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take me part 131  

dadigan 59M  
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6/28/2021 10:44 am
take me part 131

I woke only remembering Ella's looking at me, intently. I wondered
what she thought seeing me lying naked next to Chloe and Sara. I
suppose there was some solace in the fact that she was learning to
communicate with us as well, as frustrating as that was. At least we
could now communicate. I pushed out hard to see where it would go, and
when it would end. It felt like I was casting a fly rod only it didn't land.
It kept going, fast, until I stopped it. I pulled back to broaden the
lens and felt into what I was observing. It was Phoenix. I was
starting to hear things on these journeys, which was odd because I
knew it was happening as I watched. I made a mental note to practice
like I actually was fly fishing so I would send this where I wanted with more

I was getting ready to pull back when I noticed a flash and moved
toward it. It was a small house in old Phoenix. I saw the number, 439.
I pulled back and focused, kinda like Google maps and moved. The
street name was Birch. I'd have to try this with the house in
Scottsbluff. I moved back to the house and pushed in. I was
uncomfortable doing that but I almost felt compelled. It was an odd
sensation. It wasn't like an out of body experience, or a dream,
because I was awake and lying next to Sara with her and Chloe gently
snored. I hated doing this but I needed to figure out how to use this
ability so pushed further.

There were two , girls, twins, eight
years old asleep together. I shifted and moved to the light that was
on. It was in the kitchen. Their mother was at the table looking at
bills and wondering what to do. The information came in faster than I
wanted but I understood what had happened and she didn't know how she
was going to keep the house. She was frantic but she was also a mother
so she had to deal. I pulled back and opened my eyes and lied there
looking at the ceiling wondering what I had gotten myself into because
I knew what I had seen was accurate. I was going to check the address but
I knew it'd be the same as I saw. I gently rolled out of bed and went
into the bathroom.

I brushed and shaved, even though I hated it, which was odd because I
had a beard so it wasn't that much and Chloe and Sara shaved my balls
and my ass, and delighted in it, so I wasn't sure what my complaint
was. I showered, opened the door to grab a towel and Chloe was on the
toilet with her eyes closed. She heard me step out, smiled and waved.
She was tired. I kissed her head as she kissed my belly and bit my
hip, lovingly, and chuckled . She finished as I dried off. She washed
her hands as I wrapped my arms around her, one hand on her belly and one
hand on her breasts, and noticed a difference that I thought I was
imagining. I kissed her neck and she reached back and stroked my hair.

"Go back and sleep with Sara, love. Henry's orders. We have it covered."
She turned, kissed me and walked into the bedroom. Her and Jake past
in the doorway but both their eyes were closed. I kissed the side of
his head as I left and said go back to sleep. He nodded. Chloe was
snuggled into Sara with the comforter pulled up, sound asleep, and
breathing gently into her nec I got dressed and took my<b> boots </font></b>out to
the kitchen. I wrote a note and then looked at the camera feed and
tried to remember what Ben showed me. I scrolled though but I knew there
was no threat, at least not yet. I put my<b> boots </font></b>on, locked up and
headed to Henry's.

I sat in the car and pushed just in the immediate area and I went out
in all directions five miles. I pulled back around Henry's and
nothing. I pushed to Simon and he was asleep. I didn't check the eyes,
and walked around bac It was 4:00 am. We didn't open until 7:00 on
Saturday but I was already awake. I went in and turned off the alarm,
turned on the lights, and locked the door. I turned on the flat top
and made the batter of biscuits, pancakes, and waffles. I put the last
two in the fridge, got out the potato's and onions, oiled the griddle
and put them on, and made coffee. I went out front and got the coffee
ready, and the water, and started taking the chairs off the tables. I
made sure all the tables were clean. They were. I checked the
silverware, plates, and glasses. David and Issa were thorough. I checked
the bathrooms, because I'm obsessed with that, especially in a
restaurant and walked into the kitchen to turn the potatoes. I started
chopping fruit and veg.

It was about 5:30 when Henry walked in. "Don't you sleep?" I smiled
and said not much these days. I didn't tell him why. "Is there anything
for me to do?"

"Baking, and flipping the home fries." I poured him some coffee, and
me as well, when there was a knock on the front door. None of us knew
why Sam never went around bac I walked out let him in and we could
smell the bacon and sausage cooking. Sam smiled, of course, and we
walked into the kitchen. Henry had made batter for muffins to use the
extra blueberries. I was going to talk with everyone about doing
smoothies because a lot of younger folks were moving into the area but there
were a few things going on, and that is when Chloe, Sara, and Jake
walked in, laughing. Sara looked at me and smiled as Jake walked up to
me, Henry, and Sam. Chloe and Sara got coffee and made a fresh pot as
they were chatting.

