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take me part 236  

dadigan 59M  
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8/20/2021 3:37 pm
take me part 236

Don't touch anything . No one touch those. I walked into the shop and got gloves, and the magnifying glass and walked back into the kitchen and put gloves down. I took the notebooks and started looking through them and my heart stopped. I dropped them and walked back into the shop and grabbed the phone that was charging and called Bet.

"We got trouble, Daniel. Again."

"Yeah we do. Where are you?" I wrote it down. They were all reading the notebooks. There were four.... one for Chloe, one for Annie, one for Janey, and one for Sara and there was more information than should be in them. I started pulling the weapons and looking. All the serial numbers were filed off, same with the rifle.

"Daniel?" I hoped this place was as safe as I thought. "There is nothing in these about Alison. What does it mean?"

"It means we're all<b> sleeping </font></b>here tonight and Annie, Melissa, and I aren't getting much." Shitty time to run out of champagne. I grabbed the passports and threw them in with the guns. I didn't understand the rifle because there was no good place around here for a line of site, except maybe the open space but it sloped down, assuming something was going to happen on the fourth, and assuming it was even meant for us. I went back into shop and rummaged in toolboxes until I found them, the clippers I use for pruning. I threw them in the bag and hugged everyone.

"I'll be back as soon as I can. Everyone stays inside. Period." I looked at Annie before she could say anything. "NO! It's not a request." I heard the door lock as I walked to the truck and pushed. Nothing. I pulled up the Javier gave , and honked once when I got there. The door opened and I drove in. It was an old auto repair shop, on a Saturday night, the day before the fourth of July, at least we had some luck left. I took the clippers, and gloves, and handed the bag to Bet. She nodded and said they'd check into the passports and they were looking the phone.

"His ID is likely bogus and the he was is a chargeable one and looked to be from oversees. The passport are legit, which takes a level of sophistication. Did he have ?" I nodded and told them I locked it up but hadn't checked it but it looked to be all US. We can go through it later. They nodded.

Joseph said there was one threat I knew, which I thought was the woman in the photo's that Deat had because she was connected to Gustav, and there was one that I didn't have a clue about. I was guessing this was the start of figuring that out. I was starting to think that Rothman wasn't looking for Alison and it wasn't chance that he was aiming at Chloe, but there was information about all four them, and that bothered . I told Bet and Javier.

"You know where William is? The first guy that followed from Alison's condo."

"He's home and packing. The guys sliced into his internet feed and we have cameras. We're trying to get his phone but didn't want to tip our hand, but after this we're thinking it might be time to tip it and see what's what...and to scare him again." I nodded.

"You have tarps and tape?" They stared at me and nodded. "Rubbing alcohol, or something close?" Javier nodded.

I took the hood off of this guy and he glared at me with hatred in his eyes so I him him the nose with the closed side of my fist, shattering it. I was done because he was coming after my family. I'd either get info or he would cease to be. He yelled and stared at . "I can either make this easy for you, or hard for you. It's your choice." Javier set the tarps, tape, and alcohol down in front of him. "The choice is yours but either way." I removed the gag, and the sock from his as he started cursing, and spate. I him, dislocating his jaw, stuck the sock back in and taped his mouth.

I knew he wouldn't be leaving alive because he was targeting my family. He wasn't going to say anything but I'd try. I waited until his jaw stopped hurting somewhat before I started pruning and using rubbing the alcohol. I didn't like this part of myself but no one fucks with my family and I was pissed because we needed to wedding, and a trip, and gifts, and this was seriously fucking things up.

Bet walked out and called Chloe to tell them I'd be back soon. Chloe asked what was going on. Bet said her that I would be back soon and hung up. The two guys that had been with them the longest came in and talked with Bet and Javier, and walked up. None of us were making this mistake again. I was curious who this guy was but I didn't want anyone looking into him in case his info was flagged, and I didn't want anyone else getting hurt. We had enough shit to deal with. I took one of his guns and ended it and wrapped him in two tarps before taping it and us loading him into the van. I wasn't going to ask them to do it, taking the body was bad enough. It was my family. The guys drove him to the desert and he disappeared. Bet called Chloe at 1am to tell them I was on my back..... everyone knew what that meant, except Jake and maybe Sara.

Bet and Javier looked at me as we nodded and I got in the truck to head back to the shop. "Call us if you need us. We'll be paying attention tomorrow. I nodded and backed . It'd been three hours. I drove back to the shop to wait for the next one. I tried to avoid this but life wasn't interested. Fine.

I walked up to the door as Annie, Chloe, and Janey walked . Jake was asleep in the study and Sara, Alison, and Lieve were curled in a mass wearing some of Lieve's pajama haul. I walked in as Annie locked the door and reset the alarm. "Go take a shower Love. You smell like blood." I walked into the shower as they brought in clean clothes. They didn't say anything, they just wanted me to know that they were there. Melissa walked in as I opened the door and grabbed a towel."

"Don't worry ladies, he's my cousin, and in love with Sara.

Claw51478 74M  
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8/20/2021 4:43 pm

What I am thinking: the first PI, The dead PI ) rorh ----- ) and now this guy, were not part of Gustav's operation. That maybe it is Annie's sisters boyfriend. Anne is set to take over the clan, if she is dead, the sister is next in line and the boyfriend gains the power he wants. I don't think it is Marnines family, but, it could very well be. They all crave power and the other clans do not like them. AHHH, we will have to wait and see how this plays out.

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