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take me part 221  

dadigan 59M  
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8/13/2021 12:28 pm
take me part 221

Chloe looked and Annie and started crying. "Sweets, he was kidding. You're his favorite."


"Yeah, but don't tell Janey or Sara. Let's go pick on Daniel." Chloe smiled, and nodded, as they walked back out front. Annie hugged her and smiled because the hormones had kicked in, and the all the stress hadn't helped.

"Hey, you fixed the door. When did you that mister?" Chloe hugged me. 'I'm sorry I was grumbly." I kissed both of them.

"I fixed it earlier...."

"What's with the blue tape?" Annie was nodding as they hugged each other.

"I think it's time that this entire strip needs be updated. The laundromat needs be updated, and modernized, and needs be a laundry drop off service, I think, because this area is changing. Covid screwed things up but the shift is pretty obvious, and I suspect will last for a while, and this entire area is shifting younger folks and will change businesses. "

"The blue tape is an arbitrary line dividing this into separate spaces. Sabrina will be better at it than me but instead of dinners here, even in a small space, it makes more sense to have a separate space where people can stop in on their way home and pick something up. Grocery stores are doing it but the food is usually crappy. are lots of things we could incorporate. My way of looking at is we could make work provide some good jobs for some of Bet and Javier's folks, then 's a win. Bethany can do magic with deductions and Henry is really enjoying working at the shop. I don't think minds that we're closed, and the truth is that Henry's was barely hanging on. In it's current form, it's untenable."

"A salary really isn't all that important you, Sara, and Janes. Your houses are paid for and this mall is paid for. We have the shop, and the expanded business plan for that. 's Alison and Melissa salary's and t's not like any of you NEED the money, especially not this one." Annie smiled and flipped me off. "I think we, as a family, need discuss taking this into the 21st Century. Henry may have some issues, and David probably will, but not, because he's a dad now and that is why we would making the investment."

Chloe stared, hugged me, and bit me on my shoulder like Sara. 'Go on, Love." She hugged Annie and put her head on her chest.

"These are all just thoughts, and we need see if they are viable but your family's wanted you all stay here, in this area, for some reason. Nothing in this strip mall will you make rich in the short term, but might provide a comfortable living for people we care about. The land, and building, and rents, is were the wealth is. I'm betting between Sam and Maggie, and Bet and Javier and the people they know, we could get quality people do all of the work for a lot less than any contractor, and keep in the family."

"As far as Henry's goes, I think we do breakfast, and a limited lunch. The folks that liked coming here for dinner can the TOGO. Breakfast is the most popular, but I think even that will start moving to grabbing something familiar, like Henry's biscuits, and our coffee. If
we stay small then we can adapt easier. I'm not sure the area has reached the final demographic yet, but I think Henry's could serve breakfast, and brunch on the weekends, and be a local Pub in the late afternoon and evening. We'd need a liquor license, and would be hoops, but that's were the money is at night. You do mostly sandwiches with some specials as pub fare..... narrow menu."

Chloe and Annie were staring at me like I had three heads.

"What? I get restless when I'm not working and this is a vacuum right now that needs be filled., and the three of you are preggers. Henry would love have a Pub and can you imagine Sara. I think all of you would you love , and you and your sisters know all of the regulars because you grew up with them. It would be a lot less work then it has been, and more fun."

"A 'Cheer's' in Denver." I smiled, and nodded.

"The reality is that our family has three<b> pregnant </font></b>women, and we have a pool of of women, and young people would probably enjoy working...we just have connect those dots. This just the ramblings of my mind, but 's a start." They both looked like deer caught in headlights as I hugged them.

"Carl's starting this morning, and we need talk with Beth go over insurance. We'll have adjust given your recent developments, Annie...."

"I'd prefer that we keep things as they are, if that is OK with you." Chloe and I looked at her as she started tearing up. I was in for some fun times.

"Sweets.... , what's wrong?" Annie looked at Chloe and broke into tears as she hugged us. ''s OK, Love, whatever is we'll deal with it." Annie nodded and blew her nose into my shirt as I shook my head. They were all alike. We sat at a booth as Chloe held her.

"I've never had what I have with you, all of you...ever. I had everything I could imagine, except real family, real love. Both of you included me in your family, and in your finances, without thinking. Please keep things the way they are because you are my family now, and I want to be a part of it. It will get complicated when we get home, but we can handle it."

Sara and Melissa walked in as Sara came running as she slid into Annie. "What's wrong?"

"Hormones, sweets." Sara got serious, looked at her, and nodded as I motioned for Melissa and slid over. She smiled as I held her hand. Sara kissed Annie's cheek. and looked up.

"What's with the blue tape?" I told her that we'd tell them later because Melissa had to go to the hospital and Sara was meeting us at the shop before we saw Beth. They grabbed coffee, kissed us, and left as Chloe's phone rang. She screamed.


