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Posted:Apr 11, 2022 4:33 pm
Last Updated:Apr 1, 2023 1:19 pm

I'll edit over the next few days. I have no idea how old most of you folks are but suspect we either have parents, or grandparents, who fought in WW II. If you have any interest, History has a good documentary on the Battle of the Bulge. Sadly, what's coming to the Donbas is going to be worse, so prepare, because Eastern Ukraine has more people, more densely populated than the Ardennes region. It's going to be worse than what has already happened.
733... edited ?
Posted:Apr 11, 2022 2:56 pm
Last Updated:Apr 11, 2022 4:33 pm

733... edited.

The wolves all looked at me, and we shifted because everyone else was waiting for me and Sara, but mostly me. I wasn't going to lie to them, and Unc and I had mended our fences, as I hoped my cousins had, because it'd been almost twenty years and that's a lot of fucking lost time in lives that likely won't make it to 0. Ellen sat on my uncle's lap and said it was done as she kissed him and got and walked to me. She kissed me on the lips, because we had always done that as a family. “We're staying in a hotel until you go where you go, except Bill and I will meet you at the cabin.”

“I have a list....”

“We have the list, love, stop thinking so.”

“You heard my memories?” She nodded as Unc stood , hugged and then looked at me. “How? We don't know.” My Uncle didn't like to cry....never did. I think it was why he reacted the way did because the people that meant so much to him died inside of years. Anger was easier. Anger is always easier than grief, that's why the best the businesses use to be a grocery store and liquor store, and now a pot store, at least in CO. They eased the pain. I was moving beyond judgment. He hugged me because his taught him at least that much. He smiled at me, wiped away a tear, and shook his head, as he stared at me. “They'd be proud of you, .... we're all proud, Daniel. I looked at him trying to remember what that word meant as he missed my look, thankfully. “We've seen Henry's and Bet and Javier's place.... you'll love them. You focus on food, water, and libations, and chocolate,” everyone laughed because he was getting old enough not to be so dumb all the time. “As much as I would like to go to McGuckin's... we'll stop at Home Depot in Fort Collins. Do you have plywood and tarps,” as I nodded and cried as he hugged me. “I haven't been there for such a long time, Uncle Billy, but we did, in the barn, it was dark but there should be enough. I think it's just the back room of the main cabin, but..... He stared me, and smiled.

“I'll get things for the cabin but pack for a hard few nights, and bring wood.... all of it, and then more... and then water, at least until we can find the spring. I nodded.”

“Unc, there are wolves staying on the land at our invitation, but they are family.” He stared at me. They know we are coming as I handed him the keys to the cabin. “The tools are in the that shed,” as I pointed behind us. “The keys tothat are in the same place they've always been. I wish it was elk season,” and that reminded me to do something. “Take all the shovels because the snow was 6-8 inches, and it was still snowing. If there are snowshoes in there, I can't remember, but take whatever you think we'll need. The wolves won't hurt you....”

“Of course they won't, love,” Sara said, because Em and I going with them. Ellen, can you call and get us room?” She was already walking inside, along with my uncle. We were the people you really didn't want to ever have to fight.

“Sam, I need to by stop, early, and get your trailer so I can fill it with wood, and the chainsaws, and all of the gear.” He stared at me and shook his head. “What?” “Is Jake going to be at Henry's, and Janey, tomorrow morning?” I said probably. “Make sausage biscuits, and ham biscuits, and we'll all meet back here at the shop. Have them make carafes of coffee. We all can discuss what we need to get regarding supplies because there's no telling what's up there and it's going to be decent weather. We definitely need a lot of large tarps, ropes, sealants, duck tape, gasoline, spark plugs.... do you have the manual for the gene?” I nodded because I was losing my mind, again, as I said in the filing cabinet, that there should be a folder. Everyone scattered like ants to get ready, as I smiled and said I'd be back. They all looked at me, and growled. I shifted to Norway and wasn't it was quite dawn, but still cold, as I walked into the barn and looked up. I lowered half an elk and hooked the legs as I turned to walk out and Annie was staring at me with her hands on her hips, glaring.

“What are you doing mister? You wouldn't think I'd notice?” She pointed at me, sternly. “You move, and you die as she trotted back inside and came out minutes later with and a bleary eyed Jacob, a backpack and sleeping back. “Jacob, you're in until we get back,” as he looked at me trying to hold half an elk. He nodded, shook his head, and walked back inside, at least he had boots on. Annie kissed me and said it felt like the old times when we fought Marnine at Henry's as she opened the mist, smiled, and took my hand. This was going to be fucked , in so many ways as the mist opened and Bob looked at it half asleep as I came sliding out across the snow with half an elk carcass. ALL the wolves jumped , yowled, yipped, growled, and went behind Bob, who just stared as Annie walked out.

“What is wrong with you, Daniel? It's not that hard, even carrying something.” I told her it was probably 0 hundred pounds. “Hi, I'm another of his wives....he has a few. Who's Bob?” Bob walked as she knelt and he smelled her and pushed to his pack because Fenrir lived in Norway. “Sorry about that, but he's a klutz. He also flies into trees.” They all laughed. “We're sorry to disturb you. We're going to hang this in the barn and then leave, and all of the rest of the crazy people will show tomorrow, way worse than me but not even close to him.” He laughed again as she looked at me as I was getting . “I like them. We'll try to be quiet, but are you still ?” They all nodded and stared. Annie helped with the elk. “They're still .... what is wrong with you.” I handed her a flashlight and shook my head. I was So in over my head. She looked around, and then to the pulley. “Good, that will it make easier. Find an axe so we can get them more meat. It's already cold” I nodded as Laid the elk on hay, because we had axes, and they were always sharp, but this wouldn't be after what I was about to do it. I chopped a back quarter off the elk and then chopped into pieces as I asked Annie to take them out and place them around the stones by the fire as I grabbed a metal , lifted the grate off, dropped the , and went back into the barn. They all stared at me as Annie was still holding the elk pieces, and shaking her head. I walked out carrying and armful of wood, because it close to 0 degrees, maybe less.

“Lean them against the rocks,” as I put more wood on the pit and waited for it to take, which wasn't long. “It won't take long for the meat to get a warm so turn it after minutes. Give me the flashlight, love.” She handed it me as they all stared at me and Annie looked at Bob and said I told you so. I hooked the elk on a rope inside a hard plastic sheath that my dad and I MacGyvered, sealed the hole for the rope, and lifted it into the rafters as they all walked into the barn and looked .

“What is that?”

“It keeps the rats off, if there are any left because we use to have weasels here...but it'll keep them from climbing down the rope and having a feast. She stared at me.

“Does it work?” I said unless the rats were acrobats and then my Da' didn't mind. She stared at me. “Why don't we have these anywhere else? They aren't much to look at it but if they work?” I smiled.

