ass."

She fucks with a renewed vigor, an the tingling grows into that familiar tension.

"Harder. Make my ass yours." I taunt.

She pulls my hair harder as she slams deep, and I feel my tension rise to the breaking point.

"Is that all you have. Come in her and attack me, and then not even be able to perform?"

She slaps my face form behind, and pushes so hard into me that It feels like she's going to break me in two. Then I feel my tension release.

"Oh God Yes!" I moan.

"That's it. Cum for me. You're my slutty bitch now."

"Yes. I'm yours." I manage through my orgasm.

It shakes me for a few minutes before winding down. Then she pulls it out, and unties me.

"Who owns you bitch?"

"You do." I moan.

She kisses me before pulling out an even larger dildo. I look at it in amazement.

"Then fuck this." She says handing it to me.

It's twelve inches long, and at least six around. It has bumps all over it, and has a large fake scrotum at the base. It's brown color gives in to the common stereotype. I feel myself getting wet thinking about it, and accept the challenge.

"Today bitch. Or I'll shove it up your ass."

I pull my thong off, and set it on the bed before putting the base of the dildo on the floor. Then I raise myself over it as Chris brings the camera in for a good view. I lower myself until it's pressed against my vaginal opening. The wetness down there lets it slip in slightly, but it's so thick that I'm quickly opened wide.

"There hasn't been a single cunt that has been able to take that dick, but you don't have a choice. Now get on it."

I push down feeling myself stretching around it until the tip pops into me. It feels so huge. I rock myself trying to work it in, but it slow going. I feel my pussy stretching wide as the shaft slowly enters me little by little. I hear my wetness as it coats the rubber and lubes it up. I feel my insides filling as the thing works deeper. It hurts as it stretches me, but I press on. I am relieved when my butt touches my heels, and I begin to fuck it a bit more aggressively but still being cautious.

"Fuck it all you filthy cunt!" She commands pushing my shoulders down.

I lose my balance, and fall impaling myself on the dildo. I feel it ram past my cervix, and stretch my entire vagina wide open. I almost pass out from the pain.

"Fuck it I said." She says pulling me up and down by my hair.

I feel it moving in and out of me, and I begin to fuck it myself. It fills me so full, and it hurts. She sits on the bed in front of me, and I see that she is now naked. Her legs are wide open, and her wet pussy fills my vision.

"Lick it ." She commands pulling my head to her.

My nostrils fill with the scent of her sex, and I begin to lap up her juices making her moan. It turns me on knowing that she's loving it. I lick with all I have wanting to taste her forever. I feel the dildo moving in and out of me as I rock licking her. She pulls my face tight to her, and I gladly engulf her with my mouth letting y tongue dive into her.

"Eat my cum you fat slut!" She moans as her juices fill my mouth.

Her hips bucking wildly sets me into a frenzy, and before I know it I too am writhing in delight. I feel my vagina clenching the dildo as my orgasm rocks my world. I suck her until she finishes, and then pushes my head away.

"I'm impressed bitch. Now you can prove that I own you. Lick my ass." She snarls getting on her knees at the edge of the bed in front of me.

I lean forward, and spread her chubby cheeks with my hands before burying my face between them. Her ass smells like the juices that are running down it. I push my tongue out, and it slips into her tight little asshole. It really has no taste at all. I push deeper, and hear her moan.

"That's it bitch. Tongue fuck my asshole."

I work my tongue in an out licking her ass while she pushes it back at me. I lick up and down the crack making sure to lick it all to please her. After a while she tells me to stop, and then sits up. She hands my thong to me.

"Get up, and put these on."

It feels like my vagina is hanging open when I rise off the dildo, and stand. Chris records it all. I begin to put my leg into my underwear, but she stops me.

"Stand in front of the window, an put them on slowly."

I walk to the window, and she opens it. It's a full length window which doesn't provide any cover. I'm glad I'm on the third floor until she calls the attention to a group of people down below. I stand there for a second before slipping my leg through the thong.

"You don't wear them that way around me anymore. They go in."

I look at her with disbelief before I lift my leg onto a table beside the window. I spread my vagina open, and begin to slowly stuff the fabric into me until it's all the way in.

"Good girl. Remember this for the next time I come over."

She then dresses, and walks out the door. I collapse onto the bed exhausted, and sore feeling my underwear inside of me. Chris ends his recording, and then Sam walks back in. She kisses me right away, and then reaches down digging my thong out of me. I watch as she places them into a zippered baggie and then into her purse.

"Sorry if I was too rough."

"It was great. I'm glad we finally did this."

"I love you so much. I want to do this everyday."

"You liked being on camera?"

"It was different. Sexy in a way."

I smile, kiss her, and then take the camera from Chris.

"You know." I begin, "We both got off, but our camera man didn't get much out of it. He looks like he has a rager going under those pants."

"What's your point? I don't do guys."

"You said that you's do anything for me."

"I can't..."

"For me you can." I interrupt.

I watch her body sag as she relents.

"Fine. Just this once." She says as she undresses.

Chris hops out of his clothes, and stands there. I push him back down onto the chair, and begin to film them. I watch as Sam walks up to him grabbing his dick with her right hand. She move it into place as she straddles his lap. I zoom in just as his dick sinks into her vagina. I pan out as she begins to moan and ride his dick moving around to see her face.

Her buxom breasts bounce with her rhythm. Her nipples poking out hard. He leans in, and begins to suck them one at a time making her moan more. I move back to their crotches to film the action, and I see the whiteness of her orgasm as it coats his shaft. I again pan out to see her ass as it bounces on his lap. She pushes him back, and I move to the front.

She leans back as I film her riding him. I love watching him going in and out of her while her boobs and belly bounce in unison. He grabs her hips, and I zoom in quick just in time to see he begin to quiver in orgasm. She shakes, but doesn't otherwise move, an then I see his dick begin to throb. I know that he's finishing inside of her. They finish together, and I capture it all. She lays back on my bed with her legs splayed wide so I can record his cum as it leaks out, and then asks for something to clean up.

I set the camera down, and crawl between her legs. I nuzzle my face in her mess, and lick it up from her bringing her to another orgasm. Then I lay there resting my head on her bald crotch as she pets my head.

"I hope that you're satisfied now?" She says.

"That was great."

"Good because it's never happening again."

"Why not? It looked like you enjoyed it."

"I did get carried away, but you have to realize that Chris is a distant cousin. So I fuck my relation to prove my love for you. What are you going to do for me?"

"Anything you want."

"I have a few ideas."

Chris leaves the recordings on my table as he walks out, and then Sam and I fall asleep. I kiss her on the clitoris before laying back down to rest. She moans slightly as she dozes off. I have the most restful sleep I've had in a while, and when morning comes I don't want to get up. She is laying behind me with her warm soft breasts pressed firmly against my back, and her crotch planted tight to my ass. It feels so good, and so right.

I watch the clock tick away, and come to term with the fact that I have to get up. I wrap a towel around me, and walk to the bathroom. One guy passes me staring intently. I smile and wave letting my towel fall. I say oops as I pick it up, and continue on my way. I sit down, and think about what to wear when I feel that familiar tingle from down below. It's not the sexy tingle either. It's the normal tingle when my cycle begins. I see blood on the paper when I wipe telling me that it's time.

When I get back to my room Sam is awake, and sitting in the chair naked. She asks how I'm feeling, and when I show her the box of tampons she giggles.

"That good, huh?"

I put one in, and then pick out my clothes for the day while she watches. I grab my red lace bra and thong set, a white tee with a plunging neckline and cutouts everywhere except for the bosom, a light pink lacy skirt that is pretty much see through except for where it counts, and my red garter and stockings. I top it off with my white high heels before Sam whistles at me.

"Sexy mama. What's the occasion for the outfit?"

"Prof told me to dress slutty today, and I'm not in the mood to be half naked for obvious reasons."

"I'd do ya." She laughs as she walks up to me. "I'd do you all night long."

She kisses me, and then gets herself dresses before heading to the door. She stops before opening it, and looks back at me smiling.

"You one hell of a hottie in that outfit. I wish I could stay to take it off you, but I have to grab some clean clothes before my classes. Someday you're going to have to move in with me so we don't have to keep leaving each other."

"Or you could just stay naked, and then you wouldn't have to worry." I joke.

"I prefer being naked around you babe." She says walking out the door.

My day goes as normal as it has been lately, and the Prof just smiles at me in class. The boys that stayed laugh and joke at my expense. A few make comments about how they want to fuck me again, and others grab a feel only to be disappointed when they find out I have underwear on. The Prof asks me to stay after class, and I do locking the door after everyone leaves.

"Looks like you have a rough night?" He asks looking at my bruised chest.

"Things got a bit out of hand."

"A bit? Did you cum?"


"How many times?"

"A few. I really didn't count."

"What do you remember the most about it? What made you the most turned on?"

"I was made to put a huge dildo into myself. It hurt at first, but it eventually made me cum so hard."

"Can you still feel it?"

"If I think about it I can feel the discomfort, but I'm otherwise occupied right now so it's not an easy thing to imagine."



"Just as well. You need time to heal anyhow. Only pictures today."

He takes out a camera, and tells me the various poses to adopt as he clicks away. I do get turned on hearing the camera click, but feel neglected knowing that nothing more is going to happen. After an hour he tells me that he's done. I put the clothes back on that he had me remove, and exit the room as he sits at his desk. I return to my room right after, and watch out the window as a storm blows in.

I call my husband, and talk with my before checking my emails and beginning my homework. Sam is noticeably absent for the night. I find it strange. I blame it on the storm, and lay in my bed alone for the night. The next morning I wake to find a text from Sam telling me that she has come up with the perfect way for me to prove my feelings for her. I text back asking how, but she never replies.

