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take me part 223  

dadigan 59M  
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8/13/2021 10:01 pm
take me part 223

Lieve was going to fit in fine in the shop, which I was glad about. Henry and Carl walked out and Sam introduced them to Lieve. They reached out their hands and Sam shook his head. "Smile, nod, do a fist pump, or a hug if she's open to that, but don't shake her hand, ask Daniel." I shook my head as she punched me in the arm.

"We need to unload the saw and I need a ride to the bus nearest bus stop so I can figure out how to get here. I'm assuming tomorrow?" We nodded and changed out the saws. Sam and Lieve were talking when Mags and the girls pulled up and the girls tried to turn me into the tickle monster. I told Maggie she was our newest employee, per Sam's recommendation to hire more women, and I apologized as I turned into the tickle monster and the girls went running into the back yard.

"Hey Mags, this is Lieve." Maggie reached out her hand as Sam shook his head.

"What is wrong with you? Hi Lieve, it's very nice to meetyou," as they shook hands. "Are you sure you want to work in this clown show?" Lieve smiled. "Come with me, have you met Bob? He's probably here at this hour." The girls ran by screaming, as I chased them. "Daniel's the tickle monster, but they created this one for themselves, so they're on their own. You want a beer?" She nodded. Mags grabbed two and opened them.

"We're all family in one way or another, and there are lots more that cycle in and out. If they're scared to shake your hand then you'll fit in just fine. Have a seat. So fill me in, sweets. Lieve talked with Maggie probably like she had never talked with anyone, maybe in her life.

"Wait a second, you're sleeping on someone's couch. Maggie is a mom and she stood up, grabbed her hand and said come on. They walked me past me as I was smiling after catching the rugrats half way down the street. "She's staying here because she's sleeping on a couch." I nodded. I made a note to never intentionally<b> piss </font></b>Maggie off.

Sam smiled as they walked past we'll be back and you better pay both of them well, and I mean it mister! Take care of the girls...you too Henry! You're their gramps. We'll be back. They got in the Pilot. Where am I going?" Lieve told her. "Oh, that's not that far, especially now." They packed her up and Maggie paid the $150 that Lieve owed. Magigie looked at them and wanted to growl, but didn't. They were loading Lieve's things in the back.

"They made you pay to sleep on a shitty couch in a sleeping bag?" They looked at each and Lieve got in the passenger seat. Maggie waited, because she's a mom, three times over....THANK GOD!!!!!!

"Things aren't easy Maggie. I was happy to not be sleeping on the street. I'll pay you back when I get my check. Maggie looked at her, held her hand and squeezed it, hard, which surprised Lieve.

"No you won't, end of discussion. What do you eat? We're going to the store for you because you are staying at the shop, period."

"Mostly Paleo... meat and veg, but I like raw cheese and yogurt." Maggie smiled because she had Sam's business credit card. They came back as Mandi was picking up Carl because we were done for the day as Sam, Henry, and I got the new saw level, and configured. They walked past carrying multiple bags.

"Lieve is staying here so your Aunt and Uncle will need to stay some place else, and that's not a request, love. By the way, excellent choice in hiring her. Are the girls here?" They walked past before we could speak, so we nodded to their backs, and looked at each other. They put the bags on the counter as Maggie walked to the bedroom door and knocked. Silence. She knocked again. Sara answered.

"If you have a penis you won't like what will happen...laughter."

"SARA! Open the door." Sara opened it almost reverentially as Maggie and Lieve walked in. The girls were in various degrees of being disrobed. Sara smiled and reached out her hand.

'Hi, I'm Sara," they shook. "Take off your shirt." Maggie shook her head.

"Take off your shirt, silly. I want to see the story. Lieve looked at her and took off her shirt. Sara looked at the tattoo's. "Take off your bra, please." Lieve looked at her. "We all have breasts, Lieve, and I am in love." She took off her bra as the girls looked at her story. Annie took out a pipe and they got high, all of them topless, as they talked, and laughed, until I knocked.

