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take me part 178  

dadigan 59M  
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7/23/2021 8:41 pm
take me part 178

I was walking when the headache, hard. I could a humming sound and knew what it was and then I saw the guy Gustav was talking with. I walked inside and looked at Sam. " Javier and tell him i need them here now. Jake follow me." Goddammit, I knew I shouldn't have gone Alison's. Chloe was walking out. "Follow me. Watch Jake and Emily....neither of go outside. Understood?: They nodded. Unc, I need you know." I walked into the bedroom and opened the safe. I handed the .45, a box of ammo for it, one of .22, and a two vests as I grabbed my dad's gauge, a box of shells, and the .22 rifle and locked it. "You still any good at squirrel hunting Unc?" He nodded. I tossed the shotgun to and the box of shells and walked to the door.

"You hear that humming, and see that shimmering up there?" He nodded. "That's a drone. I want it on the ground. The vests are precautions, but wear them anyway. No one comes in here that we know," right Sam. He nodded. "I need to get Alison out of here just in case, but it won't take long and I'll be back. These are precautions, but I want that fucking drone down. Billy nodded. Ellen walked out, worried. "It'll be fine, Ellen. It's a precaution." I wished I believed that, and I needed to get back to the range.

"Alison, we're going, leave your stuff. They were waiting at your place and they used a drone to follow me. I'm not sure why. Javier, come in easy and spread out. I want to draw this asshole in and talk with him. I'll be back after I drop Alison off."

"Understood, homes."

"Wait, what? Drop me off."

"I need you trust me. Get on my back, wrapped your legs around me and squeeze, HARD, and grab on to. Don't let go, and try not to scream. It would be better if you didn't scream. I bolted for the fence and shifted as I jumped, ran to the ditch and jumped in. Alison, God Bless her, didn't scream but there was no way she falling off of me. Luckily this was a maintenance access road and the ditch was at least 6 feet deep, and over growing. I plowed through it on the way to Henry's. It didn't take long. I could smell Annie and slowed to a stop
as Annie jumped down and helped Alison off.

"We'll explain things inside, but you did great sweets. She lifted her up as Janes grabbed her and helped over the fence. She scratched my ears and hugged my neck. We'll take care of her. She turned to go and I nuzzled her between her legs and licked. She shrieked, and laughed, as she slapped me. "Later, mister. Now get back.". I turned and ran. I slowed, lowered my head and shifted. I was disoriented and looked around. My vision, nor hearing shifted back yet. I was still fully clothed, which was odd, I was thankful for expect I stunk to high heaven and knocked on the back door. Ellen, Emily, and Jake were staring at me because they saw shift as we left. Chloe told them that she would explain and locked the door as I headed out front.

Emily said, "Dad, you stink pretty bad," the other three nodded. I smiled as I walked into the shop.

'The drone's down and we have heard another. I the glasses in the bag and I've been looking but I think it just that one." They both looked at me with a disgusted look.

"It's complicated." I pushed out and saw where he was parked and called Javier.

"We see him. He's not going anywhere. He wasn't far so I jogged over and acted like has looking at a map.

"You lost?"

'I think I figured it out, but thanks." I saw his hand moving but I was faster. I had my knife on his carotid before he could blink. I reached under his shirt and got the Glock, stuck it inside my belt and checked the other, just ammo. I reached behind and took his back up. I pulled him back as Javier zip tied his wrists, ducked tape his mouth, and pushed him across the seat. I got in, started the car, was heading to the shop when Javier.

"You stink, homes. Bad!" I pulled the car between the truck and the wall and checked ankles. He was thorough. I grabbed everything out the glove box and the console and checked under the seat. Jesus Christ. I grabbed the .357, and the keys as Javier's guys pulled him, Patted him down and took everything else before zip tying his ankles and setting down. I threw the keys to Javier and he opened the truck as I was unloading the guns. He looked at me as I walked up. "Holy Fuck, Jefe, who are this people. the guns I grabbed in with all the others in the trunk.

"Have your guys check for a tracker, or something. I'm going to take a shower." They all said good at the same time. "Take him to the side yard so we can have a chat. Oh, and thanks. Grab a beer." Jesus Christ. This was going to be a shitty choice. I sure hoped I still had clothes here. Everyone was looking at me. "Shower." They all nodded. Luckily i did have clothes and Chloe followed me into the bathroom, which absolutely no one blinked at.

