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take me part 201  

dadigan 60M  
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8/2/2021 11:20 pm
take me part 201

Annie nipped me, and smiled, as she walked into the back. How I was going to manage this group of women was beyond me. I figured the hormones would be an issue in the short term, and they would shift as the babies grew. We'd see. I walked into the shop as Sam was looking at the next orders.

"We're going to be busy next week, so don't die. Can you do that?" I nodded. "I'm going to get my family and head back. You do know that ALL of you are insane, right?" I smiled, and nodded because I couldn't argue the point.

I looked at him , and ran out the back, as did Annie. We both shifted as we leaped over the fence. We wanted Marnine as far away from the family as possible. Chloe, and Sara, screamed but they were stuck. Annie and I were on our own. We ran fast, and far, from the shop. Annie kept nipping me as we ran, until we felt her. We both growled.

She laughed as she walked out of the veil. "You both humor me. I would say that you courageous, but you are equally stupid. Annie moved left, as I moved right. I could feel Chloe and Sara beside themselves. Janey, Alison and Maggie were heading to Henry's. Chloe grabbed her bag as her and Sara ran toward us. Bet was en route. I shifted back and looked at her.

"Why are you doing this? Just leave us alone, Marnine, none of us want your power. Walk away because I will kill you, even though I don't want too." She howled in laughter.

"How Daniel?" I leapt, as I shift, and sliced at her throat, but slightly missed even though I ripped a a large chunk out of her chest and shoulder as my left paw slashed across her face, Marnine, flinched, and it saved her right eye. My pouncing startled Marnine and gave Annie time to leap on the back of her neck, biting as she clawed into her back. I leapt for her throat as Marnine shifted and batted me away as her talons sliced into my side, and I rolled. I shook my head, growled, and ran. She sung around with her tail. I jump and was climbing as I heard Annie roar, as she was thrown, and rolled. I howled and bit her as I climbed. Marnine's right claw reach for me. I bite it at the wrist, twisted as I clamped down, and shook until it came off. She howled as I leapt and swiped at her throat as I jumped onto her back. I bite into her right wing, shook, clawed, and dropped my weight to the ground, ripping it off as she screeched and shook me off. Annie had already pounced but she, too, missed Marnine's throat as she dug her claws into belly as Marnine raged in pain.

I ran and pounced as Marnine instinctively turned throwing Annie off her, and hit me with her tail. We both rolled as we heard cracking. We looked at each other and got up, growling. Marnine was raging. We flanked her as she raged. I ran first and rolled under her tail and jumped onto her back as she turned. I bit into the base of the other wing and shook as Annie pounced but Marnine grabbed her, squeezed, and threw her 100 yards. Annie rolled as she roared. I ripped the other wing off, which made Manine livid. I ran to the front and leapt at her throat to end it, but grabbed me, bit into my shoulder and threw my as she howled. I rolled for I don't know long. Marnine was focused on Annie who was unconscious, and hurt.

I shook my head, focused, and stood as I moved between them. I growled as Marnine raged. I could feel Chloe, Janey and Sara running toward us, but they couldn't help. Annie and I were hurt, but so was Marnine, but she was stronger. I stilled myself to the pain, waited, and leapt. I grabbed her wrist and crushed it as she howled. I dug my claws into as I tried to rip this one off as well when Marnine bit into my back leg and threw me. I hit hard before I rolled. I lied there, breathing heavily. I stood, on three legs, and limped toward Marnine. Annie was still unconscious.

I walked in front of her, and growled. I was hurt. I knew it, and she knew it, but her focus had always been on me. I limped away like the birds that pretend to have a broken wing to keep their eggs safe. I wasn't pretending, but I would die keeping Annie safe. I growled again as I limped by. Marnine was enraged, and now solely focused on me. I dragged my left leg. She followed because her blood lust was so strong she couldn't help it. I knew I couldn't stop her. Chloe, Sara, and Janey were at Annie, and pulling her away. She roared the most mournful sound. I turned and growled, as I fell, and shifted.

I was broken, and breathing hard through broken ribs. I pushed to the girls to get Annie away, but that didn't go over well. Annie began to stalk Marnine as she shifted and stood in front of me.

"It could have been so easy Daniel, and now I have to kill you, and your spawn. I could feel all of them growl. I actually thought one would shift but I figured they didn't know that they could. Manine crouched down and looked me. "Do you have any idea how long it'll take me to heal this? God you are a pain in my ass." She limped up and sat on my crotch. I could see Annie stalking her with the last of her energy.

"Daniel, I really didn't want to kill you, but you left me choice, and I will kill you bitches as well. I will have no problem with that, and then your lines will be erased. I growled as I saw Chloe drop to her knees, and put her hands on the ground. I smiled, and pulled energy from Gaia but I<b> engaged </font></b>Marnine as I did.

"Why do hate Annie so much, and me?" My hands dug into the ground.

"I don't hate you my love, I hate her, and you love her. She thinks she has claim, they both do. I'm sorry, but I won't go gently. I could feel Gaia surging into me.

"Please leave them alone, you can kill me."

"Marnine leaned forward to kiss me as I bound my fist and rammed it through her chest. I hadn't quite shifted yet so I had more power. I grabbed her heart, and pulled, as Annie leapt and ripped half her throat and neck off as she threw her, and then collapsed. I crawled to Annie as Chloe and the girls ran toward us. I pulled her onto me and pushed as much of Gaia's energy into her as I could before I passed out. I woke with Chloe, Sara and Janey looking over us. Annie squeezed my hand. I couldn't make out what they were saying. I could hear Annie say that they were fine as I looked up, and over them.

Ella, Claire, and Joseph walked out. I could see Henry walking toward us but he had no idea. I smiled pointed over the girls shoulders. They looked at me, turned, screamed, and ran crying to their moms as Joseph walked up to me and Annie, smiling, as he sat down in front of us.

"This good?" We nodded. "Quite the day. What are you going to do with that, Daniel," as he pointed at Marnine's heart."

"Bury it."

'Good choice, but give it to me. We'll make sure this ends here." Annie and I were smiling at the girls with their moms, as Henry walked up to them..

"What you did was surprising, and impressive, but sadly, things haven't changed all that much. You're just not dealing with Marnine." I looked past him at the girls with their moms, and then Henry seeing Ella. I looked over at Annie as she smiled. I looked back at Joseph and he said he'd talk with me later. He put an earthenware crock of something at our feet. "Put this on. It will help you heal," and that is when I passed out.

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