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Where does the time go?
Posted:Aug 28, 2017 9:36 am
Last Updated:Aug 30, 2017 6:37 am
Here we are with August almost over. Soon the will be back in school, and my days will be quiet and lonely again. I'm looking forward to some me time, but wish I could keep the kiddos home longer. We just went to the cabin for a little time away with my family last weekend. It was a nice relaxing time. It rained for half the time we were there, but I like rain as much as I like sunny days. I just like being away from it all, and out side. I chose to sleep in my tent with my oldest while everyone else slept in the cabin. It was chilly at night, but I slept soundly and woke refreshed. I needed that recharge.

Other than that I'm still working plenty of overtime keeping me busy. Along with prepping the for school it's been kind of hectic around my house at times. I found out that my favorite guy is going to be quitting from the warehouse soon. that's depressing. I liked flirting with him, and I'm sure he liked flirting back. At least I hope he did.

I have a couple of story lines floating around my head, and I would like to write them out at some point. All I need is the time. I did make a few captions that I will add with this blog for your perusal. Let me know your thoughts. I'm always here at some point since I don't have a life so feel free to hit me up for some conversation. Remember to like and comment on the pictures, and captions that you like, and maybe they'll give me a free something or another that I don't need. I like free things. Maybe they'll send me a free toy?

I won't get my hopes up. I have been healthy and busy, and I hope you all have been too. Well, not the busy part. That part sucks. Kind of like the cravings that I've been having for a while now. Damn it, my mind is wandering again.

I hope you all the best, later.

The Water Park
Posted:Aug 21, 2017 10:03 am
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2017 6:22 am

Here is my second attempt at writing since the first was so well received. I wrote it all quickly, so please keep that in mind when you are reading it. Any and all comments are greatly appreciated.

It was shaping up to be a great day. The temps were in the upper sixties, and the promise of eighties later in the day. No clouds in the sky, and no rain in the forecast. With home secured we all piled into my car for the drive to America's largest waterpark. It's way too early in the morning, but we have to meet people at the gate for cheaper tickets so we are being rushed right from the start.

Trying to get a family ready and anywhere on time is like winning a world war without any weapons. So the pressure is on as soon as I back out. My husband likes to drive the speed limit no matter what. I, on the other hand, don't mind going a bit over if the situation calls for it. This is one of those times. We have an hour and a half to make a two hour drive.

My husband and I talk for the first half hour as we catch up on events from the previous week. We don't see much of each other since we work opposite shifts. Then the conversation wanes. I look back to see both sound asleep in the back, and my husband nodding off beside me. He stayed up late making sure the car was packed with everything we needed.

The main interstates soon turn to rural highways as I speed along. Our time is getting close, but I'm trying my best not to be overly tardy. About half way there we are only fifteen minutes behind when I pass a cop on the side of the road. It's a county deputy, and he races out behind me as I slow down to the speed limit. Sure enough he turns on the lights as soon as he's behind me.

"Ah shit! I'm getting pulled over." I moan.

"I told you not to speed. Now we will have a fine to pay for. How fast were you going?" My husband asks.

"A bit over." I say reaching in the cubbyhole of the dashboard to fish out my license.

I hand the officer my license through the window while asking why he pulled me over, and acting as sweet and innocent as I can.

"You seem to be in a hurry." He says taking my license. "Is this some kind of joke?"

I take my license back, and look at it to see that it's my husband's.

"I'm sorry. I must have grabbed the wrong one." I apologize fishing out mine and handing it to him.

"Proof of insurance please, Michele."

I fish through the glove box, but can't find the recent copy. He returns to the squad for a few minutes before returning.

"Proof of insurance?"

"I couldn't find it officer."

"Step out of the car then please." He commands opening the door for me.

He leads me back to the cruiser, and makes me sit in the back seat. He sits in the front as he runs my license, and comes up with my clean record. Then he turns to me, and asks why I origionally gave him the wrong license?

"I thought I grabbed mine. I'm sorry about that."

"You realize that providing a false identity, and obstructing an officer are both serous offenses. I can take you to jail right now without even considering the speeding and lack of insurance. You are in some very serious trouble here."

Feeling the anxiety set in from hearing this I plead, "Please don't do that. It was a mistake, and I said that I'm sorry. I have insurance. Full coverage even. I can call my agent, and he can verify it."

"You can tell that to the judge on Monday, and see if he'll believe you. You don't look much like you'd fare very well in jail for two days though. Especially dressed in a swimming suit like that."

Then I remember that I threw on my black and white one piece that has the plunging neckline. My cleavage is showing, but I'm still covered sufficiently. It just fits a bit small on me so it squishes my boobs down a little, and tends to crawl up my butt.

"You don't have to take me to jail. We are just trying to get to the water park on time to meet some friends."

"So what am I supposed to do with you then?"

"Let me go on my way, and let my have a fun filled day."

"Then I get my ass chewed out by my boss for letting you go after trying to give me someone else's driver's license? I can't just let you go."

"Write me out a fine then. Just don't take me to jail. Please."

He rolls down my window, and steps out of the cruiser. Leaning down to face me he whispers to me, "I have a deal for you. Since you look like a nice person. (he smiles as he looks at my chest) If you can finish before I finish writing the ticket; you can go on your way. If not; straight to jail. Deal?"


He stands up setting his ticket book on top of the cruiser with his crotch in the window. I understand now when the bulge pokes out in front of me. I reach up unzipping his fly, and he turns so his back is towards my car hiding himself from them. His cock plops right out inches from my face. It's average size, and circumcised. The tip is a big mushroom shaped head. He's hard already, and it looks so inviting.

I love giving blow jobs, and I have been yearning for it for a while now. My husband isn't into receiving them so I don't get to scratch that itch too often. I feel my crotch tingle with excitement as the moment lies before me. I eagerly lean in, and take him into my mouth. The head hits the back of my throat as I begin to suck it. The taste fills my mouth turning me on even more. I feel my crotch flush with anticipation as my lust overrides my sanity. I grab the base of his cock, and hold it while I suck the entire length of his shaft.

I stroke him as I suck. Moans gravitating from me uncontrollably. His hips push forward gently as he fucks my mouth and try to hide it. My left hand cups his hairy balls, and I kiss them too. I find myself wanting more, and sucking like my life depends on it. I take him as far into my mouth as I can. Gagging on it slightly. Then he surprises me when I feel his cum hit the back of my throat. The sour taste permeates my taste buds. It sits in the back of my throat, and begins to ooze down making me swallow.

He lets out a few spurts before pulling out of my mouth. He smiles at me as he wipes the last drops under my nose and on my left cheek. I feel it drying onto my skin, and I feel the heat radiating from my wanting crotch. I know I'm wet, but that's the way I get.

He zips back up, and opens the door handing me the paper.

"Thank you Michele. It's been a pleasure."

"Likewise." I smile as I take the paper before walking to my car.

I look to see that he wrote me out a warning for going a couple of miles too fast instead of how fast I was really going. I smiled at him as I sat back in my car beside my husband. Handing him the warning I continued my journey a half hour behind again.

"I can't believe he gave you a warning. Why did you have to go sit in the squad car?"

"He wanted me to call the insurance agent." I lie feeling his dries cum pulling my skin where it's dried on.

I am soon speeding again trying to make up time. My mind spinning from what just happened, and my nostrils filled with the smell of his cum that's dried under them. We are soon back to being only ten minutes late. It took some interesting maneuvers with the slower traffic I came up to, but I did it. That is until I again had red and blues behind me.

I pull over, and a state cop walks up to the window. I hand him my license, and he takes them telling me to step out of the car. I do as he commands, and follow him to the back of his cruiser.

"What's this all about?" I ask.

"I just talked with one of our local county deputies, and he informed me that you tried to offer him a bribe in order to get out of a speeding ticket. He said that he eventually gave you a warning, but as he was trying to get you to exit your vehicle you sped off. I was informed that pursuit wasn't facilitated since there was heavy traffic. Now place your hands on the trunk, and part your legs some so I can pat you down before taking you in."

He turns me around, and makes me bend over stretching forward to reach the trunk of his cruiser. He uses his feet to move my feet apart, and I feel his hands touching my legs. I feel his breath on my backside as he searches my socks.

"I don't know what you were told, but I didn't try to bribe anyone. He wrote me out a warning for speeding, and I went on my way." I plead my case. "I can't go to jail. What about my family?"

His hands touch under my arms, and slowly reach under me to my hanging breasts. He cups them from behind.

"Maybe we can work something out then?"

"Evidently he told you what really happened?"

"Things may have been discussed."

"Fine. I can do the same for you too if you'll let me go."

His fingers tighten around my erect nipples pinching them before rolling them in between. It sends shock waves straight to my crotch.

"I don't want your mouth."

He lets go, and I feel my shorts pulls down and my suit pull to the side. The cool morning air contrasts my hot crotch, and sends pangs of lust through me. I hear his zipper, and then feel his cock enter me. My vagina opens around him making me moan as my lust is finally being satiated. His hips slap against my ass cheeks as his cock pumps in and out of me. His balls slap my clit making me moan in pleasure. In only a few minutes I feel the pressure build inside of me, and then release out through my crotch. My legs shake as the waves course through me sending me to Pleasureville. It feels so good after being frustrated for weeks on end.

"Oh yes." I softly moan.

My orgasm all too begins to wane, and I feel his cock plunging deep into my vagina. His hips crashing into my backside making my body jiggle. He reaches under me pulling my suit to the sides making my boobs flop free. They shake and jiggle with his thrusts until his hands grab them both. His fingers find my nipples again, and he returns to his squeezing and rolling them.

"P..p...pl...Oh God." I moan quietly as his cock hits me deep. "J...j...ju..."