“I forgot about them.” She snorted, and huffed, as she walked back to the fire and moved the meat away from the stones, and all the other wolves, except Bob, followed her out the barn. Bob looked at me as I put the flashlights down, locked the barn, and put the key back. “Consider yourself lucky, Bob.” He nodded. “Next time if you are still then tell me, OK. I'm never going to hear the end of this,” he nodded and we walked to fire as he grabbed part of the lower leg with the hoof attached. Annie and I watched as we marveled because this wasn't a usual pack. Bob's mate took the best food to the older ones, and then her and the younger females shared the largest piece, and the remaining males got what Bob got, minus the hoof.

I walked as they looked at me. “That elk in the barn is yours. We'll help you deal with it tomorrow.” They howled as Annie opened the mist and I said NO, and took her hand, and I still fell in front of everyone as they screamed because Annie was there. I looked at Bob, the fox, and smiled. He turned and walked back into his den..... shit.

Couldn't sleep.
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Posted:Apr 11, 2022 2:55 pm
Last Updated:Apr 1, 2023 1:19 pm

Hey guys.....
So emailed a reader here and he said post 747 was the last he could see.... mine was 650 but I added . Let me know if the same applies to you. I don't want to had 0 posts from the past and muddle things . I'm going to edit and may upload the or so, depending on the site. I guess it doesn't to someone their software is crap. Be a day, or .
Posted:Apr 11, 2022 2:35 pm
Last Updated:Apr 12, 2022 1:10 am

Hey guys.....
So emailed a reader here and he said post 747 was the last he could see.... mine was 650 but I added two. Let me know if the same applies to you. I don't want to had 100 posts from the past and muddle things up. I'm going to edit and may upload the six or so, depending on the site. I guess it doesn't pay to someone their software is crap. Be a day, or two.
take me part 651
Posted:Apr 11, 2022 12:25 pm
Last Updated:Apr 1, 2023 1:19 pm

I shook my head as I shifted to Norway and walked into the woods as the bear, and collapsed. I went into a thicket, lied down and went to sleep, as everyone wondered. I was tired, and Wolf checked on me, but I slept soundly for over eighteen hours and as I woke, I looked around, and yawned as I watched the snow, and smelled the air. I grunted because I knew where I was, but I walked East.

I had too many people in my head, as I walked. Sara started.... "What are you doing, love"
"I'm taking a walk." Goddammit....... "Where?"

"Away." I could feel Sara praying because she didn't want this any more than I did. "There," as Sara looked at what we were looking at.

"Daniel..... DANIEL?"

"What?" Chloe, Taiiko. Janey...and Ama... stood next me. Annie was home with everyone.

"Love, what is that?" I looked at it, and it was like I was looking at a tornado for the first time, but it wasn't close to a tornado.

"Daniel?" They looked at me, and instinctively moved behind me as it grew in front of us and started to consume the horizon." I looked at it and tried to gauge the speed. "Take what you can out of the banks, and get food, everywhere.

"We have food."

"Get more, and get fuel. Get water.... Get everything we didn't think we'd ever need. They all looked at me, and nodded as they all left except Sara

"WHAT, is that?"

"I don't know," as I stared at it.

"Can you stop that, Danael?" I stared at it, trying to figure out what it was.

"Danael?" I grunted and walked forward, even though I wished I was the dragon.

"Yes." I looked at the horizon and walked toward what was coming.

"What is this?" The storm that was going to hit us, and I am guessing had on everyone to our East, would be devastating.... completely devastating. I looked up, and it was coming at us, and it wouldn't stop by itself. I pushed to everyone to prepare....there was little time, but people are weird, and they looked at me like the elves, as if nothing was wrong.

I looked out but I was injured. Fuck. I shifted to the dragon, but I couldn't sustain it. FUCK. I looked at what was coming to try and get an idea of what it was. "Fuck." I looked around as Sara and Aisha walked up followed by all of the girls and the warriors from Japan.

"We've prepared everywhere, as best we could.

"What do we do, Daniel? I looked up as me.

"Whatever you have to."
take me... addendum
Posted:Apr 11, 2022 11:34 am
Last Updated:Apr 11, 2022 12:20 pm

Hey Guy's
I'm taking a break from new stories to focus on editing to clean up I wrote and posted but seems it got taken down. I'll be back, hopefully.
Posted:Feb 24, 2022 7:38 pm
Last Updated:Apr 11, 2022 12:17 pm

Bob reached out and grabbed the chicken breast as I watched him. I was glad they were feeding him in this, but I hoped they weren't making him a pet. I pushed, looked at my home, and went Gotland. The mist opened and I walked out as Elisabeth tackled me. "Are you insane?" She smiled as she moved back the ocean hunt for fish because this was a storm of the century. I picked myself up, with difficulty, grunting, as I walked to town... luckily it wasn't that far. Lisbet was doing her job, which I was proud of, and everyone was happy for. The storm was bad as I walked inside the cafe.

"I shed the hood of my cape, and they all turned away even though they knew I was. I hadn't looked at myself, and now I wasn't going , for as long as I could, so people would get use me. I walked up the mayor, looked down.

"Do you what you need? 's the last storm of the year, hopefully." She said yes, and she looked up, and was back to speaking with me as she had in the past.

"Elisabeth beat the storm, and was throwing fish on shore, and she still is. The fish.... large fish are moving because of the storm, and Elisabeth is catching them so we can use them in the summer, as well as now." She was a better dragon than I was, and she kept at it. I shifted back to Denver and Sara was staring at me.

"Happy?" I nodded as she grabbed my ear, and pulled me inside. "Good."

"Stop! I hurt enough. Jesus, I just wanted to because Lisbet and Karin were at New Foundland. is a lot going on," as I grunted and sat down. "I don't, nor I ever, doubted any of you. I'm just doing what I too." Sara looked at me and shook her head.

"You need to eat something," as she got things out of the fridge to make an omelette. "These people are like locusts." I nodded. "Everyone went to stay in the hotel, since we had the rooms." Melissa walked in and smiled as I looked at her.

"Is the door locked?" She turned around and went back to locked all of the doors as Sara's phone rang. She smiled and she looked at me.

"Yeah, he's here." She handed me the phone, smiling. "'s your ."

"Da? Are you OK?" I teared up because they shouldn't deal with this.

"I'm fine. We're fine....Bob is fine." They both laughed. Where are you?"

"We a whole floor, and we're all here. Well, mostly. 's kind of an open door party, but people are Annie, Taiiko, and Chloe. Sara comes and goes, but she's Sara. Janey is here, because this her home. We're fine, good Da'." I nodded my head and said good night. I looked at Sara she looked at me, and punched me in the chest, as I grunted.

She looked at me, and smiled, as she made what what she could with was in the fridge which was chicken and rice, and a nice salad. The three of us sat down eat. Sara said, "The amount of food these people is astounding," I nodded ", but 's tasty, even as left overs." We all nodded as we ate and finished what was in the fridge.

was awkward with me and Sara being together because we had started this. I was still uncertain why we weren't married, but none of us really were. We all had our roles, but Sara and I should been THE couple. We weren't as I looked at them, and cleaned up from dinner as Sara walked up help. "I'll do this, was my....."

