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take me part 317  

dadigan 59M  
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10/3/2021 6:23 pm
take me part 317

Sara sniffled and bit my neck like she was suckling. Sara always bit when she was scared, or mad; she was both. I didn't mind. She looked at me like she wanted say something, but smiled as she pulled my hair and told me I smelled, but she didn't mind. She grabbed my hand and said let's go for a walk. We walked down the driveway to the road. Sara was squeezing my hand, and wouldn't let go. I knew something was wrong, but she wouldn't tell me.

She looked at the sky, and the Sun, smiled and clapped, as she saw the dust cloud on the road. "I have a surprise for you, mister." She smiled and clapped. I couldn't resist.

"Is that Lieve and Heather?" Sara looked at me, stunned.

"You are a wizard? So, you already know?" I nodded. " won't be before I have our is born, but our life....will be unusual. YOU have no idea how this eases me not carrying this alone. Thank you for being you, and knowing. We can enjoy my being<b> pregnant </font></b>with Melissa because she will be our Hanna's mom. I am so glad that you are a wizard, mister, and know these things. Let's go say hi our daughters." She took off running as I cried, and followed. I knew something was amiss, but I never dreamed Sara would die. I hated this. The person I could talk with about this was Ama, and she was making breakfast.

The van pulled up and Sara hugged both of them before Lieve looked at me, dropped her pack, and bolted. I couldn't help but smile. It was bittersweet. I had babies on the way, multiple munchkins from various families, two teenagers, and two twenty-somethings. I was pretty lucky until Lieve plowed into me, sending us both to the ground, laughing so hard that we could barely breathe. She kissed me, and bit me, and kissed again, as Sara laughed, and clapped.

"Guess what, Da'?"

"You're getting married." Deathly silence as Sara stopped clapping and looked at Heather and us. Lieve looked at me, amazed.

"How did you know that, Daniel?" Sara walked up, knelt, and hugged her.

"Your Da' is wizard, Lieve. Get used to it." She then tackled her off of me and told her how happy she was in Sara-speak. I watch them all rolling around, smiling at them, as everyone walked up to enjoy the show. I was alone in a crowd. I needed to get used to it, but Sara could make me smile.

Jake and Emily attacked their sisters and ran back to the house so they could meet Ama. Janey head-butted me in the chest, as Alison laughed before they both kissed me. "I'm glad you don't have your antlers." Janey stared at me, intently, and then at Alison.

"Fix this, Daniel. Alli and I want a , and you're the Da'....so deal with this shit and get it handled, whatever it takes. We want our family back like it was." They kissed me and ran catch up with the bulk of them. Chloe, Annie, and Taiiko were watching them all walk away with me.

"I love this, and hate this." Silence, as they nodded before we turned and walked away. I had SO much tell them that I couldn't tell them and that is when Chloe bit me in my neck, on the muscle, hard enough draw blood. Everyone was stunned.

"Tell us, Daniel." I stared and told them everything I saw, felt, thought I knew. I told them about Sara, which broke my heart. I told them everything. Chloe and Annie walked away, crying, holding each other. Taiiko was crying too, but she walked with me. As much as I loved Iceland, I hated it just as much.

cjg045 69M  
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10/3/2021 8:07 pm

Another great story line ,Daniel. Thank You. JOE

OlderPete58 63M  
155 posts
10/4/2021 5:02 am

Great story Daniel very emotionally charged. I hope you don't write Sara out.

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