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take me part 262  

dadigan 60M  
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8/29/2021 2:06 pm
take me part 262

I hugged Deat as he walked up, and Henry handed him a beer. He nodded, and downed a third of it. "That bad?" He nodded. "Tell it straight Deat, what am I looking at?"

"As far as Sara's, nothing. or anything at the party. You are one lucky of bitch. Do you know this woman?" He put the photo of the woman that shot me and Janey down. I did because I saw her with Gustav.

"Not since yesterday, who is she and why did she shoot us?"

"The name we have is Monica Albeman. She's not a class act, in fact, she's nasty as shit if what we are finding out is true. We're still piecing this together but it has/had something to with this Gustav person, and the information I got in the mail." He looked me as I sipped my beer. I was playing my cards way close to the vest even though he was fishing. We'd known each other for a long time and he knew I had more information, and he also knew I wasn't sharing it.

"Alison's ex-boyfriend.... he looked through his notes.


"Yeah, thanks. He's the only link we could find and we think there was information they wanted. Gustav died in the Springs from a drug overdose and we think this Monica was connected with him in this sex ring. We're not sure why she came in shooting but you seemed to be planning for it and I need to know why." Henry got up to get more beer.

I looked at Deat as Henry sat down and handed us another. "I was freaked out after what happened at Henry's, and a lot<b> weird </font></b>shit is going on." He nodded. I had the vests and the only person I could think that was in danger, as Alison because of Philip. None of knew what he was involved in but he was a flat out prick." Deat nodded.

"He was a shit, that is for sure, as was his brother. We ran him from the info we got from you and Alison and he was bad news. She was wise to leave. We haven't been able to find either him, or his brother Simon." They would never find Philip but I had already placed a call to the tip line regarding Simon. I wasn't sure of the exact location. They would find him. No one knew about William, so got to skate.

"This man, the man that shot you at Henry's. We thought he was involved with the sex ring because it fit, but we wasn't. Daniel, he was ex-British SAS and it took a lot to find that out. We're still trying to piece that together but we're hitting a wall." I stared at him. "It fucking gets worse, brother. The two guys in the ghille suits....neither are talking except to say they have diplomatic immunity. You are in the thick grass my friend."

"His name, we think, is Londgren but we aren't trusting the passports and getting anything from Interpol is a fucking nightmare. We had one file come from a source I have in the CIA. He's ex-Jaeger out of Findland, but we have no idea if the name is accurate, but Annie knew he was." I stared at him and nodded.

"She said is name was Finn. I'm sure that's an abbreviation because they grew up as .I'll ask her when I speak with her."

He wrote it down,"These are seasoned guys coming after you for some reason. We are still trying to ID the crew at Sara's, but they look to be contractors, and not all that good if you could take them out." I smiled and flipped him off. "Talk to me Daniel. I'm your brother. I can't help if I don't know."

I told Deat about Annie, and her family, and most of the things going. I didn't tell him much more about Gustav because I wanted that to go away, and I didn't tell him I sent him the info. I focused on Annie's family because that was the threat.

He stared at me, smiling and shaking his head. You are your own cluster fuck, Daniel." Henry and I laughed and nodded. "These are well funded professionals so watch your six, brother. Shit, watch everywhere." I told him about the girls and Jake leaving, and me leaving, and why. He nodded.

Henry can help get the girls getting situated but it's going be tighter quarters because of what happened at Sara's, but we have the space. Maggie will help Melinda too....that's the easy part. What about the helicopter?"

"How did you find that out?"

"I won't tell you that Deat, but I trust the source." He nodded.

"I am still looking into it, but it's complicated because they were smart, and that bothers me... a LOT. Your intel was sound because we did pay for it, but it is totally outside the norm."

"Yeah, because they almost killed Sara."

"I need to deal with this slowly because it means we have someone that is rogue. What are your plans."

"I'm heading out in two hours but I won't tell where, and the girls, and Jake, are already on the way, but it's the safest place I could think of. I'm not sure when I'll be back but you have my number. My phone should be working by later tonight. You can talk with Henry about whatever you and your girls need. We are all tickled pink that you're coming home." He smiled.

He stared at me, somberly. "If you are going to the EU then you need to be prepared, and that isn't easy. I'll see if I can figure out a way to help, but stay safe." I nodded. We hugged and Henry and I started loading his SUV. I called Bet and Javier as Henry was locking up.

"Hey, you OK?"

"No, but I'm doing my best. I wanted to say thank you because I couldn't have done this without you. You got my family out." Silence."

"Shut the fuck up, goofball, here's Javier. Hey, brother. We'll keep you in the loop."

"Deal with Henry, and Bethany, but make you're people safe homes. We can always make more money." He laughed.

"There's plenty of money Daniel, don't worry about it, and we'll work with Henry and Bethany because it's a good idea for the future, for all of us. Hold on Bet can talk again."

"You're a fucking pain in my ass Daniel, and not in the good way, but I love you...God help me. You keep them safe, and yourself." Bet rarely showed emotion like this, but I knew how she felt and how sacred she was, they all were, so of course I said.

"I bet you say that to all the boys." I could Javier laughing as Bet said,

"You're and asshole, Daniel," and hung up. It was a good thing I didn't mind getting bitten.

Claw51478 74M  
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8/29/2021 3:26 pm

Welcome Saskay, The more the merrier.

Claw51478 74M  
226 posts
8/29/2021 3:36 pm

Looking more and more to be Annie's sisters boyfriend, Kill those that are to inherit the leadership of the clans, then he can become the leader, after he marries the sister. But, I'm still not giving up on him also being involved with the sex ring.

OlderPete58 63M  
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8/30/2021 12:58 am

I think Annie's family have a lot to answer for and Daniel will finish up having to take one member out but he needs to be careful.

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