"You NO idea how wash anything. You dry." She laughed and nodded as we cleaned up and then sat listening "Tennessee Whiskey," and we went from . Melissa walked out and got Tennessee Whiskey.... and glasses ... and put the record back on. We smiled as she kissed us both.I liked the song but Melissa looked at me, intently, as the song came on. I looked at them as if they had lost their minds, which they had, but the song played on and was us. Sara asked....

"How are you?" I looked at Melissa, and then I listened the lyrics of the song as Melissa stared at me. I told Sara I was OK, and let's enjoy the evening, together. She nodded as Melissa smiled, and I lost two of my loves that night,even though Sara told me would happen in the beginning. Melissa replay. I felt like my wounds were being ripped open, again, as I watched. Things were in flux, and not normal, but the storm quelled some of as people went back their places. The song came back on as Melissa looked at me.. again.

I was a threat her, which I wasn't.... but I was in her mind, and I didn't want Sara hurt more than she had by now. I grunted, swallowed, and said I needed leave. The song wasn't over as I looked up. "I need go, loves." Sara stared at me, and Melissa.

"Where, Danael?" I didn't want lie so I told a truth.

"I'm going to on the path that Ilsa and Hammish will follow." She knew I was lying.

"'s snowing now." Melissa looked at me.

"When would look at a way take wagons?" Sara smiled, and nodded. We finished our drink. Sara smiled, and went into the kitchen as Melissa walked up to me.

"Thank you, Danael..."

"If you hurt her, then I will kill you, and your family. Understood?" She nodded as I walked away into the night. Things were unraveling across the board, and the world wasn't helping. I didn't care about the world. I cared about my family, and my family needed me. Thank Gaia for a major snow storm because I passed out as the bear as I went to Norway.
take me part 649...edited
Posted:Feb 24, 2022 3:31 pm
Last Updated:Apr 11, 2022 11:32 am

Aerin held her last card as everyone looked at her while I looked at Henry because he thought Sam cheated every Saturday. She laid the Ace down and all the humans grunted, but clapped as the Elves looked at her, and yelled, as she extended the pennies, and her hand Henry, smiled, begrudgingly. Henry hated losing at games but was his karma. He did well in this match, thankfully, because I didn't more deal with. Sam, early Saturday morning was one thing, an Elven princess was something else.

"You're family brought this here help these people, so stays here as should. was a good game and cards are fickle, Henry. I will gladly meet you for a rematch in your Denver." He, and Sabrina, nodded, as they shook hands. was amazing how a simple game of cards could bring such divergent groups together, and enthrall them, for so long. The smaller animals, and birds, left because, frankly, they weren't dumb, which left the wolves, had an affinity for the Elves and they shared in their joy, but they left as well. Aerin looked at me with sad eyes, and I knew what was coming as they all walked up, and the Elves watched. Everyone watched.

"Sofi handed me our .... would been my because her essence didn't die, just as Sofi's didn't. I kissed her head and handed her back Sofi and Ceba as they hugged each other. I smiled because I knew I lost them when I saw Sofi dead on the ground. Her coming back me was a gift. This was a gift. The gift I had was never see them in that life. I looked at Aerin as she walked up and kissed my cheek.

"I'm sorry, because you all a steep as Irina and Malinka walked up hold their niece for, the time, as they looked at Sofi, and Ceba, and smiled. we were luckier than a lot of people. They both blessed her in Polish as they cried...." one, hold strongly our ancestors, but move forward to your future." They handed Amrita to Sofi, kissed all of them, and looked at me. I opened the mist and they walked back to Denver with the girls. I looked at Aerin.

"I did send them home, to Denver...right?" She smiled and nodded.

"You will always meet them, Danael, because your bound by love, and purpose, but your wheel turns quicker than ours and they will be learning from us." I nodded because I knew it would be a very long time before I saw them again. Aerin opened, whatever it was they opened and Sofi and Ceba turned as Sofi ran up and held my face as she kissed me.

"Thank you for Ceba." I nodded as she turned and they walked into the mist. Aerin smiled as she walked in and the portal closed. I looked around and smiled, because it was sad but was nothing say until I saw elves pocketing handful of pennies. I shook my head, and smiled at Ilsa, because she was watching them as well. I grabbed them by their collar as they gasped.

"What are you two doing?" They said nothing, as they looked at me innocently. "What's in your pockets?" They looked at each other and shrugged as Ilsa stifled a laugh. was pretty cute. I picked them up and shook. "Why do clink?" They shrugged as I looked at the other elves and they all started putting the pennies they had taken back on the table as everyone smiled.

"Seriously!" They bowed their heads. "You two, empty your pockets." They nodded as they took handfuls of pennies out and the other elves gasped because they all took a handful, then they growled and started walking toward them when Ilsa walked up.

"Enough, please. These coins are new to you even though we copper coins, and 's not unusual that people, especially elves, would be enamored with them." She looked at me. "However, from this moment forward, if you want stay here with us then you don't the right take things because you want them. Understood?" They lowered their eyes and nodded.

"Good, now with that said, you all been very helpful. Do you know how count?" They all nodded and looked at me. "Good, each of you gets twenty-five of these, and will be silver coins as well, but Hammish needs heat them. Do you pouches?" They all smiled and nodded. "Count out twenty-five, and twenty-five, and put them in your pouches. Hammish will deal with them tomorrow." They nodded as they scurried to count.

Ilsa walked up, chuckling. "They are very cute, and they help to fill a void in our heart as well." I nodded as I hugged her because this had been a hard year for everyone. "They are very helpful, and endearing." I nodded. "I'm giving them some silver, Danael." I told her that she should. The bags we brought were immense wealth here, but I didn't care about it because they were all my family. "Why do we gold?"

"I'm not sure but Sara said you would need , and I trust Sara." She nodded.

"Are you going be OK with the Elves that are staying? They're a handful." I nodded and said my Aunt and Uncle were coming out and that once it got warmer, we'd all be too tired to get into trouble anyway." She nodded as I hugged her and walked up to the elves.

They smiled at me, innocently, as they did. "I'm glad you won in po-ker." They clapped. "I need to go for a couple of days but Ilsa, Hammish, and Aafjer will be here, and the wolves for you to with." They smiled. "Try and be good for Ilsa." They got serious, and nodded. "I'll be back but you need decide wants stay here and help rebuild, and wants go with Hammish and Ilsa and explore, both are fine. I'll leave that you my friends." They nodded as I hugged them, and then hugged Hammish.

"I hope you know what you're doing, Danael." I nodded and said me too, as I smiled at everyone, and shifted back to Denver and fell into a foot of snow as Bob looked out of his den. Sara and Emily walked out with chicken for Bob and set it down.

