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Take me part 124  

dadigan 59M  
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6/23/2021 5:20 pm
Take me part 124

Chloe and I walked into the bathroom. She pee'd as I got the water
warm. We washed each, lovingly, as we kissed letting the shower rain
down upon us. She stroked my cock but it was unnecessary because just
being around Chloe and Sara was enough for start getting hard.
When we were naked, I was hard. She jumped onto and wrapped her legs around
my hips, reached between her legs and positioned my cock between her
lips and rubbed, and then dropped onto as she moaned, her eyes
clouding. We kissed as we looked into each others eyes. She pushed
onto as far as she could and started grind. The way she
positioned my cock moved against her g-spot. We were both moaning but
continued kissing and looking at each and going slowly. We could both feel we
were going come. Chloe pushed hard onto me, smiled, and bit my
bicep, hard, and sucked. She ground onto me as we both came with me
shooting deep inside of her. She kept grinding as we kept kissing. She
reached down and pulled me out as I lifted her up. She looked
up at me, smiled, and said, "nice, mister." She washed me off, which sent
shock waves through my dick and body. "I need to wash my hair. It takes more time
than yours." She kissed me as she shooed me out the shower. She let as
much of my cum drip out of her as wanted to come out as she washed her hair.

I had finished brushing my teeth as Chloe stepped out and dried off.
She wrapped a towel around herself in case Jake walked in. She was
brushing her teeth as I went to get dressed. I kissed her and told her I
loved her. She smiled and said, "merrrrrrr togrrrrr." She had finished
her hair as Jake walked and said he had to pee.

"O" She kept fussing with her hair. He looked at her. "I gave
birth you Jake, after 18 hours. It's not like I haven't seen it
before." She could barely keep from laughing. He rolled his eyes and
waited. Chloe kissed him on the cheek and said she was just messing
with him, and go back sleep, and came into the bedroom smiling.
"I'll tell you later." I was putting my<b> boots </font></b>on and then bent to
kiss Sara on the back of the head, she rolled over, kissed me on my
lips, and said,

"Next time we make love like that," and went back to sleep. I said deal as
Chloe was smiling at me. Sisters are usually jealous of one another
but not these , weren't especially Chloe and Sara. Chloe was a little
with Janey and Alison, but they were bonkers over each other so it was
a rare occurrence that we all shared. I adored Janes and Ali, and of
course it was fun when all of us made love, but I was completely
content with Chloe and Sara. There was no jealousy between the
of us at all. We were like one organism with parts, that shared
each other intimately. Chloe and Sara certainly had worked that
dynamic out. Chloe and Janes had never been intimate but I suspect
that was because they were blood related, but I didn't know. She had fucked
Alison though, and watched both of them fuck , and Sara. It was an odd
relationship, be sure, but it worked.

I kissed Chloe and checked on Jake. He was a sleep. I wrote a short
note them.... "Morning. We LOVE YOU. attention." as Chloe read it
and kissed my head. She opened the back door, without saying a word as
I walked out into the night, and then locked it. She left the kitchen light
on, walked out front and listened, waiting for . I walked around the
side and she hugged as we got into in Janey's car and drove to

"Why were you laughing at?" She told about her interaction with Jake
in the bathroom, and we both chuckled. I was practicing this new
skill more and it seemed be paying off. I pushed out and I saw
Simon in the hotel and it looked like he was dead, but he was passed
out . I focused my attention back toward the house and it shift there,
nothing, and then moved from there until I stopped it. There was WAY
more that I didn't know but I felt like was gain better control. We pulled
up in front of Henry's and we looked at each because there a sign on
the door. I turned the high beams as Chloe walked up to the door. She
came back smiling.

"Closing at 6:30pm Friday for a family event Thanks for understanding.
It must be Jake's truc" We both smiled as we got out of the car and
walked around bac I was never concerned around Chloe because she
paid attention like I paid attention and we read energy in a very
similar way. We were also deeply connected, beyond thinking, at the
instinct level. It's what made us so formidable in case anyone messed
with our family. Janey and Sara were learning, and getting better by
the day. Neither of us wanted either of them deal with any of it
sooner than necessary, but apparently it was necessary. Janey was
with Alison, and Sara was focusing on Jake, Emily, Christine....and Bob,
of course. Chloe and I would take the brunt if anything happened. God
help them. Bet, Javier, and their crew were our ace in the hole. Henry
was back up. With Janes and Ali out of the picture it was easier for
us deal more effectively with our roles.

