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take me part 306  

dadigan 59M  
208 posts
9/23/2021 2:36 pm
take me part 306

I thought I had moved past falling unconscious when the headaches came. I hadn't but it was mostly an annoyance to me, because I had a hard head, but it worried the girls and I didn't want that. They helped me up and Ama poured me another cup of coffee. It still couldn't finish a full cup of anything. I sat in between Jake and Emily because they were really worried, luckily neither saw me last night. I told them everything I experienced as Ama was staring a hole through me. It really wasn't all that much that we hadn't surmised already except for this Ingrid woman, that was a surprising wrinkle. Annie was looking at me too.

"How did you know to go to Ingrid?"

"I didn't. I was being jerked around. I expected to sleep through the night like yesterday and then I was watching, and listening, to Jaak's father until he hung up and then whoosh, I was looking at her talking with your sister, and then I got jerked back to the room and I was following me around here. I'm not really sure how he/me even knew any of that since I was bouncing around behind him. It was a<b> weird </font></b>night and meaning no disrespect Ama I think I'll pass on taking those pills anytime soon. I'm fine with being the first one up." They all laughed.

"Roan and Ingrid went to school together, they were lovers, and apparently still are. They were best friends if you can call it that. Ingrid's mom was from Norway, but her dad was Finnish, and her brother was in the army, and it seems that he still is even though he's using his position in illegal ways it seems. I hadn't thought of her for many years. There would be no way for you to know anything about her, that was why I was so taken aback last night. You are a bit odd Daniel, but that was kinda over the top in weirdness. So what do we do?"

"We do what Ella and Joseph told us to do, stay here, work with Ama, and enjoy the change of seasons although I'm not really sure how you'd tell since there aren't an awful lot of leaves around. I'm going to chop wood and try to catch up with my . I doubt I can but it'll feel good to sweat and not think about all of this." They all took turns hugging and kissing me as Jake and I went outside and he showed me where the ax, and maul were. He headed off to do chores as Ama, Sara, and Emily came outside and wandered off. I got to work. I'd been chopping and stacking for about two hours and, even though I was warm because of it, it was definitely starting to get colder so Annie and Chloe were a welcome distraction as they brought out tea and cookies. They were always a welcome distraction but even more so when they had cookies. I smiled, wiped my face on my shirt, and took a break.

Chloe spoke first, "Are you regretting falling in love with us Daniel?" I nodded as she looked at me stunned even though Annie was smiling. I finished chewing.

"Of course not goofball, in for a penny, in for a pound. I'd walk through hell with all of you, I'd rather not, but I would. She came and sat on my lap and bit my shoulder before saying good. "You startled us last night because it was like you were almost possessed. Ama said you weren't, that it was similar to sleepwalking, but it still freaked us out." Taiiko came out and scrunched next to Annie and grabbed a cookie. It was nice how quickly all the girls had taken to one another. They were definitely sisters.

"I called Yoshi, and you were right about that too, everything is fine. He's upped the security patrols and is having a gate put at the entrance to the mill, along with motion detectors like you suggested. He talked with the prominent family leaders of the clan about all this and they were all shocked and surprised." I looked at her because my thought was, "what else would they say," when she smiled because she had read my mind. "Don't worry Love, he's taking it all with a grain of salt. They are figuring out what to do with my cousin because it warrants punishment. I said he should be banished because of what he was attempting to do, sorry just doesn't cut it. He'll keep us updated but he's more than capable of dealing with the situation."

"It seems that you have quite the following among the women, Daniel. Kana has been singing your praises since we left. Apparently, you, and your nakedness, made quite the impression and they can't wait for us to come back. Why I'm not exactly sure unless they think they'll somehow be able to catch a glimpse." All three of them started laughing as I shook my head and grabbed another cookie and more tea. I was getting chilled because I had stopped working but I'd deal because I missed them even though it had only been twenty-four hours.

"What's wrong Annie? I can feel it so please don't pretend."

"I'm worried about the ceremony. My mom has never stood up to Roan, Da' always did that, so we can't count on her controlling the situation. It's all going to land on us, along with everything else. This is a huge deal, Love, and it has many components over several days culminating in the ceremony. There will be many chances for them to attack us, together and alone, and that's not even mentioning the potential collateral damage because there will be so many guests in attendance. There will be members from each of the families of the clans we represent. You and I will be expected to meet with each of them which means we will be unavailable to help protect the others. Ama said that she is dealing with that because my mom won't."

"Knowing both Roan and Ingrid, I suspect that they will want to make whatever they have in their twisted minds a public spectacle to inflict as much shock as possible. I think they believe that if they kill me that title moves to Roan, but it doesn't work like that, especially if she's the one who killed me. It stays with mom. I think they will try to just seize power in the ensuing chaos. I could be wrong but given what we'll be up against with the guests, we can't plan for all the possibilities, so unless you are able to travel around at night and get new information, I think our best option is to be on guard but figure they will come at us during the ceremony." Everyone was quiet.

