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take me part 281  

dadigan 60M  
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9/7/2021 10:51 pm
take me part 281

We startled each other and laughed, then hugged. "Is everything OK, Daniel?"

"More or less Taiiko, lets find your grandfather." She smiled. I kissed her and took her handed as we walked outside. "Thank you for helping me today." She nodded.

"Thank you for helping me, us. My grandfather likes you very much. I can tell by your energy when you are together. There is a link of some kind." I had felt it too, and knew Yoshi had. I didn't know if that was the reason my world was getting upended, but it wouldn't be the first time. "It's interesting because he doesn't take to too many strangers but he took to you right away, but then so did I." She squeezed my hand before putting her arm around me. I wasn't sure if it was an obvious thing, I doubted it because Taiiko wasn't full of guile. I thought we were all feeling the same push from Gaia without being aware and we were responding to that pulse. Taiiko and I walked into the party and the reactions of the people almost made me turn around, instead I thought, Holy Crap! She took me hand and introduced me to her family, friends, and neighbors. I could feel Yoshi watching us.

I preferred being with the few people I cared about, which was growing by the minute, or alone, apparently that was changing. Taiiko introduced me to everyone, because she had grown up with most of these people, the same way Chloe, Janey, and Sara had in Denver, and I suspect Annie and Roan had in Norway. I didn't understand what they were saying but Taiiko would translate. I did a lot of bowing and and smiling but I kept looking over my shoulder because we were getting ready to eat. Taiiko took me aside. "What is it love." I kissed her because I understood what Ama, and Annie were saying but I was still getting hit when I got to Iceland. In for a penny, in for a pound.

"Do you have a large serving tray." She looked at me oddly but nodded and took my hand as we walked into the kitchen. The women who cooked the meal were in there and Taiiko asked if there was very large serving tray. They nodded and one of them got it out. Everyone one us confused. "You have to share with me if am to help you Daniel." I told her I wanted to take food for to the workers at the barn and gardens. She kissed me flat out and started speaking quickly as the women grabbed plates and filled them and put them on the try with everything that they needed. Taiiko walked to the cupboard and got the box of the remaining donuts I brought. Yoshi walked in and saw what we were doing and smiled and said not to leave. He came back with a crock of sake and cups and put them in the middle of the tray. He told the ladies to join the party, I assumed because they all smiled and walked out front.

"Help him Taiiko, so he doesn't drop the tray. It's a not a short way. Come back as soon as you can. Tell them to leave the garden except what has to picked this evening and then to join us. He patted me on the back and walked back out front to the guests. I carried the tray until I felt unsteady and then Taiiko lifted one side and we walked to the barn. If this was going to be my life across multiple clans, then I was going to do it on my terms whether it ruffled feathers, or not. Taiiko and I walked the rest of the way to the barn and waited by the garden.

"Go tell them we're here, love, and to bring a table. She let go and ran. I had never let go of the full, but I did taper when Taiiko started helping. They all ran out with tables, and benches, took the tray from me and set it down. I wasn't sorry for that because it was heavy and in the same position for a long time. Taiiko spoke to them. I didn't need to understand the language to know what she told them.They were happy. We ate with them, enough to be present because they had worked hard all day. They poured sake and opened the box and screamed as one person cleaned of a plate and another grabbed a knife and cut it into pieces. We shook our heads.

The person in charge told them to finish their jobs and then join the party. We split between the barn and the garden. Taiiko gleaned ripe produce and I mucked out the remaining stalls as the others fed the animals. It wasn't my first time and I loved it. I did the best I could to not get overly dirty, as did Taiiko, and we failed miserably. I put the manure fork up and walked out as Taiiko was walking toward me and we started to laugh because we were a mess, but happy. We went to the sink and washed our hands and faces. She said something and they smiled and nodded. We walked past the tray so I figured that was it. She took my hand and leaned into me as we walked.

"Daniel. I'm falling in love with you." I told her I was doing the same. She held my hand in silence as we walked back to the party. Yoshi walked up and and laughed, as he hugged both us, and nodded.

"I need to go into to town and get some shoes because I'm pretty sure these are ruined. Luckily the Japanese took them off before they entered the house.

