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take me part 283  

dadigan 61M
315 posts
9/8/2021 8:40 pm
take me part 283

Taiiko and I feel asleep in each other's arms after making love. I was trying not think of Chloe. Sara and I met first, but Sara is Sara, which is why she with Melissa now. Annie, Chloe, and I remained together even though we are together. Annie understood but I knew it would hit Chloe hard, at least for a time. Taiiko and I slept soundly until Joseph walked up, and sat on the side of the bed.

"How many wives do you need, Daniel? You don't choose badly, but all the same ." He smiled.

"Bastard!" I asked him if we were in a dream, he nodded.

"You're an asshole Joseph, and I mean that. I can't wait until I can actually hit you." He laughed. "What do you ?"

"Jokes aside, lad, you did well bonding with Taiiko, and it looks it's mutual. Chloe will understand, but you will be hit, and hard." I nodded. "Ama didn't tell Annie about Roan, because she is... her sister, and biased. You did well in your choices of gifts. I was impressed, and maybe the tree could chip away enough of Roan's shell, but you shouldn't count on it. She would rather see all of you dead, along with Taiiko. Don't underestimate her."

"How are you?"

"How the fuck do you think I am, Joseph!" He laughed.

"Good. Things are going be somewhat intense." I stared at him. "I know, right. You are only partially involved in what is going on because you aren't married, and you can't get married earlier because the date was set and people have plans. It's a conundrum you have to deal with, even though it sucks. Look on the bright side, you could be marrying five women."

I swung as he disappeared, and laughed. I went outside and called Annie,


'Yes, I'm sorry because I have no idea what time it is. I hate being separated from you. We need to tal"

"Is it done?" I was silent as I lowered my head.

"Yes." Silence. I knew Annie's heart hurt like mine, but she knew what I knew, the tribe first.

"How's Chloe?" I knew Sara would be fine, Chloe was an open question."

"Upset, expect get hit, but she understands. Chloe wanted you to herself, which I suppose we all did, but our lives didn't care, so we adapted. She'll be fine, even though your balls may hurt. Why did you call?

"Joseph came to me in a dream and he said something. He said that we were only partially involved because we weren't married. Is there any way to get more information from them since we'll be dealing with it?" Taiiko walked out and sat on my lap. "I'm putting you on speaker because Taiiko is here. This is Annie." She took the phone.

"Hi Annie, I met you when I was younger and my mother was alive." Annie was quiet.

"That's right, sweets, and apparently life isn't getting happier. How are you?"

"Good. We are excited for all of you to come and stay. I am coming with Daniel to meet my sisters. I can't stay long, but we'll be back for the ceremony.

"Are you?" That is wonderful, Taiiko. We can't wait to see you, and since you are there, you might as well finish our conversation with us, because it involves you, love. Go on Love."

"We don't have the information Annie. I understand that things are opaque with your family, but can you talk with Ma', or Ama, and ask them about it? We need as much information as we can get.

"I'll ask, and push, but I think they are the only only ones who know, and they don't share for some reason, Daniel, but I'll try, maybe Ama but I doubt it".

"Annie, we have to take food to the village down the road from us, and then we are on our way so we need to sleep." Annie didn't didn't take the bait, and I was glad. I would have enough to deal with when I saw Chloe.

"How did he do with the gifts, Taiiko? Daniel, stay out if."

Taiiko was smiling as she touched her pearls. "He did well, Annie, you'll be happy."

"And the trees for my family?" Silence

"Annie, my grandfather has been doing Bonsai for I'm not sure how long, but a lot longer than I've been alive. Time is weird with us. Anyway, Yoshi sold Daniel... for you... trees he wouldn't have. He did it because of Daniel, and because of you, that's I can say. I'm sorry, but I'm taking Daniel back to bed. We'll call you after we leave for town. I know it sucks, love, and I am sorry." She handed me the phone and started to walk inside.

"I hate this Annie."

'WE all hate this Daniel, but it'll be O She needs to be pregnant Daniel, it's the way it works. I'll deal with Chloe, until she hits you. Sara is just excited to meet her sister. This isn't easy, Taiiko, but we are family, and it's necessary. Don't hurt him."

"I can't promise that, Annie. We love you and will call tomorrow." She hung and bit hard. "We are leaving all that and you are making love as many times as you can, then we deal with the village, which we must, and then we go to meet my new come inside and make love to me, multiple. times. We did, and drifted of to sleep in each others' arms. We woke several times throughout the night and made love. We didn't fuc It was about one thing, we tried to make it as enjoyable as possible, and it was.

I woke and Taiiko was gone. Dawn was breaking. I yawned, and stretched, as I walked into the bathroom and Taiiko stared at, in horror, i was still tired and started brushing my teeth. "DANIEL! I'm on the toilet, in case you hadn't noticed." I told her I had. "I'm pooping!" I nodded as I spit out my toothpaste, and turned the shower. She huffed as I got in. Taiiko wiped and got in and looked at me as shampoo was streaming in my eyes. I closed the doors as she bit me. She let go as I started bathing her and she leaned against the wall. i washed her, including her bum, and stuck my finger in and moved it around, which took her by surprise even though she didn't stop me. I finished cleaning us and was kissing her shoulders, and back as I rubbed her pussy.

"You walked in when I was pooping, mister!" Taiiko started moan. "You plan doing that regularly?"

"Only if you're pooping, love. It's not like I plan it."

"You don't mind?" I wasn't even sure if Taiiko had been with a man. I figured she had because was in college, but she hadn't since she moved home.

"Sweet's, we're bonded. We just made love three times last night and I'm about to fuck you now. I just cleaned your butt. I don't care. Poop is poop." She turned and looked at me and I pushed into her, again as I rubbed her clit and squeezed her nipples. She was trying to grabbed the wall, but couldn't so she pushed her face into it, reached around, grabbed me, and pulled me into her. I pushed against the outer side of her vagina, as I rubbed her clit. Taiiko was starting growl, so I pushed harder and she squeezed harder. I was ready to come when she stopped, shuddered, and came all over us she moaned. I didn't stop but it wasn't long until I came deep inside her.

Taiiko's face was still against the tile, her hands on it as well, as I held her, massaged her breasts, and her belly, butt and legs. I stayed inside her until I wasn't hard, kissing her back and shoulders the entire time. I came out of her, as most of me came out of her as well. I bit her on the neck as I washed it away, and then washed her legs. I stood as the shower was beating her head, and water was running down her face. Taiiko looked at me, pushed against the wall, she grabbed my balls, squeezed, and pulled. What was it with these women and my balls?

She kissed me as we got out and dried each other. We finished getting ready, and kidding with each, as any couple would. We walked into the bedroom and Taiiko got a comb out her bag. "This was my mother's, and grandmother's, and my great-grandmother's. I am not sure beyond that because they are all gone. Please comb my hair." I did. Her hair was amazing but my combing her hair wasn't about that, it was about her mom, and her grandma, and great-grandma. Taiiko smiled and stopped me. "You'll do fine with our daughters. Thank you, that was wonderful. She got up, in a towel, walked out to her room to get dressed.

"Wait....what? Daughters?

Claw51478 75M
235 posts
9/9/2021 4:23 pm

4 wives , Taiiko will have Daughters - Twins, triplets - we shall see. Will Daniel mate with all the leaders of the clans, thus, bringing them under one leader???

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