"Well if that's all you're concerned about then I'm going to chop some more wood," and smiled. I walked up, squatted in front of her, and held her hands. "We're all worried, Love, but I know it weighs more heavily on you because Roan is your sister. We'll deal with what we have too." I kissed her, Taiiko, and Chloe and started to get back to work. "Thank you for the break. I miss all of you when we are apart." They smiled and walked inside. I didn't want to let on that I was as worried as Annie and walked back to the woodpile when Deat called.

"Hey Deat, what's up?"

"A lot brother, I'll start with the easy stuff first which isn't surprising, except it is. Interpol had Customs check all passengers arriving and departing Iceland in the last six months, and run a photo match of the men you... encountered.... and nothing turned up. That's not all that surprising because it is an island, or they could have taken a private jet and bribed someone to look the other way. There are ways to get on and off an island. However, those vans can't just drive-in. They had to come on a ship, which requires tremendous logistics, especially if you don't want a record of them ever being on the island, which there isn't. They were obviously on the island but there is no record of them ever arriving through customs. It gets better. My contact at Interpol ran the prints of all the guys, Japan and Iceland, but he was denied access."

"Interpol was denied access?"

"That's what I said. Apparently, people in Finland are not pleased that we are looking into these gentlemen. They are still being detained on a secure floor in the hospital and they will likely be there for a fair bit of time, all except the drone pilot, but he's locked up. Iceland and Japan have jurisdiction but neither country wants anything to do it. My friend has a contact in Finland, who's pretty high ranking, and he's going to see if he can get more information on these guys. It's highly doubtful they are active military but given the lengths, they are going to in order to keep them hidden it almost looks like it's off the books paramilitary BS, or there are some very deep pockets at play."

"We are focusing on both angles, brother, and if we can access information about Annie's sister and her fiance, and his father, we will. Interpol is also looking at 'dad' with renewed scrutiny and is starting to shake the trees with the focus on the sex ring. They are planning on turning the heat up to high in the next couple of weeks." I told him that my gut says that 'dad' is the one with deep pockets. I also gave him Ingrid's name to check out because she worried me the most. He wrote it down.

"Do you have sources that I don't know about Daniel?" What was I supposed to say?

"It's complicated Deat. I've been having very vivid and intense dreams and they are coming true. I had one last night and I saw Ingrid on the phone talking with Roan. I asked Annie about it and she practically turned white. Ingrid's a worry because she's targeting my family so anything you can give me would be helpful and I'll keep passing on info to you if find any." He was silent.

"That seems fair, and you always have been pretty odd, but watch your back too. You can't protect them if they come after you and you aren't focused. Capiche?" I said yeah and thanks. Chopping wood was a lot more enjoyable than all this crap. I chopped and stacked for another couple of hours before Sara and Janey came out and dragged me inside for lunch. Ama and Emily had made a big pot of soup and baked some rye bread, which I loved. I had given up on trying to get any information about what the three did when they disappeared. Sara would get serious and say that it was top secret and put her finger to her lips. I washed up and sat down as everyone else was devouring the soup. I didn't realize how hungry I was, or how chilly, and the soup certainly hit the spot on both accounts. The bread simply tasted great. I filled them in on what Deat said as Annie stared at me in disbelief.

"They can't get any information on these men? How is that possible?" She was getting frustrated because she was worried. The rest of the girls had no clue how the clans worked, and I just had a basic understanding, so Annie was having to carry that pretty much alone. Taiiko helped, which is why I think they bonded so quickly, but even that was different as well because Japan isn't Norway.

"Sadly, it's about power and money and the machinations behind both. Both Deat and his friend at Interpol will keep digging and it seems my ability to access things is starting to expand so I'll keep working with that now that I know about Ingrid. All we can do is what we've been doing, and paying attention. Ama and Emily, the soup and bread were fantastic. Thank you." We finished and Annie and I were doing dishes. I hip-bumped her. She smiled and bumped me back. "You want to talk a walk, on two legs, after we're done. She nodded. "Good." We grabbed jackets, headed outside, and walked up the hill behind the house. I seemed to be obsessed with that hill ever since I saw Ama get shot in my vision/dream. I was worried that it wasn't just a dream.

Claw51478 74M  
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9/23/2021 7:31 pm

Since FBI / Interpol cannot get info. that tells me that Jack Ass's father has some very high people in the Military, Federal police, etc.. It's the same in this country. Forget it, take matters into own hands. Like I said, take the principles out, the rest just fades away, this includes Roan also.
I think maybe Daniel and the gal's that can shift, will take an unannounced trip to Norway and Finland, to take Jaak & his Father out.

Good read.

OlderPete58 63M  
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9/24/2021 4:28 pm

Daniel is getting good insight perhaps he can head them off and prompt then to make a mistake that exposes them for what they are to everyone.

I think he will still have to take some out permanently though for the safety of everyone especially the girls.

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