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take me part 225  

dadigan 59M  
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8/14/2021 11:14 pm
take me part 225

We walked out front and I traded my badge for my knife as Deat shook his head and we headed back toward the hotel. There was a breakfast place he liked close to it. After we got in the SUV I asked if he could share any info about what was going on because we only had limited info from the news, and then there was nothing.

"I can't say much except it was/is extensive. We have the info sent to me, so we are going through the names but they mostly seem to be the people who were paying. What we have discovered was intricately set up, and extensive..."

"And disgusting from the little that was on the news." He looked at me and nodded.

"There is not a word to describe it, Daniel, and we have only scratched the surface. They've gone dark and shifted most everything. We're running into brick walls right and left, but we're in the grunt work now. Interpol is handling the EU and we're dealing with N.A. They seem to be interconnected, but we have no proof. It's totally frustrating for everyone because we want these pricks."

"It's gotta be, Deat, especially because of the girls." He looked at me as we pulled into the parking lot.

"It fucking sucks, Daniel because I don't want to talk with Melinda about it, and freak her out, but it's terrible because I kiss the girls good night and think THANK GOD!" I nodded. "You're the first person outside of work that I have said anything to. It's not limited information but it's nice to just tell someone." I was quiet because I did know.

"Let's have breakfast, and a bloody mary, and catch up. I'm pretty sure Melinda is getting an earful." I laughed as we got out and walked into the cafe. It's amazing how years can pass and good friends, like family, will just pick right back where they left off.

We ordered drinks and I asked where they were going? "We're just going up to Breckenridge because it's close, and we don't have a lot of time. The girls will like it because it's got the old mountain town vibe. We use to ski up there when we live here, so Melinda will like it. I told him about Uncle Billy and Ellen, and Utah and how much fun they were having. He looked at me wistfully.

"That's what I'd like to do while the girls are still young, and we still can. You said that the information I got in the mail was a ticket to whatever I wanted. Well, that was kinda right. I'm heading the task force and am on the fast track to move up in D.C., except I hate it there, and Melinda hates it there." We ordered food and another round. I wasn't sure if he was trying to get me tipsy, or he just wanted a friend to talk with.

"Being here in Denver is hard for both me and Melinda because you remember how much we loved it here." I nodded as he chewed on the celery, thinking. Heading up this task force is, as you said, the biggest career break I could get. It's epic."

I looked at him as I chewed my celery stalk and the waiter put down two more. We lifted glasses and smiled. I was quiet, but looking at him. "How long have I known you Deat?" He smiled as he did the math.

"At least 12 years, probably longer."

"You knew my family," he nodded," and you are more of a brother to me, than my own brothers have ever been, so I am going to say this as your brother, and because I love you. If you are unhappy in D.C., and Melinda is unhappy, then fuck the task force." The waiter put our food down and smiled. "A job is a job, because that is what it is, is not as important as sanity, and you family...period. It just isn't, and I don't want to see you and Melinda drift apart because of a bunch of degenerate shitheads." We started eating to counter the vodka, mainly so we could have one more. We both got huevos rancheros, like we always had.

"Listen, truth be told, I like Melinda a hell of a lot more than you, and I always have. That said, she sees...something in you, and I adore the girls, so I don't want to see you fuck things up, Deat, by being a with a bone. When I said what I did, I didn't realize neither of you didn't like Washington." He looked at me, because I was on a roll, because I did love them all, bunches.

"Can you take what you have created with the task force, and head up the Denver office? Denver is one of the cities that made national news, and is why you guys are on it. That's not where this 'could' take your career, but it could be where it 'could' take your life, and family...and make all of you happy again. I'm just sayin."

Deat smiled, "When did you get so fucking smart?"

"I've always been this smart, ask Mel." He laughed and called me an asshole. "You wanted to talk with me about something that got flagged by the bureau." He nodded and reached into his bag as the waiter came up. He looked me, and I nodded because the hotel was four blocks away.

"Once more, and I'll take the check. Thanks. First of all, Daniel, I needed that because you always cut through the shit, so thank you. I am wondering why this man, now deceased, ended up on the floor of the restaurant you are involved in? Do you know him?" I looked at the photo, intently.