Sara yelled... "It came out of nowhere, fast." I looked to the East. "Don't worry, love, everyone has gone back to , and I a into both Frank's for meat and fish." I nodded. "Take a break, sweets." She walked up and kissed me. "I'm glad you aren't dead." I nodded as we walked inside, Bob grabbed his chicken, as a blizzard . I was already thinking that I needed the used clothing, and surplus stores, as Sara grabbed my ear. "We're having some wine. you eaten?" I shrugged because I didn't know what day was because I hurt so bad.
Posted:Feb 24, 2022 1:44 pm
Last Updated:Feb 25, 2022 2:04 pm

Blessings the Ukrainian people....too bad life isn't more like fiction.
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648...edited(?) and expanded a bit
Posted:Feb 23, 2022 9:53 pm
Last Updated:Feb 25, 2022 2:05 pm

I looked at Deats as Annika climbed onto my lap and hugged me, tight. "Buy me breakfast tomorrow?" He laughed and said yes as he went inside to eat free food. "You still scared, munchkin?" She was quiet as she touched my face and Jake and Emily sat by the pit as Sara, Annie, Klaara, and Janey watched from the deck.

"No, at first it was like seeing a monster but the only monster you are is the Tickle Monster, and that's not real, and you are you. We all know the Tickle Monster isn't real, but act like it is for the younger because it's fun." I kissed her head, and said thank you, because it's important. She nodded.

"Do you know how to work the mist?" Anna shook her head as I looked at Emily and Jake. They both nodded."Well?'

"She does better than you, dad." I flipped Jake off and told Em to get some food as I walked past the girls with Annika, smiling.

"What are up too?" Jake, Anna and I walked into the kitchen and I told him to eat, just in case. I ate four skewers of grilled me, and two egg rolls as I walked into the bedroom and opened the safe as Unc came in and closed the door.

"Are you you going back to the past?" I nodded. "Give us some time and we'll pack something and be ready." I shook my head.

"We'll be back soon, I just want to check on the weather, and check in with Hammish and Ilsa. I think the storm is worse than they thought but I need to take...." Sara and Annie walked in, smiling, carrying boxes. Annie said

"We got two thousand pennies because we didn't figure they would know other metals there, and it's mostly copper." I smiled and nodded. "We also got these from Deats, because they are super reinforced and sorted of blends in." I nodded as they smiled and handed me reinforced packs. Sara handed me the 'tenth-ounce' gold coins I had in the safe, and she put down a couple of mixed bag of 90% silver dimes and quarters and more bullion as I stared at her.

"Hammish doesn't have time to melt bullion but you'll need. The coins won't matter to them because they don't know any better, yet. Have him blend the images, and leave most of the gold with Ilsa because she'll need, but she'll need silver too. Things are far from over, love. You'll be back in time to stave it off, but we are planning, as mother's do." I nodded. Deats and Melinda walked in with the girls, who looked me as I knelt.

"Can we touch your face, Daniel?" I nodded. "You aren't the tickle monster?" I shook my head as they traced the ridges along my face, neck, and arm. "You look like the Earth?" I was quiet, smiled, and said they were right. "Does it hurt?" I nodded. "Bad?"

"Not anymore, loves, but thank you for asking."

"How did it happened?" I looked at both Melinda and Deats and they nodded because they where old enough, and I figured they would be talking with them, soon.

"I fought a dragon to keep us safe."

"Nnuunuunnnnhhhh!" Aisha knelt in front of them as they stared at her because they were in AWE of Aisha.

"It's true girls, because I riding on his back... come with me." Everyone followed except me and Sara. She said that things have shifted her but they haven't over there, and they won't. I nodded, We packed the bags and walked into the shop as Sam unlocked our cupboard. Aisha walked inside and grabbed her sword, and shield and walked out as the screamed, and the parents gasped. Our family knew, but the others didn't. They would know. Aisha sat as all the sat around her, and parents, and adults, looked for chairs. Sara smiled as I grabbed Emily, Jake, and Annika.

"We're leaving. Grab a bag." They stared at me and said they wanted to listen to Aisha as she started to tell the story that not even I could remember, but I had things to do. "OK, enjoy and meet me at Hammish's." I started to pick up the packs as Deats helped. I put one my back and one over each shoulder, and picked up the last pack as I went to open the mist and Jake walked up next to me and took two packs from me, which I was grateful for. Emily walked on the other side and took the other on my shoulder as Annika stood in front of us. Emily asked if she knew where she going.

"To where the battle was." Emily shook her head and knelt.

"It's VERY important that you are specific in where you want to land. We want to land at Hammish, and...." Annika started to cry.

"I know where as she pushed the mist harder than anyone I had ever seen and we walked out and stood between the barn and the house. She hadn't been here since Althus died. "Stay here. I'll bring the elves out after I explain things because they will be scared." I stared at her as she walked inside to screams of joy.

"Who is she?" Jake and Emily said that they had no idea, and neither did anyone else except maybe Sara, and Ama. The door opened as we instinctively took a couple of steps back and looked at each other. The Elves stuck their heads out, and saw us, and they all bolted as we braced, which didn't matter as we all went tumbling and Anna, Ilsa, and Hammish laughed.

"What is wrong with you?" They sat on their knees as they looked me and pointed. They were intense.

"Hurt?" I nodded my head. "Bad?" I shook my head even though it burned all the one needed to know that. They nodded, and smiled, which is what I wanted. I didn't need a bunch of elves worried about me. I could barely keep my own name straight when a young female elf walked up. I had seen her because there weren't that many, at least there wasn't. She looked at me, and smiled as she touched my face by my left eye.

"See?" I shook my head as she frowned and kissed my eye. She looked at my right eye and touched that. "See?" I nodded as she smiled and spoke to them all as Aerin walked up. They all stared at her, and bowed.

"Get use to it, Aerin." I pointed at the largest Elves. "You four, please bring these bags inside." They smiled, and nodded as I looked up and to the North and West.

"The storm won't be here until tomorrow. It will last a few days but won't be terrible. You have time with your family." She kissed my eye, too, and said she couldn't help with that, only the dragon would decide. I nodded as the wolves walked out. I looked at Hammish.

"How much game do you have left?" He said plenty. Wolf looked at me and howled. "It looks worse than it is, brother, but thank you but you have food for a week? "We have the goat, what's left, and some small game, but the deer are still elusive." Hammish nodded as he went in and cut the oldest venison down and started to saw it as Jake and Em went to help. "I can no longer fly, but I can still be the bear and we'll prepare better this coming winter." They nodded. I need you to find a cave deep in the ground, that is isolated. It doesn't have to be soon." He nodded and they looked at me.

"What did you fight, Danael?"

"A large dragon." They all backed away, looked up, and around.

"And this dragon?'

"He took his pound of flesh before I killed him." Wolf walked up.

"You killed the dragon that was responsible for what happened here?" I nodded. "Are we safe?"

"I'm not sure because he was working with men, and men will end up being more dangerous than dragons, but for now, I think we are safe, but keep up the patrols." Hammish, Jake, and Emily came out and handed the wolves frozen venison. "I'll be back in a day or two. I have others I need to speak with." He nodded, howled, and the wolves picked up a deer that I culled when I could fly. The , and Hammish washed up as I talked with Aerin.

