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Take me part 141  

dadigan 61M
315 posts
7/2/2021 9:12 pm
Take me part 141

I walked up to Chloe and Sara and nibbled there necks. They smiled as
they both reached back and stroked my hair. "What can I do to help?"
They said I already helped but I could cut up the peppers and mix with
olive oil, salt and pepper for the grill, and then slice onions,
tomato's, and the avocado's.

"Take the chips and pretzels out first and see how everyone is doing
and bring us all a beer.... we're fine.... and then get back in here
mister. We like you close to us." Chloe pointed to a cabinet that had
large serving bowls. I went outside and yelled "Munchies!," and the
horde descended upon me. I put the bowls down and hid behind Sam,
laughing. I checked in on everyone except Christine and Bethany
because they were the only beings that existed. Unc and Ellen were
having a great time with Bet, Javier and their extended family. It was
nice. David and Issa walked up. I hugged them and told Issa the girls
were in the kitchen. She smiled because she was as excited as them.
David and I walked over the grill.

"I'll the peppers and onions out in 10 minutes Henry. Jake and Emily
were still sipping the beer between themselves as they helped Henry,
and then Sam. It was nice. I grabbed 5 beers and back in to start
slicing and chopping. I wished I had access to more information
because these women were something else. I wondered in Issa was like
the others because of David, and also if Christine and Emily were like
them, or if it was my imagination being overactive.

I checked into Janey and Alison and they driving through the mountains
on their way to Glenwood. They having a blast, and not having sex. I
told Chloe and Sara and everyone laughed. I wanted all of us to enjoy
this day as much as possible because we still had a bumpy road ahead.
I checked in on Simon and he was speaking with Gustav what he had
found but apparently it wasn't what he was looking for. Simon yelled
at him, which I was surprised by, and told him to go himself, that
there was nothing else here.

"She gave me all the information she had Gustav. He didn't me where
any on this shit is, and I'm his brother. I don't know where her is,
and I really don't care. I'm done with this shit. There is no telling
where any of it is. I found no keys. I found no codes, I found nothing
and I looked everywhere. Of course I checked the freezer. I checked
everywhere and I went through every book he owned and every album and
CD. I went through everything and there is nothing here. Your problem
isn't with me Gustav. It's with my brother and I can't help you with
that because I don't know where he is. I'm going back to Chicago.
Call me when you are done in Denver and we can figure out what to
moving forward. I think we should take a break for a few weeks and see
if turns up, otherwise it's likely that he is dead. They want anything
to do with us, just like I don't want anything to do with them. No,
Gustave. I'm not giving you that, period. Why? Because they'll know
who gave you the address and I have enough sleepless nights dealing
with you. Call me in Chicago and we can figure things out. I'm

I put my head on my arm as Chloe and Sara walked up. I looked at all
of them and said I'd be right back as I walked outside. Bet followed
me and Javier noticed. We walked around front. You can only push a
so far into a corner until it lashes out to get free. I was
surprised that he was more scared of us than Gustav. I wouldn't have
been, but I wasn't partners with him. This was a definite curve ball
as long as Simon held his ground. I wasn't hopeful for that. I got the
sense he would be leaving within the hour because he wanted out of
this nightmare, asap. He was scared of Gustav, but they worked
together. He knew I was serious about taking him into the desert and
that terrified him.

I told Bet and Javier what I saw, I needed to check on Gustav but he
was on the way to the Broadmoor so I wanted to wait to see if he'd be
calling people. I told them I'd keep checking and keep them informed.
Javier was on the phone to guys heading to Scottsbluff. Bet and I were
walking back when I saw both Ella and Claire standing in front of me
and I started to fall. Sara and Chloe were running down the drive
followed by Maggie. Luckily I was on grass.

Claire didn't speak. Ella did, but they looked at me intently. I
wasn't sure if they were worried, or if they wanted me to pay
attention, or both. I was getting fucking sick of not knowing what was
going on.

"Pay attention Daniel this is important." It was like what happened
when I thought about something new when I was looking at something
and pushed, but happened faster and was WAY more intense. I felt
like I threw up. Things stopped moving and we were standing in
Philip's kitchen as Simon was packing and mumbling. I looked around
and then over at the baseboard. It hadn't been disturbed.

"Pay attention Daniel. We don't have much time." I shook my head because I
was getting woozy, but I focused on them. They held hands and both touch
the top of my head. My eyes seems to roll into the back of my head. I
saw an image of a hide-a-key. They looked me and Ella said I had to
pay attention. I shook my head again. Claire and Ella went on either
side of the refrigerator and reached a hand around back, at the
bottom and looked at me. I nodded. Claire moved toward me,
squatted, and smiled. She touched my cheek and I felt a jolt as Ella
said, Pay attention Daniel. They walked back to the fridge and they both
put one hand on the front and one hand on the back and acted like they
were trying to pull it away from the wall. I nodded. They smiled and
were gone.

