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take me part 155  

dadigan 59M  
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7/10/2021 5:41 pm
take me part 155

Chloe and I pulled up to Henry's and walked around back, arms wrapped around each other. Chloe had her head against my arm. I hadn't said anything to any of them but after meeting Marnine I wondered how much of that had do with me, and how much of it was Chloe being<b> pregnant </font></b>with a . I admit that I am an odd duck, but it made sense, Chloe made sense. As dark as it was, I was wondering if I killed Marnine here if she would disappear, and actually be dead. There was so much I didn't know that it worried . Hopefully it was an overactive imagination.

"What are thinking about Love?" Chloe asked, smiling.

" thinking about Charlie and Benjamin in Philadelphia. I'd like to use some of the we've gotten to help them get into private . pretty sure they both could scholarships. Mary can't it, even though she wants too. I grok her." Chloe looked and grabbed my cheeks as she kissed .

' fine it with love. I grok it too," as she touched her belly. Sara said she did too and why did we got to have all the fun.

" letting Jake sleep but we'll be there. Why is there blood on the sheets? washing them." Chloe said we'd tell her when she got here as we went into open. Chloe took care of the front as I cleaned up from last night. We needed to find other people to work here just like we needed some people to help the shop. Chloe and Sara heard .

"Let's talk with Mags and Bet. It'd be better to keep it in the family." It was an efficient way to communicate, unless you didn't want them to know something right away..... "Like me and Marnine, Daniel?"

"Shit!" They both laughed as Chloe walked into kitchen and hugged me.

"I've wondered the same thing love. It's why I want to know why she doesn't affect you like us. She kissed me and went front as I turned everything on, made coffee and cleaned up from last night. It was a 4:45 when Sara and Jake came in, followed by Henry who looked around and nodded.

"You've picked up your game since I first met you," he said looking and smiling. I flipped him and walked front as they all laughed. I picked a good family even if it was strange. Chloe told Sara what had happened as I sat and talked with Jake since we hadn't had much time lately, nor would we as things were getting busy. Emily was being pushed in her classes, which she loved. I wanted to talk with him to see if he'd rather be doing what Em was as he still a week to register.

"No dad, but thanks for asking. good in so not worried about that. I want the hand's on experience and I like working with you and Sam." I said OK and go have your Gramp's make you some breakfast. There was a knock on the front door. It was Christine, Bethany and Em. Em hugged as she ran into the kitchen. I hugged both of them as Bethany said,

"We both have crazy days. starting with Charles, but still have 's I have to deal with, and Chris is slammed, and then there's you," to which they both laughed. "Guess who's keeping Em?"

'Her Dad." They smiled, kissed me, and nodded. "She's fine. We'll teach her how to shoot, chew tobacco, and swig beer. Don't worry." They shook their as Christine yelled. Jake and Emily walked .

They both said, "We need kisses," as both them ran up. "Tell your dad no chewing tobacco, but the other two are OK." Bethany nodded. "We're both going to be late, but not too late. us both." She nodded. "Promise."

"Promise moms." They left and sure cried the cars. We all walked into the kitchen, as I felt Marnine. I sent Emily and Jake into the kitchen as I went front, followed by Chloe and Sara. I would have preferred they stayed inside, but that was of the barn. She didn't materialize, which I found interesting. I also didn't pass , or drop to my knees. I did get the headache.

"Who are you Daniel?" I could see her standing in front clear as .

"I have the exact same question for you Marnine. I don't appreciate holes in me."

"Neither do I. It seems obvious that I underestimated you, but I am curious who you are because of the things you can do. Can we a truce? I looked Chloe and Sara. They nodded. A truce now was better than fighting on two fronts.

"One condition, you leave my family alone, period, and that includes my extended family."

"Done, but I have a condition of my own." I nodded. "We walk on your path everyday, and . You are intriguing, and curious to . I've been here a long time and haven't met anyone like you. You confuse me and I haven't been confused in eons." I didn't trust her as far I could throw her, which was probably a fair distance if I was pissed but I said,

"Done," spit in my hand as she did the same. Sara jumped up and down, clapping. She said excellent and that she would meet me tomorrow and we could jump fences, and smiled, then vanished, as did the headache. That was something I had not expected. Chloe and Sara walked up and hugged me. I could feel everyone else listening, including Annie.

"You don't trust her, do you?"

"No, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, and it's obvious I had an impact. fine with a truce, and walking, and chatting. I have the feeling that she is lonely. If she is as old as you say then a curiosity, in existence, is a rare thing. neither , nor gullible." They both said that they weren't sure about and walked back inside, as everyone laughed. It was almost and I turned the open sign on and yelled that we were open. Em grabbed a booth with some coffee and started studying as Jake helped Sara. I stopped Chloe as she was joining them.

"What do you think?"

"I'd rather have a truce than no truce, especially until we work the rest of the shit on our plate, Love."

"Agreed. Please Annie and invite her ..." She smiled.

"Four women aren't enough for you Daniel?" I shook my head, smiling.

"You and Sara and more than enough sweets," Sara clapped. "I want to talk with her, but I'd like to meet her since she's your friend. Ask her if she knows a good private in Philadelphia that has a great art program, and a great math and science program. guessing there aren't many with both." She smiled and nodded.

"You're a big mush." Sara nodded. I went in the kitchen and started chopping.

evernshamdodges9 64M  
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7/10/2021 8:39 pm

this is a good one!!!

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