His fucking is seeming more strained, and I need to tell him not to finish in me since I'm not on anything and fertile. I just can't seem to talk while his cock is plunging into me so deep. It feels way too good.

"Oh yes. Ple...j..j.. not..."

I feel him pull back hard on my nipples pulling me tight against him. I moan uncontrollably with the mix of pain and pleasure. I feel his cock ram deep into me while his hips crush my ass.

"Jus..not..." I moan as he rams me hard.

He lets go of my breasts, and spreads my ass making his cock feel like it grew to twice the size. It hits even deeper as he spreads my labia while he fucks me.

"Oh..my... God..." I moan. "It feels so big."

His thrusts get faster and harder. I hear him begin to breath rapidly. My own breath strained from the pleasure.

"Just..oh yeah...don...don..."

Then I feel a hot sensation fill my womb as he fucks me deep.

"Not in me." I finally manage knowing that it's too late.

His thrusting slows, and the hot feeling inside of me grows. My belly feels overheated from the inside. My crotch feels so full with his cock in me fucking me full of his cum. his thrusts slow down to nothing. I feel his cock fall out of me leaving me with a worn out feeling. He takes my suit, and pulls it back into place just as I feel his cum begin to leak out. Then he pulls up my shorts, and slaps me on the ass cheek.

"Damn! When he said that you were a big girl that looked nice, and were in heat he wasn't joking. He said that you even left a wet spot on his back seat. I see why. Your pussy gets really wet. I like it, but you're free to go. I hope to pull you over again real soon." He says as I turn to look at him.

I can only smile in satisfaction as I walk back to the car. I sit down, and continue our trip seeing that we are only about twenty minutes behind now. I feel the tingling in my crotch as his cum leaks out into my suit. I tell my husband that he was looking for a car that matched ours, and when he was satisfied he let me go. I didn't exactly lie. I speed again to make up lost time, and we wind up being ten minutes late for the meeting. Not too bad I figure.

The line moves fast, and we are soon in the park. I go straight to the bathroom to go to the toilet and clean myself up a little. Clean up goes quick since I'm freshly shaven. I don't need any hairs peeking out of my suit. I meet up with my husband and , and we go straight to the wave pool. The water is frigidly cold. There's a few other people there, and quite a few . There's one large black man sitting with a small not far away as we slowly wade into the water. We have to walk around them to get to the deeper water.

A few run by splashing me with water making me scream from the shock of the cold. My entire body tenses up as I begin to shiver. Suddenly a small comes running up behind me not watching, and runs right into the back of my legs. I fall forward right into the water. I jump up fast feeling the cold water chill me to the core. The slight breeze makes it feel even colder. The man asks me if I'm okay, and I tell him that I am. My husband helps me up, and holds me from the side while I stand there. The man just stares at us.

"You look cold." My husband says.

"This water is freezing."

"It's not bad once you get used to it, but until then you may want to cross your arms."

I look down to see my nipples poking through my suit raising the white fabric higher than ever. I look at the man knowing now what he was staring at. He smiles at me coyly. We wade in deeper, and I do eventually get used to the cold water. My nipples never seem to go down, but I eventually forget about hiding them as I ride the waves on a tube.

After a while we decide to hit the slides, and see what else there is to do. We walk to the first slide, and after a minor wait we were plummeting down the water chute. Then we walked around looking at the attractions before deciding on another slide to try. This one was taller, and had a longer line. The line seemed to be moving quickly so we enter it. We get a short ways in before the forward progress slow to a crawl as we progress up the wooden steps.

My husband stands in front of me with my youngest, and I notice that the man from the pool is only a few places behind us. He smiles when he sees me, and I smile in return trying to be friendly. We move a few steps before the people behind us give up, and exit the line. That puts the man from the pool right behind me, and he is quickly right behind me.

The steps go up, turn, and then go higher for at least four levels more that I can see. I get an uneasy feeling about the guy behind me, and ask my husband if he wants to go elsewhere. He says that he's fine just waiting, and we;ll be at the top soon enough. then the line moves two more steps. I feel the man behind me press against my ass.

I look back at him ready to admonish him, but he's looking the other way. I write it off as an innocent bump, and continue my wait. Four more steps, and we're on the landing. It only takes five minutes. Then as we start up the next flight the pace stops again. I feel the man pushing against my butt, but I ignore it. I don't need to make a scene. He bumps into me over and over making me push forward slightly each time.

Two more steps, and it feels like he's rubbing his chest against my ass. We eventually make it to the next landing where I feel his hands touch my left ass cheek. My husband isn't paying me any attention so I turn to confront him. He just looks down at me smiling. He towers over my five foot frame intimidating me into silence. He looks me right in the eye, and I feel his large hand on my left breast. His fingers grab my nipple, and he squeezes it hard.

I look him in the eye feeling the pain giving me pleasure, and feeling my pussy flush with lust. He motions for me to move ahead. I turn, and take my three steps. Standing back on the stairs behind my husband I feel the man's fingers softly trace up the back of my right leg. It tickles as they touch me from the back of my knee all the way up to my ass crack.

I take a step up, and stand there with one leg on a higher stair. His fingers trace my crack, and the slip under the leg touching my ass underneath. I feel his cold fingers slide between my cheeks, and run down over my warm butt hole. He pushes and rubs gently giving me pleasurable feeling that I've never experienced before. The wetness from the water lets his finger tips slide in slightly letting me know just how thick his fingers are.

He removes his hand as I step up a few more steps. Then as I stand there on another landing I feel him press in close. His large hands wrap around my sides, and his fingers slip under the front of my suit bottom. He touches my shaven mound a few seconds before his fingers find my vaginal cleft, and then I feel him slip a finger down over my clit. It feels so good, and I know that I'm already wet. Feeling his finger slide easily down reassured my knowledge.

He lets go as I step up a couple of steps. His touching and teasing has me so horny. I step up with my feet two steps apart. I feel him tight to my ass, and I feel his fingers pull the gusset of my suit to the side. He slips a finger into my eager vagina, and begins to fuck me with it right there in the line. then I feel a second finger join the first, and fill me up inside. I take another step, but he never lets go.

It feels so good, and I feel so dirty. I feel an orgasm build inside of me as his fingers coax it. His thumb begins to rub my anus, and I take a couple more steps. It's hard enough to stand while being finger fucked let alone walk up steps. It feels so good with the added sensation on my asshole that my orgasm is quickly imminent. Then we come to another landing. He pulls his fingers out, and just belly's up behind me as his hands caress my bald mound under my suit.

I can't wait for the line to move, and when it finally does I have to bite my lip to keep from moaning as his fingers delve back into my vagina. My hips rock grinding my pussy onto his fingers, and his thumb slowly slips into my ass. It feels so strange, so different, but yet so good as he fucks both of my holes in tandem. It's hard to walk up the steps with his fingers in me and my legs shaking, but I manage somehow. We are so close to the top before I bite my lip hard as I orgasm onto his hand.

It feels so good. I feel my butt clenching around his thumb as my vagina quivers around his fingers. He holds me upright as I shiver in delight. It lasts for a wonderful minute or two before subsiding. He keeps fingering me until he knows that I'm done. Then I feel him pull his hand away. I turn to look at him. He's smiling a huge smile as he looks down at his fingers which are coated in my orgasm. I then take his hand, and suck my orgasm from his fingers seductively.

We are quickly to the top, and I look back at the man. I see him trying to hide a raging boner as I sit on the tube with my husband and youngest. I smile and wink as we are pushed down. In a few seconds we are splashing into the catch pond, and walking out. Then we walk away to the next ride.

A couple of hours later we meet our friends back at the car for some lunch. We sit and chat for a bit before returning to the park for more fun. I don't see the man again until it's almost time to go home. We are back in the wave pool, and he is with a woman and the . She is taller than I am, but looks to weight the same. She has long black hair that comes down to her waist, and a much bigger chest than mine. He sees me, and smiles. She looks over at me, and smiles also. I return their smile with one of my own, and I add a hello nod to it.

I float for a while watching my husband play with my , and then I feel the need to go to the bathroom. I tell him that I'll be back before handing him my tube to watch over. When I finish peeing I exit the stall, and wash my hands. When I look up the man's girlfriend is standing right behind me staring at me.

"So you're the white bitch with the tight pussy that let my man finger her in line, huh?"

Her bluntness takes me by surprise. My jaw drops.

"Well, that's fine. He likes stinky fingers anyway, but you can't have one without the other."

I'm confused as she drags me back into a changing room. She pushes me down so I'm sitting on the bench staring at her.

"I hope you're hungry bitch?" She says.

I can only watch as she pulls her bikini bottoms to the side, and steps on the bench with her feet on either side of me. She shoves her trimmed crotch in my face, and grabs the back of my head.

"Eat it you white bred ho." She commands.

I feel the warm wetness on my lips as she holds my face tight to her labia. I can't breath, and I fight for air. Eventually my mouth opens as I gasp for breath, and it's filled with her crotch. She tastes somewhat like I do. Which makes it easier to do as she commands, and I begin to lick her clitoris letting my tongue delve into her vagina occasionally. She moans, and her hips rock as she fucks my face. I grab her ass from under her, and pull her closer to taste her deeper. She seems to like it, and it makes me wet just knowing she's liking it.

Her hips rock faster and faster. She grinds hard against my mouth. Her hand holds my head as her fingers entwine in my wet hair. Soon she moans a strained moan, and I feel the rush of wetness fill my mouth. It tastes a bit bitter, but I swallow it down anyway. It wanes as fast as it came on, and she is soon sitting beside me panting. I look her in the eye smiling. I'm happy my first time with another woman was like this. I lean in, and we kiss for a few minutes.

"I'll be your ho any day." I whisper as I get up to leave.

"Be at the lazy river in a half hour like a good ho then white bred, and you'll know what it's like to be with a real man instead of that sorry excuse you have out there."

