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Legs Wide Open
Posted:May 28, 2016 6:39 am
Last Updated:May 30, 2016 3:10 pm
That title should get some views for this attention . Lol!

So it's the weekend finally. I would say long weekend, but I have to go to work in a few minutes so this will be a short update.

I have had a busy weekend ahead, and am liking my new job even though the hours are getting longer. I am told that this isn't even the busy season yet. I hate working so much, but the money does help. The are almost out of school, and then I'll have even less time for myself. That too is okay. I love being with them. I'm hoping to get out to the woods for some camping soon, and I have my stuff all ready to go. My husband calls me crazy to be packing for a camp out when I have no time to go. I am still coughing and tired from being sick, but I think the latest rounds of meds is helping a bit. Now my are starting to cough.

I had a weird dream last night. I should say I woke up remembering a dream. It wasn't much to remember though. I just was dreaming that I was laying facing another woman's back. We were both naked, and her butt was against my chest. I remember kissing her right at the top of her butt crack, and then she gently pushed her ass toward me letting out a soft moan. Then I remember going toward her with the intentions of burying my face in her crack, and then just as I neared her I woke up.

Just for context she too was a big girl like me. Soft and warm. That what I remember the most. I of course woke up super horny, and my sleeping hubby didn't want to do anything but sleep. I guess that's what happens when you wake up before the sun.

Time to go to work. I hope you all are doing well, and will write again when I can. Later.

Attention Seeks Comments
Posted:May 22, 2016 6:33 am
Last Updated:Dec 5, 2019 10:07 am
How's that for a title? I'm sure a few clicked on this blog just because of it. Good. I am an attention . I like to read others thoughts, and I read others blogs on here all the time. I like to look at the profiles, and chat with people about anything. That's just who I am. There's never enough time in the day to chat, but I answer everyone eventually.

I don't have any dreams to report about, and my job is still going good even though the hours suck. With the warm weather my time indoors is becoming limited even more. Our family vacation is all planned out, and I'm hoping for some camping next weekend. We'll see how that pans out. I've been pretty sick lately, but other than that I'm doing good. Still horny as usual. I haven't had any me time for over a month. I am really horny because of it. Oh well, maybe someday.

I've been putting pictures with my last couple of posts to give the couple of people that actually read my drivels something to look at. Some are of me, and others aren't. It's up to the viewer to decipher which is which. I hope they are being well received otherwise I can stop if that is preferred.

Feel free to feed the attention by commenting. Tell me your thoughts. Until next time. I hope you're all doing well. Later.

Another Week Over
Posted:May 14, 2016 1:06 pm
Last Updated:Dec 5, 2019 10:12 am
Well people I officially have two weeks in at my new job, and I think it's going well. My legs still are sore from walking more than I have in a long time, but I'm sure it'll do me some good. It's kind of nice to see a project from start to finish for a change. My last job I just talked on the phone and entered the data. Now being on the phone is only a small part of the job. The extra money per hour is nice too. I just hope to finish my training and get back to a later shift. I miss my me time during the day.

On another note I had another weird dream last night. I think it has to do with the lack of me time. In it I was driving my husband's truck, and I parked in the grocery store parking lot. It was right after work so it was light out. I was dressed in a skirt and tee with my normal underwear. When I opened the door I was grabbed, forced to my knees, and had a dick shoved in my mouth before I knew what was happening. I didn't gag. Instead I could feel it sliding down my throat, and his hands on the back of my head as he fucked my mouth hard. I realized that I wasn't gagging or gasping for breath. I just felt myself relax, and the I could feel his cum shooting down my throat. He held it in my mouth for a few seconds before pulling me to my feet. Then I was spun around fast, and bent over the driver's seat. In moments I felt him tear off my panties, and then I felt his dick opening my vagina. His hips slam into my backside as he rams me hard. His big hands reach under my shirt tearing my bra open in front before he grabs my breasts. I close my eyes and feel him using me, and just before I feel my own orgasm I feel him pull out and finish all over my back and ass. I am then left bent over and wanting more. Then I woke up. Very horny.

Such is my life. I have had this strange craving to watch a big dick as it shoots it's cum too. I don't know why. I just chalk it up to my horniness. I don't really like cum, but it's fun to feel and play with sometimes even though it stinks. It has always been a fetish of mine in one way or another. To just watch it shoot out, or to see and feel it shooting all over me or someone else that I find sexy.

Well, that's all I have for now. I hope you like reading my ramblings. I think I'm going to go lay down to try to continue on with that dream even though I can't do anything about it right now. I hope you are all well, and I hope to hear from every one that reads this. Tell me your thoughts. If you don't care to read this stuff I'll stop writing it. Let me know. Later.

