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take me part 303  

dadigan 59M  
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9/21/2021 1:01 pm
take me part 303

I hadn't realized how much I needed that downtime, or the sleep, and spending time with Ama was nice. She was very familiar, and her taking me to the community center seemed to have an unspoken purpose, which was what I was pondering on the drive home. I had numerous things to ponder, so many that they were backing up and I would need to start prioritizing. My mom taught me to care about others, especially the less fortunate. My parents weren't rich, but we were comfortable, and we were frugal, and they invested in land and buildings in areas that would never show a return for them. It didn't matter because they weren't doing it for them, they were doing it for us and we benefited from that caring and foresight, at least I did because I took what my brothers didn't want and fate was kind. Mom and I would help in food drives, food banks, charities that fed people.

On Thanksgiving and Christmas, mom and I would get up before the sun and go serve breakfast. Well, I would serve and mom would help prepare the turkey dinner for later. We'd get back to the house around noon, tired but happy, and finish preparing our own meal. My brothers didn't do anything and my dad was usually asleep because of how long and hard, he worked. This was his time to recharge. He did not have an easy job even though he owned the business. I helped and saw that first hand. My mom never begrudged him because of that, and she had given up on my brothers. I suppose I learned who I was in large part due to their example. The girls and I were going to have to have a discussion about this. We were going to have to have discussions about a lot of things. We pulled onto the road that led to Ama's.

"When does your property start Ama?"

"It starts here with this livestock grate. I've lived here a long time, off and on, and was able to purchase it when no one wanted it." I said that trait seemed to run in our families. " She smiled and nodded. "Yes it does. I know a lot of people and I try and help as I can. I trade and barter a fair amount, mainly for them because my needs are few, and it means they don't have to spend cash. The land is a good example of that. I let ranchers graze cattle, sheep, and lamb on it. They are respectful of the land and don't let them overgraze and they give me meat which I share." Good stewardship applies to many things Daniel. It's part of why I wanted you to come into town and see where the money was going. It's one of the most important aspects of being a good leader. Your mom taught you most of that and the rest is just who you are. The girls are the same way. It's one reason Marnine hated them so much. We pulled up to the house and both Sara and Taiiko came running out, practically attached at the hip, both of them smiling and laughing. Ama looked at me and laughed. " You are going to have quite a life dear one." I nodded as we both got out. Sara and Taiiko gang hugged me. We were all walking in when I heard it, a high pitch whine. Drone.

We walked in and I went into the closet, got the sniper rifle, checked the clip, and went outside with binoculars to find it, and to see if could find the operator. It was flying low enough that I could hear it so it wasn't highly advanced, which was good, but still, they just didn't know when to quit. It wasn't that hard to find and it was being stationary long enough for me to get a shot, all I had to do was track it. It looked like it was doing some sort of modified grid pattern on it's approach to the house. I was curious about that. I wondered what they were looking for, maybe one of the guys left something behind, assuming this was the same people. I needed a program to keep track of them.

The drone hovered and dropped in altitude like it was looking at something. I quickly oriented on where and put the sight back on the drone, breathed, and fired. There was a suppressor on it so it didn't make any noticeable sound. It dropped and hit the ground. Hopefully, the pilot would think there was a malfunction and come looking for it. I hoped so because I wanted to speak with whoever it was. I took the rifle in, put it up, and grabbed a handgun, holster, and extra clips, and one of the assault rifles and extra clips. Taiiko walked in and looked at me, didn't say a word and did the same. I was about to say something when she looked at me and I knew it was futile, that's what having strong women in your life means. I told everyone else to stay inside as Taiiko grabbed binoculars and followed me outside. I told her about where it went down. She moved off to the side and hid so that she could flank them if anyone showed up. I'd go at them from the front. We were both wearing vests just in case.

It was about fifteen minutes when I saw dust from the road and started watching. It was another Telcom van. of a bitch, so much for a break. It wasn't that far away because he was going to approach on foot, which was the only way he'd get the drone or whatever it was he saw. It was highly risky as he was about to find out. I didn't care for using guns, but I knew how to use them. I could feel Taiiko getting ready because she had been watching him too. He was a fair way onto the property and was fully committed. He was roughly two hundred feet from where I thought the drone should be. He was looking around on the ground when I stepped out from beside the SUV and started walking toward him. Taiiko stayed put, God Bless her, and surveilled the area to see if anyone else was around. I had pushed earlier and didn't feel anyone but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

I had gone a hundred feet toward him, off to his right, before he noticed me. He was obviously surprised but saw the rifle and stood still, smart because I wouldn't have missed. Taiiko walked towards us still alternating between him and the road. I stopped about twenty-five yards from him. I had the safety off the entire time. I could feel the wheels spinning in his mind.

"You speak English?" He nodded.

