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take me part 203  

dadigan 59M  
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8/3/2021 8:44 pm
take me part 203

I slept soundly until the night, with the exception of drinking water that Sara left, and that is when in the dreams started, at least I thought they were dreams. I saw Marnine, but I figured that was my subconscious. However, what I didn't know about these people could fill volumes. I saw Gustav, and knew he was still a problem. Shit, but at least Janey and Alison were gone for a week. I needed to talk with Bet and Javier, and Annie about Charlie and her family. I wanted this done by the time everyone got back for the fourth. I could see Ella and Joseph staring at me with no reaction.

At some point, I woke to pee and drink more water. Chloe and Sara were draped over Annie, all of them naked, and breathing gently into each other. I grabbed the crock that Joseph left and walked into the bathroom and put it on my hip, which seemed to be the worst. I put the goop on old injuries too because what the heck. I brushed and opened Jake's door. I knew he was gone but I frowned anyway because I missed all of them. I walked back into the bedroom and smiled. I can't convey how much I loved the three women I was looking it. I got my clothes, boots, and phone and went to the kitchen...my official dressing area.. I left a note, checked the video feed for the security cameras, nothing, locked up and pushed as I walked to the truck. Nothing. I exhaled as I drove to Henry's.

I knew we were closed for the weekend, but biscuit dough was cheap. It was just after four when I walked in looking at the screen door, and shook my head. Crap. I was going to have to deal with the jam, and that would be involved. OY! I preheated the oven as I finally put Deep Purple in. It felt like years since Thursday. I was still concerned about Gustav just because he was trapped, and in a corner. I hated that they were all gone, but I was also glad. I checked the front to make sure everything had been done, especially the bathrooms. It had. I walked into the kitchen and Henry was standing there, looking at me.

"JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!!!! You scared the crap out of me. HOLY FUCK!!!! Put the spatula down, for God's sake."

"What are doing here? We're closed."

"I know we're closed Henry. I was going to make biscuits, I need to check in with Sam, Maggie, and the girls, and we have the Andersen's service today. I've slept too long." He nodded.

"How many?" 36. He nodded. "I'll make them because your biscuits are crap. We're having lessons. You doing OK, ?"

"I'm OK Henry.... a little sore but it's getting better." He nodded.

"Thanks for keeping them safe." I put my hand on his back.

""How was it is seeing your Ella?" He beamed as he looked at me.

"You saw?" I nodded and told him part of it. "It was too brief, but it was amazing. All the girls loved it too, especially Sara. Claire is still learning how to communicate but it didn't matter to any of us. I just wish you and Annie could have met them since you kept them safe from Marnine." I nodded when the whirlwinds came storming in.

"What do think you think you two are doing?" I pointed at Henry, and he pointed his spatula at me." They shook their heads. "Save it. Is there at least coffee?" I nodded." We still don't know how you get out of bed so quietly. You're a royal pain in our asses." They all nodded but Sara was especially mad.

"I'm mad at you mister." She had stepped up and was glaring at me. "How are you?"

"I'm fine. I slept a long time. I'm sorry I worried you, Love." I reached out my arms as she walked into them and started crying as Chloe and Annie hugged her.

"I thought I was going to watch you die, mister." She bit me, hard, as Chloe and Annie smiled. They were equally upset but they weren't Sara. "Don't ever do that again. I need coffee."

This was the first time there really wasn't anything to do except to be together, which was wonderful. We had coffee and the girls told me about being with Ella and Claire, and what a shock it was. Henry didn't share, but I hadn't expected him to because it was private. I got the sausage ready as we all chatted, and laughed, letting go of what happened, and trying not to think of what almost happened.

"Your biscuits ARE way better than mine Henry." He smiled. There was some plum jam in the cooler, and I was hungry. The girls were enjoying Henry. I grabbed 5 sausage biscuits, kissed the girls, and hugged Henry. "I need to see Sam". They nodded. "I'll see you back at the house. Please bring these for the guests." They smiled, and nodded. "Thanks Henry. I'm glad you're closed."

