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take me part 159  

dadigan 59M  
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7/13/2021 4:46 pm
take me part 159

Sara waved as Chloe and I walked out front to my car. I hugged her as
she squeezed me and looked up.


"Sweets, that's not the focus right now. I know that's not easy but we
can't do anything about it. Janey and Alison are on their way, as is
Annie. Gustav is still out there, and is a threat, and there's still
all the day to day stuff... and Marnine. We'll deal with it Love. She kissed me and nodded.

"I need to get Sara's house key. There are too many people for your
place and I don't want Janes ad Ali staying alone. I think Sara, Janey
and Alison should stay at your place. You know how excited Sara is to
see them." She smiled,

"You know the three of them are going to use both dildo's, right?" I
nodded. Janey, Alison and Sara were closer in age, and personality,
and Sara still had a crush on Alison.

"I know sweets, which is one reason I think you me and Jake should
stay at Sara's with Annie. Sara's has three bedrooms and you can catch
up with your friend. Sara and Janey can take of Alison and we aren't
far away." She nodded as she handed me the key. "You need to go to
the airport alone. I'll get the house ready. We also need to figure
something out for dinner. I'll leave that to you and Sara but
Christine and Bethany are going to be late."

"We'll figure something out. Thanks, Daniel. I'm feeling better and it
will be nice to see Annie again. It's been a while." She kissed me and
went back inside, waving. I drove to Sara's. I pulled up and Mrs.
McGinty was watering her flowers. I waved as I walked around back. I
looked at the back fence and shook my head as I went inside. I turned
the AC down to cool it off and looked around. Luckily Sara and I had
washed everything and changed all the sheets in case Billy and Ellen
were going to stay there. There was no food, or beer, or Prosecco, and
after today that wasn't going to fly. I walked back outside to look at
the fence.

It was worse than I remembered and Ben was right. Sara's neighbor was in
her backyard and waved as she walked up. "Hi, I'm Daniel. Sara's boyfriend." She smiled.

"I'm Jen, and this is Buster." Buster was a Golden Lab who knew no
strangers, and hated fences. I told her that I was going to tear down the
fence and rebuild it but it would take a couple of days. "We were
wondering but didn't want to say anything because Sara has had a hard
year." I nodded. "We'd like to split the materials since you're doing
the work. There's no sense in having two fences back to back." I
nodded and said deal.

"I should be able to get this torn down today. I can get some temp.
fencing to put up for Buster but the rest of the yard is fenced in so
he can't get out. Whatever is fine with me."

"If you don't mind him snooping around there's no need for a temporary
fence. He'd love it." I smiled, nodded, and said it was nice meeting
her. I called Sam before I headed back to the shop to trade vehicles with
Jake. I checked the camera feeds and they were the same as the shop, and Chloe's, so I figured I could get through it. I hadn't put as much time into it as I had wanted to but there were other things going. I pushed out to Simon and he was on a plane out of the country, smart man. Gustav was still trying to figure out what had happened. He wasn't focused on Alison, yet, but I knew it would happen. I figured we maybe had 3 days.

I told Sam what I needed to do as Unc walked out with Ellen and Emily. I hugged both of them and asked Emily how things were going. She smiled and said fine. Uncle Billy said,
"Take Jake to help so it goes quicker and I can help you tomorrow. I'll help Sam and Emily will be fine. Right Em?" She nodded as Sam said it was fine with him. Jake smiled and went over to kiss Emily goodbye as I grabbed tools, string and gloves. Jake followed me to Home Depot to get the materials and wood and we dropped my car off at Chloe's. Jake ran in and threw stuff in a bag, grabbed his computer and music, and we drove to Sara's. I did the same.

We unloaded the lumber and everything we'd need for tomorrow and took the tools to the fence, along with water and Gatorade. It was suppose to be over 100. Figures. I showed Jake how to use a sawzall. Jake cut the fence in five foot segments and then I cut the posts off at ground level and we stacked the segments by the gate. We were drinking water when Jen walked up with with tuna sandwiches. I had forgotten about lunch and smiled.

"Thanks, Jen. I forgot about eating. This is my , Jake." He introduced himself and said thank you and then he and Buster fell madly in love. I knew Emily would as well and I started rethinking my remodel of the shop because I knew we'd be getting a sometime soon, which is just what we needed. Jake ate and played with Buster as I told Jen my plan for the fence.