I smile, and return to my husband. After about a half hour thinking about her offer, and fantasizing about it, I tell my husband that I just want to float down the river and relax. He says that he'll stay in the wave pool with the , and I wander off to the lazy river where I find an empty tube to float with. I float for a few minutes relaxing before I feel someone grabbing my right breast. I look up to see the man from before. His woman is right beside him, and they are both smiling at me.

"I didn't think you were going to show up." She says. "My name is Denise, but you can call me ma'am."

"And my name is sir. Got it?"

"Yes sir. Yes ma'am." I say shyly.

"That's a good start." He says. "Now let's pull off to the side over here where it's more quiet."

We pull off, and walk up behind some bushes. He stands in front of me, and she stands behind him.

"Get on your knees ho." She commands.

"Yes ma'am." I say as I kneel.

I watch as she pulls his trunks down, and reveals a long thick black cock. Bigger than anything I've ever seen.

"Ten inches of pleasure." He says giggling.

"And you're going to get it all." She adds.

He gently takes my head pulling my face closer to it. I find my mouth opening, and my tongue lifting it in. I am soon sicking it, and feeling it harden in my mouth.

"That's it bitch. Suck that anaconda."

He pushes it into my mouth gagging me. I try to swallow as much as I can, but he's just too much. I don't see her move, but she is behind me peeling my suit off me, and pinching my nipples as my breasts sway from me sucking him. I feel her fingers running down my butt crack, and down over my bare mound touching my pussy from both sides as the tips of fingers touch my clit making me moan.

"Damn you're wet. That's good. It'll make it easier for my man to show you what getting a real dick is all about. Now lay on your back ho." She commands as she pulls me off his cock by my shoulders.

I lay back, and see her crotch come down on my face in seconds. Then I feel him spreading my legs really wide as he kneels between them. His cock touches my pussy, and it's warmth sends a shiver of excitement up my spine. I moan as he rubs the tip up and down my labia covering it in my wetness.

"It's time for you to get your little white cunt used properly." He says.

I feel him push into me making my crotch spread wider than it ever has. It begins to hurt some, and I moan. She crushes her pussy tighter to my lips silencing me. His cock opens my inch by inch stretching my vagina more than ever. Slowly he slips into me until I feel his hips touch my legs. Then he lifts my legs higher, and I feel his cock push against my cervix. It hurts, but he doesn't stop. Instead he begins to fuck me with the entire length. I feel it plunging deep over and over as he crushes me under his weight. I lick her trying not to concentrate on the pain of my crotch being stretched so far.

She rides my face while his cock rams into me harder and harder. It feels like he's all the way into my throat from the inside. I feel my nipples being pinched and pulled while my boobs flop around from him slamming against me. I taste her orgasm as she cums in my mouth. I again swallow her juices which turns me on even more. It turns the discomfort into pleasure, and I soon feel the tension welling up within me. She lays beside me, and begins to make out with me. It proves to be too much as her warm body presses against mine.

I feel the tension explode out of me through my crotch. I orgasm all over his cock as he fucks me hard. The waves come fast and strong making my soul shake with delight. It's so intense, and so pleasurable. It lasts for minutes before finaly waning.

"That's it bitch. Cum all over my cock. I like with bitch cum."

"He's getting close ho. Are you ready to become a black cock slut?"

"Oh... yes... ma'am." I moan.

"Good. Cause I'm going to fill this pussy up. You're going to be black bred, and you ain't going to want no little white dick anymore."

"Fill her cunt up. Give this white bred bitch a black baby that she'll have to explain to her hubby."

""No ma'am. No sir. Please don't finish in me."

Shut up bitch. You're getting what you need, right?" She asks.

"Yes ma'am."

"Then you know what else you want too right?" He asks. "All you need to do is ask."

"Oh God!" I moan as his cock brings me to another orgasm. "Don't stop! Just fuck me. Give me that big cock."

He slams into me hard, and she sucks on my breasts giving me another great orgasm. As it begins to wane I hear him begin to groan. His thrusting into me slows. He lifts my legs higher and wider as he puts more weight against me pushing his cock deep int my pussy. Then he look me in the eye smiling.

"Stop, or go bitch?"

"Fuck me." I moan as my orgasm slowly wanes.

Then he pushes into me hard grinding his hips into me as he grunts hard. I feel his cock push past my cervix as his cum blasts directly into my uterus. I wince from the pain, but feel pleasure in the warm cum filling my womb.

"That's it bitch. Take a real man's cum like you know you need. Just like all you white sluts dream of." She taunts.

"Yes ma'am." I reply like I have a choice.

"This is one good piece of ass too." He says to her. "I'm tempted to keep this one."

She smiles at him, and then kisses me. "What do you think of that?"

"I'd like that." I hear myself say.

"Well I will have to think about that. The fact that you're just another white ho don't help your case, but you can eat pussy. My man seems to like you though. I'm sure we'll meet again." She laughs.

I feel his cock pull out of me, and my legs lower to the ground. I watch as they grab their tubes, and float away leaving me naked and dripping cum. I pull my suit on, and float back to the entrance before returning to my husband. We spend out last minute in the wave pool. Them playing, and my leaking semen out of my sore crotch.

I see them again as we are walking out. I smile at them, and they smile back. She bumps into me making me drop my towel. When I pick it up she hands me a piece of paper with their information on it. I hide it away, and we continue on with our normal plans. Only now I'm thinking back, and wondering what can be in the future.
The Camping Trip.
Posted:Aug 17, 2017 9:44 am
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2017 6:21 am

Here's my attempt at writing an erotic story based off my fantasies. It got a bit long. Sorry. Let me know what you think, but remember that I'm not a professional writer. I've never written a complete story like this before. I hope you enjoy it.

There I was sitting there watching the dying campfire listening to the crackling in the cool night air as the whippoorwill sounded it's call in the quiet air. I'm wide awake after a full day of cavorting with my family. Now they are all sound asleep. The clock reads ten thirty, and I'm surprised by how silent the campgrounds are for a summer weekday.

"Here I am," I think to myself. "A forty something woman with two , loving husband, and everything that I can ask for. Except for being overweight; I have the perfect life. Why does it feel like something is missing? What is it that is creating the void I feel deep inside?"

I analyze my life for a moment. I am 43, a bit over the 250 mark for weight, I have long brown hair, brown eyes, and try to keep myself clean and tidy. I dress conservatively, but do have a wilder side that I keep reigned in as much as I can. This means that I do sometimes wear mini skirts, deep vee necklines, and skip the underwear on occasion. Well, I skip the underwear more often than I should, but I have just never found them to be very comfortable. I like it when my 40 D breasts can be free. It feels much more natural, and so much more sexy. Right now I'm wearing an old light blue button down blouse, some old ratty red shorts, and a red g string lace panties. No bra since I was hoping for some alone time with the hubby.

Today we started out with a good breakfast after sleeping until ten thirty. Then we went on a hike in the afternoon returning just in time for supper. We finished out the day by swimming until the sun was beginning to set around nine. When we got back we all showered, and I lit a fire as they turned in one by one. My husband being the last one to leave asked how long I was going to stay up, and I told him that I wasn't tired at all.

Which brings me to now. Here I sit watching the flames die, and contemplating what I feel is missing. When the flames are well below the fire ring I begin to feel the cool air giving me a chill. I decide to take a walk to get my mind off things and unwind.I grab my flashlight, and begin to slowly pace around the campgrounds. Most are empty. There are only five other sites filled, and they are all quiet. Most are dark, but the rest have some sort of a light on dimly illuminating the road that I'm walking on.

I walk to the boat landing, and watch out over the dark water listening to the sounds of the night in the open calmness. The stars shine brightly reflecting off the water making me feel so insignificant against the vastness of space. I stand there trying to take as much of it in as I can before moving on as another chill runs up my spine. I walk on.

I walk to the pavilion, and smell the remnants of an earlier cookout. The charcoal and food smell makes my stomach growl. I giggle as I walk on. I soon make it to the trail head that leads to a small waterfall. I decide to walk it even though it's dark. In less than five minutes I hear the water as it hits the rocks below the falls, and the trail quickly opens up to the falls. I listen to the sounds for a few minutes before walking back to the road where I turn towards the playground area. I check my phone to see that it's only eleven o'clock.

I am soon at the playground, and I decide to sit on the swing set. I begin to swing slowly as I listen to the quiet. My peace is quickly shattered by a voice from behind me.

"Hi there." I hear startling me.

It's a man's voice, but he doesn't sound that old. I turn to look quick shining my light in his face. I see a twenty something man with brown shoulder length hair staring back at me. He has a slender muscular build along with a slight belly.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." He says as he sits on the swing beside me.

"That's okay." I say. "I was just in my own world."

"The woods does that to a person. It's so serene, and beautiful. Just like you are."

"Thanks. I think."

"You think? You should already know how pretty you are. I'm sure there's guys lining up for you all over."

"That's definitely not the case. Besides, I'm married. So I'm not looking."

"We're guys. We don't much care if a girl is married. Just willing, and sexy. And seeing you in that one piece earlier let's me know just how sexy you are. Me and all the rest of the guys staring at you."

I stop swinging, and stare at him as an uneasiness fills my soul.

"I'm married, and I don't cheat. So I guess you'll have to go look elsewhere."

"Maybe, but I won't stop looking at you. You just have this aura about you. It's sexy, alluring, mysterious, and being good looking adds to the entire package."

"Thanks, but I need to get going. My husband is expecting me back soon." I lie.

"Before you go tell me your name."

"Why do you need to know?"

"So I know which name to moan later." He laughs.

"Michele." I say without thinking.

