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take me part 157  

dadigan 59M  
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7/11/2021 6:56 pm
take me part 157

Maggie and I walked into the shop as Bet and Javier rode up. Mags went
to Sam as I walked outside. "There are biscuits in there for you. I
had a feeling pancakes would have to wait." They smiled as I looked at
Bet. "Knee me in the balls?"

She smirked, "I get angry sometimes. It happens with middle
in a family. Please tell me you aren't trusting her Daniel."

"I'm not trusting her Bet," I said as I smirked. She lunged for me as
Javier grabbed the back of her shirt and laughed. I went up and kissed
her, but I turned my right leg as Bet rammed her knee into my thigh.
"Are you done?" She smiled and kissed me as I shook my head. Sam and
Maggie walked up.

"Gustav knows about about Alison, and they are coming back today. I
couldn't stop them. I'll keep checking in on him but we have to plan
on him showing up sooner or later since we have no idea what he knows
about her. Did you talk with your people in Europe?" Bet and Javier
looked at me and nodded. "What?"

"They'll do it, but it's not what we thought, homes. The three
operations we took down are nothing. What we got from Philip's is just
for the US. There are intimations of 'other parties' in Europe. The people we work with have heard things but have no information. They are disgusted like we are disgusted. They'll gladly do it and asked if we get any information about Europe to let them know." I nodded.

"They are going to hit all of them at once when we give them the OK. We
have the disks you wanted for your... friend, but you need gloves." I
nodded. "We'll have guys around here, and at Henry's. The guys in the UK said they
should be ready within 72 hours. Daniel, it's a shitload of green. We both wanted to puke when we found out how much." Everyone was quiet.

"Coffee is on. Go have a biscuit while Mags and I take walk." They
looked at us and nodded as the phone rang. Jesus Christ. It was
Bethany. "Hey...."

"Wanted to let you know that we found a job for Melissa in Phoenix.
She starts next Monday and they were glad for the recommendation. She
is still totally confused but they are taking care of her. I thought
you'd like to know."

"Thanks Bethany, you have no idea how important that is to me right
now. I'm in the middle of something but I'll see you later." I almost
started crying because it was such a simple, and uncomplicated gesture
of caring, and compassion. I shook my head as Mags looked at me. I
filled her in.

Mags and I walked in silence drinking our coffee and sharing the
biscuit. Maggie didn't jump fences so we just walked. "Do you know
anything about the Druids, Daniel?" I stared at her.


"Well, what you know probably isn't accurate. Marnine is a Druid
priestess. The common belief is that the Druids were Priests, men, but
that is wrong because it was a pagan society. It was nature based. The stories
don't usually convey what really occurred. There were/are two
lines.... one male, and one female..... yin/yang." She was quiet, as was everyone
else. You could hear a pin drop. We walked as I thought. I could feel
Chloe and Sara listening, breathing. The same with Janie.

"How were you able to deal with Marnine, Daniel? She is one of our
oldest and is able to move through time and space. There were only two
who were able to that. Marnine and Joseph, at least that is what has been
passed down. How?" I stopped and looked at her.

"I was protecting my family, Mags, that's all I know." Maggie looked
at me like she never had. I was a bit unnerved.

"The lines were kept separate, but as time passed, and people
intermingled around the world, our bloodlines expanded. It's why we
have the diversity we have, but the line is the same. It's martilineal
and moves from mother to oldest . You, Chloe, and Sara are an
anomaly that none of us really understand. I suspect neither did
Marnine, which is why she showed up." You could still hear a pin drop as
I looked at Maggie wondering exactly who she was. She took my hand,
which gave me pause.

"Chloe and Sara are the heads of both their lines, being the oldest
daughters. They are also sisters since Sara was an only , but was
raised with Henry and Ella's family since birth. We are still
basically pagan even though we are modern. We are clan oriented, some
call it a pack. it's basically the same thing." I could feel Chloe
shaking, and Sara holding her. I could also feel Ella, and Marnine,
watching, as could Maggie.