Henry asked if drove his mom's in his truck and Jake beamed. "Yeah,
Gramps, and it was awesome. He looked at me and asked, "is it really
mine dad?"

"It is Jake. Sam and I may need to use it sometimes until we find a van,
but it's yours. Your mom's and I felt better with you being in the
truck instead of the Prius. My insurance agent is working on it as we
speak but you're covered."

"Can I take Em places?" Henry and Sam both looked me. Henry
because he had already been there, and Sam because he would be there,
times three. We all love Emily, Jake, and Christine, but you and I have
a few things to discuss..."

".... mom already told me about sex dad."

I smiled, "I know, she told me, but it's not about that. It's about
other things. As far as you driving with Em, and dating her, really
dating her, Chloe, Sara, and I are OK with that but you need to ask
Christine because it's the respectful thing to do." I could feel
Henry watching me, and smiling. Jake was quiet, thinking.

"You're right dad, and I will because I like her." He hugged me, and
kissed my chee "Thanks for the truck dad. It's awesome." I hugged

Help your gramp's before he beats Sam." Jake smiled as Sam and I
walked out front with Chloe and Sara following arm in arm.

"You really are a wicked person Daniel." I smiled.

"I'm not the one playing him Sam. I tried to get him to shift to
checkers," Chloe and Sara were smiling. "Don't lay your guilt on me

"Whatever," as he spread out the dominoes.

I walked over to my loves and hugged them. They both kissed me. Sara
spoke first.

"Thanks for letting us sleep because I needed it. Last night was
intense, but unbelievably amazing. Oh my God. Chloe and I talked about
it in the shower to process. Guess what's happening next time mister?"

"You and Chloe are changing places."

Sara looked at me stunned, as Chloe smiled. I could barely keep from
smiling. "How do you know these things, Daniel? That's exactly
right." She looked at Chloe in amazement. "Yeah, that's exactly
what's going to happen." I said O

"I still haven't been inside either of you, so schedule me in as
well." Sara smiled, and clapped as she hugged Chloe. "How was the
glass dildo? It's intense." Sara hugged me and kissed me.

"Sweets. like I was telling Chloe, as it started it was intense and I
needed to make myself relax, which I did, but after that....OMG, I
lost my mind. I can't wait for Chloe to try it, and Janey and Alison.
It's different with you." Chloe and I looked at each other. "It was
indescribable," as she hugged both of us. We both kissed her as
Henry walked out to annihilate Sam in dominoes for the first time ever.
He looked at me and I walked over.

"Muffins are in and there are two more batches. They sell well on the
weekend. Biscuits need to go in. Have Jake chop more fruit just in
case because juice is big too." I nodded. One last thing, you never
asked me to..."

".... don't start with me Henry." He laughed. "I did call you sir
until you said your name was Henry." He nodded. "Beat his butt."
Chloe and Sara said the same thing trying to build up his confidence.
I walked back into the kitchen with Jake and we got ready to open,
about 6:45....

"Goddamit! He cheats. of a BITCH!!!! Henry threw the door open and
went outside to wal I unlocked the door. Jake looked at me, shook
his head, and laughed as Sam came in.

"You bringing biscuits for all us?" I nodded. "I try and let him win,
but don't know how. I'm headed out. We'll put coffee on. We probably
won't start until 8:30-9:00, with all of us it won't take too long so
don't rush, but NO tickle monster, although that was a hoot last
night. You really should take it on the road. Ellen was great." I

"We'll see you soon." Chloe and Sara came in before they opened for
the regulars. They shook their heads but were smiling.

"You two are shameless."

"How did I get roped into this. You've known Sam longer than me. I
tried getting them to play checkers because at least he'd have a
fighting chance."

"Dad sucks at checkers." Henry came back in, took the spatula,
checked the biscuits, and muffins, and flipped the potato's. He put
more bacon on as Chloe and Sara went out front and I wrapped up what
Jake had already chopped. David and Issa walked in the back and Jake
showed him the truck key, and told them about it even though they were
there. They acted like they weren't and smiled at me. He was so
excited. Issa walked up and hugged me.

"Hello Daniel." I put my hand on her belly and almost staggered. I
knew she was having a girl and I was listening to her. She was
impatient. I told her to stand in line, it gets worse. She was quiet
and asked

"Who are you?"

"I'm Daniel. I'm your uncle."

"I'm Aliaha," and the connection was lost. I kissed Isaa's belly as
she smiled. "Not too much longer." David came up and hugged me.

"No, within the month....."

I stopped listening because Simon was here.

How did I not that know sooner? I told Jake to stay here and went out
front and looked around. Sara was at the far end dealing with tables.
She smiled, and waved. Chloe
was talking with someone, and it was Simon. It was slow motion, but I
saw everything all at once. Sara felt what was going on and looked
over at Chloe. Chloe shook her head and said Alison wasn't here, and
put her hand up, and Simon slapped her. and she went with the blow, as
she should, and growled. Sara screeched, dropped the plate she was
holding , and ran toward her sister.

