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take part 328  

dadigan 59M  
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10/9/2021 5:24 pm
take part 328

I ran and slept and drank water. I didn't eat because I didn't need eat. I did all the things a bear would do. I had no need be human because I had my cave, although it would be tough to be a bear in Iceland as I would eventually be noticed. The cave was big enough a fire, even though I didn't it after the first night since I stopped shifting back and forth. They would have to hose me down when I got back, assuming I did make it back. I didn't know what to expect but it wasn't this. The first night was weird then it kinda got normal. I remembered doing a lot of work with time, and words...symbols. I thought I would go someplace like where Marnine was, at least someplace inside the Earth; she was Gaia, but nothing. I had my cave but I remembered being in other places, and times...mostly places I only remembered, like Nova Scotia before I went there for the rings.

I didn't see Gaia until the last morning, early...maybe four am because it was just turning to a less dark black, and the air smelled different. Winter would come early. I needed to chop more wood before I left. We needed to because Jake was going to help me, whether he wanted to, or not. He wouldn't mind because Em would be there. Heck, they'd probably all be there watching us. I was surprised when Gaia walked into my cave and snuggled into me. I was actually startled because I wasn't expecting her to be a fox. I wasn't expecting to see a fox even though the Arctic fox was one of my favorite . I wished I could shift into other . I'd really like be an owl, I thought as she looked at me.

"Your mind limits you, my . Close your eyes and fly like an owl. I'll wait." I did and even I could barely hear my wings as I flew. I wanted fly Norway but it was too far, or was it? I climbed around her, which was odd, but odd was losing its luster around me. "You don't need to shift to be anything you want, or anywhere you want. You have always had these abilities, you just forgot them and your Ma' wanted you to spend time with your Da'.because they would leave you too soon. Your three sisters are lucky in that they have Henry, and Ella in a certain way. Sara is talking with Claire. Sara is talking to many beings. She is even trying to talk with Ingrid. Roan was easy because Sara is Sara. Marnine darkened Ingrids' heart. It's sad but needed to happen because of you." I stared at her in utter disbelief.

"Excuse me? What does that mean? And you waited to show up, in a fox body, to tell me....that."

"Daniel, I come to people in ways that are easy for them to 'grok.' I could have chosen a wolf or a dragon, but after you and Annie nearly being killed by Marnine, I went with a fox. You'd know me in my true form, but I enjoy this because everyone is unique, and no, you need to ask her. She did see where I spend most of my time but needed to because of what she will do. You didn't because your place is beside Annie and Taiiko and here. You will never be apart from Sara, or her, you. It will be equally hard but Hanna will have more love she can stand, as will Sara."

"You didn't respond to my question, Gaia."

"Didn't I because I thought I had, before. I suppose I am slipping, in my age. You need back home, love, but ask Ama speak you in the language, and Annie, and Taiiko. I gave you gift dear one." She stood, stretched, turned, and smiled. "Go home. Time is moving more normally now, and it will a cold winter. make your Rune before you leave my cave, Daniel." Gaia ran into the breaking dawn as I scratched my claws into the top of the cave. A lot of people had been here, and I was sure a lot more would follow me. I ran home to find Ama and Sara sipping coffee, and waiting for me.

"Miss me?"

"In huge bunches, mister, even though smell like a bear. It's a good thing everyone but us is asleep. Ama and I will make breakfast as you take a shower and brush....be quiet. You have wood to chop and then I need to tell you something you won't like


Claw51478 74M  
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10/10/2021 5:19 am

Daniel is now enlightened . He can shift to what ever creature he so desires,. He can also move between time and places. . Seems Sara has probably moved to start using her powers and abilities. And again, I still believe Daniel and Sara will rule the Clans, with the others assisting greatly.

Waiting for the next shoe to drop, what will it be??????????

Love it when a plan comes together

OlderPete58 63M  
149 posts
10/10/2021 6:27 am

Its good to read Daniel has now been enlightened and can start to use his powers the ones that the others dread him doing as for Sara she has been learning many things quietly off in the side line it will be interesting what happens next.

I think the clans will rally to him they have been watching in the back ground for a long times. There will be those that will oppose but they will be small in number as loyalty to greedy and abusive people will erode as many in history have found out.

We will see the story goes on.

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