"Speed of sound?" I smiled and said I didn't have many options. "You could have asked us, Danael, you did save our people." I stared at her, and smiled.

"With all due respect, Princess, I don't know elves, except the ones who were Sirens." She smiled. "I'm still curious why your Father is speaking with the Dwarves.... I barely understand human.... and know even less about dragons. I'm kinda over my head in all of this." She looked at me, smiled, and nodded as she took my arm and we walked inside to everyone laughing, and carrying on as Aerin and I watched. Ilsa smiled and shook head. It was like the bar scene in the first Star Wars movie. I looked at Jake, Emily, and Anna as the Elves watched them shuffle cards and Emily handed out pennies. I stared at them. "Excuse me! Have you lost your minds?"

"We're playing a game, Da'"

"With young elves who look up to you and don't have a clue what poker is, what cards are, OR, what gambling is.

"We're playing for pennies, Da'. We weren't going to keep them." Aerin walked up and looked at the table.

"What are you playing?" Jake and Emily smiled and I knew this was going to end badly as I pushed to the girls, which meant EVERYONE was going to be here. I shook my head and wondered how I got myself involved with these idiots, and that was when I remembered Yahtzee Night on Fridays when I was a , and Risk, and Monopoly. I exhaled as people started walking inside. from our future.

"Five card....old school." Aerin smiled and I knew my were going to be destroyed, but I'd let it happen anyway.. Aerin said done as I stepped in.

"If you lunkheads are going to do this, against Elves, more power to you.... BUT, I'm making the rules." They all looked at me. Humans against elves, but the wolves can help the elves since it's not their game.

"DEAL!" I shook my head because they had already lost because Aerin was a shill. Annie opened the door and called the wolves, and they weren't the only ones.

"This land, this home, is neutral territory...agreed?!" They all nodded and looked at the table. as animals, and birds, kept coming inside. "Each side picks one person to represent them and we bet with the pennies we brought back, split evenly. Agreed?" The elves looked at me, and then Aerin, and she nodded. All of the humans said yes as they talked back and forth. The Elves were easy because, apparently, only Aerin knew anything about cards. Annie smiled as a mountain lion walked in and sat next to her as she scratched her, and she purred. I looked at her and motioned as everyone said they were picking Henry, which was going to be bad because he was terrible at games. Sam, Uncle Billy, and Deats all smiled at me. The Elves yelled Aerin. I turned as the mountain lion brushed against me and I rubbed her ears as we walked outside and I shook my head. I'd rather play Risk. We walked into the barn.

"The wolves said you wanted to make an alliance. Is that true?" I nodded as I asked how many there were in her cave?" She stared at me, and looked around. "Three young, and two older, and I'm pregnant. We stayed because the winter was so hard." I nodded as Hammish walked out and she backed away.

"It's fine. He's my friend. They are all my friends, as crazy as they seem." She walked up and smelled him, and nodded. I will make an alliance with you, but I need food for my family. I didn't expect we would, and I won't be able to hunt as much in a few months. I need to get them through the rest of winter."

"Will you trust me/us to help?" She looked around, and she had no choice. I could feel Aerin watching us as she start to play poker with Henry.

"I need you to envision where your cave is. Do you know this word, envision?" She nodded. "It will help me get there without tracks since I can no longer fly." She stared at me because she knew who I was, they all did. "It's a long story." She envisioned where her family's cave was. I smiled. "I know where it is and you are a good mom. Run the long way home and I'll be there soon." She butted both of us and ran off as the dogs barked and Hammish loaded me venison, rabbits, and two geese. The geese hadn't been gutted. He stared at me.

"Do you know you are doing? Wolves are one thing, but mountain lions?" I could feel Aerin watching me, and raising. Henry looked at her, trying to read her as she smiled at him and the Elves looked on with rapt attention, like everyone else.

"I'll deal with this, and they will be fine. The more friends we can have, the better."

"There's not much meat left, Danael." I nodded because I knew he was worried. "We only have enough left for what we need to take, and then buy for the return trip. I trust you but the things you do are counter to everything I was taught." I smiled and nodded.

"And yet you have wolves, and elves, walking along side you to Ilsa's people."

"I'll raise fifty copper." Everyone gasped as Henry looked at his cards, and Aerin, who smiled. Hammish looked at me.

"What is the difference between a pack of wolves, or a small family of lions?" He strapped the meat on to me, as me as he stared at me.

"None. We've all been through a very hard time." I nodded.

"I am trusting you to get over the mountains, and back, safely, with what we need, along with the wolves, and the elves. Trust me to keep this place safe. There will be food here for all of us. I promse" He looked at me as Sara walked past me and touched Hammish's face. He nodded, as she walked back inside, smiling, without saying a word.

"I raise." I told Hammish to go inside because I already knew what was coming and I had cubs to feed, but I did watch for a few minutes. The elves looked at Aerin, scared, because they didn't know what was really going on, but they were absorbing EVERYTHING, which was dangerous with elves but. It was fun because it was harmless, except for the knowledge the Elves the learning. I smiled as Hammish walked inside.

"I call, Henry."

"I have a straight, as he turned his cards over and all of the humans screamed. The wolves, animals, and elves all looked at each other as Henry smiled, and started to pull the pennies toward him as Aerin gently touched his hand...

"Not so fast, my friend... and she started turning over two's. I smiled and shifted north of the cave and walked down the creek to their cave as they walked out and the cubs ran up to me because young animals only now love, until they don't. I played with them, and gave each a rabbit, as their mom smiled. I threw the other rabbits, geese, and venison to her, as I grunted, and started bleeding again.

"The geese are for you, and you alone, for your strength. Understood?" She nodded. "I will be back in a few days, before you run out of meat. 'I respect what you are doing, and I will help you as I can. She nodded as I petted the cubs, and shifted back to the game with everyone going crazy as Aerin threw down the fourth 'two.' The Elves looked at her, and she smiled, and they yelled. Ilsa laughed and called a break as I walked in and the Elves ran up to me, and stepped back, and looked around.

"Don't worry, this scent is friendly." They nodded and told me how much they were liking...po-ker. I nodded and said po-ker could go on a long time and it would probably be smart to eat something, and drink water, as the humans were drinking ale and mead, except for Henry, who glared at me. I shook my head because I didn't have the heart to tell him. I looked at Aerin and shook my head. She shrugged as I walked back outside. It was amazing that all of the animals who shouldn't be there, were, watching as intently as the Elves, because they were all curious about humans. Sadly, they used us as their marker.

I looked around, and grunted as I stretched and shifted to a Monastery that no one would know about, not even Dreka. I fell, and skidded, in the dirt, as I walked out and grunted as I pushed myself up, with effort. I bent over, breathed, and exhaled as I walked to the door and knocked. I had the power to walk in, that wasn't me, and I hurt. I was bent over when they opened the door and looked at me. No one moved until Sofi screamed, and grabbed me as she walked me inside.