Chloe took the blow, and moved with the impact, but was on one knee
and ready to attac. I actually would have put money on her. She
looked at me as Sara was running at Simon. I was halfway there as
Chloe turned and moved toward Sara. She caught her low and lifted her
off the ground to stop her.She didn't, as Sara screamed and writhed,
at Simon.

He saw me coming, and I had been waiting for this because I wanted a
gauge on him. I had boxed for exercise, for years. I could take a hit.
The bear was out as I walked up. Simon looked at me and swung a right
cross without saying a word, that told me a lot. I pulled back but it
landed on the side of my face, but I didn't stop. I grabbed his shirt,
and rammed my head onto the bridge of nose, breaking it. He cried out
as I drove my knee into his balls and pushed him onto the floor.

Everyone was watching but luckily they were all regulars. I grabbed
him by the shirt and started dragging him outside as Sam walked up. We
dragged him into the parking, behind the cars. Bet and Javier's guys
walked up. I checked him for weapons. He had one that I slid away. I
checked for knives, none. I threw his wallet to the guys and they took
photo's. I was deciding what do with him because I didn't think he was
done. I should have ended it then, but I didn't want to be that. I
reached into his pocket, took out a wad of cash, and slapped him hard
so he would focus.

"Tax, asshole. You touch my wife again and I will put you in the
hospital." I gave the keys to Javier's guys and heard the beep, so did
he. "Who the fuck are you?"

He was still moaning because I nailed his balls. "I'm Philip's brother
and I need to talk with Alison."

"And you slapped my wife, why?"

He looked at me. "Your brother is a prick, and it obviously runs in
the family. Alison doesn't want anything to do with Philip. We haven't
seen him in weeks. Alison want's nothing to do with Philip, and id you
show here, or anywhere my family is...I will hurt you. I dropped his
keys on his chest. "We took the 9mm under the seat, but left some of
the cash. We left your bag in he backseat, but we copied the

I got down next to his ear. Simon was still holding hid balls. "The
impulse of my friends is to take you out into the desert, where no one
will ever find you, tie you into the ground, gut you and leave you for
nature to deal with. Is that what you want?" He shook his head. Sam
and I lifted him up and pushed him toward his car. We all watched him
leave. They handed me the cash they took and I told them to give it to
Bet and Javier, they nodded and moved back to where they were as Sam
and I walked back inside. Thankfully it was just the regulars.

I walked up to Chloe and asked how she was. She smiled and I knew. I
did the same with Sara. She jumped on me and bit my neck away from all
the customers, hopped down, and said she was right as rain, and

"Sorry about that folks. It was someone looking for an ex. However,
breakfast is on the house, and the show was free. There shouldn't be
any more drama, but we are us. Happy Saturday." Everyone clapped,
including Sara. I walked into the kitchen. "Henry, can I get ten
sausage biscuits? He nodded.

"He gonna be back?"

"I don't think so Henry. He's regrouping. We took his guns, but he
might have one more, I can't remember. We have most of his money, i
didn't want to be mean. He looked at me. He knows we can beat him into
the ground. I'm not worried about him, because he's scared, and Bet
and Javier are watching us." He nodded.

"You OK?" Jake was watching me.

"I'm fine Henry but thanks for asking. I wanted to know who he was. I
do. I'll take the right to the jaw." Henry slapped his spatula on the
grill. "Get outta here." I walked out front to say goodbye to Chloe
and Sara. I walked up to Sara,

"I have to say young lady that I was pretty impressed," Chloe nodded,
smiling. "You were like a fucking animal. I heard that Screech and
thought, Jesus Christ, there's a mountain lioness inside here, and
then you ran." Sara was smiling at both of us but all she said was.

"He hit my sister." I kissed her and said I know. Sara smiled at me
and went back to the tables.

"Will he be back Daniel?" Chloe asked.

"He's looking for something he needs, but he's concerned by us. He is
weighing us against the guy we don't know. Hopefully, we pushed him
hard enough, but I doubt it. I didn't want to take everything, and
piss him off. I'll push into him later, right now he needs to deal
with his

"How's your head?"

"It hurts, but it's the benefit of having a hard head. I need to go."
I kissed Chloe as she pulled me aside. "Yes, love?"

"Did you call me your wife?" I looked at her because I had.

"I did. Should I not have said that?" She smiled, and climbed onto
me as she kissed me.

"You know the same applies for Sara as well, right?" I nodded. She
climbed off and went back out front. I shook my head as I walked out
front. Jesus Christ this family was intense.

"Thanks for the biscuits Henry." He slapped his spatula.

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