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take me part 230  

dadigan 60M  
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8/16/2021 11:48 pm
take me part 230

Annie grabbed my hair, squeezed and pulled me to her as she kissed me as deeply as she ever had. "I will but we need to get ready to pick up your cousins. We need to figure out who and where, and the houses. Lieve spoke,

"Don't take this the wrong way, because it's got nothing to do with having sex, but we could wash the sheets here, and I could stay with you.... last night was nice." We all nodded.

"That's a good idea because I was thinking we could stay at Alison's because it's 2 bd/ba, so Jake would have his own space, and if anyone is around both Annie and I would be there, and y'all are pretty darn cute. I took out my phone and showed them. They shook their head's, and smiled, but didn't hit me. I guessed their wrists hurt.

"I think it's a good idea." She looked at Annie, who nodded. Lieve raised her hand.

"You don't have to raise your hand either, sweets."

"I want a cool pair of PJ's." Annie and Chloe both laughed as Annie and Lieve went in to get ready. Chloe sat on my lap.

'You worried about Norway, mister? You know we are completely in love with you, right." I nodded.

"I can deal with whatever happens in Norway." I could feel her squirm, and start to get wet, but we didn't have time. We still have a LOT of balls in the air. Do you know anyone that does old bonsai?" She looked at me like I had multiple heads, again.

"Yeah. Why?"

"I know what I want to get as gifts for Astrid and Ama. I'm just not sure where."

"I know the person, as does Annie, but he's in Osaka. He's a Master, of several things, but he loves bonsai. He is quite old, even though you wouldn't know. You would like him, love. I'll talk with Annie as we go to the airport." I was quiet.

"Don't worry about Lieve, sweets, she made her choice and she chose us. She chose you. She's never had a dad. It's good<b> training </font></b>for you, Love. You'll need to go alone, which we'll all hate, but there is too much going on." I nodded. "I'll call him and let him know, and tell Annie. She'll be very intrigued, which will be totally fun to watch. Don't tell me anything so I can't spill my guts when she tickles me. Give me your phone."

"It's early Chloe."

"I know. I'm sorry. Can we trade rides? We're picking up Daniel's cousin's at DIA."

"Yeah, but the munchkin's come with it. You can strap them to the luggage rack.'

"DEAL!!!!!! it won't be long. I'm calling Henry now about pancakes. Thanks, Mags."

"Hey, what's up this early on a Saturday...when we're closed?"

"Stop the BS pops." Silence. 'I already know that you and Joseph helped Daniel work through his dream. Thanks!" SILENCE. "We need pancakes for munchkins, and Lieve...and maybe me, Annie, Sara, and Melissa. Can you do that with such short notice."

"If you stopped flapping your gums." Click. Henry looked at Sabrina, who smiled at him as they showered and went to Henry's to start making pancakes. Sabrina was probably my age, 40-ish. She had a career in finance, and did well, but hated it, so she became an architect. She was highly motivated, so she had a great job, but she wanted to do what she wanted to. Bethany was the inverse of Sabrina. Bethany started working on her own, and then shifted into a high power, high profile, position...and she loved it. It was interesting to me that they became friends, and even more interesting that both of them were in our lives....but I was very thankful.

Sara and Melissa pulled up and Sara got out before the car stopped and ran at me before she launched herself, and bit my shoulder as Melissa walked up. "Does she always bite you?"

"Not always, but mostly." Sara nodded. "You and I need to talk," as I looked at Melissa. She looked me, nodded and smiled. "Sara." She raised her head, looked at me, kissed me, and asked what.

"I had a little bird tell me a secret this morning..."

"NO you didn't! WHAT?"

"Henry is going to make pancakes." She punched me.

"Get outta town, mister. If you're making that up then we'll both hurt you, bad." I grabbed the sides of her head, kissed her, and said go ask her sister. She grabbed Melissa by the shirt and ran inside.. I called Henry.

"I'm a little busy."

'You better have bacon, or Sara is going to be pissed." He laughed.

"I have bacon."

Sara ran out and launched herself, again, as she kissed me, and everyone smiled. "You weren't lying mister. You remember our pancakes?" Melissa walked up and was hugging me, as Sara was hugging me.

"I do, love. Did you make signs?" She smiled and ran back to the car and grabbed them. There were several.... Happy 4th! Welcome to Denver. Hi, I'm Sara....and HI!!!!!! Stephanie and Alison. They all had shooting stars, fireworks, sparkles...and, something that might be the Loch Ness monster.