"We can salvage them Daniel, but we do need to take the left over food into.town...you. me, and Taiiko and a couple of others because there is a lot that was donated. It's already in the vans since it's going to the same place. We leave at nine so be ready." He stared at both of us, smiled, and walked away. We looked at each other.

"Are you hungry, sweets?" I told her yes but I needed to speak with Yoshi first and would be back.

"I had fun at the barn. I'll be back soon and we can eat more and mingle." She grabbed me by hair and kissed me.

"You are an unusual man, Daniel. Come back quickly because I miss you already." Jesus Christ Gaia worked quickly. I walked to Yoshi.

"Can we speak?" He nodded, excused himself and we went inside to his study. He motioned for me to sit as he poured us sake.

"Ama was right, your instincts on how to deal with people are amazing, and anathema to Marnine. She actually might be right about you. Here. What you and Taiiko did was honorable, What I did was a shameful and oversight on my part, but you both made it right with tremendous grace. Thank you." I nodded. "You wanted to speak with me?" I drank my sake and extended my cup. He smiled, and poured more. Yoshi knew exactly what I was going through because he had been through it, but he was going to let me deal all the same.

"I am new to your ways, your world, but I fit here better. I had no problem that Annie, Chloe, Sara, and I being<b> pregnant </font></b>and getting married. It made sense to me...to us. Everyone else came around, or they didn't, it was done. I didn't care what they thought. I'm a simple man Yoshi, which is why I like here so much, and why I miss my shop. It grounds me, and centers me so that I think clearly. Marnine came to me in a dream on the flight over and said I would never be a good a leader because I didn't know what it meant.

I know what it takes to be a good a leader, and it's not what Marnine did. I'll give her that she kept violence from exploding, but she did it through fear and pain...that isn't me. Everyone seems to think I am someone special but I'd rather pound metal Yoshi." He smiled and poured another cup, they weren't very large but it was also one hundred year sake. I set my cup down and breathed. I couldn't believe I was so scared. Fuck it.

"Yoshi, I would like your blessing to marry Taiiko. I know I am marrying other women, but I have enough love for all of them and they will all be favorites. I can promise you that. Ama spoke with Annie earlier, and I trust Annie. She is the one who told me, and it wasn't easy for either of us, but I do love your granddaughter and we need to keep the clans together. I wanted to speak with you first because I remember some of the old ways, not all were good, but some were." I drank my sake.

"The answer to your question, Daniel, is yes, I will marry you and I will be fine with sisters because I have never had them." She walked around and knelt in front of me, and looked at me, squinting her eyes as if she was trying see something that she couldn't. She held my hand. I am grateful for the respect you showed my grandfather, and the people at the barn. I don't need to know anything other than that to say yes." Henry left and closed the door as Taiiko climbed onto my lap, kissed me, and then bit my neck muscle. I exhaled and bit her as well as she dug her nails into my shoulders. I wasn't sure how long we bit each other, but we licked the blood away and the wound started to heal. She kissed me and said we needed to go back out, I nodded..

"Can I have your key?" She looked at me, oddly. "For the closet, goofball." She smiled and handed it to me. I opened the door and the bag with the pearls, looked through the four cases on top until I found it. I closed the bag, and closed and locked the closet, and handed her the keys, and the case. She stared at me. "I'm an unconscious competent..... I do the right things even if I may not know I am. I but these aside for you, now I know." She looked at the case and opened it and started crying. She dug herself into me and bit me me again. I was use to it at this point.

She kissed me and said, "Daniel, of all them, that is the one I loved. I liked the last one I picked because it is an investment, but I wanted the one you gave me." I told her I knew, even though I didn't at the time.


"You squeezed my hand when you saw it. It was the only time."

"I need to go show Yoshi." She bit my neck and ran outside. Her and Sara were going to be best friends. I picked up the keys she dropped and followed her, smiling. Yoshi was the only elder she had and her instinct was to run to him. He smiled as she showed him the pearls. The were nice, and fit her, now I need to call Kimberly to at least ask about another ring, since she was family, otherwise I would ask Yoshi. I didn't care because I felt like Gaia was bringing us home. I was only partly right.

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