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take me part 187  

dadigan 59M  
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7/29/2021 3:41 pm
take me part 187

Everyone was looking at me, again. "We don't need borrow trouble because we have enough. Suspicion isn't proof. Sara, and Alison took the munchkins out back to see if Bob was there while Bet and Javier filled was in.

"We need to figure something's homes. Bet and I think that we should cut the PI loose. He's scared and we're betting he just wants out of this. The guys found his files and we have them. We're thinking that we use some the money we got from Philip and send him on month long vacation somewhere, by then Gustav should a done deal. I don't think he wants to mess with us but we make that if he does, it's over.. He's got no proof we did anything to him. We
still have his ride hidden. You're good at reading people." I looked at Chloe and Annie, and I could Sara and Janey listening.

"We've got enough balls in the air, Love. The other one is the threat." Sara, Janey and Annie all nodded and I agreed.

"What do we with 'scary guy?" Bet and Javier looked at all of us.

"We wait for the report but we think the answer is the same, regardless. He won't talk and if we let him go we'll never see him coming. We've dealt with a lot of people bad people. He scares our guys.

"Let's see what the report the says but I think you right. I'll trust your instincts, now let's eat before it's all gone. Bet and Javier went in to see if the were eating. I looked at Chloe and Annie and smiled. They all knew what I was thinking. I went in to make sure
Sabrina was being looked after. She was eating with Billy, Ellen, Jake, and Emily and having a great time. There was plenty of time to talk after dinner. I was tired of things getting away from me. It seemed that things were moving faster and I wasn't sure how to slow them down. Chloe hugged me while she gently bit my neck.

"You OK mister?"

'We seem to keep adding, and not subtracting." She nodded as Sara walked up.

"Did you really stick a fountain pen through a man's hand." Sara frowned and nodded her head.

"He wasn't a nice man and the Andersen's lost everything. I think I made my point but I don't like hurting people." Chloe reached out her arms and Sara stepped into them as we hugged her. Sara was strong but had a gentle soul. He sisters walked up as well.

"I hear you got some spiffy nails Missy. Can we see? She wiped her eyes and smiled as she proudly showed us her nails. We all ooooohhh'd, but they were pretty. "Those are too nice to do what you mentioned." She smiled even bigger, and winked. I like the color, Turquoise."

"I chose it because it's your most favorite color, mister." I took both her hands and kissed them. She hugged me and the incident with the pen started fading away. "I've never had a manicure before." Everyone asked,


"Nope. It was my first, and I loved it. She was so nice. Ellen insisted on paying for me and Em but I tipped the young woman doing mine. Do you think $20 was enough. She had the tip of her tongue sticking out the side of her mouth. She did this when she was stressed, or focusing, or thinking. I hoped our had that trait because it was very cute. We all told her that it was a very nice tip. She smiled. I could feel the rest of them feeling guilty. Sara was the youngest and got left out of a lot of things, like manicures. They continued fawning over her nails as I went to Billy and Ellen.

"Thanks for that Ellen, you made Sara's day. It was her first manicure." Ellen nodded. "I need to steal Sabrina away. We need to discuss redoing this place. We walked into the small family room, which was adequate since there was no TV. I either read, or listened to music,
even though I hadn't done a lot of either for quite awhile. I cleaned of the coffee table and Sabrina started taking out her sketches and arranging them as we chatted. The girls all walked in as did Jake and Emily. Chloe and Sara sat on either side of me. Sara was leaning
forward, hands on knees, and tongue stuck out.

"So, these are obviously very preliminary sketches but it gives a sense of what seems to make the most sense for the existing building. I know you are somewhat constrained by being 'grandfathered' by the city, and that you have to maintain an industrial footprint. So my initial thoughts are to have the shop portion mostly untouched on the outside. The corrugated
steel is in fine shape, maybe a cleaning. We can work on some on the interior but that depends on the final design." Everyone, including me was rapt with attention.

"Since you work with wood, my thought is to transition between the workspace, and the new living space exterior by incorporating a 'floating' panel of exotic hardwood. It wouldn't be too hard to do, and getting sustainable exotics isn't that hard these days. It'll the give the eye something to focus on because it will look like it's floating between two different surfaces, the original and the new." Sara raised her hand.

"You don't need to raise your hand Sara." We all smiled.

"Is what you're talking about this bit here?" She pointed to the exact right spot.

"Exactly. There is no point doing anything fancy on the North side because there is such limited room. There's enough space for some storage, and access, but that's about it." Sabrina shifted the drawings. "This is the South face. It's where the generator is, and
storage, which is fine for an industrial building, not so much for a residence." Everyone was nodding, including myself. "I want to shift the entrance to the side, which is why I thought about the transition with the wood. Since construction will require everything to be moved
anyway, it'll be a blank canvas. It'll allow us to extend the second floor, for a rain guard over the door, and add extra outdoor living space. We can reposition the genny and reconfigure the power."

Sara looked at me and Chloe, smiled, and said she liked it. Chloe nodded, but they weren't alone. Annie had pushed us down and was sitting next to Sara, holding her hand, and everyone else has huddled around, including Billy and Ellen, and Bet and Javier, each of whom were holding a .