5-6-16 It's Friday
Posted:May 6, 2016 1:26 pm
Last Updated:May 14, 2016 12:34 pm
Well, I have the first week in on my new job. It's a lot more walking around, and a lot more data entry. Instead of doing up to ten projects per hours I do four or five per day, but those projects are mine and mine alone. I'm meeting a lot of interesting people along the way too. My legs hurt, and my back is sore, but I'll be good once I get used to it. That may be a few weeks though.

The down side is that I am working hours that don't leave me much time alone. I'm going crazy without my "me" time. I guess I will be having different hours after I'm fully trained, but I don't know if I can wait that long without going nuts. Two more weeks until a long weekend. Then maybe I'll get some alone time at the cabin.

Happy Mom's day to all of us mothers out there. I hope I get a feet rub for my present, but I'll find out on Sunday. A better present would be for my hubby to rub my feet while fucking the hell out of me, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Enough from me for now. I hope you are all doing well out there. Until my next post here's some good pictures since the last ones were so well liked. Later.

Horny Again
Posted:May 1, 2016 2:07 pm
Last Updated:May 5, 2016 1:04 pm
Well, I had another dream last night. I think I'm going to go crazy if I don't get some alone time soon. Maybe it's just my nerves getting the better of me. IDK.

First I'll give a little info on myself. I just got a new position at work, and start tomorrow. I think that is adding to my stress level since I don't really know what to expect. I will also say that I have only been with two guys in my life (both white guys), and I've never cheated on my hubby. I do have a "fetish" that involves semen on me even though I think it smells and tastes sour. With that said; onto my dream.

I went to lay down for a nap early in the day. I fall asleep quickly in the warm room. I don't need the covers over me so I have them pushed to the side. (I sleep nude usually) In my dream I have a dream. I dreamt that I was being forced to masturbate by some unseen force. Just before I orgasm I wake up, but still dream. I am on my back with my legs wide open. My crotch feels sore and wet. I feel something leak from me, and when I feel it I recognize the gooey feeling of sperm. I sit up fast only to see pictures hanging from the footboard of the bed. I then woke up in reality in shock and worried.

I found a couple pictures off the web that were similar to the ones I remember hanging from the footboard. I will attempt to attach them to this post.

I don't know when my next post will be since I do have that new position. So until then I hope you are all well. Later.

Time for an update 4-28-16
Posted:Apr 28, 2016 1:43 pm
Last Updated:May 1, 2016 1:50 pm
Hello all. How's it going? I've been busy trying out for a new position at work, and running from meeting to meeting (for work). I haven't been on here for the hours I normally am, but that's ok. I'm not signing on to a ton of messages anyway. I still try to answer all of the ones I get as best I can though.

My poll is still up, and it looks as though the number one answer is to untie her and leave. Looks like my thoughts of what would happen are way off the mark. I'm still hoping for more votes, and way more comments. Don't be shy people. I's like to see it in the top ten polls, but I doubt I have that many people who read my drivel.

All in all the people on here have been decent, respectful, and all around nice. There have been a few idiots along the way, but I don't dwell on stupid. They can't help themselves. I had one guy berate me telling me that I should be banned because it's not me in the captions I posted in my pictures. Well no shit! I never claimed them to be of me you imbecile. Otherwise I had one that argued with me that I shouldn't be on here unless I'm going to put out to every guy that comes along. I didn't argue with him long. I just told him that I graduated high school decades ago, and then blocked him. I did have one person call me a cum slut. I thought that meant a girl that craves swallowing, but the more I think about it the more I must confess that I am. I don't like the taste or smell, but I like watching it being shot out and I like to feel it on my skin. I guess I am a cum slut after all.

On another note I'm hoping for more relaxation time at the cabin, but I don't know if that will work out this weekend. I'm hoping. Otherwise I'm left with having a few cocktails at home to relax. So looking forward to a nice long weekend though. One more night of work first.

Well, enough rattling on and on from me. I hope you are all doing well. Remember to share my blog with others. I am an attention too in some ways. Until the next installment. Later.
Another Dream 4-21-16
Posted:Apr 21, 2016 12:17 pm
Last Updated:Apr 25, 2016 5:27 am

Well, according to my poll I will be untied and set free if I try my hotel fantasy. Otherwise a close second was to use my ass with a condom, and leave me tied. Not quite the results I thought I's get. I thought for sure that both of my holes would be used, filled, and then I's be left for the next guy. I'm still hoping for more votes in the hope the results would change, but it doesn't look too good for that.