I got undressed and climbed into the shower. "Any idea how they knew to follow you, sweets?" I opened the as she cupped my balls. "As much as I love that, can it wait? She squeezed and let go. I don't think they did. I think they're desperate and walked onto the 3rd floor. I guess I'm not as good an actor as I thought, either that or they were just being thorough. Either way we have a bad, and really bad, choice to make. Can you check my back? She kissed it as she got the first aid kit out.

"Alison has a strong grip. It's already starting to heal. She put one her ointments on the wounds. I grabbed my clothes and put them in the wash with the towels and grabbed a beer. Everyone was looking at me as I put my<b> boots </font></b>back on.

"We'll explain later. Please don't come out. I walked out to the shop. "I'm sorry Sam. I know I keep saying that but we need to get started on the Andersen's order. Here's the height. He looked at it, and then at me. I nodded and told him to make it 6 inches longer. He nodded. Get Jake and Unc to help. I'll be in as soon as I can, but I need information. Sweets, please call Henry's and...."

"I already have, Love, and they're fine. Ali's a little freaked out." She smiled. I kissed her and walked out front.. Javier handed me the guys license, at least we had a name, if it was real. I was guessing it was.

"Can your guys track down his office, and home, and check them out. Take all the electronics, files, discs... everything. Get a box truck and have magnetic signs that are for a water damage company, or something like it so bringing out a lot of stuff won't seem odd. Javier stared at me, and shook his head.

I pulled up a stool and took a swig of beer. I had enough of these assholes and was about ready to end Gustav myself. "You are in a bit of a sticky wicket, as they say across the pond. So here's my dilemma, William. Is that your real name? " He nodded. So here's the deal, William. That fucking drone of yours, which was clever, as given me two options to deal with you know, but I have a question before I decide, and whether we believe your answer is going to determine our decision. Understood." He nodded. I could tell he was scared.

"Do we look like we're fucking around William?" He shook his no. "Good, just tell us the truth and we can figure something out. If any of us think you lying then these gentlemen are going to take you to an abandon mine we know, slit your throat, and drop your body down a shaft, understand?" He nodded. "Good." I ripped the tape off. "Why did you follow me?" He looked at all of us, scared. I would be too.

"Because you got off on the third floor and I and to be sure because it was a plausible story, but the guy I'm working for is even scarier than you." I told him that we were the ones who had him. He nodded.

"This is the big question, William. Did you tell anyone?" He looked at me. "You did, didn't you."

"No! I wanted to check you out. I've got enough grief. I didn't tell anyone."

"I understand about grief, William. I truly do. What do you guys think? They all went down the line saying he was lying while he was begging us that he wasn't. "Start cutting off digits...start with the toes, they're more sensitive. I'll get some more beer." Javier winked at me as he taped William's mouth again.

I didn't think he was lying but I wanted him as scared of us as he was of Gustav. The guys had clippers, which freaked me out, and were clipping by his ears as William screamed into the tape. I took his mask off, and ripped off the tape.

"I'm not lying. I'm not. I swear. I don't want anything to do with this. Please, dear God."

"You want some beer William?" He looked at me totally confused, but nodded. I lifted the bottle up to his lips and gave him a few swigs. "I'll find out if you are lying." I let him finish the bottle before I put the tape back on. "Take him to the mine and wait for my call, but don't hurt him." Javier had put something in his beer and William was starting to fade. Bet had pulled up and they unloaded the trunk. Part of his crew was already working on finding his office. The guys put him the trunk.

Take him some place safe around here and sit on him but make it uncomfortable. I want him to know that his actions have consequences, and that there are meaner dogs in the yard, and scrap the car." They nodded. Bet and Javier walked up, along with Sam.

"You are one scary motherfucker homes, without a doubt."

Bet kissed me and said, 'that's a fact Daniel. I'm glad you aren't mad at us." Sam smiled and walked back inside.

"Thanks for your help. Beer and food for everyone is on me, as I went and hugged the guys. I wanted that. 357 but I really don't like guns, and didn't want to go down that road. I walked back into the shop to help.

OlderPete58 63M  
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7/24/2021 2:58 am

Its getting exciting, I hope he soon gets Gustav out of the way and can concentrate on the loves and the mystic origins of everyone.

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