The day goes as normal ending with the prof snapping even more pictures of me. He must have a computer full by now, but I don't much care at this point. I order a pizza for supper, and it turns out to be the same pizza guy. A huge smile comes across his face when I answer the door and ask him in. I turn to take the money from the table, and when I turn back I see him holding his dick in his hand.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

"Last time you left me with something. This time I want a good tip."

"What makes you think you've earned a tip?"

"Look, I've seen your pictures, and videos on the web. I know that you like to fuck. You can't fool me."

"I can't. It's the wrong week for that."

"Then suck it, and next time you can fuck it."

"And if I don't?"

He step in front of me pressing his dick into my stomach, and looks me in the eyes. I see a wild look in his eye telling me that he's getting tired of my excuses.

"Suck it! Now!"

I fill with fear hoping that he doesn't hurt me for real. I have no choice. I drop to my knees, and take him into my mouth. I suck him the best that I can trying to get him off fast. He seems to like it, and lets me do what I'm doing for a while. then he pulls out of my mouth, and grabs my hair. He tosses me over the arm of the chair, and yanks my thong to the side.

"Your cunt may be bleeding, but your ass isn't." He says as he shoves his dick into my asshole.

I feel it tearing me open as he slips it in dry. It hurts and I struggle, but he holds me still. In seconds I feel his scrotum mash against my labia as his dick fills my rectum. He holds my arms behind my back holding me still while he fucks me hard.

"Your tight ass is just as good as your filthy cunt bitch. Even better in ways."

Tears run down my cheeks from the stinging and burning coming from my ass.

"There, there, 's don't cry unless they want it harder."

He slams into me making my body jiggle, and my ass hurt more. His dick is pounding my insides violently, and I can't do anything about it.

"Here it comes bitch. Your ass is about to get a load in it." He moans as he pushes as deep as he can.

I feel his cum filling me, and warming my bowels.

"Your fat ass is a great fuck. I can't wait to deliver here again." He says in my ear as his dick drains into my ass.

I feel him shrinking in me, and then eventually fall out. My ass clamps shut right away holding his semen inside. He pats my bruised ass cheek as he pulls my thong back in place.

"Thanks for the tip. I think I'll keep the change too."

I lay across the arm of the chair watching him walk out with my ten dollars in change. I'm angry, but kind of feel that it isn't that bad. I've just been used, and I really only have myself to blame. I have done nothing to tell anyone to give them any other idea. I slowly get up, and sit down at the table to eat. I have to sit sideways since my ass is hurting. Then the thought comes to my head that makes me laugh to myself.

"I just paid a stranger ten dollar to fuck my ass. I'm not the . He is."

I receive a text from Sam telling me that she can't make it again today because she is having car troubles. I ask her what is happening, and she says that she has to bring it in to find out why it won't stay running. I finish eating, and get my homework done before going to bed thinking about how humdrum the last few days have been. I doze off hoping that the newness of the latest slut has past.

The next few days go by with nothing happening except for the usual stares, gropes, and comments. Sam texts me everyday, but she doesn't visit. Before I know it a week has past, and I'm starting to wonder if everything is okay with her so I drive to her place to see her.

I walk in to see her lounging in her underwear in the main living room. Her roommates are walking to and fro not paying her any mind. I walk up behind her putting my hands on her shoulders as I lower myself to kiss her on top of her head. She jumps spinning around in shock.

"Oh my, you scared the shit out of me!"

"Stand up, and let me see because I don't believe you." I laugh.

"Why are you here?"

"Is it an issue?" I ask awed by her question.

"Well." She says as an older man walks out of her room shirtless.

He walks up to her, and kisses her on the head hugging her.

"I'm going to grab something to eat babe. Want anything?" He asks walking to the kitchen.

"What's going on here?"

"It's not what you think?"

"You don't call or stop by. I only get texts for a week. You tell me that your car doesn't work, and then I see you here with a guy. What is going on? Wait. I don't want to know. I'm going home. I'm sorry I came over." I say walking out without looking back.

I feel cheated on. My eyes fill with tears as I drive away. I ignore her texts, and sit in my room crying. I hate myself for letting myself be vulnerable, and I hate myself for cheating on my husband. I look at the clock to see that it's almost midnight.

"I can be home by morning." I think to myself.

I grab my keys, and walk out the door leaving everything behind. I get into my car, and just as I out it in gear Sam knocks on the driver's side window. She frantically is begging me to talk to her, but I drive away not listening. I speed away from the college crying, and am soon on the dark country road. I don't even see the deer. I just feel the car jerk, and then see smoke as I spin into the ditch. I sit there stunned for a minute before trying to open my door.

It opens hard, and just when I get it open a car pulls up. It's Sam. She runs up to me crying and concerned. I don't want to see her so I try to walk away. She grabs my arm spinning me back around, and holds me close. She hugs me so tight that I can barely breathe.

"Please just listen to me. That was my dad. He doesn't know the way I am. I couldn't do anything to let him know about you. Not yet. I'm sorry I lied to you, but please try to understand. He pays for all of my expenses, and he'll stop if he finds out about us. Please, I'm begging you. I love you."

I feel my adrenaline subside, and I feel my legs giving out. I hear her saying something about my bleeding. It sounds like she's a million miles away as the night grows darker.

I come to in the back of an ambulance. I sit up feeling my head pounding. The medic helps me to sit, and I see a police car behind my car with it's lights on. Sam is sitting by my feet just staring at me crying. I then see a tow truck backing up as it hooks up my car. I can see the hood of my car all dented in, and I see my windshield webbed from a spot on the driver's side.

The medic asks how I'm feeling, and then asks if I want to go to the hospital. I tell him that I have a head ache, but feel fine otherwise. He tells Sam to keep a close eye on me for the night as he helps me out of the ambulance. The officer walks up taking my statement, and then looks at the red mark from my seat belt. He has Sam and me wait by her car as mine is towed away. A few minutes later he hands me a card explaining where my car is being towed to, and how to proceed from here for insurance purposes.

Sam brings me back to her place, and I sit in the same place she had earlier. Her dad walks out asking how I'm doing. He asks what all happened, and then made small talk while Sam got me an ice pack. I'm careful not to mention Sam and my relationship when he asks more personal questions. Then he says something throwing me off.

"So why does a married forty something that is here for work dress like you are? Are you looking for something to happen?"

"What's that suppose to mean?"

"Most women your age don't dress in short skirts, and loose shirts. That's all I'm saying. Not that what you're wearing is a bad thing or anything."

I watch his eyes trail down to my chest.

"I guess I'm just a more free and open new aged woman." I say as Sam walks back into the room handing me an ice pack. "Thanks babe."

She smiles and sits beside me opposite of her dad. I sit back, and listen to her and her father talk. I find out all about her childhood, and they quirky things she did growing up. I find out that her parents divorced when she was very young, and she didn't have a good relationship with her mother.

The sun begins to rise before we retire into her room. She lays on the bed yawning. Her dad lays beside her after stripping down into his boxers. I stand there looking at her, an she pats the bed behind her for me to lay between them.

"There's no room for me there." I say.

"I'll take the couch." Her dad offers getting up.

I lay where he was, and Sam turns the light low. We cuddle under the blanket being careful as not to let anything get out of hand.

"You've healed up nice from our night of sexy fun." She whispers in my ear.

"Yeah. The marks are barely visible now, but I'm sure I'm going to have some more from tonight."

"Probably, but these aren't as fun."

I give her a quick peck on the head before I pull the covers over my shoulders to sleep. In minutes I hear her snoring away, and I lay there tired but can't sleep. I hear her dad get up, and see him walk up beside me. I watch in the faint light as he stands over me while I pretend to sleep.

I feel the covers slid slowly own baring me. The sudden coolness makes my nipples turn solid. His hand gently touches my right breast, and softly caresses it over my shirt and bra. I feel his fingers squeeze my nipple ever so gently. I feel my crotch flush with excitement. It feels so good after a week without any attention. He caresses both of my breasts after feeling more comfortable. I continue to pretend to sleep.

I imagine his little pot belly, and muscular arms with large hands while I feel my shirt unbuttoning and opening. He grabs my breasts slipping them out from my bra making a quiet moan slip from me. He pulls away quickly pausing until he feels like I'm still asleep. He plays with my nipples while massaging my breasts for a while making a few more moans slip out of me.

His hands move down rubbing down my belly to my legs before moving slowly up the insides of my legs. I feel my legs open on their own, and my crotch moisten even more. His finger tips move softly up my inner thighs until just before he touches my crotch. Then he moves them to the outsides of my legs lifting my skirt up over my hips. I feel the cool air contrast my heated crotch as he runs back down to my thong. I feel it pull down baring my overheated crotch. He pulls them right off me, an I hear him toss them to the side somewhere.

His fingers quickly flow back up the insides of my legs again, but this time I feel my hips rise as he runs them closer to my eager pussy. My back arches as his touch caresses my wet labia finding my vaginal opening. I moan quietly when hid finger slides into me. He slowly fingers fucks me driving me crazy with lust, but I still pretend to sleep curious as to what he is planning.

I don't have to wait long to find out. I feel his tongue lick across my clitoris a couple times before he wraps his lips tightly to my crotch letting his tongue delve into me. My hips rock in relation to his gentle lapping. My moans hissing out of me as my insides grow tense ever so slowly. I resist the urge to pull his head closer, and let myself just be at his mercy.

I glance over at Sam laying beside me. She is sound asleep. My movement makes him stop to wait. I raise my arms over my head. Giving myself to him in a way as I pretend to sleep. About a minute later I feel him lifting my legs as his weight shifts on the bed. Then I feel his rock hard cock slip into my soaking wet vagina. I lay there pretending to sleep while he slowly begins to fuck me. I moan more as his cock slides in and out of me. It feels so damn good.

