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Take me part 82  

dadigan 59M  
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6/5/2021 12:00 pm
Take me part 82

Chloe walked ahead of us see Janey, Sara, and Alison...well,
everyone. Maggie put her arm around me as Sam walked up. I know
everything about him, Daniel and he's a prick. I can arrange whatever you want,
'll take a and a bit of time. He's not going stop, and Alison is lucky to be
away from him, but 'll get worse and someone will get hurt.

"Chloe and I recognize we may have end . I'd rather not, but if he
doesn't stop we won't have a choice."

"No, you won't."

"Can your family drain his resources and make his life a financial
hell?" Sara and Chloe walked up as I asked, and handed me a beer.

"I told them to set up but not the switch. I'm guessing it's
either done, or close, so whenever. They are good at this." I looked at her

"Good thing you're married, and I'm deeply in love, because I might be
a bit taken with you young lady. Take him down. If he's reasonably
smart he should have figured out how get into the back seat but
he'll have an annoying walk home because he has no idea where he is.
Hopefully 'll rain. When he finally gets home I want get worse
for him. Take everything and him up. Sara and I knew something
wasn't right. I don't want know what's he's done because 'll just<b> piss </font></b>me off.
Have them take their cut but Janey and Alison might as well get some
benefit." Maggie nodded as her and Sam walked out back. Sara and Chloe
hugged me.

"Why do you two get all the fun?" Sara said kissing me. "Chloe told me
but I get to destroy tires next time, mister. Come in the back and
let's be a family. We're fine right now."

"We will love," as both us kissed her. We'll be in a few." Sara
smiled and ran out back. Chloe wrapped her arms around me and put her
head on my chest. "I was impressed by your restraint, mister."

"I don't like hurting people but he's starting<b> piss </font></b>me off."

"If what Mags does doesn't deter him them 'll need be ended
Daniel. Period. I won't risk my family."

"I know sweets, but we don't have think about that now. We need
enjoy our family." We walked in the backyard and waved at Jake
was grilling with Henry and David. Issa and Sara were playing with girls.
Janey and Ali were kissing, as usual. Maggie walked up us and said
was done and he would have a very bad homecoming. I called Sara and
the three of us talked with Sam and Maggie and showed them the
numbers, and valuations, of the business and they looked at each
other. Sam said,

"Daniel, we can't possibly come close that. We both want this because we think
being partners is a good idea for all of us, but 's no way on our end." Sara chimed in as Sara can.

"We are going talk with a super-genius accountant tomorrow, all of
us, and we'll work something out because I've read Daniel's notebooks and
he needs you Sam.. You're like Bob. We are making Bob a den. The
accountant will make you and mags a den as well. Don't worry." She
kissed both of them and ran back to with the girls.

"She's right Bob....uhhhh.... Sam. It'll get worked out. Let's enjoy
the afternoon."

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