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take me part 232  

dadigan 60M  
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8/18/2021 2:40 pm
take me part 232

I couldn't shake the sense that someone was watching us and I had no idea who. I turned and drove back to the shop, and opened the safe. I hated doing this but I needed a contingency. I put them in my bag, locked it, and was heading back to the truck when I got a blinding headache and fell, unconscious. I looked up as Joseph sat down.

"I'm guessing you're rethinking the slate right about now," as I flipped him off and sat up. "It is refreshingly cool. You have two things to figure out Daniel. One you know, even though don't think you do, and one that you don't have a clue about. Work on figuring out the one that you can right now. We are limited in what we can share, and the reason you have the access that you do is because you are unique. It's not that we are willfully trying to keep you in the dark... well, maybe Marnine. We aren't exactly sure yet. Wake up, you have things to do." I got up, had some juice and drove to Henry's. His truck was still there so I pounded on the door until he opened it.

"What?" I reached into my pack and took out an oilcloth and box of ammo.

"This was my grandfather's. It's been cleaned. I assume you still know how to use it?" He nodded and stared at me. "Don't tell the girls but I need a backup plan in case things get FUBAR. I can't keep everyone safe when I don't even know what the threat is. Melissa will protect Sara and Annie will do the same for Chloe and the . I'll watch Janey and Alison." Sabrina walked up. "Hi." She smiled, and nodded. "We can't shift so that limits us, and I might just be paranoid, so I don't want to freak them out for nothing." He nodded. Focus on watching over Sara, Chloe and the . I'm trying to figure things out but I need to go." Henry looked at me in silence because nothing needed to be said. I drove to Sam's.

"I backed up and and honked as Sam and Mags came out the back door, smiling. I hugged them both and pointed to the generator. "You try it yet?" He shook his head and said it was too hot. The downside of them is that they usually sit without being used and the reason Sam hadn't done anything was the same reason I hadn't because once you put gas and oil in it then it needed to be maintained.

"I'm figuring I'll get it going in September. I think this is going to be a bad winter." I nodded. Maggie hugged me, looked at me like only she can, and went back inside as Sam and I loaded the grill. "Everything OK?"

"Nope, and I have absolutely no idea why." We strapped the grill down and sat on the tailgate. "Nice not having the munchkins underfoot?" He smiled and nodded.

"I've got a large load of wood getting delivered. Can you and Jake help me stack it?" I said sure and told him that I was going to be gone for a few days coming up in the next week, or so. "That's fine. I talked with Javier and Beto is working at the shop, and there could be a couple of others. Beto's wife freaked after what happened to Oscar, and he knows tools, so it won't take long for him to get up to speed." I nodded as we got up and I headed to Sara's. I was at the corner, and could see Sara's house, so I pushed around the neighborhood. Nothing. I hoped Joseph was right.

I backed into the driveway and Mrs McGinty, the neighbor, was watering, which meant she was annoyed. I waved as every girl came flying out from around back and I took of running around the yard until I stopped and turned into the tickle monster and turned the tables on them. The girls screamed, and ran. Stephanie and Alison laughed and tried to keep them safe as they ran into the back yard. Sara jumped on my back to try and slow me down and the neighbors golden Lab was helping by barking at all of us. Chloe and Annie each grabbed an ankle and they all yelled for the girls who ran and jumped on me. I fell to my knees, and then flat on the ground and they banished the tickle monster.

"Do you morons mind<b> getting off </font></b>of me?" They tried telling that I had turned into the tickle monster...again. "You're all crazy because there is no such thing as the tickle monster." Sara said that I was the big, dumb moron and there was absolutely a tickle monster which was why they were all sitting on me in the backyard. The girls hugged me as Sam and Maggie walked up smiling and the girls ran to them. I got up and said hi to my cousins, Stephanie and Alison.

"The tickle monster never gets old." I smiled and hugged them. It'd been too long and I was glad they were there. "How are you...dad to be? We don't see you in a few years and you get yourself into all kinds of trouble." I laughed, and nodded, because I couldn't argue. Sam and I got the grill down as Henry and Sabrina were walking up the driveway. Sam looked at me.

"This will be interesting." We said hi as they walked past smiling. It didn't take long for Chloe to storm around the side, and for Sam to completely abandon me. She hit me as hard as she could, grabbed my hair and marched down the driveway to the street where she hit me again.


"How long have known, Daniel?" She was livid.

"I wondered last night but we talked this morning." She punched me again and walked away. "I couldn't just say something...." She turned and glared at me as I took two steps back, and to the right

"Why?" I was confused.

"Why, what?"

She exhaled in utter exasperation at my stupidity. 'WHY, couldn't you say anything?" Because it's not our business and was up to Henry to say something......" which was the exact wrong thing to say and she punched me again and stormed off. "Don't follow me Daniel, or I might hurt you and I don't give a shit about that bear." I walked home thinking..."might hurt me?"

Claw51478 74M  
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8/18/2021 4:02 pm

Poor Daniel, he really stepped into the shit patch, won't be the last. I have stepped into it many times. The neighbor is probably looking somewhat curious / smirked , while having a big shit eating grin on her face.
Something is coming up w/ Gustav & / or company. He will figure it out at the last minute.

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