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take me part 195  

dadigan 59M  
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8/1/2021 2:14 pm
take me part 195

We said goodbye to Bethany and I hugged Chloe, Annie, and Sam. I was going to see Beth and get Annie into the mix and see about a marriage license. I figured we didn't really need it since Chloe is VERY confident being my spouse, they all would be, but it did make sense if something bad happened. I kissed Chloe and Annie, not Sam because I had to draw a line, and said we needed to talk and to see if David and Issa were up for dinner. We'd do Italian. Chloe and Annie smiled.

"You have any idea how much we adore you mister?" I held my thumb and forefinger together to show about an eighth of an inch gap. "Pretty much." We kissed each at the same time as Sara and Janey yelled no fair, and dibs. My life may be more complicated than most, but I was a lucky man. I watched them all drive away as I sat in the truc Shit, Sam and I needed to find a van. Crap. I called Bet and Javier.

"Hey homes, that was impressive with the whole Earth opening under Marnine tric Next time just make it a big, deep hole and then seal it fast." I laughed.


"How did you do that Daniel?" I told her what I told Annie, and that Ellen looked scared. Silence. "You need to talk with Maggie because no one has done that far as long as we can remember."

"I will but I wanted to check on things, and see what happened in Boston with Gustav's place."

"Yeah, things are kinda merging together. Let's discuss it this evening, and other things." I told them about dinner, and to bring who they could and that there would plenty for the folks that couldn't make it." I was still amazed at how easily I had joined Bet and Javier's family. It boggled my mind. I pulled up to Beth's agency and walked in to her staring at me, shaking her head.

"Bethany called."

"Yep! Are you completely out of your mind?" I didn't tell her that there was a likelihood of Janey getting<b> pregnant </font></b>at some point. Janey actually made the most sense because of her and Alison, there were already too many loose ends to deal with. "I'll work it out, you idiot but you need to decide on the insurance. The one I recommended is more expensive but the coverage is the best and, given your proclivity for impregnating women, that seem to be an important thing." I smiled, and nodded. I was glad that Alison had her own insurance so only Bethany would be annoyed when that time came.

"I've known you for a long time Daniel but the coverage I have for you, across the board is top notch. It's going to be expensive, but there a A LOT of components, and it covers you the best when you actually need it." I nodded.

"Go ahead and do it Beth, and buy the boat." She chuckled. "We're having Italian night if you want to join us after wor" She walked around the desk and hugged me.

"Are you flirting with me mister?"

"Absolutely not, Beth...but you are kinda cute, and I have Tuesdays open." She slapped me on the arm and said to get out of her office. I headed to Frank, the fish monger. I hated errands, but I liked the Frank's.

"Daniel!" He walked around the counter and hugged me. "I was thinking about you and Gio, come loo The mussels, and the snapper, are fresh this morning and they won't last, in case you are interested." They looked great.

"You're a mind reader Fran I'll take one of the snapper, whole, and five pounds of mussels."
He smiled. "Gio is working on bringing his family out in the fall so they can see the Aspen's. I'll keep you updated but it's Italian night and Gio won't let Henry's family pay, so I'm here. He smiled. Frank always gave me the family discount but fish was a lot more expensive than pasta and pizza. I headed to Gio's to let him know about this evening. I was amazed that it was only noon. I pounded on the door, as usual.

"Daniel," he said kissing me. "We've missed ALL of you. What do you have?" I told him and he had tears in his eyes as he hugged me. "My brother and his family are coming up so this will be perfect. Thank you, and thank Chloe and Sara for me." I said I would but they would probably see them later." He beamed. "They'll call." I waved to the as I left. I drove to the County building, which I hated doing, and got the marriage license information, as well as what I needed to start the permit process, which of course was overly complicated since I was grandfathered to be able to live, and work there. I was more concerned with marrying Chloe, and figuring out what the ceremony with Annie entailed. I also needed to talk with Chloe and Sara about a ceremony as well. OY!!!!

I was getting ready to head back to the shop when I pushed toward Gustav. He was looking at a file and I knew it was about Alison, and the shop. Well, about me. I wasn't sure if knew about the shop, or where I registered my vehicles, but it wouldn't take a lot of time to link the two, and then take much to connect me to Henry's. I was pretty much over this shit anyway. I'd rather face him and end it. I knew 'scary guy' had sent it Gustav so I wasn't feeling bad about what was going to happen. I didn't need more shit, but I had it.

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