They weren't assigned. They were understood. Chloe mentioned something
a while ago about them being more like animals, than human, and I
grokked that because I have always been like that, both my mom, and my
ex, would tell me I was more bear than man. They were right and I would
take it, especially now.

Chloe turned off the alarm and turned on the lights as I locked the
backdoor, when there was a knoc I knew it was Henry, and smiled, as I
opened it let him in and locked it again.

"You trying run out of my own business?" Chloe said we are
trying but you're stubborn. He kissed her. "Chloe, you deal with
the front. Daniel, I need you doing prep. We are short staffed and as
much as I love David and Issa, they don't know the kitchen." We nodded
and got wor Chloe went make the coffee when Henry said, "Let
Daniel make it, his is better because I taught you how make it." She
smiled and kissed her dad before she walked out front.

"I still like your coffee pops, but his is better." It was probably a
little before six when the back door opened and Sara and Jake, and
Christine and Emily walked in. Sara locked the door behind them and
stuck her tongue out at as she smiled. God I loved these women.
Emily, Jake and Christine went say hi Henry as Sara walked up
, turned around, and then grabbed my balls.

"You're making love with like that next, understood?" I nodded. "Good and
then I want you in my butt mister, but we have to go slow." I nodded.
Sara smiled and clapped as she went out front to help her sister.
Christine walked up and hugged as Jake and Emily went out front.

"Are you guys sure it's OK that I leave Em with you?" I kissed her
head and told her absolutely, that we adore Emily. "That is such a
HUGE help now given my work load. It should balance out in a week or
when Emily starts taking online college classes. She's only taking
2 but she's excited. Is Jake doing that?"

"I don't think so because he wants work with us at the shop and with
Henry here, but if Em is then that might change, which would be fine. Have Em study at the shop. We have great WIFI and she won't be alone. Talk with Chloe and Sara about it before you leave, and have Henry make you breakfast, or lunch. His chicken salad is pretty
good. Also, between us, we're giving Jake the company truck use,
mostly, tonight and we all want you and Em there... don't spill the
beans to Emily. Christine. We consider you both family so you'll just
have to get comfortable with that." She nodded.

"What are having for dinner?" I looked at her blankly because I
hadn't even thought about it. "I'd like to bring dinner for everyone. My
extended family has a restaurant too, and the food is wonderful.
Please let us do that Daniel." I smiled.

"It's fine with, and I sure Henry. Talk with Chloe because there will
be a lot of us because it's a pretty big deal but I'm sure it'll be
fine. I need to get back to chopping or Henry's going to get pissed."

"Damn right slacker." Christine went out front as I walked over to
Henry and patted his bac Christine and Em are bringing dinner for
everyone. Apparently we aren't the only family with a restaurant."

"Nice!" I finished as Chloe walked in.

"Christine told us about dinner, that was nice." I nodded. "We need
to talk with her about us." I nodded. "How are Janes and Ali?" I said
fine as far as I can tell and that Simon was passed out in Scottsbluff.
"When do Billy and Ellen arrive, and how are we going to handle this,

":00am. I thought I'd take Unc and the the shop because it's
more familiar, at least Em. Unc and I can help Sam finish up, which
Billy would love, and then I could show him around the area because
it's changed. Jake and Em will be lost in themselves, and their music.
I can talk while we wal" Chloe looked at with lust in her eyes,
and smiled as she kissed .

"You are a Wiley one mister, but I LIKE it, as she dug her nails into
my bac What about us?"

"We need stuff for Sunday." She looked at and smiled and I knew she
was up know good. "What?"

"Nothing, love." We've got it covered. She kissed again, said by
pops, I need talk with Sara." Henry looked over at and smiled.

"Is this what you bargained for ? It's only going get more involved."

"I didn't bargain for anything Henry but I wouldn't trade what I have
now for anything. I love them, I have no say in that. Even with the
current angst I wouldn't trade it. You're my family Henry." He
slapped his spatula down and smiled. "But you're talking with my Uncle
FYI," I said as I walked out.

"Daniel!" I was terrible, as I smiled and said goodbye everyone quickly and headed the shop.

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