The last thing I remember was Simon calling someone. I had the sense
it was the person in Scottsbluff, I couldn't be sure but I knew I
needed to remember all of this and that was when I heard voices all
around me. I was getting tired of hitting the ground. I opened my eyes,
looked around and asked if we were having a party as I got up. I had thrown up, again, and Sara handed me water, again. I was getting tired of that too. I looked at Javier and Bet and they nodded. Sara and Chloe walked me back into the kitchen. Mags stayed behind. Things were definitely shifting. We walked past Henry and Sam and they both looked me, worried.

"You OK ?"

"Yeah Henry, I'm fine. I'll have the peppers and onions in 10." I could hear Sara say,

"Maybe we're biting him too much. There are two of us." Chloe looked at her. I picked up the knife and start and started slicing. At least I was beginning to hear them.

"It's got nothing to with you biting me Sara. I like you biting both biting. It was your mom's showing me something. I just wasn't use to it." They looked at me utterly speechless. They were lucky there any flies in the kitchen or they would have swallowed one. They looked at each other and then back to me.

Chloe said, "You heard that?" I nodded. I pointed at the phone.

"It's Janey. She knows. They can't come back yet. Period. There is no discussion. Understood?" They looked at me stunned as the phone rang." They both stepped back and looked at me which made me chuckle given who they were.


"Are you and Sara pregnant?." Bet and Maggie heard it as Chloe and Sara walked into the bedroom. Everyone was looking at me, which I hated. Mags spoke.

"Are you OK Daniel?"

"I'm fine Maggie. I just saw and Ella and Claire and it was intense because I'm not use all of this, yet. I just heard Chloe and Sara's thoughts to one another." Now they looked at me stunned. Thank God for onions. No one knew what to say, and I couldn't help them wrap their brains around it. Javier walked in as Chloe and Sara came out.

"They're not coming back, yet, but it wasn't easy. We made them understand but..."

"I know. They're pulled to you and Sara, even Alison is but she doesn't understand it. You, we, are a lot like a pack." They were all speechless, again. "They need to stay away longer because the danger is still present." I could feel so much just out of reach, waiting for me to realize it. I thought is was because Chloe and Sara, but maybe Ella and Claire were helping as well. I told them what I saw and they all looked at me stunned, again.

Bet said, "Are you sure?"

"I'm not sure about anything except that you need to make sure your guys are very cautious. Don't let them go inside, period. Understood?" They nodded. "Have them take a photo's of the backup house and garage, and bring them back. Let them stay at a nice place. Simon will pay for it. I'll give it back to you . They earned it." They earned it. We need to go back into Philip's after Simon leaves and before Gustav gets here."

I dropped the knife and my head hit my arm again and I was watching Gustav in his room at the Broadmoor. He was going to meet someone for dinner but was talking with someone on the phone. Shit, this was going to be close.

"I want you to find this bitch. I want to know everything. I believe that Simon tore his brother's place apart but after you find out about this woman, I want you to search it but I want to know everything about her first. Understood?" I heard the voice and pushed toward it and saw him talking on the phone. I wouldn't forget him. He was in south Denver, but he was in Denver, and I knew he would find her. "Call me tomorrow. I have to meet someone. I'll be in Denver on Wednesday." I knew he was meeting a woman. I'd have to check in later even though I didn't want too because my stomach was already starting to turn. He didn't realize he had made a huge mistake by focusing on Alison first, or at all.

I was never sure if these happened in real time, all at once, since I was outside of time. It sucked. I told them and Javier got on the phone to his guys in Scottsbluff and other people here in Denver. No one said anything because what could be said. We went back to our jobs. Javier walked back inside.

"They're getting set Daniel. We know how to get in and get out unseen, and there will be enough guys to handle whatever. Let us know when Simon is gone." I nodded. I finished slicing and chopping everything, glad I had something to focus on, as were the girls. Bet and Javier went out to hang with his family and Billy and Ellen. They really did like them. It was nice. I took the platter of veg to be grilled out to Henry as Sara put the rest of the onions, tomato's and avocado slices in the fridge and started putting the condiments out. I came back in and kissed them both. They looked worried. I hugged them and said I was fine. I grabbed more chips and the buns, as Chloe grabbed the olives and her and Sara started to binge eat them.

Luckily neither Billy and Ellen, or Christine and Bethany were aware of anything unusual. I hadn't wanted any of this to encroach on today because we celebrating Father's Day, which wasn't lost on me but there was way too much going on to think about it so I didn't even bring it up. I checked in with Henry and Sam. Jake and Emily had split up. Jake was helping Sam and Emily was helping Henry... they were both loving it because Em had a Grandfather, and Henry had a granddaughter. If he only knew, but he would soon enough because secrets didn't last very long in this family.

I checked in with Simon and he was back on the phone... "LISTEN to me! Take the cash, gold coins, and the guns and meet me in North Platte. You cross me and I will track you down myself. Turn off the cameras, get what you value from your place and get the fuck out. Leave everything else. Call me when you're on your way." I wasn't sure what he was doing because it would be obvious it was Simon. He was leaving the tapes and whatever was in the garage, which gave me an idea. I told everyone and Bet kissed me on one cheek as Javier kissed me on the other and smiled. His guys in Scottsbluff would have to wait for their down time, but now there was even more to coordinate.

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