His lips wrap around my left nipple, and he sucks on it gently. He's being so slow and calculated. Thinking that he thinks that I'm asleep makes it all that much more sexual. It feels like he's making love to me, and I'm about ready to orgasm. The tension is growing at such a rate that my entire body is beginning to tense.

His hands hold mine above my head while he tries to contain his thrusting trying to keep is slow and gentle. Seconds later I feel my tension release making to room fill with wet sounds as his cock dives in and out of me. Just as my crotch begins to quiver around his cock he grunts quietly, and I feel his hot cum shooting inside of me. He pumps each shot into me as I orgasm with him.

He pulls out of me when he finishes. I am still shaking sporadically as my orgasm wanes, and I feel his cum inside of me. I look at Sam who is still sleeping like a baby right beside me. Then I begin to finally nod off feeling his cum trickling onto the sheets below me. I hear him crawl back onto the couch. Then I fall asleep.

Sam opens the drapes letting the bright sun shine in waking me.

"Wake up babe. It's almost one in the afternoon."

She jumps onto the bed beside me, and kisses me.

"What about your dad?"

"He went out for lunch. We have a while before he'll be back." She says smiling.

She pulls the covers off me, and pounces on top of me.

"Dressed just right." She says seeing my shirt hanging open, and my skirt hiked up showing my bare bottom.

Her hands grab my breasts as her tongue darts into my mouth. Her more forceful nature coming out makes me horny, and feeling her body between my legs adds to the mood.

"I need to taste you." She moans as she kisses her way down to my chest.

She sucks and bites on my breasts and nipples before moving down to my crotch. I open my legs wide letting her in, and she dives right in licking me passionately. I feel her tongue and fingers working me just right. My hips rock wildly as she makes me orgasm in no time at all. She licks me through my orgasm before moving back up to kiss me.

She moves higher and higher until her breasts are in my face. I lick and sick her soft flesh, and nibble on her hard nipples driving her wild. She eventually moves even higher. I kiss down her belly as it passes my face, and then soon her soft pubic flesh is in my mouth. I feel short hairs poking against my lips for a bit before I stretch my tongue down into the folds of her vaginal cleft.

I taste her wetness, and hear her moan. She moves her crotch right to my mouth shoving it tight to my lips. I open my mouth wide, and lick and suck her making her buck wildly with pleasure. I feel her fingers entwine in my hair pulling me closer and harder as she approaches orgasm. I hear myself moaning in need to give her pleasure. I feel so accomplished when she finally moans and shakes as my mouth fills with her juices. She falls beside me when she finishes, and we kiss and cuddle for a bit.

"I know how you can prove your love for me." She says lovingly.

"I've been waiting for you to tell me."

"I'll let you know the specifics later, but I want to know if you'll do it?"

"You know I will."

"Great! I'll set it up."

"You're scaring me." I smile.

She gets up advising me that her dad will be back soon. I watch her walk out of the room, and crawl out of bed. I look around the room for my underwear, but don't see them. Something tells me to look in his bag. I dig past his clothes, and there I find my underwear. He has put them in a plastic bag, and I can see the moisture on the inside from the wetness of them. I smile adding my bra under his clothes before zipping it back up.

I walk out by Sam, and we wait for him to return. When he does she asks him to bring me back to my place. They both drop me off, and see me to my room. I call my husband, an tell him what happened. He takes care of things on his end as much as he can so I just need to figure out where my car is.

I find the card the officer gave me, and call the shop to find out about my car. I was told that my car would be done in a week, but they haven't heard from my insurance. I manage to straighten things with my husband's help, and the shop changes the finish time to a few days. I go to shower, and straighten myself up before sitting back to relax.

Around six at night I get a text from Sam. It's just an address with a message for me to be there at seven in the morning. I wonder what she has planned, but try not to think too much about it. Instead I order some Chinese food delivered. After I eat I crawl alone in bed wondering if her dad found my present yet?

My alarm rings off early, and I go to shower right off. I primp and preen myself trying to prepare for anything before getting dressed. I choose a black skirt, grey camisole with a lace bodice and deep neckline, and white satin g string panties. I skip the bra, and slip on my black flats before heading out into the cold morning air. I walk the few blocks to the address. In about a half hour I am standing outside a very run down looking house.

I has boards over the windows, and the grass needs to be mowed where the grass is actually growing. The brown siding is worn, and falling off in places giving in to the shoddy look of the house. I walk up, and knock on the door. It swings open, and I see a tall muscular black man standing in front of me. He smiles opening the broken screen door.

"Come on in Michele. I've been waiting for you."

I follow him in, and see the inside is just as shoddy as the outside. Even the furniture looks like it was rejected by the junkyard. He leads me up the stairs to the second floor, and then down a hall to the last room. He opens the door allowing me in. I see a dental style chair in the middle of the floor with a small chair sitting beside it. There is a small table with a black box on it beside the small chair, and another larger brown box near the far wall sitting on the floor.

He closes the door behind me, and says, "Don't worry. I'm good at what I do, and she has paid for everything already."

I turn to look at him wondering what is going on.

"Sit. Please. It's going to be my pleasure working on you. I hope you have a high tolerance for pain?"

"It's normal, I think. Maybe a bit higher. Why?" I ask as I sit.

He just giggles as he lowers the chair back laying me down. I feel him lift my skirt, and then pull my panties down to my knees.

"Don't take it wrong, but you have a very nice looking crotch."

I smile, and feel myself blush. Then I watch him pulling small jars with colored fluid out of the box on the table. Then see him pull a pen like thing out, and open a few of the jars. He uses straps attached to the chair to hold my arms and legs still.

"Just to be sure that you don't move. That would be a shame."

I feel slightly panicked, but the real panic sets in when I hear the pen thing begin to buzz, and he brings it down to my crotch.

"Wait. Stop. What are you doing?"

"I'm not allowed to say, but I will stop if you tell me to even though she told me to not listen to you. Do you want me to stop?"

I think for a minute before saying, "No. Go ahead."

I watch as he leans down to my crotch, and feel the thing poke into my pubic area. It feels like it's cutting me to shreds down there as he slowly moves it all around. It never goes numb, and I feel every poke, jab, and stab of the thing as he wipes periodically with a tissue. My arms and legs strain against the straps the entire time, and my jaw is sore from clenching my teeth.

"All done." He finally says. "It turned out better than I thought it would, but she insisted on the design."

He undoes the straps handing me a mirror. I look down to see an elaborate colorful tattoo covering my entire pubic area from my navel to my vaginal cleft, and from one leg to the other. I look close to see that it's a vine covered in roses. The vine is drawn in a way that it spells out Sam's Bitch, but you have to look really close to see it.

"What do you think?"

I shrug my shoulders.

"I think it makes your pretty pussy look even prettier."

"Thanks. I guess. Are you going to untie my legs now?"

"Maybe." He laughs. "Unless you want me to retie your hands and let me have my way with that pretty pussy of yours."

"Um, I don't think so."

"Too bad. Now hold still." He says as he pulls out a camera.

I watch as he takes a bunch of pictures of my crotch. He even has me spread my pussy open for a few saying the it makes the tattoo look better. After a bit I ask about being untied again. He gets a bit upset, and grabs my wrists.

"I'll untie you when I finish. What is it with all of you lezzie sluts always wanting all the time?"

"Sorry. I was just asking."

"Fine." He says untying me completely. "But before you go she asked me to give you something."

He walks to the big box by the wall, and pulls out a pink object. He shows it to me, and I see an egg shaped piece of plastic. I am pushed back as he shoves it into my vagina. Then he pulls my underwear back up before returning to the box. This time he pulls out a seven inch rubber dick complete with balls. He hands it to me smiling.

"She said that this is for later, but the other one is for now. Now get your big ass out of here before I fuck it."

I waste no time making my way back outside. Once I step out the door I feel the egg in me begin to vibrate. It makes my legs weak as it begins to elicit a small orgasm from me. Just before it happens the vibrations stop. I gather myself, and prepare to walk when the door swings open.

"And keep that thing in your cunt until you're told to pull it out." He hollers loudly.

I see a few people happening by turn to look. I begin to walk the distance back. Every few blocks it begins to vibrate bringing me so close to orgasm, but always stopping just short. It stops when I get to my room, and I sit back feeling the tingle from the tattoo mixing with the tingle in my loins. I look at the artwork, and must confess that he is very talented even though I never wanted a tattoo.

Sam texts me asking if I proved myself. I tell her that I did, and she asks for proof. I take a crotch selfie, and send it to her. Her reply is that it looks edible. Then she asks me what my husband will say about it? I never thought of that. How will I explain such a large tattoo, and especially one on my crotch with someone else's name in it.

"I just had him put Sam instead of my full name so your husband doesn't know that you like girls. We wouldn't want him to know your secret." She texts.

"This better be enough proof for you because I'm going to be a divorcee that never sees her because of it."

"Then you'll be all mine. Forever. Just like it should be."

I feel the egg vibrate fast. Again I am brought right on the edge before it stops.

"No touching yourself tonight either." She messages. "I have to take my dad back to the airport now. Have a great day. Love ya!"

I sit back studying the dildo, and see that it's the type that can squirt stuff out from the balls through the tip. I set it on the counter, and realize that it's almost seven at night already. He took all day giving me this tattoo. I order a pizza, and wait for it to arrive.

When I open the door I see the same delivery guy. I invite him in, and take the pizza from him setting it on the table. I am so horny from being edged all day that I look him in the eye smiling before I drop to my knees.

"Time for your tip." I say pulling his dick out of his pants.