On another note I had another dream a couple nights ago that I am just getting aroun to sharing now. In this dream I was tied in a standing position hanging by my wrists with only my tiptoes touching the ground. I can only see trees all around me as though I were in a woods somewhere. I only have my bra and underwear on, and can feel the warm sun on my back.
I struggle to get free, but the binds hold tight. I hear a laugh from behind me in a man's voice with a southern drawl just before I feel arms wrap around me from behind, and hands cup my breasts firmly. He yanks my bra open letting my breasts flop out, and then grabs my erect nipples. He pinches and pulls them hard making me moan from the pain, and he uses my nipples to shake my breasts hard. After that he slaps them a couple times on the bottom making them bounce.
I sway back and forth trying to stop him, and he quickly follows by shoving his hand down my underwear and grabbing my pubic hair. He takes a handful, and pulls it hard. Again I moan, and again he laughs. I feel a few hairs yank out before he releases them.
I am then left to hang for a second before I feel a cold sharp blade drag lightly across my cheek. He traces down my neck, down my left side all the way to my hip before going back up the right. It tickles, and I feel goose bumps raise all over me. Then I feel the blade trace down between my breasts to my crotch, and then back up the middle. On the return up I feel it slide under my bra, and then feel my bra pop free as the blade slices it in two. Then it traces over my nipples. He uses the point to gently poke my firm nipples before going back down my left side. Then I feel my underwear flop loose before falling down my legs.
I am then left to hang for a bit before I hear the rattle of a belt, and feel a breeze. I am surprised to feel the breeze blow across my crotch telling me how hot and wet I've become. He slaps my ass a couple times before I hear his southern voice telling me how it's going to be fun reddening my silky white fat body. I sense him stepping back to begin what he has in mind, and that's when I woke up.

Sorry it is so long, but I am trying to relay it as I remember it. The feelings of helplessness, horniness, and tinges of pain all came together, and I woke up feeling like I peed myself as wet as I had become. I guess that's what I get for having a sexy chat just before going to bed. I guess I have another fantasy to add to all the rest..

Other than that all I've been up to is work, work, and more work. I can't wait for the busy season. Then I can just live there. (Sarcasm)

That's all I have for now, so until the next time. I hope you are all doing good. Feel free to help others find my blog if you can, and don't forget to vote and comment on my poll. (I hope the results change. I's hate to go through all that trouble just to be untied right away)

Latest Thoughts of Mine
Posted:Apr 18, 2016 6:52 am
Last Updated:Apr 20, 2016 7:39 am

Well, I got back from the cabin late last night after a nice relaxing weekend away. Now it's time for life to begin again. Being away from it all is so nice in so many ways. No chores, no running around, no work, no worries, peace and quiet, spending time outside, no work, being able to walk around naked, the solitude, and mostly, no work. The down side, if you'd call it that, is no internet, and shitty cell service.

Yes, I was alone, and yes I wanted it that way. I sometimes need to have some me time too. It really doesn't happen all that often. I usually have the family along with me.

I did realize a few things when I was laying back in the warm sun Saturday afternoon. A cool breeze on warm skin can be very erotic. I got horny like usual, and I was left with only a few pictures that I had saved to my computer. They were pictures that some guys had sent me doing the stuff that turns me on. I found that I had a few (about a handful) to look at, but craved more. I guess that makes me one of those dastardly picture collectors. I can live with that.

All in all I can't wait until I can do it again. Only the next time I want more alone time. I need more than a couple days to relieve all the stress I feel. As long as the days stay warm I will crave my me time. Be it at the cabin, or camping in the woods. I love being in nature.

On another note, my poll is still viable. The replies are waning though. I really want to know what people think so feel free to comment. I'm reading them all. So far it looks as though most respondents aren't into it as much as I thought they would be. I guess I'm just too kinky for my own good. (My poll is in my blogs for those that don't know.) There are a couple of replies that I liked to see, and make me tingle deep down. So PLEASE, I'm begging you, vote and comment.

Also, for all those that message me just saying "Hi." Hi back. There that's done. Now ask a question if you have one. I tell everyone that I'll answer most every question they ask, and I mean that. I won't give out anything personal though. Not here, and not for a long time. I'd need to trust the person first. That doesn't happen in ten sentences. Sorry. I like to see that I have messages waiting, but most are just one word, or the "Let's fuck." As though that ever worked with anyone.

Well, enough for now. I'm glad to get this off my chest, and give an update at the same time. Feel free to message me, and don't forget to vote and comment on my poll. I hope everyone's well. Until I post again, hugs to all.
My Poll
Posted:Apr 13, 2016 1:57 pm
Last Updated:Apr 26, 2016 10:21 am

Thank you to all those that answered my poll question. I enjoyed reading the comments, and the results thus far are rather surprising to me. I hope people continue reading, voting, and commenting on it since it's really one of the many fantasies that I've thought up over the years. I am curious as to how other feel about this subject too.

