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His Summons  

davepman 50M  
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10/21/2020 5:25 am
His Summons

She pulled her car up the ramps of the parking garage almost too quickly for safety, cursing the meeting that had lasted longer than she had anticipated. She cringed as she reached the top floor of the structure that had been constructed sometime between creation and World War II. His car was already there and he stood leaning on it, smoking a cigarette. He crushed it out with his heel when he saw her car approach.
Before she could turn off the engine, he yanked the driver's side door open and said sharply, "You're late, slut." She opened her mouth to explain about the meeting, but he silenced her with with harsh words, "Not one syllable of your miserable, pathetic excuses. You will learn that I am not to be kept waiting."

She trembled and gasped as his hand entangled in her hair. She just managed to take the car out of gear and turn off the key before he pulled her from the driver's seat. He kicked the door of the car closed and quick-stepped her to the front fender. Moving his hand to the back of her neck, he forced her head and upper body onto the hood. He kicked her feet wide apart, straining the seams of her black skirt. With his free hand, he pulled the skirt up to her waist, exposing her<b> bare </font></b>ass between the thigh-high stockings and garter belt she wore. "At least you were able to follow one of my instructions, my little slut," he said, in grudging approval of her underthings. The sounds of the rush hour traffic leaving the downtown area mingled with her soft whimpers. She shivered as he lightly stroked her ass cheeks with the tips of his fingers. The sharp smell of female musk rose in the air, overcoming the dank, musty smell of the garage.

CRACK! His hand came down swiftly , leaving a clear print as it made contact with her flesh. She squirmed and moaned as the sound of flesh on flesh echoed through the building. Her nipples hardened into points of marvelous pain as they pressed into the metal through the thin silk blouse. Moisture began to form between her legs, as his hand fell repeatedly--harder and faster--on her now bright pink bottom. Her breathing was ragged with sobs and moans, as he dragged his nails over the inflamed skin. The sensation of a different pain increased the flow of juices from her cunt lips. Her thighs tightened as she arched her hips upward, wordlessly begging for more blows upon her tender flesh. He gave a low chuckle that sent quivering pleasure coursing through her body. His hand fell harder and faster than before on the ass that was quickly becoming bright red. Continuous pressure on the back of her neck kept her pressed tightly to the hood of the car. He felt her muscles tighten as her body strained for that release that only one word from him could give her.

His voice came in a low growl, "Do you need to cum, want to cum? Beg me, my little one, beg." Her body shuddered with delight and she said, "Please Master may i cum now. Oh please let me cum, please Master. I need to cum so badly, please Master." Her voice was choked with gasps and sobs.

His hand tightened on the back of her neck. His fingernails drifted in lazy circles on her inner thigh, through the juices that were now slowly running there. He whispered, "Cum."

As though electrified, her body jerked and quivered; harsh, guttural, animalistic sounds rose from her throat. The flow of juices from between her cunt lips was steady as her knees buckled and only his firm hand on the back of her neck kept her on her feet. While her body was still jerking and quivering with aftershocks, she choked out between whimpers, "Oh, Thank You, Master. Thank You."

While still holding her to the hood of the car, he used his free hand to unfasten his pants. His throbbing erection sprang free, and with no preliminaries he plunged into her tight, puckered asshole. She screamed with ecstatic pain at the invasion. Her fingernails bit into the palms of her hands as he began his long, slow strokes. As her muscles relaxed more, his strokes became deeper and harder. He fucked her more and more forcefully, grinding her hip bones into the metal of the fender. Her cries of bliss rang through the structure, "Thank You, Master, thank You."

With every stroke, his balls swung forward and slapped against her sopping cunt, keeping her clit weight in constant motion. With more and more fury, he drove into her. His balls began to tighten as his breathing sped up. With a last brutal thrust that sent flashes of pleasure and pain through her body, he exploded inside her, flooding her with his seed. The throbbing of his orgasm combined with the low, rough whisper of, "Cum, slut," that came from her Master sent her hurtling over the edge into another mind-shattering climax. They remained there for long moments, suspended in time and space. He came back to himself first. He pulled out of her, and smiled at the whimper he heard as he left her body. With a linen handkerchief from his pocket, he wiped her dripping cunt, and then used it to wipe his cock clean. He smiled at the sight of the trickle of his cum from her asshole.

He leaned over her body and stuck the handkerchief with both of their juices into her gasping mouth. He stood up and re-fastened his pants. He gave her trembling ass another hard slap that ricocheted off the walls, and was gratified to see the way she jerked and quivered. "Next time, don't be late," he said, as he lit a cigarette. She was still quivering and drifting when he got into his car and drove away.

She slowly returned from subspace and removed the soiled handkerchief from her mouth. With a satiated smile, she lightly trailed her fingertips over her stinging bottom. As she gingerly sat in her car, and prepared to drive away, her only thought was that she could scarcely wait for his next summons.

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