I suck him until he's hard, and then I stand up. I kiss him on the lips before turning my back to him bending over. I feel him pull my string out of my ass. Then I feel his spit hit the top of my crack and run down as he puts his dick against my asshole. I wait for him to begin to slide into my ass before I push back impaling myself with his cock.

"Fuck me. Tear my ass apart with that hard cock."

He rams it in and out hard making his dick hit deep in my guts. My hole quickly allows the cock to ravage me.

"Harder! Fuck my ass harder!"

He spreads my cheeks, and really lets me have all he has. He pounds my hole for almost five minutes before he rams it in to warm my rectum. It feels like a huge load being pumped into me, and I'm loving it. I stay bent over until he pulls out. Then I pull my underwear back into place as I turn to him.

"Another pizza next week?"

"I'll give you a pizza every day if it means that I can fuck your ass."

"I'll keep that in mind."

He walks out, and I realize that I never paid him. So he traded pizza for sex. He paid me in food. I guess I am a cheap after all. I eat, and then watch some TV before going to bed. Another week begins early, and I'm curious what will happen in the Prof's class.
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Going to School part 1
Posted:Sep 5, 2017 8:41 am
Last Updated:Sep 5, 2017 8:53 am

This one got a bit long so I had to split it into parts. Remember that it's just fantasy, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

There I sat. In the HR office hearing about how I'm such a valued employee, and how the new system they are putting in place will drive the company into the future. The same crap they always tout with every system upgrade. I guess I'm just the lucky one this time to be chosen as the Guinea pig. I feel so unmoved, and know what is coming next.

She goes on and on about how the system is supposed to work once it's in place, and how it will analyze the trends of orders, and be able to arrange them in milliseconds with me just hitting one button. On and on about rearranging the warehouse and office to accommodate the new system. Then she gets to the part I've been waiting for. The thing I didn't want to hear. Everybody that has had to try out one of these upgrades has had to go to some sort of class to learn the ins and outs. Most are a few days long, but I remember one that was two weeks.

I keep thinking about how the classes will disrupt my schedule, and life. My life is set to my hours now, and it works well for me working nights. Classes are during the day. I'm hoping that my husband can shift his schedule to go in later, and then I can be home for the in the afternoon then. I know that if I turn it down I'll be shown the door in no time; I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.

"...And since you have proven yourself as a valued employee that has learned most of the jobs here rather quickly we have chosen you to become the ambassador of the new system. It will require us all to make some sacrifices for a while."

"Here it comes" I think to myself.

"This system, being as complex as it is, will require some extra effort on your part. But, we feel that you are the most qualified candidate for the job. What do you think?"

"It sounds okay."

"Are you in then?"

"I guess, sure."

"You seem a bit apprehensive yet. Do you accept this opportunity? We need to know for sure."

"Yes. I'll do it."

"Very well then. Monday you will have to report to this address for orientation." She says handing me a letter.

The paper reads for me to report on Monday to the state university in the northwestern part of the state. It has a schedule of a full day of classes ranging from math to computer programming. There are four classes scheduled over eight hours with different classes on alternating days. She sees my concern.

"Do you have a question?"

"What does all this mean? Do I have to drive all the way there every day, or what?"

"No, no, no silly. We don't expect you to drive all that distance every day. That is four hours away. If you flip over the paper you will see the address of the room that we have reserved for you on campus. Don't worry. It's only one semester or fifteen weeks. It'll fly right by. I know my college time did, and I was there for four years. We are giving you the rest of today off, and tomorrow too so you can get ready. You will have to report to the dorm by five PM on Sunday, and your first class is at seven on Monday. If you arrive around one on Sunday they are giving tours of the campus. I would suggest that.

She opens the door for me saying, "Have fun, and remember that we're counting on you."

I walk out. My head spinning from what just happened. Now I have to go home to explain what I just got volunteered for, and find care for the next fifteen weeks while I'm gone. I call my mom on the way home, and explain everything to her. She volunteers to watch the taking a huge weight off my shoulders. My husband doesn't like the idea, but he knows that I'm in a place. We go out for one last family dinner on Saturday after I spend the day packing. Then I leave at nine in the morning on Sunday to get settle in.

It took me four and a half hours to find the university. I'm relieved when I finally park, and find the dorm building. I meet the housing director at the door, and she seems surprised when she sees me.

"Michele?" She asks.

"That's me."

"Oh, okay. This dorm is normally reserved for the first and second year students. No problem though. Providing that being the oldest one here doesn't bother you?"

"I don't care. I just want to get this over with, and get back home."

She looks at me confused.

"I'm just here because I have to for work."

"Ah, that explains it. I'm pretty sure that the other dorms are full, but I can see if there's an opening in another if you'd like?"

"No. That's fine. I'm more worried about finding my classes."

"Very well then. Follow me." she says spinning around, and walking into the dorm.

I follow her to the third floor, and down the hall to a room on the right side. She opens the door for me, and explains that I will be the only one in the room which is unusual since there are normally roommates automatically paired up with students. She hands me a key for the door and gives me a card with her information on it explaining that since this is a coed dorm, and there are mostly first and second year students here there may be issues that result. She tells me that I can call her at any time if an issue arises. I thank her, and we return to the door where we part ways. I unload my stuff into the room before finding the person giving tours.

I am directed to a young red headed girl with a small crowd gathering around her. She is wearing a yellow shirt, and blue jeans. She is slightly taller than my five foot one height, but about the same size otherwise. I can't help but notice how she has her shirt unbuttoned so far as to show a large amount of her cleavage. Being more conservative I think it out of place for the situation, but can't help but to think of how nice her chest looks. I wished mine was that nice. I might dress the same if it were.

She introduced herself as Samantha, and joked about wearing a bright shirt so we don't lose sight of her since she is so short. I hear one of the guys next to me joke under his breath about not being able to miss her fat tits. I cleared my throat loudly as I glared at him, and he walked away with his buddy giggling. Samantha looked at me, and smiled as she continued her speech, and tour. After she pulled me aside.

"Thanks for shutting him up. I get that all the time. What classes do you have? I'll show you exactly where they are."

I hand her my schedule, and tell her that my name is Michele. She tells me to call her Sam, and I follow her to where my classes are.

"Oh boy. You have the Prof as your last class. He is such a dick head. But since you're a bigger girl like me you'll have half a chance to pass his class. He has a thing for us bigger girls."

"I hope it isn't that bad. I have to pass all of these classes."

"Why is an older girl like you doing going to college now?"


"That explains it. Well, most of the guys here will leave you alone. They are just here to party, and chase the skinny sorority girls. I'm sure you can handle yourself just fine though."

She shows me where the Prof's class is, and then asks if I'm hungry. We make plans to meet for dinner in a half hour, and then I go to get settled in some before we go.

I wear just a blue tee shirt and jeans when we meet. She is wearing a black button down blouse unbuttoned to show her cleavage again, and skin tight black shorty shorts. I laugh seeing her white tennis shoes contrasting the entire black outfit.

"Good to see that you matched your shoes." I giggle.

"They're comfortable. What can I say? I know the perfect place to go to eat. How hungry are you?"

"I haven't eaten at all today. I'm ready for some food. Let's go where you want then."

I get into her little run down Chevette, an she drives us to a restaurant a short distance away. When we enter I see the lights turned low, and the mood set to be more intimate and quiet. More like a place one would take a date.

"Don't worry about the decor. The food is excellent, and doesn't cost a lot." She assures me.

We are sat in the back corner, and order our food. It is really good, and not that expensive. We sit there for hours chatting, and getting to know each other. Ending the night we promise to be friends, and go our separate ways.

The next day comes with the butterflies in my stomach just like every first day of school I've ever had. Sam isn't in any of my classes, but we see each other as we pass on the campus. The final class I see the Prof. He's an older bald headed man who is very serious, and seems to be anal about everything. The first day he gives us a ton of homework to do before dismissing us ten minutes after the bell. He did seem to look at me a lot during class, but I was too busy to think about it until after.

I go back to my room, and get right into the homework. An hour later there's a knock, and then Sam walks right in smiling. I'm happy to see her, and we talk about all the work I was assigned. She helps were she can, but can't help much. Before I know it it's already midnight, and I am finishing my homework. Sam leaves for the night promising to return.

The week drags on, and I notice the Prof's stares more and more. It looks to be a glaring stare like I did something wrong. I don't dwell on it. Before I know it Friday has come, and Sam is telling me to come over to her dorm for a small party.

"It's just a few of us friends getting together. Nothing huge, and nothing loud. I'd be honored if you'd come. All of my friends are anxious to meet you."

"How do they know about me?" I wonder to myself as I agree to go.

I slip into a sweater, and jeans with my sleeveless white shirt underneath. I pull on my sneakers, and follow her out my door. I'm looking forward to relaxing some, but kind of nervous to meet her friends. My daily call to my husband and is over for today, and I'm hoping everything goes quietly to settle my nerves.

We pull up to an old two story house, and I follow her in. She leads me to a large living room where about ten people are sitting and sipping beers. I see seven girls, and three boys all about Sam's age. They all welcome me smiling as they say how Sam has told them all about me. They all chat with me as the night progresses, and eventually they begin to leave one by one. By nine everyone has left but one guy. Chris. He is the one that is always sitting near me all night. He has been flirting over and over with me all night.

"I should tell you that I'm flattered that you're trying to make me comfortable here, but I'm married so your flirting is pointless." I tell him.

"I don't care if you're married, or anything like that. You're Sam's friend which makes you my friend. But nt in the same way."

"What does that mean?"

Just then Sam sits beside me on the couch while Chris sits on the chair across from us.

"You didn't tell her?" He asks Sam.

"Tell me what?" I press.

