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take me part 245  

dadigan 60M  
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8/24/2021 9:58 am
take me part 245

Chloe walked up to me, sat down, hugged me, and stroked my hair as everyone else watched. I took a deep a breath and shook my head. "Love, we know why you are crying, but now is not the time. We need you because we don't know what to do, and Annie is scared out of her mind even though she isn't saying anything. We don't know what to do about this? We need you."

I growled, stood up, and walked back inside as Chloe followed me. Annie hugged me. I was beyond being polite. I'd leave that to Sara. I walked into the bedroom and both Jake and Emily started in. "ENOUGH!" Lieve didn't get a drone. She's using a drone, and if she's smart she'll have a job job at the FBI by the end week, so stop.... both of you. Lieve smiled because she was just elevated in big sister status a hundredfold.

I looked at her, "How much longer can you fly it?

"Not long Da', maybe 45 minutes but I risk crashing it and it's not terrible. We might need it tomorrow. Jake and Emily were getting ready to say something as I looked at them, and they stopped.

"Show Emily and Jake how to fly it for 20 minutes and bring it back and then find what we need.... comm's too.... for three of you. Show me what you find. You're all family but Lieve is oldest which means she's in charge when your mom's or I aren't around. Understood?" Jake and Emily nodded. 'Good, have fun."

I walked into the kitchen as everyone was looking at me. I got down on my knees in front Deat and Melanie's girls, "I'm sorry for the bad words, and all the scary stuff. Today was kinda weird." They nodded as they looked at their mom. "The rest of the day is going to be fine, and we are in the best place to watch fireworks. Y'all can go back out front if you want." They hugged, as did Melanie. I was not in a polite mood. I walked out front looking for Henry, Sam, and Uncle Billy. The girls looked at each other and followed me. Things were kinda getting back to a party, aside from the police tape, and dead body outline. Beer had been free all afternoon, and there was food, so I don't think anyone left. The helicopter was a bonus.

I had an entourage but I too much to do. I saw Sam and Maggie first. Maggie stepped back as I walked up. "Sorry to be blunt but I need to talk." Maggie nodded. "Sam, we need to talk about the shop. The girls and aren't safe here and I'm not sure they're safe in the other houses." He nodded. The main thing I loved about this place, the open space, was almost the reason for someone dying, because I knew they wouldn't have missed. I told him what was going on and what my plan was. He nodded.. "We can all talk later. My problem is that I the people that could do what I do aren't safe staying here, so let's think about it. We also need get the bench set up for the Andersen's>" He nodded.

"I can do it Daniel, I'm a mom four times over." I laughed as I looked at Sam. "What you do is a special skill but it's not hard, if you have it and I have it, and I was going to be looking for something to do because the girls are going back to school soon." I smiled and hugged her.

I did the same thing with Henry and Uncle Billy "What about Jake and Emily? I understand the need Daniel, and I'm not saying it's the wrong decision, but?" FUCK!. I looked at them and nodded as I needed to find Christine and Bethany. This was going to be a hard choice for all of us, because none of wanted to apart, not even Billy and Ellen. I looked at the shop and smiled and went to find Sabrina. She was dancing with with Christine and Bethany, a lot of people were. Thank God for the DJ. He was getting a nice tip because he held things together, well that and the free<b> beer. </font></b>I suppose free<b> beer </font></b>does that. Christine and Bethany glared at me as i walked up.

"I need Sabrina, but we need to talk later." I walked away as Sabrina caught up to me and asked if everything was OK. I looked at her and shook my head. I walked us away from the crowd. "I need you to stop focusing on the shop. Hold the designs and send Bethany the invoice for your time and she'll take care of it. Focus on Henry's, and the building, and if we buy the other one then focus on that, and the warehouse. Things got complicated and we might not be around for awhile" She looked at me and nodded. "If you need anything talk with Bethany, Henry, or Sam, but you have my number and email. I'm sorry." We walked back but Sabrina was no longer in a dancing mood. She walked to Henry, who hugged her.

I walked back inside and poured warm Prosecco. They all looked at me. Melanie and the girls were out front having fun, which was interesting because of how quickly people can adapt. I sat down as Lieve, Jake and Emily came out, and the rest of the family walked in. "We have problems, and we need to make decisions, but they are complicated. Sam
and Henry can deal with the shop, and Bethany has the money covered." They nodded. "We need to focus on Jake and Emily."

They both looked at me like deer in headlights. They knew something was wrong, just not exactly what. Everyone was looking at me, which I hated. "We can't stay here after tonight, not like this. It's too dangerous. The main reason we dodged this, today, was because of Lieve and a shitty drone. We can't risk that again." They all nodded. "Someone is looking for us, and it seems likely that Annie's family has something to with it, but I'm totally convinced." She looked at me. "Just because she knew him doesn't mean it WAS her family but it seems the likely choice. This is a briar patch."

Chloe said, "What about Jake and Emily?" They are starting back soon." Christine and Bethany nodded and looked at me.

"That's the question that is our main one to figure out." Billy raised his hand.

"They could come and stay with us, Lieve too, and meet their other cousins. I'm sure I can get them into early admission classes at Tech." I didn't growl because it was from his heart, and Unc was trying to help even though Christine and Bethany weren't pleased. "They'd be

Bethany raised her hand and asked the exact right question as only an accountant could. "Are you in that much danger?" I nodded and said, "Yes, I doubt Jake and Emily are but none of us want to take that risk."

"You didn't mind that earlier, Daniel. Christine said, as only a scared, and angry, mom can." Everyone just stared at her because she was right when Billy said.

"Christine, you're right but they never left our sides and were as far removed as possible but that's water under the bridge and now we have to figure out how to keep everyone safe.

"The other thoughts are Jake and Emily stay here because it's their senior year and there is still family here while we sort things out, or they come with us, do remote learning and lose senior year. There are no easy choices. I don't expect us to come to a decision now, but we need to figure one out. Janey and Alison, and Christine and Bethany said they could alternate. I wasn't very keen on the idea of Alison staying here because I had no idea who the woman was, exactly, and she tried killing her. I knew why was trying to kill me...why not. Again, there there were no easy answers, or clear path. Today could have been an absolute cluster fuck and Joseph right, I needed to stop relying on luck and move to offense.

Lieve raised her hand, "as much I would love to come with you, I want to call Deat and work with them. I loved what I did today." We all smiled and nodded. If Jake and Emily stay then I'll keep them in line." I hugged he and told her I'd speak with him when we done but that she wasn't staying here. She nodded.

Everyone was looking at everyone else, wondering, when Emily raised her hand. Sara told her she didn't need to raise her hand. "What, Love?"

"How about you ask me and Jake what we want? We are almost 18." We looked at each other and smiled.

Claw51478 74M  
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8/24/2021 11:55 am

Good read. Liked it very much.
I had a full paragraph written on this Part. All the what if, therefor's, etc. Clicked Post, everything froze up, went blank and it was all gone.

OlderPete58 63M  
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8/24/2021 1:18 pm

Its getting deep and involved the emotions are running and I like the way Daniel is taking control it will be interesting to see what happens. He has to find out more about Annie's family and Deat, he will have some info perhaps on the snippers as well as the woman.
Daniel has a ring to pickup and he needs to find out who and what he really is there is a hidden meaning to his family history something that has a lot of people worried about who and what he is.

This could be very interesting well done again

dadigan 60M  
50 posts
8/24/2021 1:37 pm

figure's! Imagine that after 12. )

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