I begin to walk away, and check back to see him watching me from the swing. He is holding something, but I just keep walking not wanting to dwell on it. I feel more at ease as I round the bend in the road returning to my campsite. I soon pass the trail to the falls, and come up to the boat landing. I hear my name being called out from the road ahead of me. Not loud, but loud enough to be heard. I don't recognize the voice so I turn back toward the playground.

I see the dark outline of someone standing in the middle of the road. My heart begins to thunder in my chest as I fill with fear. I turn back to the campground to see another figure standing in the middle of the road.I run toward the boat landing in the hopes that whoever they are they just leave me alone. I make it to the dock before I turn around. Panting I watch the entry to the area. Nothing. I wait a few minutes. Still nothing. My adrenaline begins to ease, and I decide to walk back as fast as I can.

I take one step, and two figures rush out of the surrounding woods towards me. I retreat back without thinking. Only to realize that I just backed myself out onto the dock. They are both quickly at the end of the dock trapping me. My heart is beating out of my chest as I stare at them both. They are both six foot tall, and slender looking. For what I can see is they are both wearing black from head to toe. What scares me the most is that they are also wearing ski masks.

"Please just leave me alone." I say assertively.

They answer by standing at the end of the dock side by side staring at me.

"Just let me go. My husband is waiting for me. He'll come looking for me at any minute."

I heard them giggle. The one on my right motions for me to come to him. I shake my head. The other one reaches behind him, and I stare in dread as I see the glimmer of a large knife blade shine in the star light. He motions for me to come to him again while the other one plays with the blade in his hands.

I don't know what to do. Either I go into the water where I'll never be able to swim away before they can get to me, and risk making them mad. Or I go to them, and hope that they won't kill me since I was listening. Before I know it I am standing in front of them. The one with the knife runs the blade over my cheek, down my neck, over my left breast, and down my belly sending a shiver up my spine. He giggles as I shiver. I look down to see my nipples poking out against the blouse for all to see as plain as day.

The one on my right puts his hand on my shoulder, and pulls me toward the lone lamp which dimly lights the far end of the parking area. Under it lies on old wooden picnic table which I am led to. I see the brown hair sticking out from under his mask, and I realize that it's the guy from the playground. I look at the other guy, but can't see anything other than the black clothes covering him.

I am sat down on the bench of the table, and the brown haired guy stands in front of me. I just stare at him. He grabs me by my hair, and pulls my face to his crotch. I feel his semi hard dick against my lips as he pulls my face tight to him.

I try to push away, but he's way stronger than I am. His friend grabs my wrists pulling my arms behind my back leaving me with no way to fend him off. I can only sit there watching as he unzips his fly before reaching in. I try to pull away knowing his plans, but he holds me tight.

"No please. I'm married. I can't" I plead.

My pleas are answered bu his dick being slapped against my lips. It smells musky. I struggle harder as he pulls my hair harder. Something wraps around my wrists binding them together, and then I feel hands grope my breasts. I clench my teeth as the fingers find my hard nipples. They pinch them, and twist making me moan as the pain sets in. Then I hear a strange voice in my left ear whisper.

"You're ours now bitch. Do what you're made for."

The dick presses hard against my lips forcing my jaw open as it slips into my mouth. It slides right to the back of my throat making me choke and gag. Again they giggle. My shirt rips open, and the hands are all over my chest. Groping, pinching, twisting, and making me moan from the abuse. The brown haired guy uses my mouth hard. Fucking my face without any care as to my feelings. I feel his cock banging against the back of my mouth repeatedly as the hands are all over my breasts. I feel a tingle in my crotch as I think about what's happening.

The hands move down over my belly, and I listen to the brown haired guy's breathing become more erratic telling me that he's enjoying himself. I find myself thinking about my craving to give a blow job, but my husband's not into them so it's gone unfulfilled. But now it's happening, but by some strange guy. I find myself giving in to their advances. The dick in my mouth feels so hard, and I can begin to taste his pre cum. I find myself sucking him willingly. Wanting to taste his seed.

I feel fingers touching my crotch over my shorts. A giggle fills my left ear as the fingers touch the folds of my vagina through my clothes.

"Your cunt is good and wet bitch. Only a real slut would be as wet as you are right now." He whispers.

The dick pulls from my mouth, and I am pulled to my feet by my hair. They step back looking at me with my torn shirt hanging off my arms behind me with my heaving breasts swaying in the air. I see the brown haired guy's hard dick throbbing in the dim light. It looks rock hard, and bigger than my husband's. He must be eight inches long. the other guy steps up to me pulling my shorts slowly down to my ankles revealing my red lace underwear.

He steps back, and I see the brown haired guys pointing his phone at me snapping picture after picture. The other guy pulls my underwear up high making them ride up into my crotch, and pulls my shorts off my feet. He holds them up so the brown haired guy can take pictures of the wet spot in the crotch. They giggle some before untying my wrists. I think about running, but know that I'd never be able to out run them. I am laid on top of the table onto my back, and I feel my ankles being tied to the metal frame. I just lay there as my wrists are tied together and to the frame so my arms are reaching above my head.

In seconds I see the other guy kneeling by my head. His dick is out, and he is pulling my face toward it. I try to turn away, but I am unable. I feel the tingling in my crotch grow as I stare at his short fat cock. My lips open as it nears, and I take him into my mouth sucking him hard. My jaw quickly tires from being open so wide, but my attention is taken by the fingers touching my crotch over my panties.

"Damn! She is wet. This bitch is down right soaking." The brown haired guy says not bothering to hide his voice.

"I told you. She's loving this. You picked a good one this time." The other guy answers also not worrying about hiding his voice.

"It's always the big ones that love to be fucked, and this one seems to love it rough. Don't you bitch?"

"Mmm Hmm." I moan not thinking.

I feel my underwear pull to the side, and feel two fingers slide into my vagina making me moan with pleasure. He begins to finger me, and it makes me hornier than ever. I suck the cock in my mouth harder as he fucks my face.

"The bitch seems to like this." The brown haired guys says from between my open legs. "I wonder if she'll like this?"

I feel him yank his fingers out of me, and slap my crotch hard. I moan as the sting sets in making my legs strain against the bindings holding them still. He laughs as he slaps my crotch again. The dick in my mouth shoves deeper quieting my moans. He slaps me over and over really hard before he finally has enough. Then I feel his lips press against my tender crotch, and his tongue slide into me. My back arches, and a moan escapes me from deep within.

His tongue tickles across my clitoris making my hips rock and me suck with a sense of urgency. In seconds I feel the brown haired guy reach up grabbing my hard nipples. He pinches them hard twisting as he pulls my breasts downward with them. The mix of pain and pleasure drives me wild. The tickling in my crotch rises to the pit of my stomach, and intensifies. I feel my entire body slowly begin to tense as the cock hits the back of my throat. I feel my lust reach it's climax. I am on the verge of orgasm. I want it. I need it.

They both suddenly stand up leaving me wanting. I look at them as they stand beside me talking. They both begin to take pictures of me reminding me of what's happening. I fill with disgust fill me. How could I be liking this? I'm such a bad person. A bad wife. A bad mom. I begin to cry.

The other guy unties me, and helps me to sit up. Then the brown haired guy begins to talk.

"We all can see that you're torn. You're confused and ashamed. Don't be. You've evidently been neglected in certain areas, and the need has grown over time. It's only natural. Give in to your urges, and just be yourself. Nobody needs to know, and you have two willing helpers right here. Let yourself go, and enjoy the moment."

"I can't. This is so wrong. Please just let me go."

"Stand up, and give me your panties." He commands changing the tone in his voice.

I stand, and slowly pull off my underwear handing them to him.

"Good girl. Now be a good slut, and bend over and give my friend the rest of the blow job he's been wanting."

"No please." I plead.

"I'm not asking."

I turn around reluctantly, and bend down taking him back into my mouth.

"Stand up, and give me your panties." He commands changing the tone in his voice.

"No. I can't do that." I protest.

"I'm not asking." He says as the other guy steps closer to me.

I see the flash of the blade as he brings it up to my neck. I wait for the end as the edge is put to my skin. He presses close to me, and asks the brown haired guy if he wants him to make me listen? The brown haired guy tells him to calm down. The other guy steps back, and I tense as he runs the tip down from my neck, and circles my nipples with it. I close my eyes anticipating the sharp sting of a slice. My attention is refocused to what's happening when I feel hands grab my arms spinning me around. My hair is grabbed pushing me face down to the table bending me over. I then hear the rattling of a belt buckle.

I freeze expecting to be taken. Then I feel a smack across my butt. In seconds the sting sets in making my legs shake in pain. It's quickly followed by another and another. I moan with each swat. My backside feels on fire as they spank it. Eventually the whipping stops, and I feel warm hands touching the sore flesh of my butt. One leans over the top of me whispering in my ear.

"You have a nice fat ass slut." I hear the brown haired guy say.

Then I feel my g string panties yank down to my ankles.

"Damn. She's so fucking wet that it soaked her panties and is running down her legs." He says as I hear his phone clicking more pictures.

Then I sense him standing behind me. I freeze. In a moment I feel his cock enter my vagina sliding deeper than I thought possible. I moan feeling him inside of me, and feel the tingling resume deep inside of me. His hands grasp my hips as he begins to slam into me making our skin slap together loudly. I feel my body shaking from the impacts of his thrusts, and it feels so good.

The other guy sits on the table top, and pulls my face to his exposed cock. I take it into my mouth willingly. He holds my hair tightly controlling the pace. It feels like their dicks are going to meet in the middle of me. My lust is unbearable. I feel the tingling growing inside of me larger and more intense. It consumes me. My body begins to tense as the pleasure takes me. My body shakes violently as he uses me roughly. My moans are almost non stop as they flow unconsciously from me.

I feel the grip tighten in my hair. He pulls me tight to his body as he groans. I gag when it hits the back of my throat. Then I feel his cum spurting out filling my mouth. I swallow it down trying not to choke. He holds me tight unloading down my throat, and the only movement I have is from the cock slamming into my vagina.