"Nothing. It's a non issue here now." She answers.

Chris laughs before saying, "Sam likes girls. I figured that you did too. So I wasn't flirting with you."

Sam looks at me blushing, and I look at her stunned.

"It's not like that." She blurts out. "I'm not trying to get into your pants or anything like that."

"So I'm not good enough?" I find myself saying from the alcohol, and trying to put her more on the spot.

"No! No! I'd so do you, but.." She defends herself.

I interrupt by laughing, and patting her on the shoulder saying, "So you keep your boobs half hanging out trying to seduce me?"

She laughs at the stupidity of it all, and agrees.

"Yup. Just so I can get into your panties."

We laugh for a while with Chris watching.

"Too bad you're not my husband or I'd let you." I continue.

"Chris can pretend to be your husband, and watch us then." She says bursting out with wild laughter.

"You two are too much." Chris says.

"I miss my husband." I say as my laughter subsides, and the spinning in my head brings my mood down. "I miss my . I hate being away from them."

The laughter dies off quickly as I moan out my sorrows. I feel the tears forming in my eyes as I go on and on about all of my problems. Sam comforts me, and holds me close making me feel safe. My tears eventually stop, and I find myself pressed tightly to her chest. Her skin is so soft and warm. She smells so good to me right now.

"Why are you so nice to me? You don't even know me?"

"Because you're cute." She says coddling me.

"You two should just lock lips, and get it over with." Chris goads.

I raise my head, and look Sam in the eyes. She has the bluest eyes I've ever seen. They are offset by her red hair and pale white skin. I get lost in her eyes for a minute as she caresses my cheeks wiping my tears away. She stares in my eyes for a moment before leaning toward me. I feel her lips touch mine. They feel so soft and warm. So sensual. I don't pull away knowing that I've been curious about this for a long time.

I feel her tongue slip past my lips entering my mouth. My crotch tingles with excitement, and I return her kiss. Her hands run over my cheeks, and take the back of my head pulling my kiss tighter. My arms wrap around her, and I pull her body to mine. Feeling her pressing against me makes my crotch flush with want.

I feel her hands slide down from my head, down my back, and pull my sweater up until it slips over my head. Then we return to our kiss as her hands feel their way down to my breasts. I moan as she slips under my undershirt, and then flips my bra up over my breasts before caressing them. Her fingers expertly caress my chest gently playing with my nipples until I am moaning in her mouth.

I nervously reach under her shirt touching her soft hot skin. soon I have her breasts in my hands, and am surprised to find that she isn't wearing a bra. I touch her hard nipples, and give them a gentle squeeze making her moan in my mouth as we kiss. I squeeze a bit harder, and she follows my lead by pinching mine even harder. We moan in unison as the mood grows more intense. Her kisses grow more passionate as I squeeze harder and harder.

Her kisses move from my mouth to my neck driving me wild, and before I know it my shirt is laying beside me, and her fingers are opening the button of my jeans. Her kisses are moving down to my breasts, and I lean back allowing her full access to my body. I feel goose bumps rising all over me as she kisses and licks down my shoulder to my nipple before taking it into her mouth. I moan loudly as her teeth gently nibble on my hard nipple while her hands open my jeans, and begin to pull them off me.

I lift my ass up letting my pants and underwear slide off me. Her kisses follow her hands, and I moan in sheer pleasure as her tongue slips between my legs touching my clitoris. My legs open automatically giving myself to her. I feel her mouth engulf my crotch as her tongue slides into my eager vagina. She laps my juices up making me writhe in lust. Then I feel her fingers slide into me, and begin to fuck me. Her wonderfully adept mouth drives me wild, and I am moaning with pleasure.

I lay back with my eyes closed loving every second. When I open my eyes I look to see Chris sitting there stroking his rock hard cock as he watches. I lick my lips in lustful abandon, and he walks up to me. Before I know it I am taking his cock into my mouth, and sucking it hard. I feel myself letting go. My right hand wraps around his cock while my left pulls her face tighter to my crotch. My body taking it all with pleasure.

In minutes I feel the tension build in my crotch getting stronger and stronger. I suck harder as my body tenses up. Sam fingers and licks me with lustful vigor, and it sets me over the edge. I moan hard against the cock in my mouth as my body shakes and quivers as my orgasm rushes from me through my vagina. I taste a sour taste in my mouth, and feel the slimy feeling as Chris finishes in my mouth. I gulp it down as my orgasm continues to take me, and as Sam brings more out of me than I've ever felt.

She pleasures me for the few precious minutes that my orgasm controls me. Chris pulls his dick out of my mouth leaving me to moan loudly as the final waves course through me. Sam pulls her fingers out of me, and I feel her tongue lick the length of my crotch a few times before she looks up at me. A few shudders of pleasure rattle me as I look at her glistening face between my legs.

She slides up my body, and looks me in the eye. I can smell myself on her, and she slowly bends down kissing me. The semen taste in my mouth is replaced with my own flavor as we kiss passionately. Her hands caress my breasts.

"You taste great. I could lick you for hours, but your pussy needs to be more like this." She coos as she moves upward dragging her soft naked body up over my lips. She rubs her hard nipples over my lips, and I kiss and suck them before she pulls them away. I kiss and lick as her belly moves up past my lips, and seconds later I feel her bald pubic area pressing against my mouth.

I kiss it, and suck it feeling her warm skin against me. She lets me for a few moments before she moves higher, and then puts her legs on the sides of my head. I watch as her glistening labia closes down to my face. I smell her scent, and it turns me on. Soon her hot wet labia presses against my lips, and my tongue slowly slips into her vagina. Her taste fills my soul making me wild. I grab her hips, and pull her tight to my mouth darting my tongue in and out of her.

Her hips grind against my face, and I listen to her moans. I lick harder and faster eliciting more eager moans from her. I open my mouth wide as she pushes hard against my face. I take as much of her into my mouth as I can, and she moans that she's going to cum. I hold her tight to me by her hips as her body begins to shake. My mouth fills with her juices as she cums in my mouth, and I swallow it as more comes. It seems like she's peeing in my mouth, but it tastes more like my own juices when I orgasm.

I lick and suck until she finally breaks away from my grip. She falls to the floor beside me still quivering in orgasm as she laughs a pleasure exhausted laugh holding her own crotch. I roll over, and caress her naked body as she lays there in the fetal position catching her breath.

"That was one hell of a sight." Chris breaks the silence.

Sam snaps back to reality hearing his voice. She sits up glaring at him.

"Not a word to anyone! Not even a hint!" She says sternly.

"No problem Sammi. You're not someone I want to piss off, and I'd love to be able to watch this again."

"That's not going to happen."

"Michele didn't seem to mind me here."

I smile coyly saying, "It's our little secret. Just keep it that way."

Sam looks up at me, and smiles a huge smile. Then she sits beside me, and we kiss again not caring about our nakedness.

"So girlfriend." She says happily. "Are you going to be more like me?"

"I think I'm more like you than I've ever realized."

"Good. I like knowing that you're mine."

"I'm still married."

"He's not here so I'm claiming you. It'll be our little secret." She says kissing me as Chris leaves the room.

"I guess I'm your's then. At least until my husband finds out what we just did, and then divorces me."

"I'm not going to tell him, and neither are you. Now quit being so negative. Let's go to bed. It's late."

I follow her to the bedroom where we lay there cuddling and kissing letting out naked bodies entwine until I fall asleep. When I wake in the morning I open my eyes to see her staring at me smiling.

"Good morning pretty lady." She says, "Are you ready for a new chapter in your life? because last night did happen, and it felt so right."

"It did." I sigh feeling myself relaxed completely with her.

She kisses me before asking, "Are you ready to be more open about yourself then, and make a few changes?"

"Not really. Let's just leave things like they are for a bit?"

"No way! It's time for you to let loose, and be yourself. I seen that side of you last night, and I need that girl right now."

"She left for the day." I moan.

She sits up looking irritated.

"Don't make me have to be a bitch."

"I doubt you can be one, but I know that I can."

"You're such a tease sometimes. I think you need to play on that. Tease them all, and you'll get it easier."

"Is that why you walk around with your boobs hanging out all the time?"

"It works. Now you need to just let loose."

"That isn't going to happen."

"It will. Even if I have to make you."

"Yeah, right." I say sitting up.

"Yeah! Right!" She says pulling me back onto my back by my hair. "I WILL make you, and I WILL make you my bitch."

"Let me go." I say trying to get up.

She pulls me back with a force that I never knew she had. Before I know it she is tying my wrists to the headboard followed by my ankles to the foot board. I lay there helpless as she leaves the room. A few minutes later she returns holding an electric razor. I watch as she plugs it in, and sits beside my left hip. She caresses my pubic hair for a few moments before she turns on the razor as she brings it to my crotch.

I watch as the hairs fall free from my skin, and feels titillating as the vibrations rattle my lower region. She shaves me as bare as she is before commenting on how wet my crotch is. Then she places the handle of the razor against my clitoris. I shake with pleasure as the vibrations echo through my bones making me orgasm in mere seconds. I lay there shivering in pleasure as she looks over the razor handle.

"My little bitch got my razor all full of her pussy juices. I think she should clean it off now."

I watch as she brings the razor handle to my mouth, an tells me to stick out my tongue. I do as she commands, and lick my orgasm off the razor until she puts it away.

"Now it's time for my bitch to learn what happens when she listens nicely."

Sam stands up, and pulls out a huge strapon dick. It is black, and hangs down under her small belly as it sticks out from the belt.

"It's my biggest one. Ten inches of black hard rubber just for you. I've been wanting to find a girl that can take this. We'll see if you're the one."