"Hi mom.....Hi mom!"

"Hi my love's....we miss you. Daniel and Annie are here."

"Where are you? It's early."

"We changed our plans. 's just too much to see mom. Instead of going to the Four Corners, we're going to go Arches, and Canyon Lands because they are close to each other, and they amazing. We've got a space reserved so we can all take showers, even though we're getting use odor. We've been having such a great. Thanks for letting us do this. 's been awesome." We were all smiles. "Here's Aunt Janey and Alison, and Uncle Billy wants talk with you so don't hang up on him." We all laughed because he was picking up on the humor of my side of the family, or of our family.

"Hey.... Hey."

"Hi sweets! We all miss you, really miss you."

"We know Chloe. We miss all of you too. Daniel, how are things?"

"They seem to be handled Janes. I haven't felt anything for days. Gustav died an appropriate death, not painful enough, but somewhat fitting. I'm paying attention but don't worry about that. Are you and Alison having a good time?"

"Jesus Christ Daniel, we are having a blast. Billy and Ellen are a hoot, and their are total fun. It's a lot of people in a small area but we are making do, and Utah is fucking awesome."
Here's Unc, but we miss all of you something fierce. We don't like being separated. We'll see you soon, loves."

"Hey . So you heard that we had a change of plans. Jake was right, is WAY too much to see, and Arches and Canyon Lands are on the way back."

'Yeah, and they're pretty amazing, Unc."

"So we've been reading, big boy. We figure a day for each and we'd get back in Denver later on Saturday. I'm sure everyone would welcome a nice bed. Will that work?" Chloe nodded.

"Of course Unc, we'll make work. You have a great time because you are in God's country, for sure...put Jake and Em."

"See you soon."

"Hey Dad!!!!!"

"Hey you two. Your moms and I decided that neither of you can leave the city again until your 35." They laughed.

"Deal. We miss you too."

"I need to head to the shop, here's Chloe and Annie. I love you both."

"We Love you dad." I wiped the tears out of my eyes as I waved bye and headed to get some bagels and cream cheese to welcome Carl, and whoever else showed up, because it would be someone.

I walked into Moe's, again, and Jaime, the manager waved. "Two days, back to back. Impressive bagel eating Daniel." I laughed and told her what I needed as I grabbed cream cheese. I'd been coming in for years, as had Chloe and her family...go figure. I pulled up to the shop as Carl's wife was dropping him off.

"Hi, I'm Daniel."


"Hey Mandi, you have time for a bagel and cream cheese?" She turned the car off and got out smiling."

"I guess that's a yes. It's very nice to meet you. Come on in and meet some of the everyone that isn't here yet. They cycle through." I introduced her to Sam and Henry and we all went into the kitchen and made bagels, grabbed coffee and went out back. We were eating, and
laughing, as Bob, and the girls walk out at the time. Mandi gasped at Bob as Sara walked up.

"That's just Bob and you don't need be scared of him. This is his home, and that's the den that Sam and Daniel built for him. I picked out the plants. This a safe place for him come get away from the dumb coyotes at night, but he likes here, and we like him. What's your ?"


"I'm Sara, and this is Chloe, and Annie. We're all family and we are super happy that Carl is working here away from that NOT nice man that was his boss..." I shook my head. ..." he's way better off working here." Mandi smiled and said she was very happy. 'You want
catch with Bob?"

"Bob can catch?"

"Well, sort of, I'm teaching him, come on." We all watched her, shaking our heads, and smiling."

"Is she always like that?" Chloe said pretty much as Sam and Henry told me and Carl that we needed to get to work. Chloe and Annie walked over to Sara and Mandi. Henry and I worked the orders as Sam showed Carl around. would take a few weeks for Carl get up speed. The girls walked out for Mandi say goodbye. Carl walked her the car.

"We all like them...A LOT. He deserves a raise."

"Sara, he's been working a little over an hour, and a portion of that was eating a bagel and cream cheese."

"Right! Wait until tomorrow. What time do we meet Beth. After ten, it's flexible. OK, we'll you. We're going talk with Gio about the family fish night before we start tearing up booths, assuming we are doing that at Henry's. We'll you when we leave and meet you , love." Chloe and Annie looked and me and laughed. Henry and Sam looked scared. The girls were like Hyena's looking for a wildebeest. God help Gio.

They called at ten-thirty as I was heading Beth's. They were all laughing.

"Hi LOVE!!! We miss you, bunches. I want do unspeakable things you, but Chloe and Annie won't let me. Spoil sports. Anyway, we are on our way and we worked out a time but won't be until October. We'll make work but was great spend time with Gio and his family. We'll meet you . Chloe remembers where she is. We'll race you. Bye!" They had WAY too much time on their hands.

I called Sam. "Hey, what's up?"