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" "Get him Yak's milk, as much as he wants, and cheese, and dried meat. "You need to eat more." I nodded and told her they were all playing cards and I forgot, and I had mountain lions to take care of as she stared at me.

"Cards?" I nodded. "She pointed to someone...."Milk, food." and she was gone. I shook my head because these people never seemed to die. The young handed me a glass of milk and pointed at food and I shook my head as Sofi came back smiling.

"What is a straight flush? I told her five cards all in sequence and all of the same suit. She stared at me.

"5,6,7,8,9.... all clubs." She nodded and shifted back, before coming back to us.

"Can you communicate with her?" We both nodded. "She grabbed her hand and they went to watch the final game. I was tempted but walked around as everyone stared at me. I smiled as i walked upon stones I just beginning to recall. I couldn't remember the last time I was here and Sofi came back.

"What is a Royal Flush?, as she looked at Ceba."

"Her name is Ceba." They all looked at me. Sofi looked at me, and froze time so they didn't lose the excitement of the game.

"Is that correct?" Ceba nodded Everyone came up and said hi to her as I lowered my eyes. "What?" It will take Ceba much longer to understand your words, because she was brought here from someplace else. She understands because of me. When I leave, she won't be able to understand. She is mute. She can't speak to you with words." They looked at each other.

"Mute means 'no words?'" We both nodded. Sofi asked if Ceba could you hear her when they were watching the card game?" Ceba nodded as Sofi smiled, shifted, and unfroze time as I walked again. I figured Henry would bluff, and Aerin would let him, because why wouldn't she? She was going to win. I was tempted to watch but I missed this place. even if couldn't remember being there. I could feel everyone watching me, but no one stopped me until I reached the bottom of a back staircase. I looked at the door, and smiled, as the head nun touched my shoulder.

"Dragon," she gasped as I turned.

"I can't go into what is mine?" She nodded as I placed my hand on the door, and it opened. Sara, Aisha, Sofi, and Ceba walked up behind us. I pushed the door open and walked inside followed by Ceba, which I found interesting, but I was the only one she could communicate with so far.

"Is the game over?" She shook her head no. "Frozen?" She smiled and nodded. "The Elves are going to win?" She smiled and said Royal Flush. I nodded as I grabbed her hand and we walked into a large cave. I exhaled, and the torches were lit. I looked around, and then back at Sara and Aisha because they hid the eggs here. I smiled, and nodded as I pushed everyone away. It was my cave. The Mother Superior was less than happy. "It sounds to me like it's going to be a good game of cards with bluffing, and double bluffing...and triple bluffing. I'll keep Ceba safe, I promise." Sofi was a fighter, but she had the gentlest heart of anyone I had ever met. Things were different know, but she was who she had always been. We walked around and Ceba looked at things that I had forgotten were there. She pointed. "Dragon eggs." She asked if that was how I was hurt. I nodded. I had so many places I need to be as we walked out and I sealed the door as Sofi looked Ceba.

"You understand Danael?" Ceba nodded. "You understand me, but ONLY with Danael here?" Ceba lowered her eyes, but nodded. "If Danael is here, then you don't understand us?" She shook her. But you understood me when we were watching the cards?" She pointed at me, and raised her hands in confusion. Sofi nodded. "Do you want to go back and watch the end of the card game?" Ceba beamed, and nodded as she looked at me, but I didn't care. Sofi grabbed her hand and they went back as I looked around, alone, and they all went to watch the first human vs. elf poker match. Fucking christ!. I knew how it was going to end but I walked out and said thank you to the nuns and let me know if they needed anything. They nodded and I shifted to Hammish and Ilsa's, and walked in.

There were animals everywhere, and people, and elves. The humans were on one side, and the elves were on the other. The wolves were in the middle trying to figure out cards and the animals were all trying to watch. Henry was about to say, "I raise," when I walked in and said why don't you put the cards down and take a break, and have some mil. The elves yelled and poured me a glass as the humans booed and I watched the cards as everyone enjoyed each other for a bit, even the animals. Sara, Annie, and Taiiko walked up as I was watching Sofi and Ceba having a wonderful time because we were there.

"Do you know where Amrita is?" They stared at me as Aerin walked up.

"FYI, it's best to tell a dragon the truth, and probably a bear....and probably Danael because he is a warrior." They nodded. "Sofi is able to interact, and see you, because she is an old soul, and quite powerful. We aren't sure how she brought Amrita here to see you, but she did." I smiled because I would have if we were switched.

"Amrita was conceived in this time, Danael, but she is from a time long past. She is being cared for by us, and you need to let her be. I stared at them and them looked at Sofi, and spoke to her. She nodded, as I looked at Ceba. Aerin walked away and waited because the Amrita I knew was older but my baby was brought up. I motioned for both Sofi, and Ceba. They stared at me as they held our , because she was OUR . I looked at them and thought it and knew they could hear each other, understand each other. Sofi looked at Ceba.

"Can you hear me?" Ceba smiled, and nodded as they talked back and forth. I looked at them, with sad eyes a Sofi looked at me. "What Danael?"

"Amrita can't hear, and will barely be able to speak, but you can help her with that because you can communicate with her now, both of you, and you will be able to do the same with any....they stared at me as Sofi walked up and punched me in the face, on my scarred side, as Ceba held her and spoke to her. Ceba looked at me and smiled, as she nodded as Aerin watched.

"He is a Dragon, and look at him Sofi. He has suffered like all of us. He has one eye, and one wing, but do think he is the Dragon?" Sofi nodded and stared at me as I waited. "Don't limit your because Danael can see with more than two eyes. We lose things that are holding us back from being who we might become." Sofi looked at me with tears in here eyes as I nodded because they could all communicate now and it was the only gift I could give them. They looked at me as they held our , and smiled as they turned and walked away, together, as I exhaled.

"They will be well taken care of Danael, you have my word." I nodded

I looked at the card game as Henry and Aerin sat back down and Aerin called. They were both all in. It was a couple of hundred of dollars in pennies, but not here. Here, it was a fortune and the suspense was palpable. Sofi, Ceba, and Amrita stood beside me, holding me, because this was an important game, but mainly because we were now a new family, and I wouldn't see them often.

Henry laid down a straight flush, jack high, as everyone gasped. Everyone looked at everyone but the elves were looking around the most because they hadn't been elves for very long and didn't really know what was going on, but they knew it was important, even if it was a came.

Aerin looked at Henry, and everyone else, and started to turn over her cards.... all hearts. ten; jack; queen; king;.....
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We walked out of the mist into the back yard, at dusk, as Bob came out of his den. It was snowing, but not hard. He looked at me and walked up, which was unusual. He put his front paws on my legs and stretched up as Sara, Jake, Emily, and Annika watched as I knelt. He licked my hand and face. Aisha was tearing up as Bob looked at me and walked back into den as I stood, with difficulty and walked toward the studio. Emily and Anna started crying as Jake walked up and hugged me. "You OK Da?" I touched his head and said I was getting there. "I gotta say that you look like fifty miles of bad road, pops." I laughed and said it felt more like a hundred. Annika walked inside, crying, as Sara followed her. Emily walked up and kissed me.