She spreads my legs as she climbs between them, and I feel the cool tip press against my wet vagina. Her breasts rub against my belly while she lays on top of me, and I feel her slowly pushing it into me. My vagina opens letting it in, and I feel myself flush knowing that I am going to be fucked good. My vagina stretches around it. Painfully at first, but quickly accepting it's girth. I am quickly filled as she slides it deeper and deeper.

"Almost there. Only a few more inches."

I feel so full already. How can I take more? But she keeps pushing. I feel it press against my cervix just before I feel her hips touch my thighs.

"Wow! You can take it all. I think I'm in love."

She pushes hard burying it as deep as she can, and I feel it push past my cervix painfully for a second before she pulls it all the way out of me. I see her smile between my breasts, and then she slams it back in making me moan with pure pleasure of being filled so full. She fucks me with it's entire length slamming against me with every thrust. Her lips wrap around my nipples, and bite down hard.

I can only moan, and strain against the ropes holding me. She fucks me as hard as she can making me orgasm in minutes, but she doesn't stop. She hammers me through it, and makes me orgasm a second time shortly after the first one.

"I'm never going to stop fucking this pretty pussy. I'm going to stay between your legs forever. I'm going to make you cum over and over until you can't cum anymore. Then I'm going to fuck you some more."

"Oh God." Is all I can muster as she uses me savagely.

"I want to hear you scream my name as you become my bitch. I want you to beg me to take you in every way."

She fucks out another orgasm making me almost pass out from the intensity. I am so sore and worn out. I can barely catch my breath.

"Please." I pant. "Oh God!" Another orgasm hits.

"God YES! Fuck me!" I somehow say.

"That's it. Now beg."

"Make me yours. Own me. Fuck me! Oh yes. I want to be your bitch!" I moan in delight.

She slams into me really hard making the dildo bust through my cervix a few times before she moans hard, and then collapses on top of me panting with me. The rubber dick shivers inside of me as she shakes on top of me. We lay there for minutes before she unhooks the belt, an gets up leaving the dildo in me.

"I'll be back to untie you in a few. I need a shower."

I watch as she leaves the room, and then can only lay there until she returns. The sounds of the shower fill my ears, and make me feel the need to pee. It's difficult to hold back with the rubber dick inside of me, but somehow I manage. By the time she returns I really need to go. The door swings open, and she sits beside me on the bed tapping the dildo.

"Hey babe. How are you doing so far?"

It feels so strange feeling her tapping through the toy.

"I really have to pee. Bad."

She pulls the toy out slowly relieving some pressure from my bladder, but not nearly enough. She slowly unties my legs before untying my wrists. I sit up quick trying to not leak onto the bed as I get up. I make it to my feet, and then hurry to the bathroom. My flow starts before my butt even hits the seat, and it feels so good. She is soon standing in the doorway smiling.

"You know it's serious when you can go to the bathroom in front of the other."

"I told you that I had to go."

She bends down in front of me, and kisses me on the lips.

"You're still cute."

I smile from her compliment saying, "Thanks, but I feel grimy."

"I suppose you want to go home, and get some clean clothes?"

"A shower would be nice too."

"I can allow that." She replies grinning. "Just don't be too long. I'll miss you too much."

I finish relieving myself, and wipe clean before going to gather my clothes from her room. She watches as I dress. Then she gives me a huge hug as I leave. I go home to my room, and hit the shower immediately. I think back to everything that has happened with her. Before I know it my fingers are diving into my vagina right there in the shower. I rub my fingers over my clitoris while sinking them into me, and I use my left hand to pinch and rub my left breast. My legs quickly grow weak as the pressure builds in my belly. Then I feel the tension all release at once through my crotch. I fall back against the wall as my legs shiver from orgasm. It lasts for a wonderful couple of minutes before I finish washing.

I wrap a towel around myself before walking down the hall back to my room. The idea of a communal shower was never my favorite, but it's all I have right now. I slip on a loose white tee and some jogging pants before sitting down to do my homework. I am deep into it when Sam knocks on my door as she walks in.

"I see why you didn't come back. Here I thought you ran away."

"Even if I did run it wouldn't be far. Or very long." I say making a fat old lady joke.

She kisses the back of my head.

"I might have to keep you tied down then." She laughs.

"You'd like that too much. Help me out with this homework."

She helps where she can, but the stuff for the Prof's class she can't help with.

"You know who knows this? Chris. He can help you better than I could."

Before I could say anything she is on the phone telling him to come over. And he makes it over really fast. He looks over the work, and tells me that I'm not doing it right.

"The Prof will fail you for sure with this. You need to go at it from a different angle." He instructs.

Sam sits there watching as he explains and assists me through the entire assignment. I am soon finished, and put the homework away until Monday. Chris offers to take us out for supper, and I decline since I'm not hungry. Instead we order in a pizza which I offer to buy for them helping me. After Chris called in the order Sam pulls out a baggie of pot. I've never done it before, but have been around those that have. She packs a pipe, and lights it taking a deep puff. She holds it in snorting the entire time as she hands it to Chris who does the same. He then hands it to me, and I take it taking a big puff from it. I feel it burn my lungs as it fills them with the smoke. I cough and choke feeling myself getting light headed.

Sam takes the pipe from me, and begins another round. We pass it around between the three of us, and my brain begins to turn to mush as the drug takes effect. We remember the pizza order, and Sam dares me to answer the door naked. I refuse, but Chris tells me to answer it in my towel instead. He says that I won't show anything, but it'll tease the pizza guy. I accept the challenge for some dumb reason, and then undress wrapping the towel around me. We talk for a bit joking about what the driver will think. When there's a knock on my door I begin to get nervous.

Sam reminds me that I accepted the challenge, and I have to follow through with it. So I open the door letting the pizza guy in. He's a tall black man in his twenties. Clean cut, and very slender looking. I see his eyes look me over before I turn my back to him to get the money from my purse. As I hand it to him I feel the twist in the towel loosen. I catch the towel just as it begins to fall. All he gets is a good view of my cleavage since I catch it in time. I hold the towel still as I close the door behind him. Then we all start laughing hysterically.

"I wonder what he was thinking?" I ask.

"His eyes were as big as saucers." Chris added.

"Especially after you bent over, and he could see your pussy hanging out in the breeze." Sam laughs.

"Oh my God! Was it?" I ask embarrassed.

"It was." She answers. "Out there in plain sight. I could even see you from way over here, and he was right behind you."

"He was just hoping to see your tits too." Chris says.

Chris and Sam eat the pizza before we all begin to feel humdrum. We all sit back, and I watch as Sam falls asleep in my chair. I begin to doze watching Chris falling asleep in my other chair. The next thing I know it's Sunday morning. Sam wakes me up kissing me. I feel her hands all over me reminding me that I'm still naked.

"Let's go shopping, and get you some good clothes." Sam whispers in my ear.

"What about him?" I say pointing to Chris.

Sam takes my underwear off the floor, and puts them on his hand as he sleeps in my chair.

"That'll give him something to do until we get back." She laughs.

We quietly walk out the door after I get dressed, and she directs me to the mall where we spend hours shopping. She chooses a lot of clothes that I wouldn't normally buy. She has me buy a few light colored button down blouses and satiny camisoles along with really short skirts. She even had me buy garter belts with stockings of different colors. The day slips away before we finish.

When we get back Sam picks out an outfit for me to wear Monday. I see a light pink blouse, and black skirt with pink garter and stockings paired with a black bra and thing combo. She kisses me good bye telling me to meet her in the library before the Prof's class. Chris is nowhere to be found, and neither are my underwear. I hope he's enjoying them. I crawl into my bed, and quickly fall asleep. Before I know it my alarm is going off.

I go through my day with a few guy's heads turning. I figure that they never saw someone as old as their mother dressed like I am. That or they aren't too keen on the idea of a big girl like myself dressing so slutty. It's soon the time to meet Sam, and I head to the library. She is there waiting with a couple of her friends. She hugs me as soon as she sees me, and then looks me over.

"Here's my girl ladies. I dressed her myself today."

I smile at them hearing Sam talk about me in such a way, and feeling humiliated in a way. Then Sam kisses me before telling me to stand still.

"We'll give that crotchety old Prof something to think about." She says as she unbuttons my blouse except for the last three buttons.

My bra out for all to see I feel uncomfortable. She reaches into my shirt, and unhooks my bra slipping it down my arms and off me. My breasts fall free, and I look down to see a faint outline of my areolas through the shirt as my nipples poke through under the fabric.

"That's more like it. Give him hell, and tease the fuck out of him babe." She says kissing me before walking away stuffing my bra in her purse.

I nervously walk to my final class hoping that I don't get arrested for being dressed like this. I sit in class with my arms crossed in front of me, and the Prof walks in staring right at me. I begin to regret letting her convince me to do this. He begins class as usual, but constantly looks over at me. The hour seems to drag by, and just before it's over he points to me.

"See there. When she started a few days ago she was a prim and proper wife and mother, but now college has turned her into a skirt wearing floozie. This is where my lecture culminates from. The changes in society carve out one's personality. Stand up Michele. Let everyone see what you are wearing today."

I reluctantly stand up, and the guys all hot and holler while the girls gasp and whisper.

"Tomorrow we will delve more into the subject." He continues assigning more homework.

He finishes off the class by handing our graded work back. I see a big "D" in red ink at the top of mine with a note saying that he expected more from an old experienced woman like me, and I should get my act together and head in the game before I fail the class. I get angry, and wait for everyone to leave before confronting him.

"What's this?" I ask tossing the paper on the desk in front of him.

"It's your crappy assignment. Now get it off my desk."

"Not that. The note. What is that supposed to mean?"

"It's pretty obvious. Isn't it?"

"Explain it to me then because to me it sounds like you have something against me because of my age."

