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take part 256  

dadigan 60M  
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8/27/2021 9:34 pm
take part 256

"Talk with Sam, and figure out what you're doing for lunch. She can stay but you don't go out back. Period."

She smiled. "Da', we're geeks. I'm going show her how fly the drone until the better ones gets here tomorrow. We both hate bugs. How<b> weird </font></b>is that?"

"Weird, i guess."

"Right?" Jesus Christ, I had three more of these coming. "We'll be fine. I know the protocol and I can protect myself, so don't worry." a duck, this was about go off the rails in a hurry. I let it lay. I need your phone. I called Bet as we drove the shop.

"You don't have a lot of happy women here, my friend, I'm just sayin'."

"How are things?"

"Aside from them, it's fine but they won't stay here for long." Goddammit!!

"Tell Sara that Bethany is getting a new plane, maybe she can quell some of it. Maybe."

"I wouldn't count on it. They are warrioress. They don't shy from a fight, none of them, and they are all pissed at you Love. Good luck with that." I told her to tell Sara because she thinks Bethany is a super genius, and I only needed some time. "I'll tell her, love."

"Can you give the phone to whomever is the maddest." Silence.

"You've got a pair Daniel. If I didn't love Javier as much as I do, I would like to see them. Good luck because they will be fighting for the phone." Chloe took the phone.

Silence. OH !

"Daniel, what is going on?" She was WAY calm.

"I just talked with Bethany and Charles and we are getting all of you another plane... so we can use the original as a decoy.

"Really? And you think that it is a good plan for us here, now?" I didn't really know respond that.

"Uhhhh, maybe not in the short term, but...."

GODDAMMITT!!!!! DANIEL. Get us out of this mess. We love Bet and Javier but we aren't prisoners..... Stop....give me the fucking phone, Chloe."

"Sorry. It's stressful, and having three pregnant women in the mix makes it interesting. We are ALL thinking you leaning toward the stupid side of the spectrum. I'll deal with Chloe.

"Did Emily get through to Jake, Annie?"

'Yeah, it was cute. Are you going to get her out?"

"Yes,. They aren't looking for me yet, at least I don't think so. I don't think anyone has ever seen me do anything." Silence.

"That's probably true, but you aren't counting on that, right?" I told her no. "Good. Get us to Iceland Daniel."

"Bethany is arranging that as we speak. I will take everything, but if I don't have keys give them to Bet, and tell her what I need. I'm guessing I'll bring a lot.

"Hold on, Love."

"We've got to go. The plane is landing. Are you sure you don't want us to bring Emily?"

"No, I'm not, but they are playing chess. I'm going to start playing Chinese checkers. me when you are on the plane."

"I will, need go Love." Shit, I was fucked in either place. If I stayed at the shop, I was screwed, and if went Sara's, I was more screwed because it was residential. We stayed at the shop. Heather drove up, smiling, as the phone rang. It was all of them.

"We are on the tarmac. Hold on love........ We are wheels up, and on our way. Keep Emily safe. We'll you when we land, and I'll ask Ama about your question. Get us soon. we need go. Thank you.

. I checked in with Sam, Henry, and Billy. Ellen was with her family.. "What do I need do."

"Nothing, we've got this, " and that is when Heather walked into our lives.

OlderPete58 63M  
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8/28/2021 3:43 am

So the Girls are on their way and now Daniel has another woman to look after what and who is Heather really is there a another connection and is it a good one?

Will he sense something or will he frighten her when he has to shift.

Let the battle commence..

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