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A Chance Meeting?  

data_lady 68F
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5/2/2018 12:26 am
A Chance Meeting?

I walked in the bar alone. It was crowded so I felt comfortable in the sea of faces, the loud music and the high volume of voices. I took off my jacket and sat down in a dark corner seat, just wanting to have a drink and people watch.

I felt eyes on me and looking around I saw you watching me from your seat at the bar. When our eyes met I felt a tingle go through my body. A very sexual tingle as if lips were softly caressing my labia. Shaking myself I looked away but could still feel your eyes on me. I felt naked and looked over at you again. This time you looked away so I had time to study your strong handsome features, looking quite sexy in a T-shirt and jeans.

Your eyes once again caught and held mine. Like a hypnotist I couldn't look away, Golden brown eyes, I noticed as you rose and walked towards me. I watched as you neared, knowing this was going to be a good night. I glanced at your ring finger smiling to myself as I saw tan lines. Hmmm, I thought either married or recently separated I quessed.

You stood beside me and your voice, deep and sweet asked if you could sit down. I, of course welcomed you to the other seat at my table. We smiled at each other and I had to catch my breath at how even more handsome that smile made you. I knew I wanted you tonight.

Several drinks later, after lots of laughter and light flirting we decided to leave together. You helped me with my jacket and with a light hand on my back steered me through the crowded bar. Outside it was cold and you pulled me close. I felt your breath on my hair. Your lips coming down my cheek to capture my lips in a first kiss so passionate that I was ready right then to cum.

Walking into the hotel room you rented we barely got the door shut before we were in each others arms. Our hands were roaming over each others body. You stepped back and slowly proceeded to undress me As each of my clothes came off you removed one of yours until we were both naked. You slowly laid me back on the bed. Your eyes looking at my body and then into my eyes. Ever so slowly, almost too slowly you took a nipple into your mouth, gently suckling it until it was hard. I felt your hand wonder over my stomach and lightly reached between my legs. I had no shame, I spread them wider for you. I was so wet....so hot as you kissed down my body to my pussy...lightly flitting your tongue around. I wanted to scream with pleasure and soon I couldnt hold back. It was like a giant tidal wave starting at my core and spreading like a wild fire through my body. It was pleasure as I've never felt before.

Turning over I returned the favor by nibbling you until I had your cock in my mouth. Starting slow I sucked down the length of it and back up. I lightly caressed your balls with my hands...nibbling, sucking, licking until I could feel you tense and pull me up. I straddled you and slowly let you enter me. I heard a moan from you and then a growl as you pulled my hips down to take you all in. Your cock was thick and long and I loved every inch of it. Moaning, I knew I wasn't going to last long and I quickened the pace. I felt your cock grow even harder and then as I was close to coming you rolled with me in your arms and started to thrust from the top position. We came like that, locked in each others arms. Later as we both cooled down a bit I looked into your eyes and said to you that I loved our monthly role playing date so much but now...put your<b> wedding </font></b>ring back on, honey. You gave me the cutest smile.


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