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take me part 263  

dadigan 60M  
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8/29/2021 7:59 pm
take me part 263

Henry and I were driving to Broomfield, which was an airport for business flights about half and hour away when Annie called.

"You OK?"

"Peachy." Silence

"Yeah, we've landed and Ama came herself, which I was surprised at. We'll get your things through, sweets, don't worry. We're safe here." I didn't tell that I didn't think so. "We're getting something to eat and will meet the rest when they land. You mind telling me who Heather is? Everyone want's to know." I told her and she laughed. "Does Lieve like her?"

"Yeah... a lot, even though she's trying to pretend she doesn't." Silence

"Got it, love. I'll let them all know. It's a good thing you heal fast because you are getting bit, and punched, multiple times, mister." I'd take that since they were safe.

"Keep them safe Annie. I'm about ready to take off. I'll call you when I land in Halifax. I called my cousin, who was making the rings and told her that I was on my way, and staying in Halifax, and would talk with her gem guy tomorrow

"There was a change. I need you to make three rings, similar, so they are connected, but different for the clans". Silence.

She laughed and said Ama had already spoken with her in her dreams and they were almost. I don't know who you are Daniel, but I'm glad you're a part of our family. Stay a couple of days if you can. You'll like the rings, because I like them, and we were always similar. I think I'll make all of you happy." Have a safe flight."

Henry hugged me as I was boarding. I sat down and exhaled. There was SO much to do, and prepare for, and I wouldn't be in Iceland for days, and I still wasn't sure who was even after us....OR who they were after. The flight attendant asked if there was anything I needed. I told her food. She nodded and said she couldn't until we were at cruising altitude. I nodded and I said whisky...the oldest they had, and water. She brought it as we were cleared to take off. I had never been on one of these before, but I liked it. I drank a bottle of water, and the twenty year old whiskey and fell a sleep. I woke and the sun was out and I was reclined with a blanket around me. Heidi walked up.

"Thank you." She smiled and sat down..

"You were pretty tired, but it was an easy flight for me. We're going to be landing in 30 minutes so I can't feed you but I can get you some juice, or coffee. We've waited to make a pot." I said thank you, and told her to make one, because I was still tired. She smiled as I grabbed my dopp kit and walked into the bathroom.

Heidi had a large mug of coffee waiting for me. "Do you have grapefruit juice?" She smiled and nodded. A car is waiting for you and will take to The Prince George Hotel. Your driver can tell you where the best breakfast is. I had your meal your meal last night, because i was starving and it looked like you needed sleep more than food. I didn't want to wake you." I told her thank you. "This this the card for the plane service. We will be leaving after we refuel, but call that number and tell them when you need a flight, and they'll take care of it. We're landing in ten minutes."

"Thank you Heidi, don't worry about the grapefruit juice but I'll take some more coffee a pastry if you have one. Please eat my breakfast when we land." She smiled.

"I already did when I knew I couldn't serve you. I'll get you some more coffee." I smiled and nodded. I could see why people had money. I wasn't use to it, but it was nice. She filled my cup, which was very good, and handed me her card. "You can request us, if we're available. I would have provided better service if you were awake." I laughed. I wasn't sure exactly what she meant, but it didn't matter. She was nice, and I liked her.

We landed and I grabbed my bag and started to disembark as Heidi gave me a large to go cup of coffee, and a pint of grapefruit juice. I shook her hand and smiled. as i put my bag down and gave her, and the pilot, a hundred dollars. I knew it was too much, but it wasn't my money, and they got me where I needed to be, and Heidi was nice. I thanked her for the coffee and juice, and walked to get my bags. It didn't take as long as it usually does. I walked out front and saw a sign with my name.

"That's me. I'm Daniel." He took my bags after opening the back door. I figured the girls would be in a pile, except Jake, and asleep, so I didn't call.

"I have The Prince George as the destination. Is that where we are going, sir."

"What's your name? I'm Daniel." I extended my hand. "I'm not really a sir kinda guy so you can me call me Daniel.