"That's a good slut. Eat that cum." He goads as I suck him.

"She's a good fuck too." The brown haired guys says to him.

I feel his grip tighten around my hips as he fucks me. His thrusts slam into me making my body tense hard as the tingling becomes all I can feel. I hear his breathing become sporadic, and his movements jerky. The dick is pulled from my mouth letting me finally close my jaw.

Then it happens. I feel the cock bury deep into my vagina, and hear him groan loud. I feel it twitching inside of me as a warm feeling grows in my womb. He's finishing inside of me. He is trying to push his dick deeper into me, but he's all the way in already. It's all I can take, and I feel my tension release from me. It flows from my head, and exits out through my crotch. My entire body shakes and quivers as the waves of release course through me. It's the most intense orgasm that I've had in years.

My teeth clench as the pleasure takes me. I hear him grunt, and feel him jab deeper into me as he drains the last drips of cum into me. The shakes slowly subside as my orgasm wanes from the peak of pleasure. I feel the dick pull out of me leaving me feeling empty, but still quivering some as I lay there face down on the table.

I feel tired, worn out, sore, and well fucked. I've never been used like this before. It's so wrong, but feels so right. I hear the clicking again telling me that they are taking more pictures. After a bit the other guy sits beside me.

"You are a really good slut. It's too bad that we can't just fuck you all night long. I think you'd like it as much as we would." He says.

Then the brown haired guy sits on the opposite side of me stroking my hair.

"You are one hell of a nice piece of ass." The brown haired guy says. "I think that later tonight you'll have to show me how well you suck dick. My friend seemed to like it."

"Please let me go." I moan exhausted.

"It doesn't look like you're in any shape to go anywhere for a while." He continues. "I bet you can't even walk after the fucking I just gave you. And if you could manage you'll probably slip on all of my cum that's dripping out of your snatch."

I lay my head down closing my eyes giving in to whatever they decide for me. I hear them stand up, and then it's quiet. I open my eyes to see them walking away. I wait until they are out of sight before trying to stand. My legs shake, and I fall to the seat on my butt. It immediately hurts. I realize that my backside must be bruised from the spanking they gave me. I lean to the side to ease the ache, and look around for my clothes. I don't see them. Anywhere. They must have taken them with them. Here I sit, naked, and the cool night air is giving me shivers. I eventually manage to my feet, and stumble through the parking area away from the picnic table.

I make my way back to the campsite hoping nobody would see me and my nakedness. I walk as fast as I can, and only stop to pick up my phone which they left along the way for me to find. It takes like what seems forever to get back, but I'm sure it was less than ten minutes. I sneak into the camper grabbing my pajama shirt and covering myself. My husband doesn't even stop snoring as I climb into the bed beside him.

I lay there thinking about what just happened to me, and feel the emotions run the gamut in my mind. I feel so dirty as the semen leaks from me. Knowing that I had such an intense orgasm that felt so great with someone other than my husband. The only reprise is that they took me even though I said that I didn't want to. Was it cheating, or force? If it was forced why did it feel so good. I soon fall asleep.

In the morning I am the last one up. I am alone in the camper as the family is out preparing food around the fire. I grab my phone to check the time, and immediately fill with dread. The background on my phone is now a picture of me with two dicks in me taken from behind. I delete it as fast as I can, and look for more. Thankfully I don't find any. I dress, and join the family pretending that nothing has happened.

The afternoon drags by with last night fresh on my mind. Strangely I find myself getting horny thinking about how they made me do what they wanted, and used me without a care. I grab a book, and sit in the screen tent to read. My family decide to go on a bike ride. They ask me to go, but I have to decline the offer since my bottom end is still quite sore and tender. A bike seat just wouldn't help my predicament any. I wave as they ride off knowing that they'll be gone for hours since they usually stop along the way to look at things and play in the playground.

I dive into my book about weird short stories, and begin to relax. It's not long before I get a text. I'm a bit anxious looking, but am relieved to see that it's a picture of a fuzzy caterpillar sent from my husband. I should have known. They always send me pictures of the things that they find on their outings. Soon the texts begin to roll in steady. More caterpillars, frogs, chipmunks, flowers, and on and on. I like seeing them, but it does get annoying listening to my phone ringing so much breaking the quiet.

After about ten minutes I get a picture of something fuzzy, but it's not clear so I can't make out what it is. I reply asking what it is, and soon another picture comes through. It's a clear picture of my crotch from behind as semen leaks out of me. I look at the sender, and see that it says the number is private. Quickly I delete the messages, and tell whoever it is to stop texting me.

"You should be naked right now." The next text says.

I ignore it.

"You look hot sitting there all dressed. Looks like you're leaning to the side. Does your ass hurt?"

I look around to see if I can see anyone watching me, but I can't see anyone. I figure that they're just guessing as to what I'm doing.

"I wonder what your husband and would say if they seen all the pictures I have of you fucking someone else?"

I can leave it go. I have to reply.

"Just leave me alone. You already got what you wanted from me. Just go away."

"I can't. I want more of that nice big ass of yours. I want you. I want you now."

"You can't have me. EVER."

"Just put down that book, and take them clothes off, and your family won't see the pictures."

I fill again with fear. He has to be watching me, but where? I look around more closely. Still I see nothing. Then another photo text rings through. It's a picture of me looking around from just a few seconds ago.

"You'll never see me unless I want you to. Now undress or the first one will go to your young ."

I stand up looking around still. I can't see anyone anywhere. I feel like my choices are limited, and begin to undress down to my bra and panties.

"Very nice, but you're not done yet." He texts as I sit back down. "All of it."

I again stand, and remove the remainder of my clothes leaving me completely bare from head to toe.

"Very good. Now lean back, and spread your legs as wide as you can."

I reluctantly comply.

"Reach down, and rub that pretty pussy of your until you orgasm."

"I'll never orgasm doing this." I think as I slowly run my hands over my body.

The warm mid day breeze wafts over me as my hand reaches down between my legs. I feel my wetness, and am kind of surprised. I'm not usually this wet unless I'm really turned on, and now isn't one of those times. I'm not really even in the mood. My body shakes when my finger touches my clitoris. It changes my perspective very quickly. Unconsciously my fingers dive deep into my vagina, and a moan escapes my lips. My left hand grabs my left breast, and pinches the nipple gently as my right hand pleasures my crotch.

It's mere seconds before the tingling of lust grows inside of me, and my hips rock against my hand making my fingers slide in and out. I close my eyes, and a picture of last night automatically appears. The feeling of his cock slamming into me. Tasting the cock in my mouth. Feeling them both inside of me at the same time. I moan loud as my orgasm flows free. My body shakes with pleasure for minutes before slowly subsiding. Then I sit there panting. My fingers are covered in my mess, and I am feeling tired. It's a few seconds before I get another text.

"Lick your fingers bitch. Let out the filthy slut you have locked up inside."

Before I realize what I'm doing my fingers are in my mouth, and all I taste is my own orgasm. I suck my fingers one by one.

"Good girl! Now for the rest of the time you're here you will not wear any bra, and only wear thongs or g string underwear. You will also need to shave that hairy cunt of yours. I like that it's trimmed, but it all needs to go. Then tonight you will go for your walk at eight, and you'll go straight to the maintenance shed near the waterfall. It'll be unlocked. Go inside, and wait."

I quickly dress knowing that he's done with me for the time being. I delete the messages in case my husband looks at my phone, and try to get back into my story. I can't. All I can think of is having to meet him again, and knowing that he's going to use me again. Then I get another message. It's from my husband. They're on their way back, and it has a picture of the picnic table at the boat landing. I can see the outline of where my body rubbed clean last night while I was being fucked.

"Someone had fun last night. Lol." He writes.

Just as I read the text they ride in. Tired and sweaty they all grab a water from the cooler, and sit by me. The go on and on about what they saw, and where they went. My husband jokes about the table marks. I laugh it off asking how he would know what happened there since it could be just about anything that would have made a mark like that. He retorts that there's not too many things that can leave marks that look like boob and belly prints. I grab my shower things, and go to take a shower.

As I try to wash away the filth I feel inside and out; my mind constantly races from the memory of last night to the anticipation and anxiety of tonight, and everywhere in between. When I return I see that they all had also taken showers while I was in there, and now my husband was suggesting going to town for ice cream. I am more than willing to do anything to get my mind off things.

We drive the half hour into town, and then we do some shopping after stopping for ice cream. We make a day of it, and return around six thirty. My are tired, and the hubby is ready to sit back to relax. We play board games for an hour before the go to their beds. My husband says that he's going to lay down to read. That means read until he falls asleep in less than a page. I sit there in my chair knowing that I will have to start walking really soon.

I wait until I hear him snoring. Which is about ten minutes. Then I slip on my sandals, and begin to walk. I make it to the maintenance shed a little before eight. It's unlocked so I slowly walk in. It's well lit on the inside, but without any windows you could never tell. The sounds of the waterfall is silenced when the door closes behind me. I look around, and see a large room with a single work bench along the back wall covered in tools and stuff. Tools and parts are hanging all along every wall, and it makes the rustic inside look well used.

I stand there looking around for a few minutes before the door swings open behind me. A bag is pulled over my head as I turn around blocking my sight. Then I feel my wrists quickly being tied together before being pulled up toward the ceiling until I am standing on my tiptoes. Then I hear that familiar voice.

"Looking really good tonight my sweet slut." The brown haired guy says. "I'm glad you showed up. I have a lot of things I've always wanted to try, and since I have a willing partner here."

"I'm not so willing." I interject.

"Well, you showed up, and I see that you are missing a bra. It seems to me that you are listening to what I'm telling you. That tells me that you're willing."

"I only did that because you are blackmailing me."