I hope everyone the best, and all is well in cyberland.
Free use poll
Posted:Apr 10, 2016 3:29 pm
Last Updated:Aug 4, 2018 7:10 am

If you were walking through a hotel, and passed a room with the door slightly open. When you look in you see a BBW tied bend face down over the edge of the bed, and she is blindfolded and gagged. There is a bowl full of new condoms on the floor behind her, and when she notices you she raises her bottom end toward you letting out a soft wanting moan. What would you do?
Close the door and walk away.
Untie her, and walk away.
Use her pussy with a condom on, and then untie her.
Use her ass with a condom on, and then untie her.
Use her pussy without a condom, and then untie her.
Use her ass without a condom, and then untie her.
Use her pussy with a condom, and leave her tied.
Use her ass with a condom, and then leave her tied.
Use her pussy without a condom, and then leave her tied.
Use her ass without a condom, and then leave her tied.
18 Comments , 93 votes
Posted:Apr 10, 2016 7:29 am
Last Updated:Apr 13, 2016 6:36 am

Once again the message center isn't working. One would think they'd have the bugs worked out of the site by now. It's frustrating when a person only has a few minutes to check in, and then is waiting for most of them just to have the site not respond. Oh well, enough bitching and whining for today.

I had another strange dream last night.

I dreamt that I woke up to see the sun setting after going to bed Saturday night. I thought it odd and checked the time, and I was stunned to see that it was quarter to midnight. That would mean that I slept for over twelve hours when I usually only sleep about four. I hear a man's voice coming from the downstairs. It's not my husband so I sneak sown to see. When I peek around the corner I see a large black man talking with another large black man. They are both over six foot tall and husky. They are saying how much fun they had, and how they should do it more often. I watch them as they exit out the back door, and as the door closes I feel something trickle down my right leg. I look down to see that I'm naked and leaking from my crotch, and it's not my own wetness either. I feel the soreness emanating from my bottom end, and then the shock wakes me for real.

I have no idea why I'm dreaming of black men since I've never been with one, nor have I ever even dated interracial. Crazy. I'm not complaining, but it's definitely strange. Maybe it's the ads on here, or maybe it's something else. Who knows. All I can say for sure is that when I woke up I was filled with mixed emotions. I was angry, sad, sore, wanting, shocked, scared, and felt used and unsatisfied. Yet in some strange way, glad.

That's all I have for today. I hope all is well in AdultFriendFinder land. Until next time, later.
Posted:Apr 7, 2016 5:56 am
Last Updated:Apr 13, 2016 6:37 am

Hi everyone it's a new day, and another shoddy post by me. It's snowing here again. Gotta love Wisconsin weather. It's also a balmy 33 degrees out. Not much happening in my life besides work, work, and more work. I had the weirdest dream yesterday though. I dreamt that I was walking through an empty room, and when I got to the doorway out there was a big black man standing naked and fully erect. I stopped in front of him, and got down onto my knees. I wrapped my hands around his bid dick, and stared at it. At the same time I felt another guy press against my left side, and a soft woman press against my right. I looked down to see myself now naked, and knowing what was expected of me. I could only stare at his dick. I felt a hand on the back of my head slowly pushing me toward the throbbing dick in front of me. I soon feel the heat from the head against my lips. Then I woke up. I wish I could have slept in more. So ends another one of my crazy dreams.

I just had to share. I hope I didn't give anyone butt hurt over it. So until the next time. I hope you're all doing well. See ya!
Posted:Apr 4, 2016 6:50 am
Last Updated:Apr 6, 2016 2:40 pm

Well the are back in school, my April Fools joke kind of fizzled, and now I'm sitting here alone again with nobody to chat with. Why is it when I'm busy everyone wants to chat, but when I'm bored there's no one? Strange.

Even more strange is this site. I shows that I'm viewing profiles when I'm not even online. I wonder how much of the notifications are bogus. I always see all the views of people supposedly viewing my profile, but I'm doubtful that I'm getting that many. I think it mostly set up to keep people online hoping that they are being viewed.

I realize that I don't offer much, and I know that most are going to bypass me. I'm okay with that. I can only offer what I think is a halfway decent conversation when I have the time, and I think of myself as a decent friend.

I guess I'll just have to take matters into my own hands again, and read a good book. Maybe while I'm away someone will want to spark up a conversation. What about? You choose. I'm not bashful. Surprise me.

I better get going. I hope everyone is doing well. Later.

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