"Is he dead?" I nodded. "Are we safe?" I shrugged and said from Dreka, at least I thought so. Aisha walked up and hugged her.

"Let's leave that for later, sweets," and took her inside. Jake walked over and hugged me as he stared at me."

"No more boyish good looks?" He laughed and said that ship had sailed a while ago as we both laughed and walked inside. Everyone was staring at me, which I hated, and I turned around and walked out back into the snow as they laughed and Jake came out to get me.

"Come on, it's not that bad. Well, it's pretty, bad but it's not hideous." He stared at me. 'We just have to get use to it and that can't happen if you walk away." I nodded and we walked into Sam and Javier standing front and center, smiling, with beer.

"Is there anything you won't do for attention?" Jake and I grabbed the beer and smiled.

"I never thought I'd ever set myself on fire, but Dreka did that for me." Everyone was quiet until Sam and Javier laughed and hugged me.

"It's not that much worse than it's always been with you because you're a homely man." All the girls started throwing food when Deats spoke.

"I have to agree with Sam and Javier, at the risk of getting pummeled with snack food." I looked around because I couldn't see all that well out of the good eye yet, but I turned to the voice and saw a shadow walk up as Sara and Janey took the girls and hugged them and was explaining what had happened. I opened my arms, smiling.

"You are definitely not Deats," everyone laughed as Melinda kissed me, and then punched me as she walked off and Deats hugged. me

"She was scared, is scared. We were all scared, brother." I nodded. "You look good." There a brief silence and then everyone burst into laughter again as Uncle Billy and Henry fought over the turntable and we were a family again. "What are the chances with eye?" I told him they said fifty-fifty but I'm giving myself seventy-five/twenty-five odds." He nodded as the girls walked up and Melinda hugged me again.

"I'm sorry I punched you." I told it was OK because I was sure it wouldn't the first as I grabbed her breast. She gasped as everyone burst into laughter and I walked behind the girls.

"I thought I was reaching for your cheek" She huffed and laughed as the girls walked away and Deats and I walked out back to make a fire and talk. The snowed had stopped but it was still close to zero.

"I can get you into the Bureau's coverage since we served together, and I can expedite you into Germany, just say the word. The burns are on you, and the dragon and whatever else all of you have up sleeves, but eye surgeons are very good and that's not something you want to fuck with."

"I appreciate that Deats but Annie's family has excellent resources, and there is plenty of money. I'm going to get it checked out but this is more important to me at the moment." He nodded. "We have a lot to discuss, about a lot things." he nodded and threw more wood in the pit.

"How's the new job?" He smiled as Melinda walked up and said wonderful. I smiled and said good.

"It actually is, and we are getting to be a family when the girls need a family the most. However you bunch stumbled your way into that sex ring, it ended up being the best thing for us." I smiled, and nodded. "However, I can't take what you offered. Melinda knows, and doesn't agree with me, AT ALL...."

"That's because she is way smarter than you are, and always has been....."

"while that might be true, and as nice as it is, I can't risk if anyone found out...."

"What did you with the paper I sent?"

"Showed Mel and then burned it."

"As I expected, you idiot. We both may dumb, Deats," the girls nodded, "but neither of us our stupid." The girls nodded, again. That is your family's share for everything we did, and you aren't alone, your moral imperative is just way higher. It's secure in a cave that only a few people can access. You need to listen to your better half because I'm not going to drop off a bag of cash at your back door. Besides, right now I'd probably drop it at the wrong house anyway. Tell me about these things I need to know. He brought out chairs with no snow on them as the girls went to get more beer. It was hard for me to see at night, and the fire had a glow, and sparkles around it that I didn't like, but I didn't say anything. Annie sat on my lap and kissed me and said she thought I looked rugged, like I fought a dragon, and won. Deats nodded as he put more wood in the fire pit.

"Thank you, Love. Can you call Bethany and have her find an eye surgeon?" She said yes, a bit worried. It's just a precaution. There is still a lot to do and I need to know where I stand with my good eye, and if anything can be done with the other.

"I will, but you seem abnormally OK with things, Daniel, " Melinda said she agreed, "and that is worrisome to me, to us." Deats spoke.

"From what Aisha told me, Daniel did the only thing he could do," of course everyone was now standing on the back patio, listening, because there were no secrets. Luckily, I couldn't see them, but I could feel them. "He was outmatched," to which I chaffed as everyone laughed, but he was right, "and Dreka was stronger, and more experienced. He was also more arrogant, and they used that against him because Daniel used Aisha's fear to their advantage. Aisha knew that he couldn't pull them out of that dive, and Dreka knew that, which fed into his arrogance and made him even more vulnerable. It was really the only play I could have seen, but I wouldn't be foolhardy enough to try it, even if I was a Dragon." No one spoke as Deats continued.

"We saw things no one should ever see, especially after battles started, and ended. But you put that away and do what needs to be done, for as long as it needs to be done, period. I think Daniel ws trusting in the fact he was young, and strong, and that Dreka was too arrogant to feel threatened. He also relied on what he learned in the past. It says a lot about Aisha love and trust of her dragon to depend upon Daniel to shift her safely in that moment, but he has saved my ass more than once." Everyone smiled and nodded.

"I may be wrong but I'm guessing that Daniel is thinking the exact same thing I would be thinking, and the same thing Aisha is thinking.... ALL things considered, we'll take the outcome." Silence, but nodding. "I do have to say that flying into a dragon that was twice your size, at almost Mach One.... that's a pretty ballsy play.... and don't do it again." Everyone raised their bottles, or glasses as Uncle Billy and Ellen walked out saying there was Chinese food, and Prosecco and no more of this Blue's Crap.

"It's time for some LOUD, Southern Rock, and Sweet Home Alabama came on....LOUD.
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All I could hear were echos, mainly of Aisha screaming at me and crying. I wanted to go with Sofi and Amrita and didn't care where but I thought about the girls, and my greater family and how much we had to, and I willed my heart to start as I pulled Dreka's power into me, since he would no longer need it, and if he did manage to come back again then I'd rather have it. I just hoped that I strong enough to wield it, and not let it consume me like it had Dreka. I looked outward again and Aerin walked up to Sofi and Amrita as they all looked me smiling. They waved, turned around, and walked away as I started breathing, but it labored. I opened my eyes, at least my right one, and I shifted as Aisha gasped. Most of left side badly burned, I could feel it. Thank God for the scales or I would be dead. I hurt everywhere and having a hard time breathing, and something wrong with my bac I sat up as best I could and looked as Aisha.

"When you heal I'm going to beat the shit out of you, mister." I smiled and said fair enough. "I thought you had died in front of me again. I'm getting too old for this. You're not to good. We need to get you to the falls." I nodded as she helped me up. She opened the mist but I pointed to her sword and shield.