"What's your name?" I was being neutral so he was uncertain even though he could see the rifle. He didn't say anything. "That's fine, I'll find out soon enough?"

"I'm guessing you know this is private property, right?" Nothing. "Here's what I want you to do. Take your left hand and slowly remove the gun, emphasis on slowly. Drop the mag and throw it in front of you, to the right. Understood?" Nothing. " The other option is that I shoot you in the shoulder, and at this range, it will be blown apart, and then I disarm you, either is fine with me." He was pissed but he did it.

" Good, now I want you to put your hands behind your neck and interlock your fingers, get on your knees and cross your ankles. I'm sure you know the drill and the same rules apply. Chop, chop." He was seething inside, and pissed at himself that I got so close before he saw me. Taiiko circled behind him and walked up to him, as did I. I wanted to be imposing and have him focus on me. I also wanted him to know that if he tried anything, it wouldn't go well for him. I knew he wanted to but Taiiko would have dislocated something. She zip-tied his wrist and ankles and searched him. He had two knives, a backup piece in the waist of his pants, and one around his left ankle. She emptied his pockets and kept watching the road because neither of us was going to bother questioning him. He knew he was done and he wouldn't say a word but at least we hadn't hurt him, at least not yet.

I waved at the house because I knew they were all watching and sure enough they came piling out and climbed into the SUV and drove to us. Jake and I dragged him over and loaded him in the back. I checked the ties and they were secure. Annie had grabbed a handgun and was watching him as I told the others to fan out and look around for something that shouldn't be there.

" Stay six feet apart and head toward the house, go slow. It might be small as a zip drive so focus. The drone should be somewhere close as well. Taiiko and I are going to check the van" I walked to Annie and kissed her. "Don't hesitate to shoot him, and I mean that. Ankles hurt, knees hurt, hips hurt but shooting him anywhere won't be a fun experience. We'll&#39 be back soon. I guessing he's alone." She nodded. Taiiko and I headed to the van. I was keeping this one and I hoped there were more drones in it because maybe I could entice Lieve and Heather to come out.

Taiiko went wide around the other side. I moved to the front and looked in the windshield. Nothing. I pushed again and there was still nothing. It didn't make sense that they would have two guys to fly a drone, but they weren't counting on me shooting it down. He should have left it, it wasn't like they hadn't lost a lot already. What's one drone." We walked to the back door. This was the part I hated but I had to do it. I reached, grabbed the handle, and pushed and turned in one quick motion as I stepped back. Nothing. I put the rifle in my left hands and looked in quickly. Nothing. There was no place to hide. Thankfully they did just send one guy. I helped Taiiko up by putting my hand between her legs and lifting. She turned around, shook her head, and smiled.

I checked the area with the binoculars before I climbed in. I wanted to get off the road. Taiiko climbed in the passenger seat and I climbed in the driver's. The key was in the console. We headed to Ama's. The SUV was back at the house so they must have found at least the drone. I drove the van behind the house and parked it next to the base of the hill and we got out as Emily and Jake came running up.

" The drone is so cool dad even though you shot it." I opened both back doors.

" Do me a favor and grab a couple of bags from the house." He went running in as Emily hugged Taiiko. I climbed in and started looking around. " How's the guy?"

"Mad," she said laughing. He got dragged inside by a<b> group </font></b>of women." We all started laughing. It was a similar setup only for drones. I started looking through cabinets and found cash, again, only not as much. I popped the drawer and took out his ID and the rest of what was in it.

" Em, do me a favor sweets, take this money to Ama for me, please." She smiled. "Jake, toss me one of those bags." I loaded the clips and the ammo, and ID and papers into it. He only had the handguns. Take this into your mom and Chloe, please." Thanks. There were two vertical cabinets that I popped opened with the knife. Taiiko looked in and whistled. It was filled with various drones. I took pictures for them, as well as the electronics. I'd search it more thoroughly later but I wanted to get inside and text this to Deat before I called him. I closed everything up and locked the van. Taiiko wrapped her arms around me.

" That was fun mister. You sure know how to show a girl a good time. We walked to the front and checked with binoculars but didn't see anything. I pushed and there was still nothing. We walked in and Ama wasn't happy. She was on the phone with her contact in the National Police. It was going to be a long day.

OlderPete58 63M  
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9/21/2021 2:54 pm

Another exciting episode thank you.

Ama has contacts and she will use them and what did they find to incriminate Jaak and Roan.

Something is going to be leaked soon and then things will move quickly.

You are doing a good job keeping the tension up.

Claw51478 74M  
159 posts
9/21/2021 3:18 pm

I guess there will be hell to pay, with the National Police. But, I wonder how these people ( assassins ) are getting these sophisticated vans into the country. Looks like Deat will be a very busy camper.
More money for the Director of the Association to use for the people.
Good Read.

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