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take me part 266  

dadigan 60M  
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8/31/2021 12:24 pm
take me part 266

I walked around because it was a lovely day and Halifax was nice. I probably wouldn't like it the winter, or if a nor'easter hit, but I liked it today when Chloe called.


"Have you lost your mind?" I shook my head and said probably. "You're in NewFoundland to buy gems?" I told her I was in Nova Scotia. I shook my head and walked past the hotel. "Are you insane, Daniel? Why in the name of Christ would you be spending money on pretty stones. "Silence.

"Because I think it's smart for our daughters, love." Silence

"GIVE me the fucking phone, Chloe....GODDAMMITT! I am going to hurt you. Stop it!. Welcome to your life, Daniel. The stress, and the hormones have kicked in, but we are alternating at the moment. Chloe is going bat shit crazy. We are trying to keep the phones away from the crazy one, but we are safe, and relieved." Silence.

"What?" Your cousin, if it's accurate was ex-Jaeger...special forces.... out of Finland. I'm not sure who the other one was but they claiming diplomatic immunity There's more but it can wait because it's over, and we are safe." I swallowed. "I just agreed to buy almost a hundred thousand in gems. Bet and Javier gave me the bitcoin they got and Karxi is fine taking it. I don't like really like bitcoin." Silence.

"What did you buy Daniel?"

"Diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphire's, and opals." Silence.

"Why opals?"

"You'll understand when you see them, and we have a lot of girls in our family...and my cousin makes jewelry." Silence. the phone changed again.

"Hey Love, I want to meet Tom. What's his wife's name?" I told her Aliiha, and she's very<b> pregnant.

</font></b>"Get the fuck out of Dodge! Seriously?'

"Yes ma'am."

"I need to meet them."

"I know, but it's going to be some time, love, because we've got a few thing's going. I like Halifax. The island is spectacular, but it's not winter yet ." I could fell Sarah nodding. Sara seemed to be the most rational, which was frightening in it's own right.

"Give it bac..NO! I'm not done, what is wrong with you.

"Dammit Sara, give me the fucking phone." So I back was with Chloe. Joy.

"How much did you spend? Seriously? DANIEL!!!! YOU HAVE LOST YOUR FUCKING MIND?"

"I'm marrying three<b> pregnant </font></b>women, at the same time, so I figured that was a given, sweets." Chloe screamed, and threw the phone into something. I kept walking because it was wonderful here. I walked into the hotel as the phone rang again. It was Annie.

"You have a pissed off woman hands, Love. I'm just saying. Did you really buy a hundred thousand in gems?"

"I did."


"I don't trust bitcoin. You'll see, but for our family. Tell Chloe I love her...when she calms down."

"Not a chance. I shift and she scares me. She scares all of us. She'll be fine but when will be here," and the line went out.

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