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take me part 139  

dadigan 59M  
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7/1/2021 10:14 pm
take me part 139

Bob was is his den, napping. I called Jane's.

"Hey love, you're on speaker. We're having our last brunch by the pool."

"You probably need it to keep your strength up." Silence.

"You can see that Daniel?" I laughed.

"Guess I see what's going on when I look. I'm not really sure how it
works yet, but that seems to be what you're doing, mostly. I just
check in, smile, and check out and then get pinched by either Chloe or
Sara...usually Chloe, but she's always smiling. I'm just checking in.
When are leaving?"

"After brunch. We're packed and know were we're going but we're taking
the scenic route. We checked it out last night, after...and
before....we 'fucked like bunnies." They howled. We'll call you when we're
heading out and then when we get there and fill you in." Alison

"What's up with Simon?"

"Work in progress. The other guy is getting into the Springs around
two, I think. I met with Simon this morning at Henry's. I gave him the
locket and told him that Philip was going to give you a leather bound
book, but never did. I suspect he is tearing through every book in his
place. I'm just hoping he finds something. I'll keep checking. It's a
juggling act here but we're all doing fine. The whole fam, except for
you, is going to be at Chloe's. It's sad loves, but it's necessary.
Keep enjoying each other. We're working on ending this soon.
Stay safe and pay attention, and we all adore you. Enjoy brunch."

I hated that but it was necessary. I pushed to Simon and he was
ripping covers off of books, which I hated because I love books, He
ripped a leather binding of a book and there was a small envelope
inside. It had a few pieces of microfilm. I hoped that was enough to
get Gustav off our back.

I moved out to Melissa and she was crying at the table with her girls,
relieved. It wasn't what I wanted to happen but I suppose I would have
done the same thing. I didn't want her to feel weird but I didn't
know how else to send it so i just said, "someone said this would
help. It's a gift." I was glad because they seemed like a nice family
and there was a enough shit going around in the world.

I went inside, grabbed another beer, sat at the table and focused on
Scottsbluff and everything I could make out. I was disconcerted because
when pushed into the garage there were cabinets everywhere and multiple chest
freezers. I drew as detailed a map as I could, and of the neighborhood,
the yard, and the house inside...main floor and basement. I gave as accurate
a description of the safes as possible and looked around. There was
another door I hadn't noticed. I pushed inside and it had multiple,
high-end, reclining chairs with big screens on the wall and wireless
headphones. I stopped thinking about it after that. I went out back
because I hadn't done that and noticed the camera's on the eve's. They
went the length of the house. I pushed to the front and looked and
they were too.

Thank you Ben! They were so small I missed the first time I was
there. I looked around for infrared. I could make out glints but
didn't see anything. I went inside and thought about the camera's and I
was immediately taken to the next street over, and halfway down the
block. I pushed inside and looked around. It looked like a bachelor
pad but I found the door to the basement. It was freezing. There were
multiple DVR's, not only for the outside camera's but also for the
ones inside the other house I hadn't seen. It seemed to be unprotected but I knew it wasn't. There was only one guy and he was bored out of his mind. I moved into the garage and the was a vented generated extending to the house I wrote down everything I
saw, and felt. This was above my pay grade.

I moved to the Dallas address. It was getting easier, and quicker. It
was the same set up as Scottsbluff. I found the backup site easy
enough. I was hoping I was able to do this because I had an emotional
charge to it. I didn't want to think I was good at this particular thing. I spent time like did in Nebraska and tried to look at everything I could, especially the are and the<b> neighbors </font></b>because I most worried about them. Didn't matter how good Javier's crew was, one yappy could end it, just like if I missed some toggle motion detector. I was starting to think maybe we should just leave it alone but then I left what was happening in these places. FUCK!

I wondered if there was a place in Denver, and I was jolted to a place in Commerce City, close to the refinery. Jesus Christ who were these people. I did the same as before. It was the same set up. I had the feeling they were all isolated, and self contained, but part of the same group. I shuddered at how many other of these places there might be.

