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take me part 166  

dadigan 60M  
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7/18/2021 4:38 pm
take me part 166

Chloe, Sara and I walked into the kitchen and waited for Annie, who backed inside. I closed, and locked, the door and told her that we needed to talk. She smiled, and nodded, as they headed out front. Jake walked up and hugged me.

"Are you OK dad? I could hear what was going on." I nodded.

"I know Jake. We'll talk with about it but I'm fine. You don't have to worry." I was lying but I really could lie well when I had too, even though I didn't like it. Help you're gramps and Em so Christine and Bethany can drop her off and get some breakfast. I'll take you the shop, but I need the truck. Your uncle and I need finish the fence at Sara's."

"Dad?" He was quiet and didn't finish.

"Yeah Jake, what's up?" Henry was watching and I could feel Chloe at the door.

"Are you having an affair with Annie?" I looked at him, surprised. but impressed because he was looking for understanding and wasn't afraid ask me.

"No, , I'm not. Your mom's family is... unusual... and there is A LOT going on right now. What I don't know about your family could fill the Grand Canyon kiddo but I Love your moms. Chloe and Annie have known each other for a very long. They are sisters, like her and Sara. We are an... unusual family, but we love each other. You don't have worry. Make sense?" He looked me, smiled, hugged me and said 'yeah' as he went out front Emily. I looked at Henry who was also smiling.

"You handle complicated well, Daniel, now start chopping. We don't all day." I shook my head as I walked out front. Chloe was talking with Jake. She looked up at me and I knew that she was telling him about Annie, and some about the family. Sara, Janey, and Alison were finishing the table settings and getting ready open. They smiled and waved as I walked back the kitchen. I was almost at the door when the headache hit, hard, and I dropped both knees as Joseph was in front of me. I looked up.

" attention Daniel," and he was gone but I was looking at Gustav, who was starting panic as he got bombarded by calls. Sara, Janey, and Alison were around me but Chloe held Jake back and told him it was fine. They watched. Bet and Javier's guys in the EU had apparently been successful. Gustav was getting calls from people all over Europe freaking out, and he had no clue why, yet. He would. It was setting up to a very bad for him, and a very dangerous time for us. There was a knock on the front door as I stood up and told the girls I was fine. They knew what I saw at this point, which was convenient. I went to hug Christine, Bethany and Em and went into the kitchen wondering why Henry and Jake didn't see what I did. There was SO much I didn't know even though I was learning, and figuring things out. It was still very frustrating.

Jake and Emily can back to help as I walked out of the cooler. I told them to go enjoy breakfast, and time with their mom. They smiled and walked out front holding hands. I had a flash that I hope stayed with me. They were coming more often, as were the dreams, but they didn't mean they were real, and that's when all the girls came running in.

"Was that true, Daniel?"

I shrugged as they all growled, even Alison. I saw Jake and Emily waving goodbye to all of us. They were in the front yard of a small home with mature trees and a small fence, and a dog. Em was very pregnant, and they were both happy, but there was something at the back of my mind that I couldn't see, or shake. I didn't tell that part to the girls. I was trying to learn how to filter.

"You're asking the wrong person, ladies, but I think so. It sure felt real." Sara was almost giddy. They smiled and went out front, except for Chloe who looked me, along with Henry. I told him what I saw. He was quiet, which made me wonder.

"What, Henry?" He finished making breakfast as I grabbed a tray to take it out front.

"Don't always trust what you see Daniel. There are those that can manipulate that and Marnine was good at it. It'd be a good way to get you off guard. No one I ever met liked Marnine, and neither did I. I always thought that was odd because I liked, and trusted, everyone else I met, and there were many. It's not a small family. attention, ." Everyone kept saying that, luckily I had chopping do.

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