"Not at all. I have something against you because you have lived, and you know what the real world is like. This was done by someone without experience. I expect this out of one of the other students. Not someone like you."

"I suppose I'm not one of those skinny young coeds so I have to work harder, huh?"

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"I see the way you look at them, and how you flirt with them. I'd have to be blind not to see it."

"And that's why you dressed like a with your boobs hanging out?"

"I thought that it couldn't hurt to try to compete."

"You can't. Not in any way. And they don't do anything for me. They just flirt with me trying to get a good grade. Most of them are failing, and will continue to fail since they aren't doing anything to better their grades."

"So you play up to them just to fail them?"

"Pretty much. I know every one of my student's weaknesses. Your's for example is the fact that you are in a lesbian relationship even though you are married. I bet he doesn't know. Does he?"

"I'm not in any relationship other than my marriage."

"A blind man could see what's going on between you and Samantha. Her eyes light up at just the mention of your name. What would your husband say?"

"I'm going to file a complaint with the dean."

"No you're not. You're going to go lock the door. Then you're going to put your hands flat on the table here, and take what you have coming. You won't move until you're told to, an then maybe I'll forget this ever happened."

I find myself nose to nose with him, and the sheer dominance in his eyes makes me walk over and turn the lock. I return, and place my hands flat on the table. My back faces him, and I am bent at the waist when I hear him move. Looking back I see him reaching into his desk.

"Eyes to the front." He commands.

I look in front of me, and then feel him lifting my skirt at the sides. The only thing to cover my ass after he finishes is the string of my thing which is in my crack. I feel his warm hand touch my cheeks for a second as he checks out my rear. Then I feel a sharp sting cut across both of my cheeks as he begins to spank me hard. My body tenses up as I endure the pain. A second blow strike near the first, and then a third. I clench my teeth as the stinging burns non stop. My ass begins to feel like it's on fire as he swats my butt over and over. It seems like forever before he finally stops.

Then I feel my thing pull out from my cheeks. Instantly I feel him as he enters my vagina. I moan as his cock fills me. His hips push hard against my sore buttocks. I feel his hands grasp my hips firmly as he begins to fuck me hard. I hear the sounds of my wetness filling the air. The tingling of pleasure fills my soul rather quickly. My grasp on the table tightens as I grab the edges, and then I moan in delight as my orgasm rushes through me. His thrusts shaking me, and crushing me to the table as his fucking grows more uneven.

I begin to come down off my orgasmic high when I feel him slam into me hard, and hold his cock deep inside of me as he groans. I feel the hot puddling feeling growing in me telling me that he is finishing inside of me. The warmth grows bigger and bigger as his cock twitches in me. He deposits a huge cum load in my vagina before pulling his shrinking cock out of me. I feel it begin to leak from me before he puts my underwear back in place.

"You may leave now. I will see you tomorrow, and if you don't dress like this you will be punished more severely. Maybe we can work on raising YOUR grade at some point?"

I pull my skirt down, and gather my things before walking right out without saying a word. I feel so disgusted with myself. Not only did I just cheat on my husband, but I did it with one of my teachers. To make matters worse I had an orgasm, and he finished inside of me. I hate myself, but can't tell my husband. No matter what. I just have to stop doing all of this. No more. I have to just finish my classes, and then go back home to my family and normal routine.

I gather myself as I head straight to my room. I grab a towel, and go for the shower. It's occupied so I go back, an sit on my bed crying. I wonder how I ever could have let things get so out of hand, and I begin to hate myself for it. I think about just leaving. Heading home, and leaving all of this behind. I know that I can't.

I feel a hand on my right shoulder. When I turn to look I see Sam standing there looking down on me with concern.

"What happened?" She asks lovingly.

"Things got out of hand. None of this should have happened. I have a husband, and . I can't keep doing this."

"There, there sweetie. Tell me exactly what happened."

She sits beside me, and holds me close as I sob against her chest once more. The safe feeling overcomes me, and I tell her everything that I did with Prof. She sits there holding me and listening waiting for my tears to dry up before talking. All the while she is stroking my hair gently.

"I realize that you are confused and you are experiencing things that you don't fully understand, but I'm here for you. I will always be here for you." She coos.

"Thank you. I am confused. I'm confused that I couldn't hold back the old feelings and cravings that I've always had. I'm confused that this seems so right, but is way wrong. I am confused that I could cum so hard after he bruised my ass."

"So what are you going to do?"

"I don't know. I want to run, but know that I can't."

"Maybe since you're here, and your family isn't, you can let yourself go. Live your fantasies, and try new things. Nobody needs to know what happens. Let yourself be free. At least for a short time."

"I don't have much choice do I? I can't run. I'll lose my job. Plus I'd never be able to explain what happened to my husband."

"You can tell him that you are doing great here, and you've met a nice girl that you like. Leave it at that. Then you can use me as an excuse of why you aren't checking in all the time."

"I'd like that. Why are you so good to me?"

"Cause you're cute, and you have a nice big butt."

I look up, and she bends down kissing me.

"So he said that you have to dress sexy again tomorrow or he'll punish you harder?"


"Good. I'll pick your clothes out for tomorrow then."

She digs through my closet choosing some clothes before laying them over the back of the chair. Then she doesn't let me see what she has chosen until after I let her take me to dinner. After we eat she drops me off back at my dorm, and I immediately fish through her choices.

I find a thick sweater with a deep vee neck, my comfortable loose fitting jogging pants that I've had forever, my white cotton panties, and my white sports bra. Next to those are my worn down white tennis shoes. It's extremely opposite of what she chose for me today, an I'm sure that he will punish me for certain.

I sit in bed wondering my fate, and before I know it I am walking into his class. He spots me right off, and looks at me sternly. The class drags on with me anticipating what will be. When the bell rings he dismisses the class on time for a change. Then he tells me to stay after.

I feel my crotch flush and tingle as I wet right when he tells me to lock the door. I walk over turning the latch until it clicks. It sounds so loud as it echoes through the room. Then I return to stand in front of him as he stands in front of his desk.

"You didn't listen." He says pulling at the stomach of my sweater. "Now you are going to have to be punished more severely."

He grabs my sweater lifting it over my head. He stops, and stares at my bra for a second before he grabs his scissors off the desk. I stand motionless as he snips my bra straps until it falls to the floor. Then he pulls down my jogging pants. Again he grabs his scissors, and snips away at my panties until they too fall to the floor leaving me standing there completely naked.

"Hand your head, an lock your fingers together." He commands.

I comply silently, and watch as he reaches into his desk pulling out a leather paddle about three feet long. He stands to my right, and tells me not to move. I watch out of the corner of my eye as his arm swings back. Then I feel the paddle as it smacks across mt bare ass.

My legs shake, but I clench my teeth enduring the sting. Then another follows the first with the same effect. I moan under my breath as the blows come one by one until my ass feels like it's on fire. Then he stops, and I feel his hand touching my burning cheeks as my tears fall down my body.

I look up through blurred vision to see his arm swinging back again. I prepare for another swat across my ass, but am surprised when it slaps across my breasts. I moan louder uncontrollably. He tells me to be quiet as he begins to spank my chest making sure that the blows are dispersed over my entire breasts igniting them the same as my ass.

"Arms down." He commands as he stops the beating. "Grab your ankles."

I do as he says, and I see my breasts hanging down looking a deep shade of red. He walks behind me, and kicks my feet apart. I feel so vulnerable. I watch through my legs, and see him stand right behind me. Then I see his pants drop to the floor. I feel my vagina tingle with excitement as my body prepares for him to enter me.

I stay still, and wait as he rubs his cock all up and down from my clit to my asshole. I hear my wetness as his dick gets covered in it. He pushes just the tip into my eager pussy making me moan, but then pulls it out. I feel myself push back slightly when he does this, but I fight to stop myself.

"You're going to remember to dress properly tomorrow, and I'll make sure of it." He threatens.

Then I feel him push his hard dick against my butt hole, and I feel it slip inside stretching me painfully. I grip my ankles tighter trying to endure the punishment, but a pained moan still escapes me. I feel his cock push hard against my sphincter, but my muscle stops his advance.

"Nice and tight for an old slut like you, but I'll change that."

He pulls his dick all the way out, and then plunges it in hard once more. I moan as it pokes against my sphincter again. This time I feel my muscle give slightly before stopping him once more. Then he repeats his thrust. All the way out before slamming it back in. This time his cock pushes past my muscle before it can clamp down to stop him. I feel it tighten around his shaft as he buries it as deep as he can. It hurts so much, but I strain and endure it.

"Your tight ass is really going to hurt if you don't relax. Either way it's getting fucked, and either way I'm going to stretch it out."

I can't control it. He begins to fuck my ass hard, and I feel my legs shake as he plunges my insides. My sphincter clenches his shaft letting me feel every twitch and thrust of his dick. His hands grab my hips, and he pulls me to meet his thrusts. My body goes numb from my waist down except for my asshole. It feels like I'm going to mess all over, but he keeps ramming into me.

I hear him moan telling me that he's liking it. I feel his cock begin to pull all the way out before burying deep into me again. Over and over. My muscle soon gives up it's fight, and I feel it relax.

"That's it bitch. Now you're being a good student."

His cock feels like it's hitting my throat from the inside, and my hips are getting sore from his ever tightening grasp. He fucks me harder and deeper for what seems like hours before I feel him use his thumbs to open my ass cheeks wide as he plunges his cock deep into my ass. He holds it in as he moans. I feel it throbbing inside of me, and I feel my stomach begin to warm and feel bloated. His grip hurts my hips as he unloads in my ass. I hold my ankles trying to keep my balance. He stays in me for minutes only trying to push deeper as the waves of orgasm run through him.