"That was odd enough Daniel... both of them falling in love with you, and then
you falling in love with each other. It's not uncommon because our
view of sex, and love, is different than the norm, but it is not
without depth, and caring, and commitment, that wasn't odd. What was
odd was that you started attracting people to you without trying. You
can't feel it, I think because you aren't of this line, but those
voices you heard, they are pulled to you and to Chloe, and to Sara.
That is odd Daniel." She looked at me, which gave me pause again.

"In our line, if a woman has a male as their first born then they will
never get<b> pregnant </font></b>again. We have Daughters because we are a
matriarchy. We adore males, but power passes from mother to .
Chloe had Jake so, according to the lineage, the next in line would have
Janey since Sara is head of her own line because of Claire, but Chloe
got pregnant, at the same time Sara did. We don't believe in coincidences.

"We only have your word that Chloe's is female. We don't dispute
your abilities, but there is more involved in this than you know,
which is why Marnine is here, and why I think she engaged you as she
did. I'm not sure exactly. My mom would read me the folklore, history,
and legends. If Chloe IS having a girl, then...." I could feel Chloe
drop to her knees. Sara didn't know what was going on, neither did I
but I thought maybe Janes was prescient in wanting to come home. I tried to touch into in Marnine and Ella, but couldn't. I felt like I had always felt since I was a whenever a storm was approaching. It wasn't visible, but I would always know, and I was always right.

"There is a legend that happens every one thousand years. A woman who
has had a male would have a female , and that would
become the new Priestess of our lines. It's legend, and there is a lot
that is likely inaccurate, but.... it does seem strange." I stared at
her as if I was losing my mind, which is just what I needed right

"The thing is Daniel, and this is where it gets interesting, and why I
think Marnine is here, as much of a pain in the ass as she is, and she
knows that, the only way the legend occurs is if the head of male line impregnates the the head of the female line." My brain had exploded.

"Excuse me?"

"The only way that Chloe could be having a girl, according to our
history, is if you are the de facto head of the second line. The
Priests. There is no other way because it has not happened in a
thousand years, not since Marnine was born."

I could feel Chloe faint, but she was with Sara. I could feel Janey
scream as I dropped to the ground. My gut told me it was true, but my
mind told me I was insane. I summoned Marnine as I stood. She appeared
as she always did, unexpectedly, and walked up to Maggie. I was ready
to pounce. she turned and looked at me.

"I mean none of you harm Love. You passed my test, which you had to."
She walked up to Maggie, who was petrified, which I still didn't
understand, and said. "Margaret, you needn't worry. I didn't stop you.
You saved me the work and now Daniel and I can talk about
inconsequential matters on our walks. Have you had Henry's sausage
biscuits?" Maggie nodded. Marnine smiled and kissed her on the lips.
"Thank you. I will fill in the gaps." She turned toward me.

"Yes Daniel."

"Is what she said true?" No one listening breathed.

"Yes, but it's more nuanced, and involved, because your view of time is
linear, and human. Things don't shift because you get a woman a
pregnant, Daniel, not even Chloe. She won't listen to me but please
tell her to stop fretting." I did, as did Sara. "Margaret is correct,
but it's more complicated. You're only..... 6 weeks since she was
conceived, and yes, Chloe is having a girl, as is Sara. Enjoy being
pregnant, being parents."

"What about Sara?" She was quiet but looked at me.

"What about her?"

"They both got<b> pregnant </font></b>at the same. Why?" She was quiet but smiled.

"That, my dear, will have to wait for another time, " and she was
gone. I looked at Maggie as she took my hand and we walked back to the

evernshamdodges9 64M  
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7/11/2021 8:40 pm

wow. alot to take in and you aren't really delving into what was the main point of the story - Simon and Gustav. this is definitely going to get interesting. good work

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