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take me part 314  

dadigan 60M  
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10/2/2021 7:20 pm
take me part 314

I didn't run because I didn't know enough of what was going on. I knew too much. I ran to clear my head. I knew where I was I was going; I just didn't know if it was still there. I ran as far as could without engaging with people. I ran. I would annoy Annie. I found the cave I was looking for. It was small but fit me as scrunched into it. I was tired and pushed myself inside, and fell on my side. I was exhausted. I fell asleep and started dreaming.

Annie walked up because this was not where she thought I'd be. She looked at me sleeping, curled up, and dead to the world. "What is going on, Ama? He shouldn't be here. Do you know why....here he is?" Ama looked at Annie.

"DO YOU!!!!!! Ama?"

Annie was silent. "Ama?"

I was<b> sleeping </font></b>in a cave filled with runes, more runes than I had ever seen. I pushed into them because I was me. The cave was was small, and covered, in runes. I could see a person looking into the fire as it changed and brought symbols from the darkness..

I fell asleep and left the symbols for me to deal with when I slept, and they showed the runes I needed to move forward. I shook my head. I was trying, but it wasn't working.

I woke.

The runes kept changing. Why?

Darkness is darkness.

Hello my friend. We shall deal with what we must.



I am not that line.

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