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My Vacation  

daddysmichele 46F  
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7/29/2019 9:10 am
My Vacation

Hello everybody! It was a great week away camping. The weather was great since it only sprinkled twice all week, and that was in the middle of the night. We cooked over the fire all week giving the food that little extra flavor. It was quiet and peaceful for the most part. Being in a state park you always have a few that need to be asshats.

On Monday night we went for dinner. Just the two of us. When we got back we sat by the fire just enjoying one another's company. At bed time he gave me the greatest back rub, and I mean the best with the best kind of ending.

He slowly lifted my shirt up off me to rub my entire back. I was so relaxed. Eventually he pulled my underwear down to rub the small of my back and butt cheeks. I bent into a more fetal position on my left side, and I never even felt him get undressed. I just felt him slip into my eager puss.

He slowly rubbed and fucked me making me orgasm fast. It had been so long that I forgot how great it feels. We quickly moved into the missionary position where he massaged and sucked my breasts while slowly moving in and . I have to admit that I was soaking wet from excitement and orgasm. He used every inch of his dick to fuck me, and I came two more times. Little ones, but still orgasms.

He was so methodical, and exacting. He worked me so slow and good that by the time he was massaging my breasts hard it felt like heaven. He bit and sucked adding so much to my pleasure. He looked me right in the eye just as he pushed deep into me filling my vagina with his sperm. It felt like it wouldn't end as he filled me so full. It made me shake with orgasm one last time as a really strong one me.

He keeps his cock buried deep until I finished the main part of my orgasm, and then he kissed me before pulling . He even wiped me off the best he could before handing me a tissue. I needed a few to clean the load leaking from me though. It was still leaking the next morning. I fell asleep, and slept good that night.

The only other fun we had was when I gave him a quick blow in the screen tent when I got horny reading a sexy chapter in a book. I got horny, and he was just reading. So I snuck to my knees, crawled under his arms, unzipped his shorts while he was asking what I was doing, and then I went to work. People were walking by, but I doubt anyone seen anything. I'm sure he would have stopped me if they had. Instead he let me do as I wanted, and I sucked him to the end savoring every last inch and drop.

Needless to say it was a great week that ended way too fast. Now it's back to the grind, and getting things back in order at home and work. I hope all of you have a great week also. I hope you all stay safe, and happy. Later.

dadstiff4 59M
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7/29/2019 9:12 am


daddysmichele replies on 7/29/2019 9:42 am:
I hope that's a good "wow."

needingu4me2 56M  
76 posts
7/29/2019 9:39 am


daddysmichele replies on 7/29/2019 10:01 am:
Lol. Cum find me.

Lkn4lunch 51M
13 posts
7/29/2019 10:33 am

Looks like a great vacation

daddysmichele replies on 8/1/2019 7:59 am:
I'm not complaining.

Eroticcrazyfun69 59M  
14 posts
7/29/2019 1:21 pm

very sexy and hot im horny now ty

daddysmichele replies on 8/1/2019 7:59 am:
Welcome to my world.

Prof10001 60M
3604 posts
7/30/2019 4:22 am

Sounds like a great trip. I've been out camping twice this summer and heading out again next week. Got to enjoy the season while we can.

Swing by my blog!

daddysmichele replies on 8/1/2019 8:00 am:
I've been too busy to enjoy it like I should.

michelsdaddy 70M
135 posts
7/30/2019 9:03 am

What meets the eye is nice, but what meets the cock spears even nicer.

daddysmichele replies on 8/1/2019 8:01 am:
So you're going to stab me with your meat sword?

Kenoshaguy691 35M
13 posts
7/31/2019 10:25 am

Looks like a fun one

daddysmichele replies on 8/1/2019 8:01 am:
It was fun, and sexy too.

justme51 68M  
498 posts
8/1/2019 7:54 pm


daddysmichele replies on 8/6/2019 8:46 am:
I thought it was.

ImaReal1_2019 58M
13 posts
8/22/2019 11:48 pm

You're a fuking hottie!

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