I tried to bypass how I felt because these were terrible places. I wrote everything I saw and felt. I focused on the area and the surrounding houses and while I didn't move inside of them like I did with Melissa, I gauged the energy. If I had to push inside I would. I was their spotter in some weird sense. I locked the back door, jumped the fence and started walking. Chloe called me inside of two minutes.

"What's going on mister?" Sara was there too. I started sensing that we were all linked more intimately as a group since they were pregnant. It might explain why they were almost connected at the hip. They loved each other but there was a difference that I could see. These women could communicate together. I felt it before this, even if I didn't understand them. I knew when they doing that. There weren't going to be any secrets between us from here on out, but I didn't think there were anyway. I was curious how long it was going to take Janey to call her sisters.


"I'm OK loves. I'm walking on the path because I need to burn this off and you aren't here." They both laughed. "This is not an easy thing to navigate, and I picked the worst possible people to learn from, or they got dumped in our lap. I'm headed back. However, on an up not, I get to jump fences, even though it's small. I'm locking up and coming home to help. I'm fine. Call Janes and Ali, but don't say anything. They'll want to come back and we don't need more balls in the air. I love you both and I'll be there soon."

I jumped the fence as Bob looked at me. I waved, unlocked the back door, re-locked the back door and opened the safe. I put the money that we got from Simon in the bag and grabbed my belt with the throwing knives. I had always preferred bows and knives to guns.
Personal preference I suppose. I was very proficient with with firearms, especially a rifle at long range because my brain understood the math and physics involved even if I didn't. I still preferred the less often used weapons. I loved slings, and slingshots but I was most
comfortable with knives and bows. It's why I was so touched when Javier and his guys brought me the bows. I mean they took the guns, but still. I thought about taking one of the throwing axes I had, but that seemed excessive. I did grab two larger knives and their holders.

I locked up, pushed out and nothing. I checked Chloe's, and nothing. I check into Simon and he had found some other things, mostly note cards of information. I was beginning to think the book Philip gave to Alison had the bulk of the info in it. I just hoped that it appeased
Gustav, but I doubted it would. I drove home as Chloe called.

"Are they using the burner phones?"

"Yes, they doing mostly what we want Love. They're west into the mountains and then heading to Glenwood Springs. Janey is paying attention. I reiterated it to her but she is starting to feel something because we are already linked as sisters. It won't be long
until she knows....and."

"...and what Chloe?"

"Sorry sweets, but our family moves quicker than most because we are connected, at least we were before Ella and Claire died. Things got messed up then but it's shifting back and I think me and Sara being preggers is doing something I can't explain." I was almost home.

"We can discuss all this, but can it wait. I'm almost home. Do you need anything."

'Salad dressing and good avocados since you know how to pick them out. Grab a variety of dressings. Hold on..... Get condiments, and olives. We're craving olives.... and croutons. Henry has enough stuff to make a salad for the neighborhood.. Buy more buns, both."

I Laughed.... "You want me to just buy everything?"

"Stop mister but hurry up because we miss you something fierce." I stopped at King Sooper's and was checking out. I checked in with Melissa and the girls and they were burgers and fries and waiting to go to a movie. The relief was palpable. Gustav was having a bloody Mary on the plane, which was chilling for many reasons. Simon was still going through books. I looked in closer because something caught my eye after what Javier had said about checking baseboards. There was piece behind Simon that was slightly askew, He would never notice it. I wouldn't have either except for my conversation with Javier. I made sure I knew exactly where it was.

I pulled into the back and honked. Chloe and Sara and came racing out, hugged me, and both bit me, drawing blood, and sucking. They didn't care, but it stopped bleeding right away after they were done. It was terrible to have no one to ask questions too but I was beginning to sense things on multiple levels and was getting a sense about the biting, especially now because it was more intense.

Em came out and looked at us and then to her mom. She was perplexed. I could feel her thinking about Jake, but I didn't have time to try and figure that out. We started grabbing bags. Uncle Billy and Ellen came out and grabbed the rest as Bet Javier and his crew and family pulled up. They were in SUV's, thank God.

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