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take me part 269  

dadigan 59M  
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9/2/2021 10:48 pm
take me part 269

"You hungry?" He nodded, as Jacob, and somebody bigger than him smiled me, and sat two tables away. He wasn't very bright because he was in direct view of the front desk.

"It's not as good as your family's, but it's pretty good. Please order whatever you you want." He ordered trout, rice, flat bread, and pickled cabbage...and tea. I had another cup of coffee as we talked about our family's

"You are marrying three women, and their family's? Why would do that, Daniel?"

" insane, but I love them, and it's complicated." He laughed and said in his short time knowing me that all three seemed accurate." I smiled as he asked for more tea, and I asked for the check. I left a tip, signed it, told him I would right back, that I needed to check .

"." I needed to check because of a change in plans. If I can arrange a plane this afternoon, or evening, I won't need a room. If I can't, then I will. Is that a problem?"

"Not at all Mr MacDougal, we aren't full so we'll hold the room in your in." I smiled said and thank you because I liked it and said.

"Can you glace over my left shoulder, not yet, wait until I start looking at the bill. There are two men sitting in the restaurant close to a gentleman drinking tea. Now.? I pretended to look at the bill. "Do you see them?

"Yes sir." I told her that they were harassing my friend and me, and they had been me harassing me and another friend yesterday. Would you having security prevent them leaving, because they seemed to be focusing on the hotel. I think they might be armed, but not sure. Have them the RCMP because they might have records. Two of the largest people I had ever met followed me into the restaurant. I walked up to them and clasped their shoulders, so they knew who I was talking about, and said,

"Nice seeing you, but we have to go. You ready?" Tom nodded and grabbed my bag as I was reaching for it. I was SO not use to anyone this. I made sure that I had the envelope with the stones, and my passport and visa's, I did. I gave the attendant at the front a hidden thumbs up, she smiled, and nodded. My life was changing in ways I couldn't imagine in that moment but I felt it happening. I was going to puncture Jacob's tires, but i figured he was going to have the of all days. I gave Tom the . Tom was an excellent an driver. He knew when to talk, and when not to. It was a rare skill because it seemed to be one of the other. I called the plane about this afternoon/evening.

"No sir, that crew is not available because of your destination, but we do have a flight that we can hold for you if you can be back in Halifax by 7:00pm." I told her I'd be there, and called Kim.

"Hey, when will you be here. I can't wait to see you, or for you to see the rings."

"Probably around , I wanted to stay with for a couple of days, but things have come up. Wait.... WHAT? I thought it would take you a couple of days for you finish."

" highly focused cousin, and I wanted you to have them, but don't show them because they will ask." I told her I needed her to a make few more things for , but not as involved as the rings, if possible, but I need them slightly different because it's the same stone. You'll understand. Do you know how to transfer bit coin."

"Everyone knows how to use bitcoin, Daniel. Good, because I need your help to Karxi' bill." She laughed. "I assume invited to the<b> wedding.</font></b>"

"Of course, goofball. You're my sixth, fourth, first favorite cousin, so of course, and your crazy family."

"I bet you get bitten A LOT."

"You have NO idea, and punched." She said good and laughed. "Can you take to take Halifax later this afternoon?"

"I can't love, going on date this evening, but I can take you tomorrow, well...maybe." I laughed. good. See you soon. I tapped Tom on the shoulder.

"Yes, Daniel?'

"Can you stay and get back to where you picked between 4-5. Of course, you have for the entire . I brought books, and music."

"Thanks Tom." The phone rang and it was Deat. "So you can , but I can't you for weeks." He laughed.

"My friend the RCMP called because they got a call from The Prince George Hotel in Halifax, which I assume was your doing." I was silent, but smiling. "Yeah, that's what I thought."

"I didn't want them following me to my cousins, and I wanted them to have a bad . petty."

"Well, they are going to have a bad stint. They checked current warrants when we talked. They be in for a bit of time. They wanted to know about you because the woman the front desk would tell them they had harassed a prominent guests, and his friends, twice. I didn't say anything, but prominent?"