"I don't have much leeway out back, but you're super lucky that it's Open Space, so it gives the appearance of a lot of space. There a couple of minor things I'd do, but I think it's important to keep as much grass as possible. Sara chimed in.

"That's a deal breaker Sabrina because of Bob," everyone nodded. "Bob's family too, and he need's his space as well.

"I totally understand Sara which is why what I thought we could do was connect the patio and the side with stone, since we have an abundance here in Colorado. It expands your outdoor space but, more importantly, it adds to texture. Since this is an industrial area, we're kinda limited in what we can do externally. You couldn't have a Victorian for example, everyone chuckled. I want to transition from industrial to a post modern look for the living area." Everyone was enthralled.

"By it's nature, it'll be a lot of steel and glass, which makes the stone, and the wood important to break that up. The interior is totally different, and there a ton more options. What my idea is, after talking with Daniel, is basically to build a second story of steel around, and over what's already here. Of course we'd update things, and expand windows, etc. but the bulk of new construction would be for the second floor."

"My thought is to use burnished stainless panels as siding everywhere except the shop, and the north side, which would stay the same. It would look modern but would appear muted. It won't be a shiny metal building, and incorporating the south yard we can also add trees and plantings, as well as water features, so there is more balance and it's not all metal." No one spoke.

Sabrina shifted drawings again. "I didn't spend a lot of time on the interior because I don't know what your needs are, but it seems obvious that if you do this, you should maximize the amount of space on the second floor, which means extending beyond the original footprint. It adds space up stairs and shade and weather protection downstairs. Sara, Chloe and Annie were all nodding. What I did think about focused on making it a home. I was thinking about rich colors, and textures, especially woods," Sara said definitely. "My thought is to use burnished bronze fittings, and panels to add warmth. I was thinking browns, and amber, and honey shades, along with light greys. You can easily add colors and textures with<b> furniture </font></b>and paintings, and lighting is always important which is why I'd have a lot of windows."

"This is a big job, and it's my first, so I'll make sure I get it right, but it's not overly complicated. It's basically a big box on metal slits and then connecting everything thing."

"Like an erector set, only in real life," I said. She smiled,

"Exactly." Sara stood up and hugged her.

"You hired. We love it, but we need to get busy, which means all of us need to figure out what we need, and want, and than you need to start working on final plans. It's great Sabrina. I told you that you're a super amazing Architect. I know these kinda of things. If you'll excuse me, I need to go to check on Bob." Her, Jake and Emily walked out back as Sabrina looked at me, Chloe, and Annie a bit confused. We were all smiling.

"What Sara said Sabrina, you're hired. Chloe and Annie nodded. The benefit of being linked is that it's easy to communicate. This made the most sense in remodeling, and this area would be turned into mix-use, and then property values would go through the roof.


Chloe and Annie said really and told her the drawings were amazing. Everyone crowded around and were asking all kinds of questions as I walked out back. Sara, Jake, and Emily were trying to teach Bob to play fetch. Well, Sara was. Bob looked at her like she was crazy, but she did supply him with a lot of chicken parts, so he sniffed the ball each time she rolled it to him. He'd sniff it and back and Sara would grab it, and then he'd walk back up and they'd repeat. They seemed to be playing reverse fetch, but Bob didn't seem to mind. I took that as a huge win. I took the fact he had his own den in our backyard as a huge win. She felt me looking at her, turned around and smiled, which melted me.

I walked up to them, "Whatcha doin'?"

"We're teaching Bob to play fetch."

"Is that so."


"I've got a secret Missy."

"REALLY! I love, love, love secrets." I whispered in her her, even though I new everyone that could was listening. "What?"

"I want us to make love tonight. Chloe and Annie enjoy each other, and it doesn't mean we can't share, but we need to get into a pattern of one on one sometimes. I love the 'mosh pit of enjoying each other," but I've been thinking we also need to focus more on sharing one on one intimacy, but it does take time for me to recharge." She looked at me, smiled, and whispered "not that long, mister."

"Why me?" Chloe and Annie were both smiling, and they agreed. It was important, and would become more so as the hormones really kicked in. We hadn't picked an easy path. I looked at Sara, baffled.

"You don't remember our pancake dates, young lady?"

"She smiled."

"I remember, Daniel."

"I made love with you first, in the bed we're all sleeping in now. Who else, MIssy?" She had tears in her eyes as she hugged me, as did Chloe, Annie, and Janie. "I don't want how we feel now for each other to slip away from us, but that takes diligence. It doesn't have to be rigid, but it needs to consistent." Sara looked at me and smirked. "OK, I have to be rigid, but we don't need a set schedule, just pay attention."

"You got that right, mister, but none of us have a problem with your rigidity." She jumped onto me and bite my neck because she did that when she didn't have words. She didn't need words. I started thinking about it after she said she had never had a manicured, and since she was the youngest, she was likely last most of her life. Sh jumped down and kissed me.

"I need to go tell Chloe and Annie." She started skipping away.

"Sweets." She turned, smiling. "Do that in private." She nodded and skipped inside as I hugged my .

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