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take me part 331  

dadigan 59M  
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10/13/2021 1:00 pm
take me part 331

I wasn't sure if I had done , or was because in the form of a dragon, hell, I could barely wrap my brain around that tidbit, but things shifted and was looking at Sara, Gaia, and Manine having High Tea. Sara was the reason the other two were alive. I screeched, as i point ceiling and poured my anger into the rock. I was pissed. Sara clapped as Marnine stared at me. I moved toward her as Gaia held up her hand and said enough Danael. I fell to the ground and shifted back.

"That will leave a mark, Marnine, because not even I can undo what a dragon has done, but apparently this one can, since you are here. Get up and share our afternoon tea with us." I growled at Marnine as Sara walked and knelt in front of me.

"You smell better as the bear." She held her nose and smiled. "You came for me, a place I wasn't sure you could find, or get too. Thank you Daniel. I chose wisely, whose to bear, we all did, now stop being impolite and say hello to our hosts, mister." I took their hands, but growled at Marnine, for good measure. They all laughed. It was a pleasant high tea after that although I'm not a fan of cucumbers. Well, I am, but they aren't of me...and I prefer the crust. I was still firmly in the camp of, 'I AM LOSING MY FUCKING MIND!!!!!!' when Sara said.

"I been chatting with Marnine since before I started working with Ama. My mom, Claire, and her, were friends. She visits sometimes but she has super, important, top secret things to handle up above, so she can't get here often." I was literally going insane as i stared at the woman I loved...the woman carrying my first...soon-to-be-born .

"Sara, love, you are odd, like me, but you do remember that she," I pointed at Marnine, and tried to blow fire, or ice, "tried to kill me and Annie,<b> multiple </font></b>times, right?"

"Of course, silly, but we agreed that 's all just water under the bridge." I stared at, while drooling and said, 'excuse me.' "Love, I am stronger that Marinie. I am stronger than my Ma', and I almost as strong as you, but I doubt that will ever happen... with Gaia. I be here, mister, my chats with with Marnine, but Hanna, and I are completely safe. The person could kill us, is you, and would give your life protect us. You should that. I am fine, love."


"Marnine has been VERY naughty, but I will need be in her role for a very long time, and makes sense that I get insight into what she has seen, and the choices she had to make. They aren't easy choices, love."


"I know, love but I am me, and I am carrying our , will take my place when I leave. You are mastering time, and space. is SO much more Daniel. You need trust me, like I need trust you. You are going raise our Hanna, with Melissa, but also with my sisters, especially Taiko. You and Annie, and Chloe too much to do in the next century, and Jane's and Alison, and everyone in Denver need to lay the groundwork for what will come. is so much you can't see, sweets, but that you seem know. You need keep our Ama safe." She looked unapprovingly at Marnine.... "also, you might die in the process. Somethings can't be avoided. The rest of of soiree is girls , so I will see at home. We are leaving tomorrow for Denver. I adore you, mister."

I was jerked away and opened my eyes to Yoshi sticking ax's into the ground, on either side of my head as everyone screamed. "Get up, and eat what Ama-san makes you? NOW!"

"OK, but can he speak in English." He stared at me, as I thought shit, and his foot hit me on the side of my head, knocking me out, again. , what was I thinking.

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