"This is the guy that shot me?" He nodded.

"His name is Alexander Rothman, at least we think it is but he was spec. ops, and counter intel, so we don't really know, but I was wondering why he showed at your back door." I looked at him as the waiter brought the last round, the girls did get stoned last night. I pushed the photo back to him.

What makes you think it was related to me, or any of us Deat? The detective I spoke with at Denver Metro said they thought it was mistaken info....wrong place, wrong time. Before now, I had only seen him for maybe 40 seconds. I've been helping open Henry's for months, and he never came in until that morning. I wish I could help you, but I truly don't know anything about him, except I'm glad he's dead." Deat reached back into his bag and I knew this was what he was really interested in.

"Have you ever seen any of these people?" Fuck! I had seen all of them. I looked at him, and then the photo's. "We, think, Rothman was connected to this man. He goes by Gustav, but his last name is...flexible. We think he is one of the upper people in this organization, but they ran a very tight operation. We got these from Interpol, by way of a fluke." I looked at them, took a sip, and nodded.

The photo's were of Gustav, Simon, the shit in Scottsbluff, the woman that supplied the girls to Gustav in Denver, and Philip...Alison's boyfriend when I met her, and Sara. I picked up the photo of Philip and took another sip as I looked at it. Three of the four of these people were dead. I sure wished he didn't have this photo because that would bring Alison into it, which none of us wanted.

"I've never seen any of them, but I know him. All I know is that his name Philip. This is...embarrassing, so discretion. I answered an add on an adult website for a couple that wanted to spice up their relationship. I chatted with the woman, Alison, and we really hit it off, and would email, and text." Deat was taking notes. We met a local restaurant, I can't remember the name but Sara would know." He looked at me and pointed to the hotel.

"That Sara?" I nodded.

"It's complicated, even though it didn't seem to be at the time. I had dinner with Alison and Philip. Philip wanted to watch her have sex with another man. We met at the restaurant to see if that would happen. Sara was our waitress." He looked at me and smiled.

"You're serious." I nodded. He extended his hand for me to continue.

"Alison wanted to be dominated, but told what to do. She wanted me to come back to their place but I told her no...."

"Because she wanted to be dominated." I nodded.

The place closed and Alison and Philip left, and Alison was livid. She had my number, but I only answered when I wanted. I was playing along with her fantasy. I had every intention of meeting with them, and that is when Sara walked out. I said hi. She smiled and asked why I didn't go with them, so I told her and asked if she would like to go somewhere for coffee, or breakfast. She looked at me and got in my car, and we ended up having pancakes at Henry's because Henry is basically her dad. She's a part of the family."

He looked at me and we both took a drink of the bloody mary. Deat looked at his watch. He was kinda stunned. He put is pen down. "And who is Chloe?"

"Chloe is Henry's oldest , and Sara's de facto sister."

"I could be wrong but they both, all, look<b> pregnant.</font></b>" I took a large sip and nodded.

"He motioned for the waiter and pointed at the glasses as he called Melinda. Luckily they were all enthralled as well, except with Mimosa's. "Hey love, Daniel and I are taking longer than I thought..."

"That's fine. We're having such a great time and the girls are more in love than they are with Daniel."


"Sorry, but it's true. Take your time because there's a change of plans, love. They are are having a family cookout tomorrow to welcome a new baby and we are staying here and going to that, so take your time. Bye."

He looked at me as I smiled. "Imagine that times three."

"Ok, let's finish with Philip and Alison."

"Sara invited me for pancakes at Henry's, and I fell in love with her, and them. I told Alison and she was disappointed and it thought was over until she called and said Philip was acting weird, and she was scared. She had my number so I told her where the shop was and Sara and I met her here because it's a safe space. I designed it like that, and I was staying at Sara's. That's when Alison met Sara's other sister, Janey." He looked at me.

"Are you shitting me?" I shook my head.