"How long would take for us make another bench? End of next week, if Billy sticks around. Why?"

"The girls are going start getting into trouble if they don't have something to do....Sara is, anyway. I thought if they had a prototype, and we had a price range, we could turn them loose on the cemetery's so they didn't end up in jail."

"I like . I'll talk with Henry and Carl."

"I need see Sabrina after Beth but I should be back early afternoon." Thanks Sam. I pulled into Beth's parking lot and Sara was sitting on the hood, smiling.

"We won mister. You owe us." She hopped down as we started walking in.

'We didn't bet, Sara."

"Of course we did silly." Chloe and Annie were behind us laughing. If I made it to them giving birth, I would be amazed. We walked in as the girls hugged Beth and handed her the bagels and cream cheese. She looked me, disappointed.

"No blueberry?"

I held up my index finger and ran to the truck. The blueberry bagels are super sticky so they put them in a separate bag. I ran back in and handed them to her. "I didn't forget, Beth." She smiled as she told us to go into her office and made her bagel." People from around
the country, around the world, know about Moe's bagels. It's pretty amazing. She walked in smiling.

"OK, so here's the complete folder of your coverage's. I put Chloe as your spouse, even though that's a technicality with all of you. You are the most interesting people I have ever met. We can easily take people off, and change amounts, etc. but getting the policy instituted is key. This is sort of an experiment, but as of now, all three of you are covered for medical. You need to wait another three weeks before you see an OB. After that, you'll be covered for pregnancy. The timeline got bumped up because you have the best med care that you can get, even though it's pricey." The girls looked me as I nodded because I was fine with that after being in the hospital. I had some money, but I didn't have that kind of money.

" with the business and you and Sam, and his family. Jake is covered under your policy. Are you adopting him?" I looked at her, and then Chloe, and Annie, and Sara. We all had the on our face. Shock, because none of us had thought of .

"I'm not sure if would even matter, if Chloe was taking your last ," which none us of had thought about either. Shit. "It doesn't matter because it's an easy fix. I've got the business insurance updated, and Sam's truck on the policy. When you add the van
you were thinking about, we can change and tweak the policy. I just wanted all this done for you. I LOVE these bagels...thank you so much!" We smiled.

'Your insurance cards are in for medical, you too Annie. I didn't add Chloe or Sara's vehicles, or homeowner's insurance, but you need to bring me your policy's in so I can at them because I'm pretty sure you'll save a lot getting added considering the extent of
the coverage you have here. I know the numbers will seem like a lot, but what I get paid is deducted from the insurance company, and are a lot of policies. You can find cheaper insurance, but if you get what you for. If want change your policy then you me, and I do all of that for you so none of you have . You're going one way or the other, this is easier, but if you have any questions, or concerns, then me. I left cards for all of you in the folder, as well, because I represent all of you.

Sara raised her hand. "You don't need raise your hand, Sara."

"Can I have a bite of your bagel? I've never tasted a blueberry bagel. I didn't even know they made them." Beth looked her, and smiled, as she pushed her plate toward her. Sara looked at it, sniffed it, and finally took a bite and got a big smile on her face as she pushed the plate back to Beth.

"That was yummy, Beth. I see why you like it. Thank you." Beth asked if she would like one.

"No thank you, I know where to get them. You are amazing at insurance, thank you." Beth smiled.

"I don't think is anything else, but please me if you have questions. Thank you so much for the bagels and cream cheese. Everyone will love them. I know I did. over things and if you need make changes that's fine, and expected." We nodded. Sara and I hugged her as Chloe and Annie shook her hand.

Sara held my hand as we walked outside. "You sure pick good people mister. How are you since I am with Melissa now? I could feel Chloe and Annie cringe, again, because Sara doesn't have many filters.


"Always, love."

"I'm sad, and I miss you. We miss you." She squeezed my hand and turned around at Chloe and Annie.

She was quiet for a while. "I feel the , and makes my heart ache, but I know we still love each other. 's just different now." She put her head against me. "We haven't changed all that much, have we, love?" I told her no. " does make me VERY sad that I am not
with you, because I adore each of you, but it is important for some reason I don't understand yet, and you have Chloe and Annie, and I have Melissa ease our hearts, right?'

"Yes." She clapped as she kissed me. Chloe, Annie, and I are on a top secret mission. We'll see you later." Chloe and Annie smiled, kissed me, and said they loved me."

"Sara." She turned, smiling. "How did Melissa like...your surprise?" She got quiet, then smiled, turned, and skipped to the car. I shuddered to think what they were going to do.

Claw51478 74M  
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8/13/2021 1:39 pm

Daniel is in for a world of hurt dealing with these 3 gal's, but he loves every minute of it. I like the plan for the restaurant . Sara, Just love her to no end.

dadigan replies on 8/13/2021 3:46 pm:
I'm pretty partial to Sara myself.

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