"It's going to be a basic fence, with pressure treated wood and vertical 1x6's. I'm fine with putting boards on both sides so it looks like a nice fence for both of us, instead of the back of a fence. Talk with your husband because it won't add that much to the cost since I get a break on the wood, and the labor is cheap." She smiled and nodded. "I think you lost a dog." We finished eating and moved the rest of the fence to the gate and I showed Jake how to run a line so we could start digging holes. We could have eyeballed it but him to wanted to learn, and it's not that hard. My brothers and I built a lot fencing growing up.

We finished the last of the holes as Buster came running up and attacked Jake with licks and tail wags. I let them play as I moved the wood closer so we didn't have to do it tomorrow, moving the cement would be enough. Jen walked up and asked if I needed help, I shook my head.

"Thanks, but it's not that much and I'm already sweating. and dogs. You realize that Jake is going to want a now. Thanks!" She laughed.

"I talked with Jeff about the fence he'd rather have the boards on our side too since it's just the one fence." I nodded. He said we could put them up on our side." I nodded. I told her that was fine but with my Uncle helping tomorrow I didn't think it would take all that long because the yard wasn't terribly wide, but if he wanted to do it that's cool. She smiled. "I love my husband but handy with tools he isn't." I nodded.

"How about we do most of it and leave some for you and the tools for you to finish." She hugged me and said thanks as Jake and Buster ran up.

"Dad." I shook my head as Jen laughed. "Can we get a dog?"

"How about we talk about that with your moms first? Maybe you can talk Jen into us building a gate, or doggie door for Buster." He turned it on high as Jen laughed and said she'd discuss it with her husband over dinner. She called Buster as Jake and I covered the holes, put the tools in the garage, and locked up. Jake dropped me at Chloe's and headed back to the shop. It was almost 5:00pm. I grabbed a beer, put on Floyd and turned it up as I got undressed and walked into to take a shower

It was hot outside but I had the AC on. I was sore, and banged up, from getting bitten, multiple times and then Marlene sticking her fingers into me. I let the warm water soothe me as I listened to "Comfortably Numb." I turned the water off and opened the shower door as I shook my head and wiped water out of my eyes. Chloe was sitting on the counter, and Annie was sitting on the toilet. They were both smiling and Annie was making no effort in hiding the fact that she was looking at my package. Thank God I opted for a warm shower.


"This is Annie. Annie, this is Daniel." She looked up at me, smiled and said hi as she continued to pee. Chloe made no attempt to hand me a towel and just smiled instead, as did Sara and Janey, and likely everyone else I couldn't see. I thought OK and stepped out of the shower and walked in front of Annie because the rack was next to the toilet. She was looking directly at me as she wiped, leaned forward, and stood up still looking at me. I felt blood start moving into my cock as she stepped forward and kissed me.

"It's wonderful to meet you Daniel." She closed the lid and sat back down. I grabbed a towel and walked into the bedroom as the two of them burst out laughing. I was drying off as they walked in hugging each other and watched.

"Seriously." I was definitely going to get hard if this kept up. Annie said,

"What, Daniel? You aren't unpleasant to look at, sweets. Chloe and Sara chose wisely. She kissed Chloe and started to get undressed as I did the opposite. I needed to get back to the shop and help, but I absolutely watched. I was putting my<b> boots </font></b>back on when Annie walked up and stood in front me, turn about being fair play. Chloe was getting undressed as well so I figured they were showering together.

Alison was the only one who shaved her pussy. Chloe, Sara, and Janey all had hairy pussies to varying degrees, thankfully. It was my preference, but it also prolonged their scent, which I loved. Annie was no different and I could smell her three feet away. It was all I could do to keep from sticking my mouth and nose into her bush, which I'm sure everyone knew. I was also hard, which I'm sure everyone also knew. Annie's bush was not trimmed, at all. She was similar in stature to Sara except she had slightly larger breasts. She was either Middle Eastern, or Mediterranean. She was lovely. I finished tying my boot and moved toward her as I stood up. I could feel their breath's catch. I stopped, inhaled, stood, and then kissed her. She stuck her tongue gently into my mouth. I walked to Chloe and she did the same.

"Enjoy your shower, and welcome to Colorado." I stopped and stuck my head back in. "Oh, I know your scent now. Welcome to the family. Bye Loves," and I walked out smiling as I headed back to the shop. I was either very blessed, or cursed.

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