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take me part 242  

dadigan 59M  
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8/22/2021 11:46 am
take me part 242

I had too many people to run to, so I ran to Lieve. I don't remember getting inside, all I remember was hugging her as she cried and then pushed me away as she kept the drone from crashing.

"You're looking in the wrong place now. The people you are looking for are way worse than that bitch. She wanted money. These other people want power, Da, and they are way more dangerous." I stared at her as I touched her face, and kissed her, as I wondered who she was. I asked too much of them.

"This is not finished Da'. They are coming, but it won't be here, now." I hugged her as she tried to keep the drone in the air. "I need WAY better equipment, pop." I nodded and walked out as Chloe walked in, followed by Sara and looked at me. Chloe hit me in the jaw and went in to talk with LIeve. Sara ignored me and followed. Fucking Christ, these women could hit. I walked outside.

Annie and Janey were waiting. "You waited outside?"

"They already hit us...twice. If you want to get in the way of Chloe, be our guest because we would like to see that. She scares everyone" I looked at them, and shook my head, and Chloe walked out, glaring at me. Everyone took four steps backward.

Chloe didn't need to shift because she was a force of nature too, Sara just happened to be the happy version....that is not what I got. Sara came pounding out, looking for me. I was thinking....Jesus Christ, we did ok....and she ran at me. She didn't need to shift either and she wasn't concerned if I did, at all. She wasn't concerned about anything, except hurting me.

I could have moved, easily, but I didn't. She launched like Sara did, except it wasn't gentle. She hit me harder than any of them, which shocked me. She bit me and I thought she would tear out a chunk. I didn't stop her. Annie walked up.

"Love, you need to stop now, and I know don't want to. You can bite him tomorrow." Chloe growled at me as Sara let go and hit me in the same place as Chloe. "Don't you ever do that again without telling us," and went with her sister. Chloe looked at me as she growled, and walked away. Chloe was pissed, so pissed that not even Annie wanted to deal with her but her and Janey followed them

I grunted and stared. I couldn't blame them, any of them. Melissa walked up rubbing her jaw. "You're either the smartest man in the world, or the stupidest. Who knew Sara could hit so hard? How's Lieve? She saved our asses." I nodded and said fine as Deat walked up.

"You OK?" We nodded. I need to talk with you. I told him I knew. "I want answers Daniel." I told him it was a two way street. He nodded and walked away as the cops pulled up. "You throw a hell of a party, and there are still fireworks coming." He laughed. SHIT!

Melissa looked at me. "What do we do?" I shrugged as we walked to see Jake and Emily. It worked, barely, but it took a large toll. With all the adrenaline running through the girls these babies were going to be something else. Emily slapped me and then hugged me. Jake just hugged me...thankfully.

"You OK?" Uncle Billy asked.

"Physically, yes." Neither Ellen, Christine, nor Bethany were speaking to me. No one seemed to have left but they all moved further back into the circle. It was free food, and cheap beer, and this sort of thing doesn't happen everyday, at least I hoped not. I kissed Jake and Emily and said I'd be back. I walked toward Deat as the drone flew over the house and into open space. Lieve had found her calling but Jake and Emily were going to be pissed. I obviously wasn't buying just one drone. The police stopped me as Deat walked up.

"He's with me." They nodded. What a cluster fuck this was. I told the officer to have his people get food. He smiled and nodded. "I'm guessing you know who this." I told him I had my suspicions. "She dyed her hair from the photo we have but maybe we'll find out who she is now. There was no ID. You mind filling me in on the vests?"

"It's complicated Deat, and will take some time. I'll tell you what I know but I'd like some answers too." He looked at me and nodded. "How are Melinda and the girls?"

"Freaked out. I wanted them to go back to the hotel but they want to watch the fireworks." I told him to have the girls take them into the shop. "Denver Metro needs to speak with you." I nodded. A detective walked up.

"Can you give me one minute?" He nodded. It pays to a friend in the FBI. I got a<b> beer </font></b>and walked back as he smiled and said he wouldn't mind one himself. I nodded. "Let's sit in the shade at least, officer." It was all routine and just for the report. He gave me his card and said to call him if I had forgotten anything. I nodded. "Be sure to tell your folks to grab some food. There's plenty." He said thanks and walked away as Chloe and Sara sat down, at least they didn't hit me. Sara came over and sat in my lap as Chloe spoke.

"Don't you ever keep us in the dark again, Daniel. Understand?" I nodded. "We are a family and we rise, or fall, together. PERIOD! Are you hurt?"

"Just sore, and I'm sorry. Can you take Melinda and the girls inside? They're stressed. Lieve can show them how to use the drone. " She shook her head as she got up and kissed me. Sara looked at me called me a big dumb idiot, kissed me walked off with Chloe. Holy fuck, what a day and it was barely past three, and the worse one was still out there somewhere.

Claw51478 74M  
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8/22/2021 2:23 pm

great read. Keeps us on our toes, what will happen next.

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