I feel him press his body against my right side, and his hand touches my crotch.

"Then explain how wet you are bitch." He whispers in my ear.

"I can't control that."

I feel his finger pushing up against my shorts as he tries to push them into me. I moan painfully. Then I hear him giggle. His hand lifts my shirt up over my head, and he tucks it behind my head to hold it up out of the way. His hands go straight back to my breasts, and he caresses them pinching my nipples go gently. It feels so good that a soft moan of pleasure escapes me. He massages my chest for a minute or two before walking away.

I hear him digging through things before his steps return to me. Then I feel something tightening around my right breast followed by something tightening around the left one. I feel it pull even tighter, and tighter as it wraps around my body. I feel pressure build in my breasts as the thing tightens around me. I hear him walk away again, and then when he returns I feel something tighten to my nipples. It doesn't hurt, but the pressure is intense. His hands begin to touch my breasts lightly. I can barely feel his touch as his fingers trace around my areolas, but I can feel his touch when his fingers move down my sides to the waistband of my shorts. He slowly pulls my shorts to the floor.

"Nice panties." He says as he looks at my sheer black satin thong.

His finger go straight to my crotch where he touches the gusset of my underwear.

"Soaking wet already. Tell me again how you don't want this slut."

I feel a warm feeling wrap around my right nipple, and I realize that he must be sucking on it. It feels strange. Not as sensitive as it usually is, but it's enough to get the familiar tingling going in my crotch. I feel myself tensing, and pushing my body against him trying to get more of my nipple into his mouth. I strain against the ropes holding me high feeling them cut into my wrists. His hand massages my left breast while he suckles the right. He nibbles on my now rock hard nipple eliciting moans from deep inside of me.

After a few agonizing minutes of him teasing my breasts the hood pulls off. The light blinds me at first. Then as my eyes adjust I see him standing in front of me smiling. His chiseled face and long brown hair above the bared hairless chest. He's only wearing boxer shorts and sandals. I look down to see my breasts tied tight, and purple from lack of circulation. I can see clothes pins clamped onto my nipples, but I can't really feel them. Then I look up to see that he has placed cameras all around me, and they were recording. I begin to struggle fruitlessly.

"There, there. The fun is just beginning." He says as he turns to the bench.

He grabs something, and I don't see what it is until he turns around. Then I see him holding two candles in glass jars. They're both lit, and I can see the liquid wax pooling up in the jars. He is soon in front of me holding one of the jars close to my face. I feel the heat on my cheek. I turn to look at it just in time to see him tipping the jar. The wax slowly pours out onto my left shoulder. It burns as it trickles down over my left breast, and it leaves lines of wax as it cools to my skin. He moves it back and forth until my breast is completely covered, and the wax is running down my leg. Then he repeats the process on my right side. All the while I clench my teeth not wanting to give him the pleasure of knowing that he's hurting me.

"You're taking this like a champ." He says as he dumps out the last drops onto me.

"Fuck you asshole." I snarl.

"Maybe later babe." He says as he begins to scrape the wax from my skin with a piece of metal. "First you have to do for me."

"I'll never do anything for you. Just let me go."

"You can go when you finally give in to your inner slut. We both know that you are one horny bitch, and you want to fuck. I bet you wouldn't mind if I sent all the pictures to your husband. I bet you secretly wished that he was here with five other guys fucking the hell out of you right now."

"That's your fantasy. Not mine."

"Is it? I tell you what... I'll untie you, and then you can either do what I want, or you can leave. You know what will happen if you stay, and you know what will happen if you leave. You choose. Good girl, or let yourself be the slut you know you are."

He unties my wrists, and then unties my breasts after removing the clothes pins. I just stand there in my underwear thinking. I want to run so bad, but he'll send those pictures. I look at the floor, then the cameras, and then him. I don't know what to do. I have to stay. I have to do as he tells me or my life is over. I don't want my husband to leave me and take my . Damn it! I'm stuck.

"That's what I thought. Here. You know what to do." He says handing me his phone.

I look at it, and I see that he has pre written a mass text to all of the guys in his address book. It says that there's a woman that want to see how many guys she can take at once waiting in the waterfall shed. It goes on to say that I'm a big girl, but very horny and ready for anything. It ends with a picture of me from this afternoon sitting there naked with my legs wide open pleasuring myself, and says to hurry.

"What's it going to be?" He pressures me.

My hand shakes as my finger nears the "send" button. I can't do it, I shouldn't do it, but before I know it I did it. I watched as the messages read delivered in rapid succession. I feel my crotch flush with excitement as my mind fills with shame.

"That's what I thought. You are a really horny slut. I bet you dream about getting dick all the time."

I can't deny that one. I'm always horny, and my husband has never been able to keep up with my sex drive. I fantasize a lot, but never really have the time to do much more than that.

"It'll be a while before they get here. Until then I think we can do that fucking that you wanted. Bend over, and spread that big ass of yours." He says dropping his boxers revealing his rock solid cock.

I reluctantly turn away from him, get down onto my knees with my legs spread, bend over against a pile of rags laying on the floor, and reach back spreading my cheeks. I feel the cool air against my heated crotch as he kneels behind me. He pulls my panties to the side pulling the thing out of my butt crack, and slide easily into my already wet vagina.

"God damn your slut pussy is so hot and wet." He say as he begins to ram into me. "I love the way you can take all of my cock."

It feels so good inside of me. My lust is taking the pleasure to new heights. I feel an orgasm quickly build inside of me.

"Just fuck me." I moan.

"See slut. I knew you wanted my cock all the long. You're just a cock . A fat cock that needs to get as much cock in her slut cunt as she can. Isn't that right bitch?"

"Whatever you say. Just fuck me." I moan louder as the orgasm begins to tense my entire body.

He pulls his cock out of me leaving me frustrated.

"Tell me what you are, and I'll let you cum."

"What?" I say being taken by surprise.

"You know how much you want it. Hell, we both do. And the only way you are going to get it is to look into the camera and say what you are."

I look into the camera in front of me controlled by my lust, and I hear myself stammering, "I'm just a filthy cock slut. I need dick in me. I want to fuck every cock I can. I'm such a slut. My pussy is for fucking."

"That's it bitch." He says sliding back into me.

I moan as he slams into my vagina repeatedly making my body shake hard. My orgasm slowly returns, and is about ready to take me when he pulls out again. I moan in frustration as my body pushes back trying to get him back in to finish me.

"I think it's time for you to do things a bit different." He says laying on the floor.

I climb on top of him, and his cock slide right back into me. His hands and lips fin my breasts quickly. I moan as he squeezes them together sucking both my nipples together. I ride his cock hard feeling it deep inside of me. I am so close to orgasm when he lays back staring at me.

"Stop a sec." He says. "Lift up."

I do as he says, and he reaches down pulling out of me. I feel his cock move back, and poke against my anus.

"Now sit."

"What? No. That'll hurt."

"Take your time then."

I begin to lower myself slowly feeling it push against my hole. I've never had a dick in my ass before, and the one time I tried it didn't fit. Now I don't have a choice to stop. I have to make it fit. I feel my hole open around his cock. Wider and wider until it feels like it's open as far as it'll go. Then I bounce on it gently feeling it going in and out lubed by my vaginal juices. It slides easily, and I feel it pushing deeper little by little as my hole opens more around it. He soon begins to push up with his hips as I come down, and I feel my hole stretching more, and it stings as he pushes hard against me.

"You're taking too long. The head isn't even in yet."

"I'm sorry. It hurts. I've never done this before."

"Bullshit. A slut like you should have her asshole fuck everyday." He says grabbing my hips and pulling me down harder as I ride him.

I feel my hole being stretched more and more. The stinging grows every time I lower myself. Then I feel his cock hit a wall inside of me.

"There's the sphincter. Now is when it's going to hurt. So try to relax, and then just push past it."

It does hurt. It feels like he's ripping me open, and it hurts even more when his cock hits against my sphincter muscle. But I do as he says, an try to relax. I ride up and down his dick until it hits against the muscle. He moans as he pulls me down with a bit more force. It takes a few moments before i feel the muscle begin to give. It hurts as it gives some before quickly tensing again.

"You need to hurry up slut. Or I'll just do it."

I'm trying, but it isn't working. It hurts. A lot. It feels like my butt hole is being torn apart. I continue riding him; clenching my teeth to control the pain. His grip tightens to my waist, and he stops me from moving. Then he begins to fuck me from below. His cock slips in and out slamming against my sphincter making me moan in pain. He pulls my chest down to him telling me to spread my ass cheeks wide. His teeth clamp down on my right nipple as I open my ass for him. Then he pulls me down while he lifts his hips. I feel his cock go from just touching my asshole to slamming against my sphincter hard. I moan in pain as he pulls out. His teeth move to my left nipple, an he slams back into me.

I feel my sphincter give more this time. He pulls all the way out again, and repeats his thrust. It feels like the tip broke past before he pulled back out. My legs are numb, and my arms are tired from holding my ass open for him. He lays back looking me in the eyes. Then he pulls me down hard as he raises his hips. His cock pushes into me savagely, and I feel my hole opening as he stretches it. Then in a second it hits my sphincter, and pushes past. It hurts, and my muscle clamps down against his hard shaft trying to expel it. My legs shake from the pain, and I feel faint as his cock fills my guts. I look down to see him smiling under me.

"I knew your slut ass could take my cock. This gives a whole new meaning to what you said before, doesn't it?"

"It hurts." Is all I can manage.

"You said to fuck your asshole, and now I am." He laughs as he begins to fuck my hole.