I drove to the shop because it felt like it was ages since I had been there, even though if was days. I was glad they were all enjoying a vacation, but I also hated it too. It was so empty, and quiet. I had come close to losing all of this. I saw Bob walking in. He felt me and looked at me as he walked to the den. I grabbed a chicken breast and walked out. He just looked at me. Bob and I had known each other for a long time. I squatted down about four feet from him and held it out for him. He looked at me because I had only ever thrown pieces to him. He got up, walked over, took the breast from me and stared. I could swear he knew I had a harrowing encounter. He walked into his den as I locked up and headed to Sam and Maggie's.

I got there about 7:00 and went around back to see if the light was on. It was. I gently tapped. Mags looked out the door and smiled, holding her finger up to her lips. "They're all asleep." I put the biscuits on the counter as she poured me coffee. "How are you?"

"A little sore, but good. I slept a long time," she looked at me nodding. We've been worried, Sam especially."

"I know. It's why I'm here. I figured that Henry's biscuits can fix anything." Sam walked in smiling.

"I told you not to die Jefe, but you came too close." He hugged me. I knew he was worried which was why I was there. I nodded. "I thought Henry's was closed for the weekend."

"I've go a key, and he thinks he makes better biscuits thank me. "They both looked at me and said, at the same time, that he did. I could hear the girls coming downstairs so I crouched down behind the island, waited, and said, lowly....."I need rugrats," as I stood up smiling. They screamed and attacked me with hugs. I needed to go and get dressed but it was a good morning. I hugged Mags and the girls as Sam and I walked out back and then up front.

"You OK?" I looked at him.

"More or less Sam, I miss everyone even though I'm glad they're gone until we end this with Gustav...then maybe I'll be OK. As far as Marnine goes, I'm mostly healed, and she's gone. It's a huge ball out of play. I'll be there to pick up the slack. I heal quick. He smiled and hugged me. I was getting into the truck. "How was the pizza?" He smiled.

"Awesome. See you tomorrow." I nodded as I backed out of the driveway. I had grabbed my white shirt, and black vest along with the high socks and pouch. I didn't have the hat, or fancy shoes. I had also grabbed my grandfather's walking stick he gave me when I was younger. My hip still hurt pretty bad. I pulled into Sara's and pushed, out of habit, and didn't feel anything. I walked around back, looking to be sure, and knocked. Sara walked up in a bra and panties as she opened the door, and jumped on me, kissing me. Chloe and Annie walked down the hall and smiled.

"You mind helping me?" They turned and walked back to the bedroom. Sara leaned back and looked at me. "You scared us, mister, but you sure showed that dumb coyote," as she kissed me and jumped down and went running back to the bedroom. I locked the door and grabbed the ironing board and iron for my shirt and vest. I got my moccasin's out. They didn't look too bad, and there really wasn't the time to deal with them the way I wanted. I walked into the bedroom face to face with three Sirens, in panties, and bra's, laughing and smiling at me. I went in and took a shower and let the hot water bathe me. Whatever Joseph gave us was amazing, but I still ached. I was shaving when the girls walked in.

"Whatchya doin', mister? They hadn't gotten dressed yet but Annie had fixed their hair with a band of wool, flowers, and greenery. They looked beautiful. "I need to say something."

"What's that mister?"

"I am deeply in Love with you, and you look amazing. You'll make quite the splash in panties and bra's but your hair looks awesome." They laughed and stuck their tongues out at me. They helped each other get into linen gowns. Annie's was lilac. Sara's was a foam green, which fit her. Chloe looked at me as they put hers over her, making sure not to disrupt the head piece. It was maroon and fit perfectly with her skin tone....all the gowns were as perfect as the girls were stunning. I was speechless. I went to iron my shirt, and vest, as the doorbell rang. Sara skipped up, opened the door, and Henry was standing there looking as dapper as could be. He smiled.

"Dad, you look amazing. Chloe, Annie," she yelled. I waved as I ironed. "I thought you hated funerals" Henry put his hand on Sara's cheek.