"I don't to come back here. What's wrong with my left eye?"

"Dreka burned you pretty badly. It's fused shut." I nodded as she wrapped her arm around my back and I screamed. She lifted my shirt and I had gash marks all over my back and sides and a large hole on the left side of my back, deep. "This is going to hurt. I grunted as we walked through the mist to the energy falls. I just hoped I didn't fall. The girls where waiting and gasped when they saw me, luckily the weren't there.

"It's just a flesh wound. I'll bounce back in no time," and then I passed out. I have no recollection of anything after that, or how long I there. The only thing I could sense Dreka's power, now my power, moving through me. I stopped focusing on it and drifted away in some in between space that neither light, nor, dark, but seemed to be both, if that could make sense. I floated there without the worry of time. I tired and needed a break anyway. There would be plenty to do later, assuming I healed.

I could hear people laughing and talking as I opened one eye....that sucked. I sat up and even though I still sore, I wasn't in agony, which was a good sign. I got out and wrapped my cloak around me as I followed the voices, stumbling because I wasn't use to seeing out of just one eye. They all smiled. Aisha walked up first because was she still highly protective of me. "At least you no longer look like death warmed over." Everyone got serious and nodded. "Everything will heal, in time, but your eye is fifty-fifty." I nodded and told her that at least I one. I looked at my left arm. The burns should get better but you'll always have some scars, probably a lot, especially on your face." I nodded. "They couldn't do anything to save the wing because Dreka had mostly ripped it off." I nodded.

"Turn about is fair play, I suppose."

"Something like that, love. Gaia says it'll be at a thousand years until a dragon could regrow a wing, but you're a Dragon."

"So no more diving at the speed of sound?" She shook her head, chuckled, and not for a while, which fine by her. "Well, at least I can fly in circles." That broke the tension and they all walked up to me as I looked around. "Where's Marnine?" They all smiled as Annie walked up. "She here helping us heal you. You almost went away, twice. Once we got you stable, Gaia released them and they got the heck out of Dodge." I laughed, nodded, and said smart. "They're in Norway and Bethany is getting them situated at the house and will find them someplace in the buildings we are remodeling. Marnine has really taken a fancy to baking and tea."

"I can't remember her name but there is someone down one of the alleys, Marnine might be able to help as they figure things out. I'd rather keep Marnine busy, since I only have one wing, and one good eye." They laughed, and nodded. "I'm going to lie down for a bit." They helped me to the falls and sat me down. I rolled over and passed out. I unconscious for another threee days....tenn in total. I finally rolled out and got dressed but only and Aisha and Joseph were there. "At least you two, love me." Joseph walked up smiling and looked at my eye, rubbed some goop on it, and handed me a large jar.

"Threee ties a day until it's gone, understood?" I nodded. "How are you handling the surge of new energy from Dreka.

"Fine, but I've unconscious for over a wee" He smiled.

"That the stupidest thing any of us have seen since the last time you did something stupid, but it equally impressive, and it worked. Aerin is going to teach you how to shift, properly, and how to bend time and space once you get your bearings. You've been here for tenn days but it's only been a day and a half in Denver so go see your family. They're worried about you, and try not fall out of the mist." He laughed, hugged me and gone. I looked at Aisha and smiled as she opened the mist and we went home.
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I plodded my way along the path toward Henry's, as we had all done so many times before, and I cried. I could feel everyone having a good time but I had to end this the way you kill a snake is by cutting the head off... Dreka was the head and the men trying to get off of New Foundland were finding that out since they had no ID. I looked up and grunted as I walked east into open space and smelled the land that was so familiar to me. The beauty of the front range is we buy land and keep it from being developed, not enough, but almost. I kept walking east as the moon started to rise and I saw Venus. I smiled as Annie ran up.

"Whatcha. doin'?"

"Taking a walk." She looked around.

"Kind of a long walk, wouldn't you say?" I looked at her as I kept walking and said maybe as she walked next to as the lion. "We use to play out here and then there was Marnine."

"I remember."

"Hmmm, you aren't planning on fighting Dreka alone, are you?" I stared at her and kept walking.

"Not any more." She smiled. "You aren't going to leave, are you?"


"Fine, then lets enjoy the evening." She smiled and whacked me across the face.

"Tag," and she ran. I couldn't best Annie in distance but I could at the start, which I did as I hit her back legs out from under her and she skidded, laughing. I was going to jump on her, but she was pregnant so I licked her and walked off. She laughed and trotted next to me. "You can't fight him alone."

"How else do I fight him?" She butted me like Wolf, and Fenrir.

"With the only other person who's fought him." I stared at her as I grunted and walked on. "What option do you have, Daniel?" I looked at her as I felt Dreka raging because I took everything from him but they were only things to him. The damage he had done was unfathomable. I growled as Aisha walked up in her armor, with her sword, and shield.

"Dragon." I shifted because I had to as she lashed the battle harness on me. She looked at Annie as she climbed on. "Fly." I flew east, but I flew up. "What are you doing? Dragon, what are you doing?" I kept flying upward. "Danael, what are doing..." and I dropped. "Shit." I dove to where Dreka was. "Danael, we can't pull out of this. It's too fast. We'll die." I narrowed my wings and flew faster as Aisha held on. It's amazing as slow time can move even when you are going the speed of sound. I felt like we were barely moving, but Aisha didn't have the same experience as she dug her nails into my ears. It didn't work as I pushed through Gaia toward Dreka. She couldn't stop me and she knew it because there can't be two Dragons.

He laughed because he was arrogant. "Don't do this, dragon. We can't pull out of this, it's too fast, Danael." I knew it was as we screeched toward Dreka, who was double my size. We breached the barrier I put up and I shifted Aisha off of me as I went into Dreka with talons and he spewed fire. I countered with ice. He won, but I slowed it down enough to gut him from throat to groin, as I rolled into stone walls and he attacked as he looked at me, in disbelief, and that was when Aisha's sword pierced his heart and Dreka died. Ama and Joseph walked up and took him away...I wasn't sure where, but my vision was getting cloudy as Aisha knelt against me.

"What is wrong with you?" She was crying which I didn't understand because Dreka was gone. "I was the one that was suppose to die you idiot." She hit me. "What is wrong with you?" I smiled and pointed over her shoulder to Sofi and my , and closed my eyes.

"NOOOO!!!!!!!!! Goddamit!!!!!!!! No, Danael. You're a Dragon you fucking idiot. Be the Dragon! I didn't breathe as she screamed and I walked to Sofi. She smiled and shook her head as she pointed at me.

"This is your father. He is a stubborn man, and an even more stubborn dragon." She laughed, and clapped, as I knelt, smiling.

"This is our , Amrita." I stared at Sofi, and then at Amrita, and opened my arms to both of them as I felt a thump beginning to slow. They walked into my arms, and I hugged them as they kissed me. I smiled as things were becoming grey. I reached to them and things went black.

Aisha screamed!

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