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take me part 259  

dadigan 60M  
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8/28/2021 7:14 pm
take me part 259

I muted my phone and started turning over furniture, by the front door. They already had of the luggage, and bags, in font of the doors. I wanted it as had as possible. The front door would be tough, but it wouldn't take long for a tactical unit. If Deat didn't get here soon, I would be dead. I turned of the oak table in the kitchen and broke glasses on the floor, coming in from the back, and the front. I broke of them, and Sara was going pissed. I'd at least be able hear them. I pushed over the china hutch across the door into the kitchen to buy time. I pushed, breathed, and waited.

They came in the back because they were french doors. I could hear them trying get in from the front. They threw the flashbangs inside. I closed my eyes, popped my ears, and waited. They came in, two on, and I shot both of them in the legs, and then in the head and neck. I hated this part of me, but I knew how do it. I closed the doors, moved the table, and waited until they came in the front as I grabbed weapons and ammo clips.

I hadn't focused yet, but they had AK's. I grabbed them of both and tried watch both front and back. They came in front shooting. I shot them in their legs, and then their neck. I hoped Deat could catch the snipers I knew were out there, because I would be, but I doubted it would happen. I sat in the hall leading the bathroom, with the rifle my lap, waiting.

They came in as Deat said they, and I knew they would. They put me the ground, zip tied, and and took out. They were doing their jobs. Deat walked and talked the team leader, and cut the ties.

"You are such a fucking pain in my ass, but at least you haven't forgotten everything." I stood .

"You could have gotten here two minutes earlier." He laughed and nodded. Deat and I had seen way more shit than this. He knew I'd secure my location until he showed, and I did. "Did you find the snipers?" He shook his head and I punched the wall leaving a hole.

"Is everyone gone?" I told him no. They aren't looking for . He stared at . "WHAT?"

"Are fucking stupid? They came here following you. Fucking shithead." I called Lieve.

"Hey Da', where are you." Breathe!

"Where are you, love?"

'We're back at the shop, and packing like you asked. Sam and Henry won't let me help. We'll be better with packing, and we won't go out back, promise. How's that for being a good ?" I could feel her smile.

"Pretty darn good, love. Don't go out front either."

"Is everything OK, Da?"

"Mostly, but stay inside."Show Heather how you use the drone, but watch front and back." She growled and said she would. I called Henry and told him what was happening, and gave him the combination to the safe so he could my dad's shotgun.

It was only mid afternoon. I need to deal this. "I need your weapon. You have another one." I nodded because there was my grandfather's .45. Keep it close, but we are talking." I nodded but he'd better hurry.

"Can I leave? I need to check on Lieve."

"Yeah, but we need to talk Daniel. I'm still looking into what you asked. It's....complicated." I nodded as I hugged him and loaded the rest of the bags, and headed toward Lieve.

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