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Finally realizing what have I done wrong.  

darkkamida0 21M
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10/12/2021 4:03 pm
Finally realizing what have I done wrong.

Never thought I would write another blog post.
Or if I’m very honest, to even return to this place.

The main reason why I actually left in the first place was because I actually did find someone satisfy my sexual needs. We chatted together, shared some sexy photos together…it was such a great time. But due to COVID and other personal reasons, we never had the chance to meet up and have sex.

Fast forward to today’s time, she found a boyfriend, so we can’t do the same things as we did in the past anymore. I tried convincing her to find an opening and do those things again, but her boyfriend will check her social media, so that can’t happen. She suggested that we can still be friends, which I did accept. But after some time, because of my stupidity and growing sexual desires, I (admittedly, very wrongly) lost it one day we were chatting. I wrote that she has finally moved on in life, and yet I haven’t gotten any progress at all. This of course, completely pissed her off, and she hasn’t replied my new messages ever since. What a huge asshole I am.

So I returned here, hoping that I can find someone as good as her.
But as always, all the usuals in my face: fake accounts, spammers, etc.

Even though I did find some gorgeous ladies close to my area, which I did successfully contact with some of them, I just bombarded them with my sexual desires due to my virgin status, completely not respecting the ladies’ thoughts and decisions.

This is so not my style…what the hell am I doing?

And the worst part? I did have a friend on this site, who has always helped me a lot on AdultFriendFinder, and I truly appreciated all of it. But I complained about my failures with huge amounts of negativity so much, that he has also decided to stop replying to me.

This is the silly story of a horny, young man that once had something, lost everything.
But everything that has happened up to this point is all my fault, and I take full blame.

No one needs to bang with you just because you keep asking them. You need to respect their decisions and feelings, even when they don’t want to bang with you. And spamming negativity to force them to bang with you doesn’t work at all, and it’s only gonna piss them off even more. Definitely not worth the problems that come afterwards.

If this is my<b> punishment </font></b>of doing all the stupid things I’ve done to many people, I’ll take it.
Only took like, less than a year or sth to finally realize what I did wrong…I’m such a big idiot.

Just be patient and learn to control your sexual desires. Rushing does absolutely nothing.
Everyone has their chance to enter the world of marvelous sex. It’s just not my turn yet.

And I typed too much as always. So I’ll end here. This will be my last blog post for now.
Sorry to whoever I bothered on this site. I’ll try to be a better person at this. I just need time.

Probably staying off anything sexual for a while will do the trick…I dunno.

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