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take me part 305  

dadigan 59M  
118 posts
9/22/2021 3:51 pm
take me part 305

"What? You like you've seen a ghost."

"According to this, they are targeting all of the clans. We're just first." I walked in and looked over their shoulders as Annie and Taiiko walked up hugging each other. It made me smile even though I knew they would fit together. They stared at everyone and asked the same thing I did."

"They want to target all the clans, Annie, all of them. There's information on all the clans, detailed information that they shouldn't have. We're the lynchpin of their plan. They want to control everything that the clans control. They want it all and they don't care what it takes. What do we do?" Annie looked at me.

"We don't panic. If they need us out of the way then they are very frustrated at the moment. We need to read through that. I suppose you and Ama need to read through it, Annie, and see if you want to share it with Interpol, but there's nothing we can do about it right now. I understand now why they took such a risk coming back here, especially with the van. I doubt they have another because it's not just something you can drive across the border. It takes planning, same with the men, and equipment. This has been in the works for a while, yet it still confuses me regarding the timing. I suppose they could have just staged all of it here for when we showed up but breaking the neutrality agreement is a big deal. It also says that the rules are off for whoever is in charge. I say we deal with it tomorrow." I don't think they were buying it. " Have you eaten? If you're going to obsess on it then at least do so after you've eaten." They nodded.

I pushed outward past the entrance and there was nothing. It was like they pulled up anchor and sailed away, which would be great. It was too late to call Deat, and I was tired anyway, so I asked Ama if I could have another pill. She nodded and got up.

"Aren't you going to have dinner?" Janey asked.

"No, sweets, I'm tired, and I'm still full from lunch. It was enough to last me for two days. I'll have breakfast tomorrow." Ama smiled as she walked up and handed me the pill. I took it, said goodnight to everyone, and started walking to the bedroom as Taiiko went with me. Man, this thing hit fast. I hadn't even made it to the door when it started to kick in. I sat on the bed and my head started spinning. I was trying to take off my socks but couldn't. Taiiko was chuckling as she did it for me. I fell onto my pillow and I was out. She lifted my legs onto the bed and pulled the covers up, kissed me, and turned out the light.

I had no idea what time it was, or even what was going on, I was no longer at Ama's. I was watching, and listening to Jaak's father yell at him on the phone. I hadn't pushed. I hadn't done anything. I was just there when I was supposed to be asleep. I thought I was getting used to being confused, but this took it to a whole new level, so I listened. I was there for some reason.

"Goddammit Jaak, you told me it was no big deal, that it would be over in Denver, quickly, and look at that fuck up. We lost, cash, passports, equipment, and the FBI and Interpol got involved. Then you said it would be over in Japan because they wouldn't be expecting it, and there are six people missing, presumably with Interpol, all their equipment and cash are gone, and Interpol is even more curious. Then you said we could end it in Iceland because it's neutral ground and no one would dare attack Ama so it gave us the advantage. I sent two vans expecting to get them back because I use them for other things, and now they're both gone. They aren't cheap, Jaak, and it's not like I have them lying around. Do you have any idea what it took to get them into Reykjavik? I don't like having to ask for favors. You are fucking this up at every opportunity Jaak and I'm getting sick of it. Do you have any idea what this has cost me? I'm done. You and Roan do your own dirty work and use your own money. I'm too busy trying to clean up your messes so they don't come back to bite me. I have to destroy a company that I have been using for years and start over somewhere else."

"I'm sorry Da' but no one knew he had skills. You'll get all your money back and have access to all the lands once we are in control. These things are never easy. You know that from your own experiences. Iceland is still the safest place because if we wait until the wedding then it'll be messy."

"Iceland is over . There are no men and everything else is gone. It's done. You'll have to figure something else out." He hung up furious. He poured some scotch and sat in front of the fire seething. I looked around and wondered how the hell I was getting back to Ama's when I was jerked away with such force that had I been awake I would have puked. I ended up looking at a blonde woman in a bathtub, drinking something, and talking on the phone. Her name was Ingrid. I had no idea how I knew that but I did and she was as close to evil as I had seen.

"Roan, love, you need to calm down. I fully expected Jaak to fuck things up. He's useful because of his dad, but he's a moron. He's devious, but he's still a moron. However, we need him until we don't. Patience. I tell you that all the time. My brother is still working on having people ready when we need them. He's reserved the "A-team." The others didn't fare so well. Relax because our plan is still on track."

OK, who the fuck is Ingrid, and what did all that mean. Jesus Christ, there's Roan, Jaak, and his father concocting plans to kill us, and now Roan and this Ingrid woman have a totally separate scheme. These people made Machiavelli look like he was in grade school. I didn't even want to try and read between the lines of what Roan and Ingrid had planned when I got jerked again. Fuck, I obviously wasn't in my body for some reason I couldn't understand. I was supposed to be sleeping, why couldn't I just materialize wherever I suppose to be instead of being jerked all over the place, and that's when I got thrown back into my room, not back into my body, mind you, back into the room.

