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take me part 207  

dadigan 59M  
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8/5/2021 8:49 pm
take me part 207

I could feel, and hear, them growl as they walked from the car. It was before 5:00am. They stormed in the back door as Henry came out of the cooler carrying home fries, onions, and bacon.

Chloe spoke, "Where is he Henry?" He looked at them as innocently as a new born.

"He was here when I went into the cooler." Annie and Sara the kitchen door open, pushing it off of one of the hinges. Jesus Christ. They glared at as they approached. Sara said, "What are you doing here, mister," as she walked and punched in the chest. Chloe didn't say anything but just the other side. Annie didn't say anything either and in the arm, and that was when they bit , as they growled. They were mad, but mostly scared. I had finally had enough, and I shook as they scattered across the floor. They weren't hurt, but they were stunned.

"That tickles, stop. I have a lot to do." They stood staring at . "I slept plenty, and when I can't sleep then I wake , but you dingbats have been focusing solely , which you need stop doing. Emotional pain is just as traumatic, and needs to be dealt with, just like physical pain." Silence. "OK?" nodded as they walked and hugged, and nuzzled, .

"When y' are done, I could use some help in the back." The girls smiled, and kissed me as they followed me into the kitchen. Scary man was staring at us from the back door as I pushed Henry to the floor. I turned to face him as he pulled a gun when the girls were walking in, Annie and Chloe first, followed by Sara, laughing. Annie and Chloe saw him at the time. Chloe pushed Sara down as he pointed the gun at her thinking it was Alison. Annie and I both growled but only Annie shifted. I stepped in front of Chloe. I was was able throw knives as the gun went off, and Annie ripped his hand off, and bit into his femoral and ripped. My knives the side of his carotid and left eye as the bullet ripped into the left side of my chest, as I fell... so much for easy.

Annie ran out roaring until she she could shift, as Chloe and Sara screamed and ran to me trying to stop the bleeding. Henry called 911. Sara kept pressure my chest as Chloe walked the pantry, in shock but functioning, and was throwing spices of the shelf until she found the Cayenne powder. She told Sara to roll my back as she grabbed one of the throwing knives from my belt and sliced open my shirt as Annie walked in. They looked at each other, and nodded.

Annie washed her face, and hands, as Sara and Henry looked at her. She was fine. Annie grabbed the cleaver and rammed into both sides of the wounds she made, and then sliced into the leg, so that would be on it she put blood on the handle, her hands, her face, and the front of her pants, and then dropped the cleaver, shaken, because she was. They were. Chloe poured cayenne powder in my wound staunch the bleeding, which it did. The police, and EMS, came running around back. We were covered in blood, and everyone was in shock. I wasn't concerned about Henry, Chloe and Annie, and was glad Annie pushed Sara the ground so she had no information. I just hoped they told her not to say anything else. I could feel people pushing into and then it went totally black, and that is when Joseph walked , with a light behind him. I figured it was for dramatic effect.

"Holy crap Daniel, you sure know how make a dramatic exit. Don't worry, you won't be dead long, and don't worry about Gustav, he doesn't do the dirty work. Javier will get an anonymous phone call. You, on the other hand, need stop this because you're going to drive the girls to drink, and they're<b> pregnant. </font></b>You'll be fine, sore, but fine, as long as you don't involve yourself in anymore drama. I'll give Chloe some ointment for when you get out of surgery. Her and Annie saved your life, in different ways.

Maggie and Bet are on their way are to the hospital. The bullet grazed your heart, but just enough to disrupt the electrical impulses. Don't worry, you'll be jolted back when they get you in the ambulance. Henry talked with Sara and she knows what to do. don't fret, Sara will be fine. Once they find out who this guy is, and that he was looking for Alison, because of Peter, and involved with Gustav. It won't be an issue...maybe with your FBI friend but it'll be fine. You're watched over, and have plausible stories. I need to go because you'll come back in seconds. Use this as a break." He shook his head, smiled, and walked back into the light as I started to breath

evernshamdodges9 64M  
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8/5/2021 9:36 pm

Wow!!! wasn't expecting this turn of events. Good job!!!!

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