"I do, but Ella told me this was important. How do I look?" They all said amazing as they hugged him. I walked into the bedroom to get dressed. I put a small amount of mink oil on the moccasin's so they were more presentable. I used sage green high socks, instead of white, because it matched my clan's tartan. I was looking for the braided leather wrist piece I had, but I wasn't having much luck when the girls walked in and stared at me. I was preoccupied.

"What?" They stared at me, and then at each other. "What?"

Annie spoke for them, "we'll tell you after the service but we need to go because we need to get flowers, and you wanted to see the tree without a lot of people." Sara said, "you look pretty spiffy, mister, but she's right, we need to go. I nodded.


"Thanks Henry, you're looking pretty dapper yourself, and I am glad to see you." We went to King Sooper's because they always have nice flower's and got a couple of bottles of Prosecco before we headed to the cemetery when Emily called. Sara put it on speaker.

"Hey love, hows the trip going. OMG mom, it's SO awesome and we are having such a great time, but how's dad?"

"I'm fine sweets, and we're all glad you're have fun. I'm sorry I missed saying goodbye."

"That's OK dad. Here's Jake."

"Hey." He was worried.

"Hey kiddo, I'm fine so don't worry."

"Really?" Annie took the phone.

"Hey Jake, your dad is totally fine, just a little sore so none of you need to worry, OK? We're almost at the cemetery love but we love all of you, and miss you bunches. We'll call you later and we can all talk, OK."

"Yeah, mom."

"Good deal, mister. We'll call you later and we all adore you." She hung up with tears in her eyes. "I hate that they are gone." We were all silent as we drove into the cemetery. We were early, which is what I wanted because I wanted to see the tree. I was crouched down looking at the ground when someone walked up . I pulled my way up with the walking stick and tuned, it was Peggy. We smiled as we hugged each other.

"How are you? Chloe said you hurt yourself." I nodded.

"I'm always hurting myself, but I heal quickly. I'm OK. They did a good job with the tree, and it looks great." She touched my arm, and smiled.

"It's amazing. Jason and I can't thank you all enough. What clan?"

"MacDougal. I don't wear it often but I didn't think you'd mind."

"Not at all, my maiden name is MacGregor. You look pretty nice, but not as nice as the girls." We looked at them as Sara waved.


"Please come by after the service. I know it's a drive but we'd love for all you to be there." The girls all said yes.

"We'd love to Peggy." She kissed my cheek as I walked back to my family with everyone looking at me. Sara laid the flowers we got at the base of the cherry tree and by the time the service started everyone who brought them had to. Ari, Peggy, and Jason were well loved. We stood in the back because we didn't really know anyone but it didn't stop people from sneaking glances, mostly at the girls, even though Henry and I cleaned up OK.

After the ceremony, as we mingled, people would come up and ask about our attire. Annie would tell them that we're Celtic. Funerals are always interesting because it's a terrible loss, especially with a , but there is such a need for a cathartic release. It's why I like Irish wakes so much. We were all sad for Peggy, and Jason, but Sara took it the hardest, because she's like a raw nerve most of the time. The rest of us, as sad as we were, understood that life is not often kind, but that it never really ends either.

Henry and I walked to the tree, chatting, as the girls interacted. "This was a very nice thing to do Daniel. Ella and I were impressed." I nodded.

"Was that the first time you've seen here since she passed?" He nodded. "And it only took me and Annie nearly dying. You need to talk to her." He laughed as a couple walked up and said hello.

"Are you Daniel?"

"I am, ma'am."

"Peggy told us about your caskets. We saw it before the service. It's beautiful."

'Thank you. I have a highly talented partner who is a master craftsman."

"Do you have a card?"

"I'm sorry, I don't, but Peggy can you my number." She smiled and shook our hands.

"I hope you aren't looking to expand your harem."

"It's far from a harem, Henry. Jesus!" He laughed. "You're a pain in my ass too. It must run in the family." We looked up as the girls were smiling at us, and waving. "They are pretty spectacular though, aren't they?" Henry nodded as we waved.

"They are."

evernshamdodges9 64M  
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8/3/2021 9:15 pm

this was a good one!!!!

OlderPete58 63M  
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8/4/2021 12:02 am

This a good episode Daniel, Thank you for sharing again.

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