I was trying to stop everything from spinning when I, at least my body, got out of bed and started walking toward the kitchen. Great, I thought, now what. I was either sleepwalking, or possessed, but I was obviously attached because I was being dragged along, unceremoniously. Chloe, Annie, Taiiko, and Ama were at the kitchen table talking about the thumb drive when I walked past them and went outside, barefoot, and in a t-shirt. Holy fuck!

The girls looked at each other, confused. Chloe followed me/us outside. "Daniel? Are you OK Love? What are you doing? It's cold out here." I was scanning, looking to see if anyone was out there. I knew there wasn't but I wondered what he knew. I was getting intrigued. "Daniel! Come back in sweets." I turned, walked into the kitchen, and sat down. Everyone was staring at me, and I couldn't blame them. I was freaking myself out. I got in front and looked at myself. My eyes were open but no one was home. They all looked at each other, worried. I cocked my head and said,

"We're safe here now. They won't come back here. They're coming at us somewhere else, probably Norway." I looked over Taiiko's head, toward the distance and scanned. It was way more advanced than what I did when I pushed. I was at her home, our home, and I saw Yoshi. I looked around and then at Taiiko. "Yoshi is fine. Safe. You don't need to worry." Ama was sitting next to her, watching me. I looked at her, and smiled, before looking at Annie. She stared at me, totally confused.

"Who is Ingrid?" She gasped and grabbed Ama's and Chloe's hands. "She is behind this with Jaak and Roan. They are using him and his father. They think Jaak is stupid but devious. He can't be underestimated. Jaak's father is just supplying the funds and materials. He wants what's under all of your lands because that is all he cares about. They are all a danger but Ingrid is close to evil. Her father is Finnish, and her brother is in the army. He is the one with the contacts and who is supplying the men." I stood up and walked back to the room, got in bed, and was jerked back into my body. I didn't move until the next morning.

I woke up like the day before feeling fantastic. I was the only one in bed, again. I brushed, got dressed, and walked into the kitchen, smiling. Everyone was scrunched around the table, staring at me like I had three heads.

"Morning. Ama, whatever herbs are in that pill you should patent it because they're fantastic. I feel great. I don't think I moved the entire night." I walked over, got some coffee, and leaned against the counter. They were still staring at me. "Why are all of you staring at me like that?" I looked down at my zipper. "What?" Chloe said.

"You don't remember coming out here last night and walking outside?"

"No, I was asleep." Taiiko looked at me, worried, and asked if I remembered telling her that Yoshi was safe?" "No. What's this all about." Ama was watching me, intently when Annie asked,

"Who's Ingrid, Daniel?" I stared at her because that name was somehow familiar and that's when the headache happened, worse than usual. I was just able to set the cup down before I crumpled to the ground, hitting my head. I opened my eyes as Ella and Joseph walked up and sat down.

"Again with the falling?" What is going on?"

"You had a lot to process. Quite the night, huh. Are you remembering?" The images and conversations from last night were flooding into my brain. I remembered everything. I told them yes.

"What happened?"

"Ama will explain that to you, we're here to tell you that all of you must stay here until you leave for Norway, that is where the danger is, and that is where you will have to bring this to a close. Ama will be working with each of you in varying ways, even Emily, but primarily with you and Sara. She will work with the others after the ceremony. You and Sara are already unlocking abilities that have lain dormant for a long time. It is why Ama wanted all of you here. You are all doing fine, and blending as expected. Enjoy it here, and the change of seasons. Now quit slacking off and wake up, Daniel." They were gone. I opened my eyes and sat up. It must have just been a few seconds because the girls were just getting out of their chairs. It was going to be one of those days.

evernshamdodges9 64M  
29 posts
9/22/2021 5:43 pm

another good one!!!

Claw51478 74M  
101 posts
9/22/2021 5:49 pm

I still think Daniel & Sara will be the primary leaders of all the clans, with the other 3 wives contributing . Will he include Deat and Interpol in the take down of Roan, her Jackass fiance and his dad. Or, will he and the gal's shift and take them out permanently . Cut the head of the snake off, the rest will die.
Don't you love it when a plan comes together

mcmike1973 66M  
2 posts
9/23/2021 5:46 am

Great story.

OlderPete58 63M  
106 posts
9/23/2021 1:34 pm

I agree with the others a great story I agree with Claw.

Daniel and Sara are to be the main leaders the others link together and will help manage the clans together they will survive and bring unity but this Ingrid will have to be dealt with she must be special as she seems to control Roan as well there can be only one end for her.

Lets see what powers Daniel and the girls bring from the past.

There will be a fight I am sure as you have lined up everything for a show down.

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