"I go by Tom. sir.... Daniel." I looked at him. "I have a challenging name to pronounce. It's easier." I smiled because I knew Deat.

"You like grapefruit juice, Tom?" He nodded as I handed him the pint Heidi had given me. "Where are you from Tom?"

I'm from Namibia sir.... Daniel."

"I have never been, but it's the place I have wanted see on that Continent."

"It's breathtaking Daniel. There are no words to describe it. It is brutally dry, but amazing when the rains come. It's life. Devastating, but amazing. I miss it everyday but I have to provide for my family."

"I'm hungry, Tom. Where would you have breakfast?" He turned around and looked at me. "Seriously." The car was paid for, and I was hungry. I had no idea. I nodded.

"I'll take you to the best place I know. It may be unusual to you but it is what I grew up eating, and I'm hungry too." He took me to a small place, nondescript, but busy. We walked in, and he was mobbed, and well loved. I could see why he chose the name Tom, but all of these people were amazing. He seated me and went into the kitchen when the phone rang.

"Where are you?"

"I'm in Halifax about to have breakfast with Tom."

"Who is Tom?" Jesus Christ.

"He's my driver, and I'm hungry because I slept the entire flight...and he's from Namibia. I like Namibia." Silence.

"OK, fine. When are you going to get here." Christ, I just landed.

"I'm figuring eight days here in Nova Scotia, and then a quick hop to Osaka and another fourteen days, so I'm guessing the end of the month." I could hear the growl as she hung up and Tom came out with a Namibian breakfast. It wouldn't be what I say was breakfast but it was fantastic, and someone in the kitchen knew how to bake, and make coffee. I had the best apple strudle I ever had.

I went to pay, and Tom looked at me, held up his hands and shook his head. "No, Daniel. You are my guest, and this is my family. It would an be insult, sir.....Daniel." I nodded and asked him to tell whoever was cooking, and baking, that it was amazing because it was." He smiled and nodded and went into the kitchen, as Chloe called.

"You're going to be gone for three weeks?"

"What?. NO. That was a joke. Tell Annie in case she's believes it , otherwise she's fucking with you, so bite her...."

"Not a chance mister, we all have numbers to bite you. I'm first, second, and third."

"I'll be here for couple of days, Love. I need the rings, and I'm looking at stones because I don't trust bitcoin and if the gems a good, I'd rather put it into that."

"Rings?" Fuck, these women never missed ANYTHING.


"You said rings, Daniel." Fuck.

"Can we just lit et be the surprise it was suppose to be." They all said NO at the same time. "My cousin is making three different, yet connected, rings. I haven't seen them....AND!!!!!!! it was a suppose to a surprise."

"Who's Tom?"

"Sara, Tom is my driver, and a very nice man from Namibia. He took me to his family's restaurant, because I asked him where he would go for breakfast because I fell asleep on the plane, and was hungry." Silence

"I want to meet Tom, Daniel, but you have things to do. I am curious about my ring, though. Do what you need to love, but make that happen. Click" Tom was staring at me.

"Women." He nodded as a very<b> pregnant </font></b>woman walked out.

"This my wife, Adiliha. She made the strudel, and most of the food." He was proud, but she was SO mortified. Sara was right. She needed to meet them. I shook her hand.

"Adiliha, that was one of the best meals I have ever had, and the strudel was excellent." She beamed, lowered her head and walked into the kitchen, smiling. I asked Tom if I could some coffee to go. He smiled and walked into the kitchen and came out with a to go cup, and a strudel in a bag. I wasn't saying no.

"Where are we going, Daniel."

"Around, Tom. I've never been here, show me Halifax, and not just the good parts.

OlderPete58 63M  
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8/30/2021 1:15 am

Well Ama is pulling the strings behind the scenes and now he has three rings to pick up at least they all get treated the same which is good and he has to get the clans behind him.

Daniel should make friends were ever he is as he needs people he can trust hope Tom will prove himself.

It is moving along now.

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