They all headed to Sam and Maggie's and then for breakfast. I headed to the storage unit to get the extension cords, and various tubs and what not we always ended up using on the fourth. I had nowhere to go. The guys from the circle wouldn't be here this early. Once the girls got the munchkins, then Sam and Maggie would be occupied, and once they all left pancakes and bacon, Henry and Sabrina would probably be occupied. I locked the shop and said hi to Bob as he walked in and went into his den. It was a either a good night, or a bad one. I had my pen and notepad so I jumped the fence and walked.

I called Kim's gem guy. "Hello, this Karxi."

"Hi, my name is Daniel, and...."

Yes... are you Kimberly's, Daniel?"

"I suppose I am. It's nice to speak with you Karxi."

"Yes. Kimberly told me what you want. It is most unusual, I must say, but I like that. I never buy, or sell, fakes...and there are plenty."

"That is why my cousin trusts you, Karzxi."

"Yes, indeed. We work very closely together because she is quite a big deal."

"I know."

"So, my friend. What are you looking for?"

"Karxi, i care about the quality. It needs to be seen,so bif enough for that, but beyond that. I would rather have pristine, and smaller, than poor and large." He was quiet.

"I have access to nine stones,that are all pristine they are half a carat to a carat. I have known Kimberly for a long time, she is coming to look at them and she will get the best price I could give anyone."

"Do you take Bitcoin?


'Where are you located?"

"I live in Halifax."

"Do you possession of them?"

"I do, Daniel."

'Please hold them. I have to arrange a time but I will be flying to Nova Scotia."

"I can do that as a favor for Kimberly."

"I appreciate that Karxi. Thank you." Given the way the world seemed to be working, I'd rather have pristine, and old diamonds, rather than cash. The girls may not agree with me. We'd see. I had an ever expanding family. Chloe, Sara, and Annie were pregnant, so each girl would have one for the future. Annie need a ring. I figured that since Chloe got my family's rings, that Ella's would go to Janes and Ali, as it should, but I also thought at some point they would want a baby and there was NO way anyone in this family would refuse that request, whether I cared or not.

I had been thinking about what to do with Philip's share. I needed to talk with Sam and Maggie but I figured they would have a hard time taking it. We had already helped two single moms that I intruded upon as I was trying to understand how to push, which seemed to have crapped out at the moment, but I'd rather not have this in cash, or even bitcoin. I was getting paranoid, and it probably didn't matter anyway. Annie called.

"Hey Love, what are you doing?"

"Walking, and thinking. How were the pancakes?"

"Excellent! Sara is super happy, on top of being SUPER HAPPY!!!! Did you know we had signs?" I laughed, and said yes. "Did you know that Henry and Sabrina are having sex?" Silence.

"I'll take that as yes, and don't worry, Love, I suspect that you are like me, and you notice such things, and don't care because it's not any of your business."

'Pretty much, but I briefly talked with him."

"Well tell him that she is about ready to go into 'heat." I shook my head because I did NOT want to have that conversation, but I had too.

"Did Chloe notice?"

"I don't think so because Sabrina's a total geek and was sketching the entire time. She really is a geek. We're getting ready to make fools of ourselves at your airport. Wish us luck. We'll see you soon and I totally love you, mister. Chloe is not spilling her guts. yet, but I've known her for long time, and I'll get it out of her, mister.

"I love you, but what makes you think that wasn't a diversion." Silence.

'You are devious, mister, so you'll be fine dealing with my sister...and 'him.' Enjoy, sweets. We'll take good care of your family." I walked to the shop, went inside, opened the safe and took three things out, put them in a bag, along with.... I put the gun back. I hoped that wasn't a mistake. I put all of it in a duffel and threw it in the lock box of the truck and went to the storage unit.

Claw51478 74M  
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8/17/2021 12:37 am

Great read, don't remember much of story, got up at 1:30am to pee, my 4 munchkins ( dogs ) ran thru house and outside, opened computer, read #229, then #230 popped up, my eyes are droopy, head nodding, drifting off to sleep. But, read both, It's now 2:35am, really must have fallen asleep @ the deck and wrote my comments. Will have to re-read latter in morning when I finally wake up. Ya'll have a good nite.

Claw51478 74M  
226 posts
8/17/2021 7:17 am

Started the re-read #8:45 am. Great read, Understand a lot more than earlier this AM. just finished @9:00 AM. . I think Daniel is going to get 4 diamonds, have rings made for Annie and the 3 daughters to be born shortly. Bonsai tree's, that would be a unique gift to Ama & Annie's mom.
A definition I found w/ Google : Ficus bonsai is referred to as a “cheerful tree” because it is thought to enhance the moods of those who are nearby. This bonsai symbolizes unity, new beginnings, abundance, simplicity, and the harmony of nature. It is also believed that having a ficus in the home will release positivity and understanding. I think Ama & Mom will appreciate and really accept Daniel into the family.

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