It feels like he's plunging my insides as his cock slides in and out. His lips and teeth work my breasts while I try to balance myself against his thrusts. My muscle soon gives up it's fight. His cock slides easily into my ass over and over. It hurts, but my legs are numb. He fucks me for a few minutes before pushing me off. I fall onto my right side, and feel my ass burning. My sphincter tries to clamp shut, but it can't. In a moment he is lifting me to my hands and knees. I feel him spit down my crack, and then use it to lube his dick before sliding it back into my ass. He spreads my cheeks wide as his cock reaches even deeper into my rectum. His hips crash against my ass cheeks, and his balls slap my vagina.

It's not more than five minutes of him using my ass roughly before he plunges deep into me, and I feel a warm swelling growing in my belly. I can feel his cock twitching inside of me as he lets out squirt after squirt. He fills me for a few seconds before it begins to run down my leg. I feel it sting as his cum leaks past my asshole. He holds it in me. Thrusting occasionally as the orgasmic waves course through him. Then he pulls it out slowly. I fall to the floor onto my stomach. My ass feels like it's been torn to shreds, and my guts are burning inside. My sphincter is quivering from being rammed against for so long. a bit of gas leaks from my ass followed by a warm ooze. I feel it leak out, and run down over my crotch.

"That's a good view right there bitch. I could watch my cum leak out of you for hours, but instead you better clean yourself up. The guys will be here any minute now."

I wipe off, and pull my underwear back in place before pulling my shirt back down from behind my head. He steps in front of me, and touches my cheek lovingly. Then he reaches down to the collar of my shirt, and tugs to to the sides ripping it straight down the front until there's only about two inches of fabric holding it together. My breasts bounce as me shirt loosens, and makes the shirt flop open revealing my cleavage and most of my belly.

"That's more like it."

"Can I have my shorts?"

He laughs.

"I didn't think so."

I spot a chair in the corner, and sit in it to wait for the inevitable. He checks the cameras, and fools with his phone telling me that he's downloading to clear the memory so there's plenty of space to record all night. I feel the seriousness of my predicament as I watch, and I think about just running. I figure my husband would understand. He loves me, and won't just leave. But how do I explain it if he sees the recording of what just happened? It looked like I wanted it. Hell, I said that I did.

I am brought back to reality when the door swings open, and four guys all in their twenties walk in. They look at me sitting here, and then talk to the brown haired guy. They all laugh and talk for a few minutes. All the while I'm thinking about how I can take these guys no problem. Then the door opens again. About six more guys walk in. Now I'm starting to worry. Four is one thing. The most I've ever done was two, and that was once only yesterday. But ten? I don't know... Then the door opens again, and three more guys walk in. They're a bit older. They look like they're in their fifties.

The brown haired guy greets them all, and I see the door opening again but can't see who's entering or leaving. I'm hoping leaving. Then all the guys turn toward me, and make a big circle. I try to count, but get to fourteen before the brown haired guy calls for me to step into the middle of the circle. I hesitate as I rise up, and walk slowly into the middle of all these guys.

"Show them your nice and smooth pussy my slut." He orders.

I pull down the front of my panties, and turn so they all can see that I'm shaved bald down there.

"Do you guys like?" He asks them.

They all cheer.

"Well then. Lift your arms slut."

I comply lifting my arms over my head.

"Have at her guys."

In less than a second they are all over me at once. I feel hands all over my body. Pinching, poking, pulling, squeezing me everywhere. My shirt is torn off me, and my panties quickly follow. I am being kissed, sucked, and bitten all over too. Yet I somehow remain standing with my arms over my head. I close my eyes, and my attention is quickly taken by the attention they are giving me. I feel my crotch flush with excitement, an heat up as my juices begin to overflow. I can feel my wetness trickle down my legs as finger slip in and out of my vagina and ass. I look down to see most of the guys are now naked and rock hard. I fall to my knees knowing what will happen. Wanting it. Needing it. Waiting for that bitter taste in my mouth with exhilaration and lust in my soul.
July is Almost Done.
Posted:Jul 29, 2017 2:11 pm
Last Updated:Aug 6, 2017 10:39 pm
And August is almost here. Soon it'll be Autumn. The greatest time of the year!

I've been neglecting my blog, but it's a busy time of year. Here's another snippet for those who care.

I'm still hoping to get camping. So far I've just been working all the OT I can trying to catch up on bills. As soon as we're close something else goes. It never ends. I'm thinking about taking a second job, but I don't really want to. I'm also thinking about maybe joining a gym to get more in shape. That costs money though. I don't know what'll happen, or what I'll do yet.

Like I said, I've been working a lot. Other than that the are out for the summer for one more month. Then back to school with them in September. They're looking forward to it too. I never did when I was in school.

We went on our annual family camping trip a week ago. It was fun, but nothing happened worth mentioning. The State park was pretty much empty all week we were there. There were only five other sites taken the entire time we spent there. Very quiet. I liked it. Peaceful, but hot. The weather was okay for the most part, but the heat and humidity was nuts. There was one site that had six guys and one woman in that gave me naughty ideas, but they kept to themselves.

I was also thinking about writing a story for the erotic story part of the site to see what people think of my writing. What do you think? Should I? I have a lot of fantasies, but they're all pretty much similar. So I'm on the fence. (which is another fantasy. Lol.)

I only have a couple captions for you this time, but I hope you enjoy them the same. I'll have to get to work on making a few more, or finding them on the web. I hope everyone is well, and living life to the fullest. Until the next time; keep liking and commenting on my pictures, and feel free to send me a message. I'll answer when I can. Later.

It's May!
Posted:May 15, 2017 10:54 am
Last Updated:Aug 20, 2017 6:32 pm
Hi everyone. I'm just checking in to give an update on my life. To start with I'll apologize for boring you right off. Lol

Nothing happened with my young friend from work. He's been kind of standoffish, but I see him watching me every time I'm around. I think he has a crush. That's okay I guess. Lot's of overtime lately too. Hopefully I'll get this weekend off, but who knows. The money sure does help.

My husband gave me a nice Mother's Day present. His dick. I finally got laid! YAY! It's only been a few months, but it was great. I had two orgasms before he finished. He didn't let me suck him, but he sucked me, so I won't complain. I still have my craving for a dick in my mouth, but it's not as bad as it was. We started with me on top, then missionary until he wanted doggy. He slammed into me good and hard until he finished all over my ass. I laid down on my stomach, and just enjoyed the feeling of his cum on me for a while. Basking in the afterglow.

Now it's all over, and time to get back to the daily routine. I'm hoping to not be so damn busy, but soon the will be home from school, and I'll have to run them to all their summer activities along with trying to keep things straight around the house. I can't wait for camping to happen. At least a long weekend at the cabin. Alone.

That's all I have for you now. Sorry if I bored you too much. Remember to like and comment on my pictures, and if there's anything you'd like to know feel free to ask me. I'll answer when I can. Until the next installment I hope you are all well. Later.

A Quick Update
Posted:Apr 30, 2017 11:06 am
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2017 5:03 am

Hi everyone. I'm just dropping in to give a quick update of something that happened yesterday at work.

I woke up in an extremely horny mood after dreaming of getting laid while I lay in bed on my side watching my husband sleep. Of course the alarm went off before I did.

Anyway, at work we have some summer help starting in the warehouse, and there was one new face. His name is John, and he's a nerdy looking young guy in his early twenties. That's about all I know about him. My cute guy that I always flirt with brought doughnuts for everyone, and he invited me to have one when I stopped in their office.

Of course he flirted saying that I don't need anymore sugar, and that he'll help me work out all the extra energy from the doughnut. Just my luck I grabbed a filled one. I'm just glad it was vanilla frosting, and not custard. It was good, but really sweet.

He stared at me when I was eating, and I could tell he was trying to come up with a comment. I just asked him if he liked watching me? He told me that he did, and feeling daring I used my tongue to lick the frosting out with the tip, and moaning enjoyably.

His grin went from ear to ear, and I laughed as I turned to walk out and get back to work. When I did I seen John the summer help staring at me in the door with his mouth hanging wide open. I smiled embarrassed as I walked past him. I hid in my cubicle the rest of the day.

I guess I'll find out Monday if anything becomes of it. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. I don't have any pictures this time, sorry. Until the next time I hope you're all well. Later.
Another Update
Posted:Apr 24, 2017 6:22 am
Last Updated:Apr 26, 2017 5:22 am
Hey everyone it's been a while, and time for an update. First off I'd like to thank everyone that chats with me. It helps pass the few hours I have of boredom every week. Thanks also to all those that send their stories. A lot of them really help me out.

I finally got away for a couple of days to the solitude of the cabin. I convinced my husband to let me turn the water back on this year. It wasn't easy, but I managed after a few hours. Then I had to run back home for a day just to come back up. He thought I was nuts, but I like the alone time. Unfortunately I had relation visit me a couple of days which killed my me time. Little did they know I was dressed sexy under my jogging pants and sweatshirt, and before they arrived I was lounging around naked. Just the way I like it.

Before I left I got more OT at work. It sucks, but it pays the bills. The guys in the warehouse love it though. They always me when I work over. They tell me that I only do it so I can spend time with them. Too bad for them I'm in the office most of the day. The Saturday before I went to the cabin I watched them sand blast some old shelves. One of the guys asked me if I'd like to try it. It was different. Kind of cool in a way, but dirty. Sand goes everywhere.

I did notice as I blasted that I would get a shock every so often. The first one got me in the belly. It hurt. I was told to hold the hose away from me so that doesn't happen. I did just that, but got a bigger shock on the side of my right boob. It hurt, but it also made me think in naughty ways. I decided to hold the hose closer hoping for less of a shock. In order to do so I had to hold it in front of me. I'm sure you can figure where I was shocked next. Right on my right nipple. It stung, but it also made my crotch tingle a bit. I liked it so I held it there telling them that I'll just finish the piece they were doing. Honestly I was being shocked quite often, and I was pretty damn wet by the time I finished.

