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Take me part 137  

dadigan 59M  
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7/1/2021 11:07 am
Take me part 137

I woke first, and Sara had climbed over me during the night, like she always does, to snuggle with Chloe. I smiled and listened to them breathe. I didn't think I could fall more deeply in love with them but I had. All three of them loved each other, adored each other actually, but there was some some unique connection between Chloe and Sara. Maybe it was that Chloe was the oldest and Sara was the youngest, or because they were both heads of their specific lineages. I suppose it didn't matter. It was surprising to me at how instantaneously both of them became intimate, all of them, but sharing affection with this extended family didn't seem an issue. Chloe and Sara stirred, kissed each and rolled over to look me, smiling. They both said,

"Morning Poppy, and kissed me" You got to sleep in mister. How great is?" I kissed them again and said nice.

"I saw Ella and Claire last night as I was falling asleep." They looked at me stunned.

"You saw my mom," Sara asked with tears in her eyes?" I nodded. Did she say anything?

"Neither of them did. They both walked up and stood at the foot bed smiling. I assume because you're pregnant. They didn't say anything and I have no idea how long they were there. I'm going to try and connect with both of them later. We went and checked on Jake. He was half off the bed as usual, sound a sleep. It was 6am. We went into the bathroom and the girls took turns peeing. I reached in the cabinet and got an enema and the lube out and set it on the counter. Sara clapped as Chloe smiled at me. Neither Chloe or I knew why Sara was so enthralled by giving the enema, but she was. She was like a little at Christmas. It was probably as simple as the fact that she was Sara. I turned on the shower and Sara and I got in and started washing each other until Chloe was finished. She got in we both washed her.

Sara and Chloe were kissing, and sucking each other's breasts as I put lube on her and my fingers and gently stuck them inside her butt to get her use to it. She enjoyed that. I put lube on my cock, especially the head kissed her shoulders and said relax and breathe, which she did. I put the head inside of her and stopped, gently kissing her and waiting for her to relax. Sara was still sucking her breasts. I could feel her relax and her breathing slowing as I slowly pushed in a little at time until I was all the way inside of her. She moaned, touched Sara's head with one hand and reached back to touch mine with the other as I started slowly moving in and out her the entire length of my penis.

Sara kissed her way down Chloe's belly and put her mouth on Chloe's clit, licking and sucking as she put two fingers inside her sister's pussy and started fucking her G-spot. Chloe moaned louder and started breathing quicker. She reached down, grabbed Sara's hair and pushed her against her mound as she came with a shudder. Neither Sara or I stopped. Chloe was relax and my cock had little resistance except for the natural tightness. I moved faster, and deeper but not harder. Chloe came again and squirted on Sara's hand. I was close, even though I wanted to keep fucking her ass. I pulled out until I was just inside and moved faster. I came as I pushed my cock inside her as far as I could, coming the entire way and kept moving deep inside of her until I was finished. Chloe shuddered and moved back on my chest while I was still inside. I had my left hand on her belly and my right hand on her breasts and was kissing her shoulders as she gently moaned. Sara stood, clapped, and kissed her. Sara and I just hugged her, loving her until I pulled out. I washed her, and myself, as we continued kissing each other. We got out and dried each other smiling and brushed our teeth. Sara and I went into the bedroom to get dressed.

"I'm next mister. Promise." I nodded and kissed her as Chloe walked in. "How was it?"

Chloe smiled. "Amazing Sara. You are going to love it." Sara clapped and wrapped her arms around Chloe. She was so excited. I grabbed my<b> boots </font></b>as they finished dressing, went to make coffee and check the video feeds. I wasn't expecting to see anything, which I didn't, but wanted to get comfortable using it.

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