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take me part 246  

dadigan 59M  
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8/24/2021 12:31 pm
take me part 246

Sam in came with beer, thankfully, and handed me one as I looked and Jake and Emily. 'You're right, love, what are your thoughts?" They looked at each other and Jake said,

"Emily and I could stay here at the shop, and study from...." We all yelled NO! at the same time, and not softly. They both smiled because all walked right into it. "You guys are SO easy it's almost embarrassing. I say that we go were the drones go," spoken like a true guy. Emily hit in the arm, shaking her head.

"Where are going?"

"We're not sure yet, but I was thinking Iceland." The all stared at me. Jake and Emily both said Iceland, which didn't make Christine and Bethany happy, but did make me and the girls happy, assuming we could protect them there, and then in Norway,

I looked at Annie, who was staring a hole through me. "Is the house that Ama said I could use when I stayed with her large enough?" She smiled and nodded.

"It's large enough for all of us and it's somewhat warm, and now is the time to split wood because it gets cold. It's a good thought because she's isolated, and well stocked, and we could do patrols. There are a couple of other's but Ama's makes the most sense, and she's family I can trust." Everyone was stunned, and speechless.

"Cool your jets, we're a family and we'll figure it together...all of us, even the snots as I pointed to Jake and Emily. It's not a bad idea because everyone was going to be in Norway sometime soon anyway. Jake and Emily can explore and meet the other side of the family, God help us, and once we work all this out then they can come back and finish out their senior year. It's not like we need to leave tonight." God I hoped not. "I'll be back. Come on Lieve, lets track down Deat in case he needs to leave." She smiled.

Everyone was talking but Janey and Alison were looking at me as I pointed and motioned outside. They followed. "I don't think you should stay here. I think you should come too. I'm hoping Deat can shed some light into who she is...was, but there are at least two others who were connected in all of that and I can't be in two places at once...at least not yet. It's a pain but Iceland has great infrastructure, and you wouldn't need to stay with us. It's not like there isn't money. I'm not sure it's safe for you to be here yet." They looked at each. "Discuss it and talk with your sisters."

"What about Henry?"

"Henry will be as happy as a pig in shit. He's got Issa, David, and Ishla to dote on. He's got Sabrina, and he has a renewed purpose..... building something for our . He's got the shop, redesigning the restaurant and building, helping with the warehouse for the shop. Henry's got the best gig of all us." They smiled, and nodded as they hugged us and walked inside.

Lieve and I walked to Deat who was just finishing up with Denver Metro. "They're done so you can take down the tape." I told him not chance. He smiled. "Lieve, you did an amazing job today, with not great equipment and you get your cool, which isn't easy. I was serious about getting you into<b> training </font></b>and if you had fun today, what you'll learn with us will blow your mind." She had a huge smile.

"That's why we're here, but I have questions," as I stared at him. Deat had known me a long time.

"We aren't the military, or the CIA, Dad. There are recon drones and once she learns from us she could easily get into any agency, although I don't why she would because our equipment is the best, it's just not armed." Lieve looked at me as everyone walked up behind us.

"Lieve, you're a woman and don't need my permission. I think it's a smart idea because you saved this family, twice. If you're looking for my blessing you have it. She hugged me and and turned to look at everyone else. They all smiled and she plowed into them, quite the week since she came into our lives for a job.

"I can still help Sam on my off time, and I can watch over the houses while you're gone. I wouldn't have much time spend anyway." I nodded and hugged her as Deat held out his hand but Lieve hugged him too because she was so excited.... that was at least one of them I didn't have to worry about. I had one other thing to do for Lieve, but that was a surprise, if I was right.

OlderPete58 63M  
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8/24/2021 1:46 pm

So Iceland it is then I hope Daniel doesn't forget to pick the ring up on the way else Anne will be pissed at him lol.

So will he be able to spilt himself in two and be in two places at once, that would be a clever trick and just what will he learn in Iceland.

Iceland is a place that is quite mystical, ideal for the druid people the long summer days and long winter nights.

Claw51478 74M  
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8/24/2021 2:00 pm

Daniel is formulating a plan, beginning to put it into action. Lieve is now taken care of with Deat. Now are ALL, of the ladies going to go to Iceland? Annie still has to tell Daniel all that she knows about the sniper, Deat has to tell Daniel all the FBI has found out on the 2 snipers and the gal assassin , that is now dead. He needs this info now, so he can modify and implement his plan as needed. Iceland sounds like a good place to go visit.

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