The one guy took the hose form me, and I thanked him for letting me try it out. He smiled saying that he'll watch me work anytime. He kept looking at my chest, but I don't think he knew what I was doing. I do know that my nipples were rock hard and sensitive. I could feel my shirt rubbing against them as I moved they were so sensitive.

It's a good thing there's not many people around on a Saturday or I don't think I would have tried that. Plus on the weekends we can wear whatever we want. I just wore jeans and a tee shirt. I did do a lot of stuff in the warehouse that day so the guys were always gathering around. I honestly don't know how they get anything done. I was kind of surprised to see only three of them were working. All I know is the cute one always is wiling to help me out.

He will help me reach for stuff that I can't reach, and gather the paperwork that I can't find. He also like to talk and joke around. He's the one that always says stuff that could get him in trouble if someone heard it. Like a couple of weeks ago I was looking for a file on their computer, and he came in to help. He took the mouse from me telling me that he'll find it because I might find the folder he has with pictures of me in. I know he's joking, and I'm okay with it. I actually told him that I don't pose for pictures. Then under my breath I said, with clothes on. I don't think he heard me though. He found the file right away, and I went back to work.

Well, enough of that. Work is usually boring and uneventful. My life is boring and uneventful. Then I come here to chat some, and spice things up. So if you want to chat I'm here. I'll chat about anything, and everything. I'm not picky, or a prude. I do have a warped sense of humor along with a strong sarcastic side, but it makes things fun. Not as fun as meeting could be, but the best I can do at this time. Someday I'll get him to say yes, or I'll just not be able to hold back.

That's enough boredom for now. I'll blog again. Maybe soon. I've had a strange fantasy running through my head lately that I may share. I'm not sure yet. Maybe I'll find some me time before I say anything. All I'll say is that it involves a swimsuit, handcuffs, and wax. I'll leave you guessing from there.

So here's your obligatory pictures. Please enjoy, and don't forget to like and comment. I like reading what you all have to say. So until the net installment; later.

The Day After the Fools II
Posted:Apr 1, 2017 10:48 pm
Last Updated:Jun 8, 2017 6:34 am
Here's the last two captions to go with my post.

The Day After the Fools
Posted:Apr 1, 2017 10:45 pm
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2017 5:06 am
Hi people. I hope you've all been well. I've been good, and busy. I'm feeling much better, and finally caught up on everything that I had to put off while I wasn't feeling up to par.

Not much has been happening in my home life as usual. It's always been kind of boring and uneventful. The weather is warming up, and I'll soon be at the cabin for a rest (I hope).

Work has been slowing down, and my hours are back to a normal five day week. The OT was nice for the extra money though. Anybody have any ideas how a busy girl can make some extra money? Lol. Last week the team that I'm a part of was reduced by two, ans I'm hoping they are soon replaced before things pick up. Right now the reduced team is okay so I don't have to do odd jobs in the office and warehouse like checking stock, or straightening shelves. I hate that.

I had a strange dream the other day. I dreamt that I was at a cabin, and I my hubby decided to surprise me by meeting me there. He had to drive for hours before he arrived late in the evening. Somehow I knew he was coming, but didn't trust my intuition. A strong, tall, dark stranger came into the living room where I was watching TV, and dragged me to the bedroom where he pushed me to the bed. I was on my hands and knees naked before I touched the bed. I felt him kneel behind me, and slide into me fast and hard. He grabbed my hips plowing me good making me close in on a great finish. Then the door opens, and I see my hubby standing there staring at me. He didn't say a word, or move a muscle. I feel my head being pulled back by my hair as the guy pulls back. I know that he's going to ram it into me hard, and I'm hoping he does. Then just as he's ready to hammer it in I woke up.

I was so fucking horny. My underwear were soaked, and it wasn't pee. I rolled over to the hubby, and I traced my hand down to his dick, but just as he started to get hard the damn alarms went off. That was the end of that. I almost had a good day. There needs to be more time in a day some days.

Lately I've been thinking about getting to the cabin, and having a nice fire on a cool night. Also about where and when we are going to take our family vacation. We usually choose a different state park every year. Out of all the years we've been doing it we have met many great people, and seen some great places.

I hope I didn't bore you too much with this post. I actually hope you are liking these, but it's hard to tell. As usual here's some captions that tickled my fancy right now. Enjoy.

Util next time. Be well. Later.

Men's Opinions on a Female Shopping
Posted:Mar 18, 2017 1:45 pm
Last Updated:Aug 4, 2018 7:10 am

I am a large girl, and I would like to know what a guy would do if he saw me dressed in a short slutty dress with my cleavage showing along with the bottom of my bare butt walking into a shoe shop looking at shoes? Would you...
Run the other way?
Pretend to shop too so you can watch me?
Walk up, and say hi?
Pretend that you're a salesman, and try to fit me for shoes?
Takes pictures of me at a distance?
Call the cops saying that I'm disturbing the peace?
Lead me to a dark corner of the store, and bend me over?
Follow me to my car, and bend me over the hood?
Leave a comment for anything else you may think of. :)
13 Comments , 40 votes
March Madness in WI
Posted:Mar 13, 2017 9:00 am
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2017 10:33 am
Here it is halfway through March, and I'm slowly feeling better. I still have one heck of a cough, but it's slowly going away. I now get to try to catch up on all the things I neglected (like shaving my armpits. LOL!). I hate being sick. I didn't miss much work though so the bills didn't pile up. That's a good thing. I did have one weird dream that I want to share if you want to hear it. If not leave this page now.

I was sitting in my car in the local grocery store parking lot with the door open, and my left foot on the ground. I was searching for something in the glove box when I feel myself being pulled out roughly. Something is put over my head keeping me from seeing anything. I feel myself being shoved into a van or something, and then I am tied spread eagle to the floor. I feel my body shake as we are driven away. My clothes are ripped off me, and I am left to lay there naked. The vehicle comes to a stop, and I feel something scrape across my pubic mound. It lasts for a few minutes completely covering my crotch. Then I feel a picking sensation about an inch above my vaginal cleft. I am unable to speak or move. Then I feel cool air across my naked body. I try move, but can't. The cover is pulled from my head. I look in front of me to see myself naked, shaved, and I see a black spot on my crotch. I look close to see that it's a spade with a large "Q" in it. I know what it is, and I watch as the mirror is dropped to the ground. My eyes fill with the sight of about fifty men of all sizes staring at me with their dicks swinging in front of them. They descend upon me. I look down feeling cold hands engulfing my breasts, and I feel myself flush with anticipation when I see their dark skin contrasting my pale white skin. I feel my legs lift up. My sight is blocked by the men pawing roughly at my chest, and I can't see who's lifting me. I feel myself wanting a hard dick in me. I need it.

Then I woke up. Hornier than usual, and a bit excited in my southern region. I had trouble getting back to sleep after that, and the dream wouldn't continue no matter how hard I tried.

Other than that I had a dream where I was being followed through a park while I was walking at night. Nothing else happened during that dream except for knowing that I would be taken and killed if I was caught. The rough taking wouldn't be bad, but the killed part I can't get behind.

As for the rest of my meager existence goes; not much else happening. The guys at work treat me like one of them. (I'm not sure if that's entirely a good thing.) The hubby is still his normal self. The are doing great, and the bills are getting paid. Sometimes on time even. Lol.

The weather has gotten cold again, and we just got more snow. My thoughts of the cabin and a warm fire are looking better than normal now. I'm hoping to get up there soon. Hopefully alone so I can let loose. Time will tell.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope you liked my new pictures. Remember to like and comment on them.

I have to give a big THANK YOU to all those that post their videos and pictures for me to see. I love them, and keep up the great work. Especially the bigger people out there. I think you're extra sexy, and that's not just because I'm a big girl myself. Thank you.

I hope you all are having good luck, and hope the best for you. Until the net time; later.

February is almost over...
Posted:Feb 21, 2017 10:56 am
Last Updated:Mar 13, 2017 10:35 pm
And this warm weather we're having here makes me want to go camping and just be outside. On the other hand I'm sick and feeling miserable, and I just want to crawl under a rock and rest.

We took a short vacation to Chicago last weekend, and we visited the Field, and Shedd. It was a good get away. I'm sure it would have been better if I felt better, but I'll take the short rest. I've been all too busy lately, and when the hubby suggested to get out of town I could only agree.

Other than working odd hours at work and running errands all day every day not much has happened or changed for me. I'm still checking in when I can here. I just wish I could have enough time to have an actual conversation sometime.

Time to get ready for work...

Here's some pictures for your enjoyment. Until next time. I hope you're all well. Later.

Posted:Jan 9, 2017 6:06 am
Last Updated:Jan 12, 2017 9:42 pm

I just received this email from AdultFriendFinder:

Dear daddysmichele,

We recently learned of a security incident that compromised certain customer usernames, passwords, and email addresses. Immediately upon learning this information, we took several steps to investigate the situation and retained external partners to support our investigation. Based on our investigation, no credit card or payment information was compromised.

While we have not been able to determine the volume of compromised information, we recommend you change your password. You can change your password by logging into your account, visiting your "My Account" page and clicking on "Change Password."

We encourage our members to read and follow the security recommendations available here.

The AdultFriendFinder Team

So, here we are having ANOTHER security breech? One would think that after the last few they would have shored up the security holes. It seems as though making money is more important than the security of the members with as much time and resources are spent on advertising. I'm not usually the critical type of person, but this seems to be happening WAY too often lately. Many of us on here need the privacy and discretion that this site promises. Now it's up to the site to ensure and uphold their end.

No pictures today. Just a rant since this disturbs me. I hope you are all well, and make this blog entry go viral on here. Let's get the word out. Change your passwords, and watch your back. The site has been again compromised. Later.

To link to this blog (daddysmichele) use [blog daddysmichele] in your messages.

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