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take me part 173  

dadigan 59M  
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7/21/2021 1:02 pm
take me part 173

I started waking up, unsure of were I was, or how I got there, but I could feel Annie gently breathing next to me. I opened my eyes and looked around. It was dark but I was getting better at seeing in the dark, scary better, which I would take. We were at Sara's but Chloe and Sara weren't in the house, anywhere, or Jake. I pushed and knew they were at Henry's. I wasn't sure how I got here, but I was never sure how I got where I got while I was unconscious. I just accepted it. I wanted to make love with Annie, but couldn't without talking with Chloe and Sara first because it would change things in complicating ways. She was sleeping soundly, and healing because Marnine clawed her badly, but not as bad as we did her.

Seeing Marnine shift in front of us was a shock, and I was glad that her arrogance was greater than her power, otherwise it would have been much worse for us. I kissed Annie's back, and lifted the blanket to look at her butt, as I gently rolled out of bed. I could feel Chloe and Sara laugh. I grabbed clothes, boots and phone and went in to pee and brush. I looked in the mirror and I seemed to be bruised everywhere, and felt it. I had bandages on my chest and shoulder and could feel at least one on my back, and one on my hip. I didn't remember any of that but I was lucky we healed quickly. I checked on Annie, wrote her a note and looked outside. Chloe left her car. I walked back into the kitchen and left the key for Annie. If I felt like this, I figured she would feel worse. I locked up and started walking. It was only a few miles to Henry's and it was a nice morning, and I needed to check on Gustav because I had lost a day dealing with Marnine.

Gustav was passed out, alone, but I could still feel his rage and frustration as no one had given him information. I pushed toward my friend in the FBI, Deat, to see if I could gain access. His name has so many letters, and all us of mangled it anyway, we combined a few and everyone called him as Deat. It was much easier, but I couldn't see anything. I could feel Annie wake up and moan in frustration when she realized I wasn't there. I knew the feeling but also knew this would be a huge complication. Chloe and Sara were sisters, even though they headed their own lines. Annie was different. She headed a clan. I suppose Chloe and Sara did as well but they were unaware it. Annie wasn't, and it was totally different than what I knew. I needed to talk with Maggie and Joseph. I was halfway to Henry's when Annie drove up.

"Want a ride mister?" I was going to say something glib, and risk getting punched, but I was pretty<b> sore </font></b>and Jesus Christ I wanted nothing more than to hold her, even if was her hand, and everyone knew it. I got in and kissed her. "You didn't wake me."

"I was tempted but you were snoring so peacefully that I just couldn't." She glared at me.

"I don't snore!" I started to say something and she pointed her finger at me..... "I don't snore, mister. Understood." I could feel Chloe and Sara smiling. I nodded as I kissed her hand. "Good," but she did grin. We walked in the back door. Annie went in as I was looking at the mangled screen as Henry was walking up.

"You need a new screen door Henry."

"Good thing you're a carpenter." He walked past as deadpan as could be. "Have a nice vacation? Those onions are chopping themselves."

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