"Play with your pussy." He orders.

I let go of my right ankle, and touch my crotch. I am amazed by how wet I am, and how sensitive my crotch is when I touch it. My clitoris is hard, and it makes me moan when I touch it. I rub it a few times before I shove my fingers as deep as I can into my soaking wet vagina. I feel his cock against the backs of my fingers, and it feels so strange having both of my holes filled together. My palm rubs over my clit while my fingers dive into me, and in seconds I am moaning in orgasmic pleasure.

My legs are weak and shaky when I finish, and I grab my ankle again.I feel the wetness from my fingers as it dribbles down to my foot. Then I look between my legs again to see him step back slightly. I feel his cock pull out of my asshole, and I see his cum drip out landing on the crotch of my jogging pants before my hole clamps back in place.

"I'll see you tomorrow. Dress appropriately." He says as he buckles his pants.

I pull up my pants, and grab my sweater from the floor. When I reach for my ruin bra and underwear he makes me toss them into the trash can beside his desk for the janitor's to get rid of. I walk directly back to my room feeling his cum leaking out of my really sore ass the entire way.

Sam is sitting there when I walk in. She is anxious to find out what happened, and I tell her everything. She listens, and then tells me to show her my marks. Just then Chris walks in, and asks how things are going.

"Real good." Sam says. "She's making great progress in the Prof's class."

"Too bad. I liked tutoring her." He replies.

"You might still have to do that, but she and the Prof have an understanding of sorts. Show us."

"I can't. It's too embarrassing."

"Come on. Chris has seen you naked before. Hell you blew his dick already once."

"Fine." I concede knowing that she won't stop until I show them.

I undressed, and hear both of them gasp at the sight of me.

"He did one hell of a job tenderizing you, didn't he? Does it hurt?"

"He did, and it's a bit tender."

Sam touches my right breast making me flinch.

"It almost like your nipples are permanently hard now." She giggles.

I watch as she leans forward taking my right nipple into her mouth and sucks on it gently. It feels so good on my sensitive breast.

"Just a kiss to make it better."

Then she takes my left nipple into her mouth doing the same, and making me fill with lust. She kisses her way down to my crotch, and then I feel her fingers touch my clit as I stand in front of her.

"Damn you get so wet. I love it."

She rubs my clit as she pulls my lips down to meet hers. We kiss as she masturbates me. I moan in her mouth growing more and more needy by the second. I find myself pulling her shirt up off her revealing her large breasts and firm nipples. I lose control, and I dive right straight to her beautiful chest suckling her breasts. She pulls my face tight to her body forcing more of her nipple into my mouth. I gladly suck harder, and pull her hand from my crotch before yanking up her skirt.

She stands up letting me take her. I pull her underwear down, and kiss my way down her belly to her legs as I take them from her. Then I push her onto her back on the bed. She giggles at my new found aggression, and I don't waste a second before sliding between her legs. I bury my face in her wet crotch letting my tongue dive into her warm folds. Her hands grab my hair pulling me closer while her hips rock against my face. My own lust taking me places I've never been I get onto my knees to get a better angle as I slide to fingers into her as I lick her clit.

I feel Chris climb behind me, but I'm too horny to care. He slide right into my pussy making me moan against Sam's crotch. I begin to get pushed against her making my fingers fuck her with his rhythm as I suck and lick. I only stop to moan when he pushes deep into me. Sam's hips grind hard against my mouth as she begins to moan in orgasm. I wrap my mouth around as much of her crotch as I can, an I swallow her cum as it leaks out.

My face being pressed tighter and tighter to her with every thrust of Chris' cock. Then I moan myself as my orgasm takes me hard making my entire body shake. I hear Chris groan, and feel the hot feeling as it fills me inside. I can only concentrate on my own pleasure as the waves take me to heaven. It lasts for a few glorious minutes before we all collapse in a heap on my bed.

I lay there kissing and cuddling with Sam feeling Chris' cum leaking from my vagina. My mind in a safe place as I drift to sleep in her arms with him behind me. His arm over my hip, and his dick dribbling all over my ass. I sleep soundly, and wake refreshed. Sam wakes with me, and we slip out of bed leaving Chris sleep. We go to shower, and wash each other before returning to my room. then we shave each other before I pick out some clothes.

I grab a pink lace camisole that has a tie that goes about three quarters of the way down my belly, a black mini skirt, white sheer satin thong, and pink lace thigh high stockings. She voices her approval as I dress. Then she looks me over.

"Very sexy. If you bend over somebody's going to see your pretty pussy as plain as day, and I like the way your big round areolas are almost visible through your top. Actually, if you look really close, they are. You are one sexy big slut, but you're mine, and I'm not letting you go." She says.

We kiss after she makes me blush. Then I watch her as she walks out the door to get herself ready. I do my makeup as Chris begins to stir. Before I know it he is standing behind me, and admiring the view.

"You are amazing. You have to let me take some pictures of you in that outfit."

"Why do I have to do that?"

"Because if you don't I'll be sad."

"I don't have time. I have to get to class."

"You have a half hour. That's plenty of time."

"Fine. Just one, and that's it."

"Great! One for now, but more later though?"

"We'll see."

"I can handle that. Just lean forward bending at the waist with you legs open, and turn your back to look at me."

I do as he instructs moving a little to meet his expectations. I am bent and twisted in an unusual way before he finally snaps the picture. I leave at the last minute to begin my day of classes. Around noon Sam sends me a text telling me that Chris sent her the picture of me, an she loves it. She said that she is going to use it as her phone's main background. It makes me smile hearing her say that.

Before I know it I'm sitting in the Prof's class waiting for him to arrive. His eyes go straight to me when he gets in, and I think I see a slight smile from him before he gets down to business. All during class I see him stealing glances, and I lean forward or open my legs giving him something to see. again he tells me to stay after as he dismisses the rest of the class.

"Yes sir. What can I do for you today?" I say meekly. after locking the door.

He sits behind his desk looking at his computer for a minute before asking, "What's this?"

He turns his screen for me to see my picture on the campus student site. The comments are all vulgar, and a few are down right scary. They range to everything from promises of a night of sex weather I want it or not to calling me a beached whale that should be tossed back into the ocean.

"I don't know. I don't know what to say. I didn't know that was there."

"I like it. Do more. It makes me want you even more. Get under my desk. I want to look at this picture longer."

I crawl under his desk, and pull his rock hard cock out. It's throbbing in my hand as I wrap my lips around it. I feel myself getting more and more turned on as I suck his cock. I let myself succumb to my lust, and listen to hear him loving it too. It didn't take long before he pulled my face tight to his lap shoving his dick deep into my mouth making me gag. Then I taste the salty flavor of his cum as he finishes in my mouth. I gobble down every last drop before he lets me stand back up.

I watch as he zips back up, and then tells me to sit in my chair. I do as he says, and he follows me holding his phone.

"Untie that top, and lean back spreading your legs."

I do as he instructs, and he begins snapping picture after picture. He tells me to spread the neckline open as far as it will open. I do, and my boobs are almost completely exposed with a part of my areolas showing as he snaps even more pictures. I am told to lift my skirt up, and bend over the back of the chair. I feel my breasts hanging down and the cool air on my ass as he snaps even more pictures.

"See you tomorrow." He says walking back to his desk.

I walk out, and check the student site as soon as I get back to my room. Sam shows up just as I'm logging in, and watches as I tell her what happened. She gets pissed at Chris for posting the picture, but is even more surprised when we see that an anonymous user has posted almost fifty pictures of "a fat slut." I click on the page to see all the pictures of me that the Prof had taken.

I am amazed, and kind of titillated to see how sexy they turned out. Some of the pictures my crotch was plainly visible through my satin underwear while other pictures showed my breasts hanging under my top. The one I liked the best was where I was sitting there leaning back with my legs spread wide, and my top opened far enough to show part of my areolas. It was sexy, but yet sensual. Sam liked it too. Her kiss told me so, and she downloaded all of the pictures to her phone.

"Looks like you have a career in modeling."

I read the comments, and am surprised to see how they are mostly positive, and I begin to wonder just how this is going to change things for me. Sam doesn't seem to be worried about anything. She is too busy peeling my clothes off, and kissing my neck in a lust filled moment. She soon has me naked, and leads me to the bed pushing me onto my back.

"I never fucked a model before. I think I'm going to like this." She says climbing between my open legs.

Her tongue licks my wetness making me moan, and it's not more than a few seconds before I pull her on top of me so I can taste her love as well. We lick and suck for over an hour. I had more orgasms than I could count. My face is dripping with her orgasms before she finally rolls off me.

"You have my pussy all over your face." She laughs.

"And your face looks a bit wet too." I smile.

She kisses me, and we taste ourselves on each other until we fall asleep. I wake the next morning in a panic knowing that I didn't do my homework. I have no time, and it's too late for me to do anything. I hurry to grab some clothes, and rush out the door kissing Sam on the way. in my first class I finally feel the eyes boring into me. I look down to see what I threw on.

I'm wearing a sheer white tube top which is way too small. I used to use it as a bra. Along with the pink mini with the lace down the sides. It's plainly obvious that I didn't grab any underwear. After class a few boys made crude comments, but I blew them off. That is the day as a whole. Sit through class, listen to comments, and then go to the next class. I'm glad to be sitting in the Prof's class. It's my last one, and then I can change my clothes.

His eyes go right to me when he walks in, and a smile is obvious when he sees me. We watch as he sets down his briefcase, and listen as he announces that he's going to take a day off from our normal studies for today. I'm curious what he has planned, but relieved since I didn't have the homework done.

"Anyone who doesn't want to be here can leave now no questions asked, and no penalties." He says.

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