"No, I'm not, even though it's odd. Alison and Janey totally hit it off, and now want to get married. They'll be back on Saturday. Alison got a lot of phone calls but somehow Philip showed up. I suppose Ali must have gone to her place, even though I told her not to, or he did a background search on me. He showed up at the shop once and was being aggressive toward Alison, and I decked him. He left and we never saw him again. Alison moved on because she fell in love with Janey. I doubt she has even thought of him. I know I hadn't until you showed me his photo. What is his involvement with all of that?"

"We have no idea. We're piecing together information but it's obtuse, at best. So you never saw him again?"

"Not after I clocked him, no. Like I said, I thought he got the message and left. He was kinda weird, and when he started coming after Alison, it was done. I figured he just moved on."

"Did she know anything that he was involved in? Not that I know of, and Alison is pretty forthcoming, especially because became family.. I know that Philip was a prick, and controlling, which is why she called me in the first place, and why I hit him. I don't deal with that kind of shit well." He nodded.

"I'm going to need to talk with her."

"That's not my call Deat, but I don't see why she wouldn't. However, you understand that I'm highly protective of her, and it won't tomorrow, period. They've all been in an RV for a week, a lot of them, and they are done. They are getting back tomorrow, and the family cookout is tomorrow. We didn't plan on the Feds, but you and the girls are welcome, as civilians." He smiled and nodded. "That's all I know, but I'd really like to know why I got shot so if you find some link then let me know.

"Anything else about all this crap?" He smiled and shook his head no. Deat paid the bill and we took our, whatever, Bloody Mary and sat in the lounge and talked about us, since he wasn't on a time line any longer. I called Sam to say I would be later than I thought when Sara called.

"Where are you mister?"

"I'm on speaker so don't say anything you shouldn't." She giggled because she had had champagne. "I can't make any premooses. Hi Deat. I'm Sara and welcome to the family."

'Thanks Sara, that means a lot."

"Yep, it does. Your girls, and wife, are awesomely amazing. Why are you on the east coast? Ooops, i need to go. I'm glad you'll be there tomorrow, Deat. We have a good family to be a part of. I love you sweets. I'll tell Chloe and Annie you said hi."

Deat looked at me. 'Does that happen often?"

'You have no idea, brother."

We talked about us as we sipped the rest of the bloody mary's and then he drove me back to the shop. It wasn't that far. We had no idea what the girls were doing but they all showed up several hours later, all laughing. Deat was in the kitchen on WIFI, and his phone, as I was trying not to injure myself. I figured it was better to just put Philip out there at the outset, because it didn't seem like they really knew much of anything anyway, and two of them were dead. I doubted that Simon would risk coming back, if he was still alive, or the PI that Gustav hired, that went on vacation, would. I needed to talk with Bet and Javier. I was concerned about what Marnine said, that I needed to pay attention.

Deat, Melinda, and the girls were going to leave mid-afternoon. They were going to go to the Zoo, and the Botanical Gardens, and have a nice dinner with lot's of ice cream, and then watch movies on the bed in the hotel. It sounded like a pretty good evening. I hoped that I threw enough, inadvertent dust, in his eyes. Alison really didn't know much of anything, except that Philip was a prick. We'd see soon enough.

I was borrowing trouble with time for Chloe and I to get married, again, because it kept getting changed. Everything seemed screwed up, except notary's, so I went onto the Google and download the form I needed for a Common Law Marriage, which fit for all of us because we just wanted it to be legally binding. Our ceremony would be in Norway. Chloe, Sara, and Annie walked in and looked at me. I slid the paper toward them as I walked into the bedroom and opened the safe. I found my mom's, and my grandmother's wedding rings, because none of my brother's wanted them, and looked at them.

I held them in my hand and teared up because they were idiots. They'd rather have a big, cheap diamond, and white gold, instead of a small, pristine, diamond set in platinum. I locked the safe, walked out, and put the rings on the velvet that they were in.as I pushed it toward them. They stared at me.

Chloe looked at her watch, and at me. It was only three and we had plenty of time. Sara, of course went happy crazy, and tried on all three rings as Lieve walked in to get some kombucha for her break.

"You mind if I stay?" Sara smiled and showed her the rings, as Chloe and Annie moved aside so Lieve could sit next to them. Both of the girls had their hands on her. Sara finished and took off the rings as she put them back smiling.