Sara opened the door. We're having a family meeting tonight," she laughed and nodded, and said "shhuuusshh! I nodded. We're getting marinated steak and chicken, and salad. Does anyone want Salmon.

"Shhhuuusssshhh." She closed the door and then reopened it. "NOPE!" And she closed the door in my face as I shook my head. Sam and Henry looked at me.

"I'll be back. Don't let them out of that room." Bet walked up, said hi, and knocked.

"Who is it?"

"It's me." The door opened, Bet walked in, and then it closed, and locked. I walked away as Henry said he's coming with me. Sam and Javier looked a little scared as Henry and I left.

I started the truck and looked at him. "You do know they are all bat shit crazy, right?"

'Of course Daniel....unless we are." Shit! We got Thai food for everyone. They were very very happy because it was slow. We liked this place so it was a win-win. Everyone's car seemed to be there as Melissa pulled in behind us. We got out as she walked up and hugged us.

"What is going on?" She looked at both of us. The interesting thing with these women is that they bonded instantly. We'd known Melissa since the ICU and now her and Sara were in love, and she was family. It was weird, but comforting because it was an 'all in' deal...across the board.

"We have no idea because there are no penises allowed." She smiled. "Can you tell them that we have food, that might persuade them to come out because, given the smell, they are higher than kites." She laughed, kissed us, and knocked.

"It's me, love." Open. Close. Laughter. Henry dug through the vinyl and found Blues that I had never heard. We all ate, with the , until they came out and descended upon laps, and munchkins, and ate. Lieve stood, unsure what to do. I got up as everyone watched me. I extended my hand. She smiled, and grasped it as we walked into the kitchen to make her dinner.

She actually liked what we got, as we put her food into the fridge. She didn't even ask if it was OK because Mags had established that, and the girls solidified it. We walked out laughing as Chloe and Annie moved apart for us to sit down. It didn't take long until Chloe shooed me away, and was nibbling off Lieve's plate, as they all laughed. I was in so much trouble, and we had a new .

Henry put on the Dead to mellow things out. It hadn't gone as I wanted, and I didn't tell them about Deat. I would tell the girls later. The girls were still stoned so we rode that wave. It was probably close to ten before the buzz started wearing off for the girls and everyone started going home. I started cleaning up as Lieve stood up to help. I shook my head. Tonight, you're our guest, tomorrow you're family. Enjoy, as I kissed her head. She grabbed my hand, and squeezed...hard. I went inside as Henry was leaving.

"That was fun." I smiled and told him to sleep in because I wasn't going to the restaurant tomorrow. He nodded and hugged me as I finishing the dishes, and cleaning the counter. Sara and Melissa walked up with Lieve.

"We love her! She needs a raise. Melissa nodded."

"She hasn't started yet."

They were quiet and looked at each other, "Right, she deserves a raise tomorrow," as Sara nodded and hugged Lieve"

"OK." They smiled and kissed me . "We adore you, mister."

"I know. I adore you too." Thank God Melissa didn't live far away. Lieve looked at me as Chloe and Annie walked up and hugged her.

"It's a long story, love, and it's late. We'll set the alarm before we leave, and Daniel will show you how to deal with it tomorrow. You are completely safe here. The only people that can get in are family, and it take 15 minutes with a sledgehammer for anyone to get in the glass, so don't worry." Lieve looked at her. "You're family now, and welcome here. Don't snoop." They hugged her and went outside to wait.

"The sheets are clean, and towels. Help yourself to anything to eat, or drink...but don't drink the Prosecco. You're working tomorrow. She smiled, and hugged me.

"Why are doing this?"

"Have your watched Rudolph at Christmas?" She nodded.. "The Island of Misfit Toys." I kissed her on the forehead and said goodnight, as I set the alarm, and walked out. Chloe and Annie drove home, as I followed them.

We kept adding balls. I kept adding balls.

Claw51478 74M  
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8/14/2021 3:23 pm

I don't remember reading if Daniel and Chloe were married by a Judge, I know he received the marriage application. Just a Thought! and I could be wrong.
Good read and transition from one subject matter to the next.

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