"What can I say Deat? multi-faceted." He laughed and told to fuck off. I told him I loved him and tell his better thirds I loved them, and to talk with Henry, and called Annie.

"Hey Love, where are you?"

"Going to Kimberley's to get the rings. I like it here."

"That's why our ancestors landed there well before Columbus, at least we fought with honor. They are coming to the ceremony." It wasn't a question. "They're entire family." I told her yes. "Good, the girls are ALL, and I mean ALL, arguing over the stones. Remind me to never doubt you again." I laughed.

"You will all doubt me, and that's OK. My focus is this family. I am not buying things for me, because I don't them, I have what I need," SILENCE, "although I do have to say that the private jet is nice." Silence.

"I need to ask you a question regarding protocol, and your sister." She growled. "Thus the question, is there a particular type, or level, of gift given your family."

"No, she doesn't even need one...hold on, Sara is putting you on speaker."

"Whatcha doin' mister?"

"Tom is driving me to Kim's place."

"PUT him on speaker," I tolde her to hold on. I tapped his shoulder and I told him someone wanted to speak with him.

"Tom.... Sara." He said hello ma'am. "Tom, not a ma'am. Sara."

"Very nice to hear your voice Sara."

" too Tom, I told Daniel that I wanted to meet you, Alilha, and your family."

"That would be wonderful, ma... Sara"

"Excellent. I need to talk with Daniel because having to fight for phone." Tom said goodbye in the mirror as I shook my head. "Annie is about to .... GIVE one minute.... I picked the perfectest Opal, but it was a scrum. Here's Annie."

"She was laughing. You sure you want to do this?" I told her I did. It wasn't perfect, but I doubted that would ever be the case, but they were relaxed, and laughing with each other..

"Regarding your sister," she growled again. "I was thinking it would be a nice gesture to get her something, even though I doubt she would appreciate it. I thought everyone else would given the dynamic, and good will seems to be important." Silence.

"What are thinking?" Silence.

" don't going to say because I will be getting all of something similar, just more valuable."

"OK, what are thinking of spending?"

"$500-$800." Silence.



"Please tell me, because won't appreciate it, but you're right. The appropriate level of gift, in their minds, would be indelible." Silence. "Love, we are going to be married, and dealing with this together, along with all the rest us."

"I was going to talk with Yoshi about a strand of pearls, because of the sea, your mom, and Ama will have something of the Earth." Silence.

"HEY love, Annie is otherwise occupied..... HOLD ON. JESUS. Get here soon. We miss you. Fuck Annie."


" here Love. I don't know who you are exactly, but I am SO glad you you bit . THAT is is an excellent gift, but spend closer to $2000-$2500. I'll Yoshi and take care of it. You don't need to for her, just , my mom, and Ama. I don't like doing this but you are right in how the clans will see it. They will see it as sign of respect to my family, but also to them...to all of us, because no one has ever done that before, but we have relied on the seas forever. This may knew to you, sweets, but you have good instincts. Get here soon because I am going to be biting you while we make love, and sure everyone will as well. I hope we're not on speaker." I told her I wasn't.

"Email Yoshi your arrival info and he'll have someone meet and they'll get you whatever you need. He doesn't go into town often and you'll see why. I am very curious to see what you pick ...again love, it was a very thoughtful for both my family, but also the clans. Yoshi should have anything you want because it's his passion, among a few other things.

"The gifts are present before the ceremony, marriages, so they will have a chance to judge. It's petty, but long standing.... least you don't have to something for my Da'. You'll like Yoshi...A LOT. I adore you love, but they're arm wrestling again so I need to go. us as you take off, regardless of the time." I told her I would.

Tom pulled his earbuds and looked . "I am beginning to see the choice you made." He smiled, and put them back as I read the papers while her drove to Kim.

OlderPete58 63M  
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9/3/2021 3:27 pm

Dadigan this is rolling along nicely now and Daniel is speeding up his tasks to get with the girls a good thing they need his steadying influence and he needs their power to boost his.
He knows how to win friends on the way they will help him one good turn deserves another so as to speak.
I think gifts for the clans is a good start he has to play the politics and win some friends in high places.

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