"This was my mom's ring, and this was mom's mom's, and this was my dad's mom's. There were three of us but my brothers didn't want them. I still don't understand it." Lieve asked if she could pick them up and the girls all said, en masse, that she never had to ask.

She looked at them, and then at me. "These are antique platinum bands, and I'm guessing the diamonds as good as they could get, given the platinum."

I looked at her, and smiled because she was a very interesting young woman. "I assume that is the case. I know everyone who has ever looked at these tried to buy them. You have first choice Chloe, since we have to go and get married. She smiled as Sara clapped.

Chloe was like me, and Annie, we went on the energy, but Sara, and I suspect Lieve, went on their feeling. It might end up being the same in the end, but Chloe, Annie, and I, we felt the 'energy' of the person, and 'grokked,' the meaning of it. Sara decided on how it made 'her' feel, and none of us were about to second guess Sara's ability to make good choices, but she it did it in a totally unusual way."

I was watching them, and smiling, as were Chloe and Annie. Both Sara and Lieve were watching, intently. Sara's tongue was partially out, and her foot was bouncing, meaning that she was stressed, and her sister knew it. She pushed the rings to Sara.

"You met Daniel first, it should be your choice Sara" Both Sara, and Lieve exhaled as Sara clapped and she chose the ring from my dad's mom. Lieve was amazed at this and was watching intently. Sam came out and I motioned him away. Chloe pushed the last two rings to Annie. She looked at them, held them, and smiled, before she pushed them back.

'I can't except either of these, even though I would love to. It's not our tradition. I can't accept a ring from anyone else, not even family. It's dumb, but I am bound by it because my Ma' is still the head of our clan, even though I have been pushing her lately." We all smiled. 'm sorry loves. You mister, are going to have to make me a ring."

"Does it have to be made Elves?" Annie looked at me, blushed, and said that if I could pull that off, it would be acceptable." Sara clapped. Annie pushed the last two rings back to Chloe. She looked at me, and smiled as she kissed me.

Thank you, mister. She held both of them and closed her eyes. It didn't take her long, at all. to pick the oldest of the rings... my mom's, grandmothers' ring. I smiled because they were from Iceland, and Nova Scotia. I looked at Annie, and she smiled as she shrugged. I nodded as I pushed my mom's ring to Lieve, as Sara clapped. Chloe and Annie looked at me, as did Lieve.

I can't accept that Daniel, and besides, I'm gay." I laughed.

"I'm not asking you to marry me, goofball. Although I do like the tats!? Both Chloe, and Annie, hit me at the exact same time. Annie can't have it, and Chloe and Sara chose the rings they should have. Sara clapped!!! Neither of us has a living mom, but my mom would want me to give that to you so you can share it with the woman you fall in love. I would rather you have have it, then it sit in a safe, because you understand it."

They all looked me at once, which sorta scared me, and they descended on me, nibbling. I looked at Annie when they were done, and my heart hurt, but I knew what I needed to do. I just hoped I had enough time. Right now, we needed to go to my bank, which was odd, as it should be, I supposed. Sara and Lieve walked out front and told Sam and Henry it was quitting time. They didn't listen until they finished what they were working on, thankfully. Sara and Lieve showed them their rings.

Sara and and Lieve both had pure spirits. They saw the rings as how it made them 'feel.' It made them feel loved. Annie and Chloe looked at it as what it meant. They still knew the love, but they felt the depth of that love, and understood it, even though Annie couldn't accept my family's ring. We were a strange bunch, but I knew where to get a ring, assuming I had enough. Right now, I needed to get married

We all got into the truck as Sam and Henry looked at us. Ama said something about having to choose between this world, and the other. What I know is that day was a day the staff at my bank would never forget. I still wanted to go before the judge, but the date kept moving back, like most things. I'd have to talk with Charles, but Chloe and I were legally married.

OlderPete58 63M  
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8/15/2021 4:39 am

Did I miss something in that last paragraph he said he wanted to get married but date kept getting moved then say he and Chloe are married?

dadigan 59M  
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8/15/2021 9:50 am

Date with the judge kept getting delayed. you can get a Common Law marriage by getting a form notarized....

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