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take me part 278  

dadigan 60M  
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9/6/2021 6:29 pm
take me part 278

Yoshi and I walked toward the back part of the property, beyond the barn. "Connecting with Gaia is the easy part, Daniel. You've already done that fairly well given how little time it's been, but learning to harness her energy, and her power, that takes diligence, time, and practice. Ama is going to help you get on your path, then you come to me but you must bring your family with you, all of them. There is plenty of room because you mostly like to sleep in a mound anyway." He laughed. "I want to show you something and have you do something for me, then I have a gift for you."

I nodded as we walked in silence but I could hear hammers on an anvils. It's a sound I knew well because I helped my dad at his shop when I was young, and until he died. We walked into an open air, roofed structure, which made sense because of the heat from the forges, and the humidity. "Familiar." I nodded. "Would you like to swing a hammer again?" I nodded. Yoshi said something and the man handed me the tongs holding the metal, and the hammer. Yoshi had already handed me a pair of gloves. I stoked the fire and got the metal the right color and began to pound to lengthen it and cooled then it in water, and did it two more times. I handed it back to the blacksmith who looked, smiled and nodded at Yoshi, and then me before saying something I didn't understand. It felt good to pound metal again, and sweat in that intense heat. I missed it. Yoshi handed me a rag and I wiped my face. "He said it was acceptable for a novice, which is high praise coming from him." I laughed.

"You miss that." I nodded and told him very much. We walked a short distance further to a Dojo with men and women practicing a variety of martial arts. They stopped, bowed, and continued. "Learning Gaia's secrets is not unlike you learning to shoot, or use the bow, or.... throw your knives." He handed me six perfectly weighted custom forged throwing darts."Throw these for me, please, but close your eyes."

I looked at him, oriented myself to the target and calculated the distance. There was no wind. I sent my energy into Gaia, calmed my breathing, pushed my thoughts away, and threw, and then opened my eyes. Two darts hit the bullseye, one went wide, and the other three landed in the second and third rings from the center. I turned and everyone was looking at me , God I hated that. Yoshi was smiling.

"Take ten paces back Daniel-san and remove your shoes and socks, please." I did as he asked and pushed into Gaia and did the exact same as before, except for closing my eyes. He held a Samurai sword and took it out it's scabbard. "My father made this as a young man. It was his first honorable blade. He did a good job and it is still razor sharp. I'm going to throw it to you and I want you to catch it with your left hand, not on the blade." I laughed, and quieted my mind, as he threw the sword high, toward me, in an arc. I slowed my breathing, stepped to the left, and that was when things slowed down and I knew where the sword was going to land. I took two steps forward and grabbed the handle before the blade<b> touched </font></b>the ground. The sword was amazing. The weight and balance, outstanding. I bowed, knelt, and presented the sword to Yoshi.

"Your father was a Master Yoshi-san." He smiled and nodded as he took it from me and put it back in it's scabbard and set it on the table. "I'm right handed Yoshi." He smiled and nodded.

"This is my gift to Daniel-san. You, and this sword, know each other. You're connected. I need to clean, polish, and sharpen it. There is a student of mine in Norway, and one Iceland. I will contact them. These swords are not unfamiliar to you. I will have it ready by your departure." He lifted a well used leather shoulder strap that had probably 50 darts in it and handed it to me. I made these but no longer have need for it. You may. This is also my gift." I bowed and thanked him, as he handed it to me. I was honored. "Let's go to the house for tea and one of those amazing, as you call them, donuts." He laughed as we walked and talked, but nothing else was mentioned of his gifts.

We sat on the front porch and his granddaughter, Taiiko brought out a tray with tea and the sweet bean paste buns. I nodded and she bowed and went to leave when I asked. "Can you join us. Your grandfather said these are wonderful. I couldn't eat a whole one. I've been eating so much good food that feel like that pig on the spit." She laughed behind her hand. I looked at Yoshi as he smiled and nodded. I got up and offered Taiiko my chair as I got another. I cut the roll into quarters handed her the plate as Yoshi poured us tea. She smiled and lowered her gaze. I wasn't sure what it was about these women but they were all just varying degrees of exquisite. It was quite amazing.

"Taiiko, are you the bitcoin genius your grandfather was telling me about?" She almost spit out the bite she had taken, which made me and Yoshi laugh, which made her laugh and the awkwardness was broken. She wanted to know everything about Colorado, and she told me about going to school in Europe, and her studies in computer science, and business. We talked, comfortably, for a while until we noticed Yoshi was gone. I took the tray inside and washed as she dried. She said that was her job but I told her not according to my mom, and grandma, which made laugh and nod/

"It was wonderful talking with Taiiko. I have never to been to Japan, at least that I can remember, but I love it here. I am very thankful," and I bowed. "I need to find your Grandfather." She nodded and I headed to the pig roast.

evernshamdodges9 64M  
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9/6/2021 8:10 pm

excellent piece. a very good read.

Tipareth7777 54M  
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9/6/2021 11:06 pm

I enjoyed it large. You're a very good writer.

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